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Is there any way to get JIG to go vertical image priority instead of horizontal image priority, like this: http://emilyblakephoto.com/ Thanks!


Firsh Author

Hi, that’s not just a matter of priority, that’s an entirely different layout called Pinterest waterfall. http://justifiedgrid.com/support/faq/is-pinterest-style-available-what-is-masonry/

Thanks. I understand.


cernychr Purchased

Hello Firsh : )

Thanks’ for your reply to my question a few days ago – it helped me solving the problem.

Now I need your help again. My problem this time – every Lightbox included in Justified will enlarge my photos in the browser. This makes the photos look blurry. And the problem is getting worse, the bigger the screen resolution is.

Is there an option to keep the original size of the photo in the Lightbox and don´t enlarge it?

Best regards chris


cernychr Purchased

I´m sorry – this seems to be only a problem with my firefox. All other browsers showing the right format and resolution.

So please consider this problem as solved : )


Firsh Author

Perhaps you are zoomed in on that browser? Otherwise I can only help if you send me a link to where this occurs.


teamline Purchased

Hi, I’m trying to create a video gallery and did several tests with code from your youtube video galleries examples, but none of them is working!

[justified_image_grid preset=16 row_height=280 height_deviation=60 caption_opacity=0.9 caption_bg_color=#262435 caption_text_color=#fc8a3a lightbox=magnific mobile_lightbox=magnific last_row=flexible-match link_target=video load_more=click load_more_text=”Show more” load_more_count_text=”count mixes left” load_more_limit=8 rss_url=https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNWfTxI3AXP9pqwcGzNmJgdiRHthcbuNP rss_description=description rss_link=yes rss_link_text=”Listen to this mix on YouTube”]

..getting me error “The requested RSS feed is empty.”

Can you give an updated code or anyone using JIG with youtube videos!

Thanks (-:


Firsh Author

The code still works, no need to update. Perhaps the hosting you have is not configured properly to communicate with HTTPS hosts. Try this first: JIG settings > General tab > Advanced section > SSL verify peer > No.


teamline Purchased

Hi Firsh,

Yes! It is working now. Thank you. Cheers,


dimiXXL Purchased

Hello, I have not found where you can remove the title. (Do not need title on picture). Can you help me?


Firsh Author

Captions tab > What text to show on the thumbnails section > WP field to use for title (main) * / WP field to use for caption *

and Lightboxes tab > What text to show inside the lightbox > WP field for link title * / WP field for img alt *


DerDes Purchased

First, I cannot understand you, when I make a failed sale, which only a few hours back, you cannot repay the money back. This is something I cannot do with my client, who would not buy more in future with me. My wish is not my money back, I want to use your gallery. In my last post I write incorrectly my wp version is 2.7.2 correct is 4.7.2. To start the gallery I need help from you. I use now the old editor visuell/Text as you show in your guide. If I open my page again with the old editor, the short code has disappeared and I only see text, no matter Visuell or Text. In the text are no information regarding the pictures. But you can see the picture on the side. Where can I find the connection between pictures and galleries? If I take the short code and paste it into another page, he gets himself picture, I do not know from where. You can see this on my site www.mdesch.de , on last menu “0-justified”. The pictures are in my media, but not chosen by me I do not understand the structure of the gallery. It is not like the most galleries, generate a shortcode and use this no matter where on a page and this code is also the special gallery name? Now a stupid question, where can I find the different galleries and how can I edit this. In your guide you use WordPress Real Media Library. Does it work without?


Firsh Author

Hi, technically I can refund but expecting a 3rd party thing to work with it when it’s not advertised that way in the plugin, is no grounds for refunds: https://themeforest.net/page/author_refund_policy

Check the sources concept of the plugin: http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/

You can see that Real Media Library is useful but not mandatory to use the plugin. It’s closest to your desired concept, but it’s paid. NextGEN or Facebook or Flickr offers a free and easy alternative.

What you are trying to use I believe is an empty [justified_image_grid] shortcode, right? That corresponds to this: http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/wordpress/post-images-attached-images/

For starters I recommend using this instead: http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/wordpress/images-by-id/

Setup (quickest, automatically apply to existing galleries)

1. Go to Settings -> Justified Image Grid -> General settings

2. Find the “Behavior of the plugin” section

3. In the setting “Take over and replace [gallery] WordPress gallery shortcodes”, select “Yes, act in place of the [gallery] shortcode.” – this will automatically apply Justified Image Grid on your existing galleries.

Other galleries centralize gallery creation and in the shortcode you only place a gallery ID that corresponds to the already-setup gallery. JIG is different, allowing you to create galleries on the fly. And automatically, based on attached posts. It’s also how normal WP gallery shortcode works.


DerDes Purchased

Hi, many thanks for the very quick reply and detailed help. I have followed your advice and tested the nextgengallery (free). After creating the first gallery, it comes the error: Warning: Parameter 2 to M_DataMapper :: set_custom_wp_query_where () expected to be a reference, value given in /customers/x/y/z/mdesch.de/httpd.www/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 298 I know this has not to do with your software, maybe you have an idea. I want to go the fastest, easiest way to create 5 galleries with categories / filters, not moore. If the WordPress Real Media Library is the best and easiest solution for your gallery, I’ll buy it. Please tell me your opinion. best regards

I can help you backtrace where that error came from, but it likely wasn’t related to JIG. Do you have the latest version of NextGEN? Never seen that error before though. I know what the error means, but to see what actually uses it, I’d need to debug it. Since it tells you it comes from a WP official file, and that likely would not throw this error on its own, I’d need to find where it really/actually comes from.

