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xeryc Purchased

Hi, i have a situation: I setup a Flickr gallery, the Timthumb problem was solved, but now when i click on a gallery, instead of sending me to the photos, the website goes to a 404 error page.

Please send me a link to where this happens.

Hi, i forgot that any changes that involved new links required to save the Permalinks again. Its all good now. Thanks!

Oh that, good. Thought you were opening the lightbox images and they 404’d you.

Hi, I’m supporting one website that use your plugin. And earlier today I was start getting this message: “The requested photo source cannot be loaded at this time.” or “The requested photo source cannot be loaded at this time. Method “unknown” not found” Any idea why?

Here is the website: http://www.vladibalevski.com/moments/

Hi I found your license. The Flickr collection gallery link you sent me works fine at the moment. So did you update the plugin since then? It used to be an issue with an old version, like: http://justifiedgrid.com/support/changelog-update-history/#v2_2_2-fixed

Yes, I was able to fix it. I’ve got new API key and turned off the SSL settings. Thanks again and keep the good work !

No problem :)


teknikad Purchased

Hi Firsh,

I purchased the Justified Image Grid plugin to generate a gallery from an RSS feed but after installation and setup the gallery doesn’t generate because the RSS feed is not supported. Here is a link to the feed: http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/feed?u=c0388fe8434cd8e3ee98ec2c2&id=33811dede0

Is there any way to get the plugin to work with this feed? If not, I’d like to request a refund as I would not have purchased the plugin had I known of this limitation at first.

I appreciate your help with this!

Thank you, Waleed Hafeez


please note that some entries in that feed have no image whatsoever, while some others will have many images. JIG only pulls one image from each entry. If there is no image, that entry is skipped.

It works fine on my server so it’s not a problem with your feed: https://snag.gy/xeIyHq.jpg

Rather, something wrong with your server or WP setup.

What does JIG say, what is the error message that you see instead of the feed?


and also


I am putting galleries inside tabs using visual composer, but on mobile devices that tabs will not open. If I deactivate justified image grid plug in, the tabs will open. Do you know of any conflict when using tabs and justified image grid plugin?

What kind of tabs? There are many tabs implementations. Send me a link to where the problem happens. Sounds like a JS problem: http://justifiedgrid.com/support/fix/old-jquery-js-not-loaded-lightbox-skipped-javascript-errors/

No known conflict with tabs. http://justifiedgrid.com/features/responsive-gallery/ Middle of the page, random tabs plugin in the Avada theme (not visual composer though).

Here I just tested with VC built in tabs component and live preview JIG SCE: http://www.screencast.com/t/gWbeEVvah

Tabs look and work like an accordion on moblie (Android Chrome) but they work fine.

Hi! Nice Work! I was wondering if there is anyway to display multiple images into a lightbox but with a single thumbnail. Something like this: http://www.luxurios.com/beach-ios Thanks

Sorry I found that! Thanks anyway


parodist Purchased

Hi, I use Justified Image Grid and I´v the version 2.6. Now I read in the WordPress Plug In Page: “Add your license key to JIG settings for automatic updates! Automatic update error! This purchase code has already been used on another host! You need one regular license for each different site. You can setup your staging area in a subfolder to have autoupdates on both installations. Contact JIG support to reset your license (only the username is needed).” I did it, but it din´t work. So I only have this page and account, not another one. What must I do to get de udate? Thanks, Markus

I want to record here the good work of the author to solve a problem I was having because of a theme and that had nothing to do with its plugin. Great product and great person!

Much appreciated :)