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Hello, how do I have to do the same map as the example of the mall, using Adobe Illustrator?

Do you have a video of how it is done?

Thank you very much

Hello, I already managed to make the plan, but I can not detect the ID of the stores in the plan, as I have to do, I named the layer in Illustrator, but I can not detect the ID the plugin.

Please can you help me, thanks.

Hello Sekler, with the documentation I already got everything done, thank you very much.

That’s great news, thanks for letting me know! :)

Good afternoon, I need help, I need to change the colors of the map, but when I upload the map to the gallery with the new colors, I do not load the new colors, it stays as it was, there are no changes, and I do not want to prepare the map again with the stores, because I finished it, I have all the shops finished, with their location, logo, texts, etc … How can I update the map with the colors, without having to re-prepare the entire map of the shopping center?

Thank you very much.

Please check your inbox.

Hi, Is this plugin able to put in the revolution slider as a shortcode and still function? Thanks


There are no known conflicts with the Revolution Slider.

Hi – I had map set up where upon initial loading, it zoomed in on a hidden marker (instead of showing whole map at once). I accomplished this through some documentation I found somewhere on you support site, or here in the comments. Client accidentally deleted this marker and I need to set this up again. I’ve been searching, but can’t find the documentation on how to accomplish this? Could you please provide a link to the documentation or let me know how to do this? Thanks!

never mind – I found init reference on documentation page. Thanks for making such as great plugin!

Thank you for using the plugin, I’m glad you like it!

If you have any further questions, please use the profile page contact form for a much better response time.

Kind regards

hi!, a question, to the map world that is included in the package i put it a texture in illustrator, the map looks good on the webpage, but lost the effects of the colors on the hover action, for example the difuse effect. does anyone has worked with texturized .svg files?



Can you please get in touch using the contact form and provide a link to your test page?

Hello, I want to ask is it possible that the drag&drop moving is doesn’t work for me? I have 4.2 version with osx chrome.


The drag&drop works fine in version 4.2, there are no known issues. It must be a conflict on your side.

Feel free to get in touch through the contact form if you need more help.

Hi, i’m interested in your plugin but before i buy i need to ask you a question: is it possible to use animated gifs as custom pins for the landmarks? I need to have different animations on each landmark so this is an important feature for me. Thank you!


Thank you for your interest. Yes, you can use gifs as the background-image attribute of the pins. More details about custom markers: https://www.mapplic.com/docs/#custom-pin


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Love the plugin. A couple questions:

1) Is there a way to disable tooltips for only certain Landmarks? I want them to hover and show tooltips for state shapes, but not for dotted city names.

2) Along the same lines, can I hide only certain Landmarks from the sidebar individually? I only want to show state names in sidebar, not all dotted city names.

Thank you!


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Is this plugin still supported? No reply from the author in over a month.

Hi Jonathan,

Just replied to your PM, check your inbox.



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Good morning, please, I need help, I have a problem, I leave the stores with transparency, when I create the landmark, and I’m trying to make the stores not transparent, and I can not get it out of the boxes, and before it did not happen to me, I do not want it to be transparent, and all the steps are followed, as before on the ground floor, and everything was reviewed, the files, etc …

Can you please help me, how to remove the transparency of the stores?

I sent you an email with an image

Thank you very much

Please check your inbox.

I am hoping to build something similar to this interactive map: https://www.thetowersatrincon.com/#map

would something like that be possible with your plugin?


Thank you for your interest. Your example is based on OpenStreetMaps, so it’s a tiled map. Mapplic is different, it uses static image and vector files.