WP RML is definitely better than good old NextGEN. Much more lightweight but similarly powerful for your needs. Easy and logical to use. You can read all about it on my pages here: http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/wp-real-media-library/ and take it for a test drive: https://try.matthias-web.com/?product=RML


stomm Purchased

How can I get support to reset licenses per site? Thanks in advance


gzibell Purchased

How can I use iLightBox for Justified image gallery?

Set lightbox in JIG to “Custom”. Find the ililightbox documentation on how to call it on elements. Add that JS code to JIG settings, lightboxes tab: Custom lightbox JS call using the examples there. It’ll be something like this:


It could be that the lightbox requires a custom class on the image link to activate, and/or a custom data-attribute, both can be added in the same place in JIG, as the Custom lightbox JS setting.


nicht999 Purchased

hi i am finding that the thumbnail image quality is quite bad for my galleries; i have the quality set to 100 and it does not improve much. I am viewing the galleries on a 5k monitor and have tried tweaking the retina settings; all to no avail; the only way i have found to improve the quality is to diable the thumbnails ; this works but there are many formatting problems with the galleries

Hi, is it bad as in “blurry” or as in “false/dull color”? Can you send me a link to where you have JIG? How does disabling the thumbnail generation change the formatting problem for you? It should not have any effect on the layout. Or is the layout problemful even with thumbnail creation On?

Are the images the correct resolution and uncropped when you open them in the lightbox?

Hi, we have a problem with images not showing up on iphones. It seems to work on other phones. Pages that have the images are http://dev.thecastleclub.com/reservations & the photo gallery there is linked to our facebook albums too and thats not showing correctly on iphones either.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I’ve replied there with a possible solution. I’m having your email address removed from this comment to prevent spam.

Thanks, will keep replying through mail and leave this. Thank you


ImpWerb11 Purchased


I want to use your Plugin in combination with the Real Media Library: http://neu.weddingdreams-salzburg.at/gallerietest/

Unfortunately when I click on a gallery in the overview, the right permalink is generated, but inside the gallery I only see the overview again.

Can you tell me, why?

Thanks Andy

Thanks for your fast reply. I’ve allready tried to refresh the structure but it doesn’t make any difference. :-(

Interesting. Please contact me from my profile, I’ll need to log in with temporary wp-admin access and check it out.


plymplan Purchased

Please confirm that your plugin is php7 compatible or not. Thank you.

It’s compatible with it, it’s actually a recommended version. Be prepared for notices from other plugins and themes. If you run into any issue let me know I’ll fix it.

Thanks, I appreciate the fast response – might be worth adding this to your FAQ.

Am currently going through all plugins, checking each one individually.

Ok. I’ll consider adding a system requirements info somewhere. It works on PHP 5.3-7

This seems simple, but JIG is so complex I can’t figure it out.

I want to use JIG to display a post’s Featured Image inside the post itself.

I do not want a gallery of multiple images (i.e. every featured image from every post in a category).

I simply want to use JIG to display that post’s single featured image, without any additional work (i.e. tagging each image with a unique identifier, knowing the feature image’s ID, etc.)

I want the image to link to a custom URL (external site) pulled from a custom field in the post itself.

My ultimate goal is to create lots of posts that have a JIG shortcode in every post that programmatically pulls the image into the post and links it.

This is stupidly hard to achieve with any other existing plugins. I’m not interested in using a theme that has this functionality… I use Beaver Builder to control my pages, and I don’t want page design governed at the theme level.

Can JIG do it?


I’m building post layouts with Beaver Builder, and want to keep my layout independent of my theme.

As for knowing the post ID, the whole point is that I want to build lots of posts and automate the layout to apply to all the posts (via Beaver Builder). I would need to insert the variable Post IDs into your JIG code using a script, and I’d prefer to stay away from coding.

If you might consider adding this in a future release, I’d be thankful. It’s remarkably hard to find a reliable, code-less way to insert a featured image into a post, and link the image to a custom URL. Seems like a great use of JIG to me.

Yeah it’s a simple change, just mapping a word you enter to the respective field to the known ID (which is available in the code of JIG). Contact me from my profile so I can add these for you (free), you help me test them, then I’ll pack it in the next version. So everybody benefits + you don’t need to keep the then-old customized version.

Cool! I sent you a superadmin login and password through the site.

Hi so far so good with your product, but I need when clicking an image to have the light box description to be in the right and not in the bottom as default.. see


is there a setting on this or a parameter not in the visual gui that does this? if not can you suggest anything to acomplish this?

our descriptions are long and having them on the bottom reducces the image. need to have more space for description with out making image smaller.


Hi, none of the supported lightboxes have side area for captions, as far as I know (except Social Gallery, but that has limited caption in another way). But if you find a 3rd party lightbox that has side captions instead of bottom captions, let me know and I’ll help you set that up.