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My map height is stuck at 420px, no matter which map height I choose.

Thank you for using Mapplic. Please try using the h shortcode attribute like this:
[mapplic id="25" h="600"]

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Hello, When I click on a territory of a map, I get a tooltip with a resume and a “more info” button. Is it possible to directly link the “click” to a page on the website (without the tooltip interface)? thanks


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someone is there?


Thank you for using Mapplic and sorry for the late answer. Yes, there’s built-in support for that, just use the Open Link or Open Link in new Tab Actions.

Let me know if there’s anything else.

How can get the map to load on initial page load if the page is loaded through Ajax?

All you need to do is to call the following JavaScript code when an ajax page load is performed:

I can’t tell the exact file/line since WP themes have their own ajax load scrips. If you are unable to find it please get in touch with your theme’s support.

I’m interested in your custom work services and sent an email request through this site but with no response. Please let me know. Thx.

Thank you for the interest. Feel free to get back in touch when you have more details.


Hi, does this plugin allow me to draw custom shapes on the map? Thanks.


Thank you for the interest. No, maps are draw using vector editors like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Mapplic makes them clickable and offers all the interactive features you can see on the demos.

Let me know if there’s anything else.


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Hello, I need the example: https://www.mapplic.com/real-estate/ Thanks,

Thank you for using Mapplic!

Please get in touch through the profile page contact form.

Pre-Purchase Question: Hi, I’m interested in this plugin. The thing is that I need to filter points by category. Show or Hide, like if it has a checkbox. I have several restaurants and shops. If I want to show just the restaurants in the map, is it possible? I don’t see any example working like that.



Thank you for the interest. Unfortunately there is no built-in support for that, but it can be achieved with some custom plugin modifications.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi.. I am looking for a plugin like yours that has the option to use a 3D map (Earth as a globe) instead of just the 2D maps. Would this be feasible with your plugin..?

Kind thanks.

Thank you for the interest. Unfortunately that is not possible. Only 2D maps are supported.


I would like to buy your pluggin, but i have a few presale questions:

1 – I’ve an image in PNG, can i upload it and put the pins wherever i want on it and in each one show a message?

2 – I would like to have and image of a body human with some pins on it, but when i click in each of them, i would like to mahe a zoom to show other pins relathionship with this parent pin, is it possible to do it?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello guys. I need to create a world map for my client so he can appoint all of his served clients(any served client will be a marker). Can I figure this out with your plugin? Thanks in advance!

Hi there! A pre-sale question: i had read somewhere here in the suport that the a image with .png doesn’t works with custom pins, so, how the apartment (3D version) version of the demo works? Is that a image or a vector? i had read the docs too, and i couldnt find any information about images. Only about vector issues. Where can i find more informations about custom images issues, plz?

Hi! I am ineterested in your plugin but have a presales question. I want to use it for a mall webpage, I need to light in a different color each shop when the user select one. Is it easy to do that? We need to use code? Thank you