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I’m trying to add the js-smooth-scroll class to my location links so that when a user clicks on the location, it smoothly scrolls down to the element on the page.

I’ve added js-smooth-scroll to the mapplic-clickable class in the mapplic.js file, and I can see it has successfully added it to the path (path#journey.mapplic-clickable.js-smooth-scroll).

But the scroll function is not working.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.


Thank you for using Mapplic. The map component is dynamic, it is generated after page load. js-smooth-scroll probably works with static elements only.

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We would like to use this plugin for logged-in users. Would it be possible they draw an area on the map and then save it to there profile so the admin can see it?



Thank you for the interest and sorry for the late answer. Unfortunately that is not possible out of the box. Custom modifications would be required.

What would the cost of custom modifications be?

We need more details in order to estimate the required time. Feel free to get in touch through the contact form with a description of your project.

Hello Csaba,

I just updated to mapplic 4.1, but unfortunately all existing maps are gone. In an older comment I have read that you are working on this issue. Did you find a solutions for this? Until now I rollback to version 4.0.

Thanks in advanced…

Cheers Frank

Hello Frank,

Yes, the fix was released one day after the update so everything should work perfectly if you downloaded the plugin after the 26th of February.

The maps were gone on the backend as well? Because the IDs are different and the shortcodes have to be updated manually.

If you need further assistance please get in touch through the profile page, provide link and temporary admin access.


I am trying to rearrange the sidebar in a custom order, I see the move tool but it does not seem to allow me to move them around. It seems I can only manually move them in the source or make them in ABC order. Am I correct in saying this? Also is there a way to only have one accordion open at a time?

Hello Travis,

Yes, that’s right. There’s a setting for alphabetically ordering the landmarks, but there’s no way to create a custom order unless you edit the map source manually.

Sidebar has no accordion mode, it would require custom modification of the plugin.

Let me know if there’s anything else.


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I bought the plugin and I understand nothing. For a world map how can I modify the background color of each country please? For example if I want France in blue and Morocco in orange how can I do it please?



nicodeen Purchased

When I see all the comments I see that you don’t give the css codes to modify the color of each country? Why please? I want a basic utilisation and it’s very difficult.


nicodeen Purchased

Please I need css codes of the world map you have as example in this page https://www.mapplic.com/, with colors for each countries


I recently replied to your private messages. If you have any further questions just let me know.


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I have a problem with the zoom out option with mouse wheel option. In the demo when you zoom in and zoom out with your mouse in the map it works perfectly. but in my example the zoom in works fine, but when i want to zoom out with mouse it gets mixed it up with the page scroll and the map zoom out while scrolls down in the page. I’ve intalled the demo version and my map options are the same as the demo one.

Can you please help me?

Here is the link to the map i’m working on . http://www.feriaconstruccion.com.uy/plano-extendido-2/ and here the one i’m speaking about the demo version http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/mapplic-custom-interactive-map-jquery-plugin/full_screen_preview/6275001

hope you can help me!

I replied on your private message. Anyone else having the same issue: your site probably has a custom page scroll scrip. Deactivate it and the zoom will work fine.

I just updated to the latest version 4.1. My maps are no longer displaying but I can see that they are still there in the backend with different IDs. I tried updating the IDs on my pages with the new ones but it still didn’t help to display my existing maps. Any update?

Thank you for using Mapplic.

Can you please get in touch through the contact form and provide link/admin access? I will find and fix the issue.

I’m wondering about how to customize the map found here https://www.mapplic.com/us-states/

This map is perfect for a project my team is working on. One thing we would like is to be able to place over a custom map overlay of the US but also keep the ability to plot points by Lat. and Long. Is this possible through this plugin?


Thank you for the interest. For lat/lng support the map must be geocalibrated. This US map’s projection is not Mercator so it’s not compatible with the geoposition feature. More info: http://mapplic.com/docs/#geolocation-options

I have a United States map that would work (mainland only). Let me know if you have any further questions.


Interested in buying this plugin. Can it be used as a base to produce something similar to the function on this site below?


We don’t need it to be identical, but to have similar function on hover and click. Thanks.


Thank you for the interest. Yes, you can create something very similar using Mapplic.

Please note that:
  • the built-in UK map has different regions. You can use your custom svg file though.
  • custom coding is required for displaying map data in an external div (left side of the map). The plugin was designed to enable such modifications using the API.

Let me know if there’s anything else.

Hello we used the contact form but not sure if you got our message. Both our map on our site and your demo when viewed on iphone (safari/chrome) do not appear. Can you help us with that?

