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Hey sekler,

very nice map plugin. But there is a giant bug on the sample map page of Germany. It’s not Hamburg that is located inside Niedersachsen. It’s the city state Bremen!

Best regards, Martin

Hello Martin,

Thank you for using the plugin, I’m glad you like it. Nice catch, the ID de-hb is correct, but the city is definitely not Hamburg. :)

I’ll fix it right away. Thanks for reporting this!

Can i use my own map and add pins on it? not google map


Thank you for the interest. Yes, you can, that’s the main purpose of this plugin.

Let me know if you have further questions.


jemsz Purchased

Hi I have purchased this plugin. I would like to confirm the following is okay. > I will rename all files and core code from “Mapplic” to my choosing > I will build off the current plugin further. Thanks

That’s the Extended License for: “Use in an end product that’s sold”. For more info: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard

jemsz Purchased

Sorry I’m noob… If I buy the extended license, can I apply the plugin to other website through my custom API? How many websites can I do this for.

According to CodeCanyon licensing rules, you can use the extended license in one centrally hosted end product and unlimited number of websites using the API. It is called the SaaS model.

Let me know if there’s anything else.

Brilliant plugin – can you tell me how i would set the sidebar to be above the map on mobiles please?


Thank you for purchasing, I’m glad you like it. Replace this line of code (mapplic.js):
this.el = $('<div />').addClass('mapplic-sidebar').appendTo(self.el);
With the following:
this.el = $('<div />').addClass('mapplic-sidebar').prependTo(self.el);

Please can you tell me if there’s also a simple way to include the search box outside of the map? I can see it’s using javascript to change the label to the ID, but not sure how i would enable the search do to this? THanks!

This requires more advanced modification. The search method of Sidebar class should be called on keyup of the external input field.

Is there a way to disable the automatic zoom when you click an element. Currently you click an element and it zooms to show that element larger as well as popup the speech bubble. I would like to keep the map zoom to 1 and display the speech bubble – is that possible?

It is possible with modification, sent you PM.

I want to show only denvar city areas in the map. is that possible?


Thank you for the interest. If you have an svg map of Denver (?) city areas, then yes, you can.

Let me know if there’s anything else.

Hi THere,
Pre purchase question. Do you by any chance have some tutorial on how to create floor maps? Here I mean, that how do I actually import graphics of a different “shopping mall” for example?


Thank you for the interest. Creating floor plans is nothing but simple vector drawing. You need to respect a few simple naming conventions to be able to create clickable elements, but the rest is up to your imagination and drawing skills.

Let me know if there’s anything else.


c-kes Purchased

Hi Sekler,

I got a problem; when double clicking a location the map disappears.. Do you got a fix for this?


Hey Chris,

Thanks for the heads up. The update will go live soon and this issue will be fixed. :)

Hello, looking on the global world countries, there is Morocco and then the strip to the left which is the Sahara. I’m working on a platform for a company in the Middle-east and apparently the sahara is currently under Moroccan government and essentially an extension of the country.

Long story short, are you able to tell me how i can merge the two areas together please? At a minimum, i’ve tried to add a landmark and include 2x IDs using various separators, but it’s not working.

Help please :)

Thanks so much for the moroccan edit. 5 stars left! On a separate note (i’ve never had to make so many maps before for customers!), we have another website which requires UK Counties… i did a quick search on the comments and noticed that quite a few people in the past have mentioned this. I just wondered if you have a configured SVG for it?

Thank you, I appreciate it!

The included map is the only UK map I have. I’m always confused when it comes to UK administrative divisions, there are so many and changing all the time. :) Can you please let me know which one you need (an image from google would be enough). I might be able to export an svg from GIS data.


I just sent you a message back on this with a map ;) Thanks again for the help

hello, is it possible to fix the tooltip to the left hand side of the map?