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I am using JIG with PhotoSwipe 4 In the PhotoSwipe 4 social buttons settings there is a possibility of using the social buttons of FTPG

Is there a possibility to add Instagram to these social buttons?

Hope to hear from you soon, Kind regards

Hi, there is no “share this on instagram” button (not just in JIG, but anywhere) since content can only be submitted through the app, not from the web. Instagram buttons can only take you TO Instagram content.


tensor Purchased

Hi, I cannot update from version 3.8 to 3.9

I have this problem every few releases, looks like I get kicked out of some update distribution list ;-)

I would be glad if your can give me some hints to fix this problem

Kind regards, harald

The autoupdate system doesn’t list a license with your username. What is the site’s domain?


tensor Purchased

this is strange, because we had this issue not for the first time ;-) The domain is, as last time: fotografie.io

What is the last 12 characters of the purchase code? That domain is also not found in the database.

I see Media Library Assistant is recommended; however we are already using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). How can we make the tags work with this?

Yes you can make use of other custom taxonomies (tags). Look for their name in the taxonomy selectors in JIG. The non-MLA taxonomies won’t be recognized as “tags” or “categories” but as custom taxonomies.

Can I change where the prettyphoto lightbox div loads in the DOM? Instead of appending at the bottom of the body, I’d like to append it to my .content-wrapper

Only if you change the code. These guy are available to do custom code changes: WPKraken.io – https://justifiedgrid.com/out/kraken


likwix Purchased

Hello, I’m encountering some issues with your plugin. I use the latest version and wordpress is up to date. I get a different result depending on whether I use Internet Explorer or Firefox. With Firefox: Only the Pinterest share button is displayed Next / previous buttons only work once The play button does not work. With Microsoft Edge: All social sharing buttons are displayed (Google+,Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest) All navigation buttons work.

What can I do to make my website compatible with all browsers? Is this a bug to fix?

HI, which version do you have? That shouldn’t happen on v3.9 unless you have privacy addons on Firefox.


likwix Purchased

My version was 3.8.1. I use Adblock plus on Firefox and disconnect. After updating to 3.9, it’s remain the same.

Let us check your site, share a link to where this happens.

Hello, Until the last update of JIG the videos in lightbox started automatically. This is no longer the case. Is it possible to start the videos automatically?


didireich Purchased

The problem does not come from here https://blog.chromium.org/2017/09/unified-autoplay.html

So what’s the conclusion? Was it your browser?


didireich Purchased

As Chrome blocks all videos that are in autoplay I guess there is no way to do differently … So we will stay with the solution that visitors to the site must click on the video to read it. Thank you in any case for your software that we appreciate very much.


Can you please help me to get automated update? I used same purchase code (2bd1c9d8-e60c-4c41-9b1f-70da86d355b7) in my DEV environment before by that reason my prod website (www.theharbourkitchen.com.au) has an issue for automate update.

thank you

Your license is now released from the previously bound IP address. https://justifiedgrid.com/support/faq/your-license-has-been-reset-what-does-it-mean/

Unable to add flicker user – JIG flicker setting page.

Could you please tell us more info? Can you find the NSID of your Flickr account? https://www.webpagefx.com/tools/idgettr/

Hi, is it possible to add the image alt/title to the code for a html link on the prettyphoto pp_details area before the social buttons?

I want to make a dynamic link from each pic to a contact form passing the Title

/product-form/?productname=#Title#&pcategory=Wallets and Pockets.

Im using the -jquery.prettyphoto.custom-min.js – around line 26

any help much appreciated

The unminidifed source file is also in the download package. Please ask WPKraken.io https://justifiedgrid.com/out/kraken for custom code requests. We are not available for freelance, even if you purchase and have an active support period. What you need is not supported by the plugin natively. You could always make dynamic captions that include whatever you need https://justifiedgrid.com/support/faq/can-use-text-captions/ in which “same text” could be the current image’s data passed to a link.

I am using this code in my post - [justified_image_grid preset=11 limit=500 download_link=no caption=off mobile_caption=off lightbox=prettyphoto developer_link=hide flickr_user=webteam.vidyapith flickr_photoset=72157667968840217 flickr_caching=1]

but on page instead of photo gallery following error occurs:

JIG -All of the images have failed to load. Please click here to reach the troubleshooting fix.

Share the link to your page please.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have change “Use TimThumb = NO” in TimThumb & CDN setting and JIG is now working fine.

Kind Regards


piemagic Purchased

Hi, is it possible to reset my license?

Thanks David


sawback Purchased

Hi, I’ve installed JIG on my wordpress. When I click on the Shortcode Editor button, a blank window appears. I’ve carefully gone through the installation instructions, everything appears to be installed correctly.

Thanks, Tom


sawback Purchased

Thanks. I used

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);


Did not work with 128 or lower.

Using DEBUG did not give any output btw.

Very nice plugin otherwise, I’ve been using handmade shortcode successfully up until now.


Glad to hear!


imagedept Purchased

Hello, I have a purchase code entered in this plugin and am gettng this message before I can update “Automatic update error! This purchase code has already been used on another host! You need one regular license for each different site. You can setup your staging area in a subfolder to have autoupdates on both installations. Contact JIG support to reset your license (only the username is needed).” This plugin was installed on a testing server before I went live on my clients server. Can I get the license applied to the live site? Thanks.


phenix90 Purchased

It was all working fine before I updated real media gallery. Now when I want use a grid he always says invalid gallery ID, no matter which folder i use. Also backup of older gallery version don’t help.


phenix90 Purchased

I have rml 4.0.2 and jig 3.9, that’s the newest, Right?


phenix90 Purchased

Rml 4.0.3 also don’t work

Please send a mail from our profile, we’ll need to log in with temporary wp-admin access and check it out. We also advise checking this with RML support too.

Is it possible to add deep linking to the filtering of a gallery or add a shortcode that designates a specific active filter on load (not all)?

Currently not, but deeplinking and an overhaul of the filtering feature is to be expected eventually.


raustyle Purchased

HI there, trying to add another user to our Facebook settings. When the other user tries to click the URL that is given, they are getting a ‘Forbidden’ page error and can’t access that php file. How do we get around that?

There could be a .htaccess file in WP root folder with a security rule that is blocking php scripts in plugin folder. It’s either placed there by your hosting or a security plugin.

Download the SiteOrigin Bundle(compatible for Elementor) and use the Editor from Site Origin instead of the Elementor editor. Then there is the JIG icon and you can do the normal JIG settings/changes. Works fine for me.

Please reset my licenses. I’m having some trouble authenticating and getting automatic updates. (our staging ares are on a different sub-domain, so I’m betting that’s what caused the problem). Thanks!