From what I can see after having done a lot of testing the issue is narrowed down to the map’s svg background does not display on Wordpress’ MultiSite when viewed on mobile devices (android/iPhone/iPad) regardless of theme. It shows up everywhere else, on other installations/themes/devices. Hopefully this helps.

Hi J,

I’m still unable to log in to your site.


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This is from the author… they figured out the issue if you also run into this on multisite:

Hmm, this sounds like a cross origin error. It happens when the svg is not on the exact same domain with the site. It can be different protocol as well. So check your javascript console and if you see and access-control-allow-origin error, make your map URLs protocol relative: go to your map backend, Floors panel and remove the http: or https: prefix.

This: http://www.example.com/path/to/map.svg

becomes: //www.example.com/path/to/map.svg

Let me know if this helped.

Regards, Csaba


Tchams Purchased

Hello, I recently purchased your Mapplic Wordpress plugin. When trying to upload the plugin I get this message : The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

Could you help me out with this ?

Thank you very much,


Thank you for purchasing Mapplic. Please make sure you unzip the download package first and install the plugin using the mapplic-install.zip file.

Let me know if this helped.

Hello, I am looking to buy the plugin. Can I achieve the following goals:

- Add to the menu bar “Island Hopping” - When you open the Island Hopping page, a map of the Aegean Sea appears with Greek islands. - The map of the Aegean will have islands with their names - When you click on each island, a popup window will open with custom pictures of the island with custom text description about the island.

Thanks and looking forward for your response. – Nic

Hello Nic,

Thank you for the interest. What do you mean by menu bar? Should that be part of the map component or anywhere else on the site?

This should be all possible but you need a custom Aegean map.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

No no the map will be in the menu as a new separate page with the map only. By Aegean map you mean a vector or image in order to be customized using the plugin?

The map must be svg if you need clickable regions. You can place only markers on image (jpg/png) maps.

Not sure if this would help, but we’ve just released a free Mapplic compatible Greece map: https://www.mapplic.com/greece/

Hi, I have some problem with the landmark, In version 4.1. I try to add a new landmark and it does not appear on the map, it had to go back to version 4.0 for it to work. What can be wrong? I have version 4.7.3 of wp


Thank you for using Mapplic. After filling the landmark fields you have to click ‘Save’ (top right of the Landmark panel) then the global Save Changes. If you are still having difficulties please get in touch through the profile page and provide temporary admin access.

Note that your 6 months included support has expired. If you have any further questions please consider purchasing a support extension.

If I do not have WordPress, how could I adapt it for a site using <inframe> it turns out?

I’m not sure I understand the question.

What kind of site do you have? The jQuery version might be what you’re looking for.

Hi, how do I start off the map with FullScreen, without the need to toggle the button. Thanks.

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. You can do that by manually adding mapplic-fullscreen class by using a shortcode similar to this: [mapplic id=”100” class=”mapplic-fullscreen”]

Let me know if there’s anything else.

Thanks You so much!

You are welcome.

Is it possible to differentiate landmark titles on the left or right of the pin, depending on placement?

Do you mean the hover tooltip or pin with label?

pin with label. Ideally, we would love to have pin text to the right for some locations and pin text to the left for others. Do you know what (if any) code would exist to allow us this option? Thanks so much

The solution would be creating a custom left side version of the label pin you’re using. Check your inbox please.

Love this plugin. Only one question. I want to use the “you are here” geolocation. Where do I add this code:

// EXAMPLE 1 // Showing visitor’s geolocation map.on(‘mapready’, function(e, self) { // Update location with geoposition if (navigator.geolocation) { navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(pos) { var location = self.getLocationData(‘pos’); location.lat = pos.coords.latitude; location.lng = pos.coords.longitude; self.updateLocation(‘pos’); }); } else console.log(‘Geolocation not enabled.’); });

Thanks, Chas

Hello Chas,

Thank you for using Mapplic. I just replied to your PM. Let me know if there’s anything else.

Hi! There are few questions

1. I would like to customize the hover tooltip (Like adding border-colors, background-image, fonts etc.) I do that in my theme custom CSS?

2. I would also like the hover tooltip to show the content of the description instead or both on hover. Righ now it is showing me title only.

Can you provide me the solution?

Thank You! :)


1. Yes, you can do that with CSS and if you apply the changes in theme’s custom CSS, it will be future proof (a plugin update will not wipe your changes).

2. It is possible in version 4.1, find this line in mapplic.js:
this.hovertipdesc = false;

and make the variable true.

Let me know if there’s anything else.

Hello, may i know hoe to make a url link to certain level on same pages? i make 1 pages maplic with 3 level and want to make 3 menus that point directly on same pages with each level map.

I’m afraid I don’t understand. Do you have a 3-level map or three 1-level maps?

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