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Thank you for developing this amazing plugin. It’s really good.

I have some trouble customizing my map. When I add a landmark (with the SVG’s ID), I use ‘pulse pin’ and choose a color. For example I use black. The area and the pin become black. Now when it’s clicked and zoomed in, the pin colors blends in because the color of area selected and the pin are both black.

Is it possible fill different color of ‘area’ and ‘pulse pin’?

And I’d like to use different color of pulse pin on each landmark. Do you have any solution for these?

Thanks in advanced

Thanks for using Mapplic, I’m glad you like it.

Can you please get in touch through the profile page contact form and provide a link.

I’m having serious trouble getting my landmarks to be interactive. I created my file using Illustrator and followed the video instructions step by step. I’ve emailed you a couple times and it’s been a few days. Looking forward to your input.

Hope it’s all sorted out now. Regards

Is it possible to change the positioning of the tooltips/info bubbles to appear to the left or the right of the markers?


Thank you for using Mapplic. Unfortunately that is not possible, custom modifications of the plugin would be required.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi Sekler

Recently i have emailed to you for a custom code for search in description and title.

my email is bikef…@hotmail,com

Thanx for you quick response


Sorry for the late answer, I just replied.


Hi Sekler, i have a question/problem concerning putting the mapplic map inside visual composer tab: if i put it to the first tab like here it works fine: http://euni.ru/ucheba/podgotovka-k-universitetu/studienkolleg/germania if i move it to second one, the map messes up: http://c2n.me/3Kea4Z0 http://euni.ru/ucheba/podgotovka-k-universitetu/studienkolleg/shtudienkolleg-v-germanii I made a cache exclude for those URLs but it didn’t help. Would be great, if You could help to solve it! Thanks! Ilya


Thank you for using Mapplic. This is a known issue and there’s a workaround for VC tabs. Please open mapplic.js, find these lines of code:
                var wr = self.container.width() / self.contentWidth,
                    hr = self.container.height() / self.contentHeight;
and replace them with the following:
                var wr = self.container.prop('offsetWidth') / self.contentWidth,
                    hr = self.container.prop('offsetHeight') / self.contentHeight;

Let me know if it helps, if it’s still not working please get in touch using the contact form and provide a link to your site.


Weird my map is not showing after pasted the shortcode, only the pinpoint is shown.

Never mind, I fixed it.

hello, do you know how to implement Mapplic on Squarespace ?


Thank you for the interest. This is the WordPress version of Mapplic which cannot be used on Squarespace. The jQuery version could be used by loading the required CSS/JS files manually. An other option would be using iframe for embedding the map.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


thank you for your reply.

i bought the JQuery version, but i have very little experience with it.

Could you please explain me how to use iframe for embedding the map (eg i want to use the World Map and then select couple of countries)?

Thank you


Sure this, please get in touch through the profile page contact form and I will help.


My map is not responsive, it was doing fine in my test server. Please take a look. http://www.worlddentalalliance.com/map/. Thanks.

Ok again, never mind, I solved it. Can you please remove this section of my comment. thanks.

I’m glad you managed to solve it.


Lightboxes do not work on mobile. When clicking on a mapplic list location in a mapplic list category: The lightbox appears on the sidebar, where the user clicked on the list location, not on the map. This is very troublesome. When a user clicks on the mapplic list location in the category it takes them to the PIN’s location and users never see the lightbox popup.

Please advise.


Thank you for using Mapplic and reporting the issue. Please get in touch through the contact form and I will provide a workaround.


Do you have any kind of system to allow users to modify a map and add their own pins, but not edit other pins? I have a “community” map I would love to 1) allow users to add their own pins to, and 2) I would love to have the map only show the user’s pin to themselves when they are signed in and no one else see their pins.


Thank you for using the plugin. Unfortunately we don’t have such system developed. It would be possible using Mapplic but advanced modifications are required.

for classified can we use it if people click on state can they see all ads form this state ? and: Serbia?


Thank you for the interest. I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. Serbia map is not available yet but I’ll make sure to add it as soon as possible.

for classified can we use it if people click on state can they see all ads form this state

Hi There, I have put together the map in here: http://www.greenwayvillage.com.au/stores/ I would like to have the description shows up on the sidebar underneath the shop title. May be you can release in the next version of Mapplic. Thanks for creating this plugin. Asis

Thank you for using Mapplic, your map is simply amazing!

Landmarks have an “About” field that does exactly what you are looking for.



I’m already customer of yours, and i would lie to purchase another lisence but i have a few questions 1. in the example of Lot map and Apartment it still use SVG and for the apt what did you use to have the 3D model and if its SVG too 2. What would be the diference btw the WP and Jquery Version? Im already familiar with the WP version but im not sure how the jquery version would work and what are the requerment in my site or server to use it. also Dose the JQ have admin and design interface like the WP?

Thank you very much

Hi, I read some comments about custom “sub-continent” is not possible, can this be on your future to do list ? or it is just not possible at all?

reason I need it because I want to sell our current business license right base on our cities, region or even custom territory. letting customer to choose their own “territory” is my goal.

please further advise how to achieve this.

many thanks love your maps