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I’m having difficulty creating a slideshow from the video . Both the old and newer directions. It was working before we moved to a new hosting server. Could that have something to do with it?

Then use the auto-take over feature and do “Add Media” button galleries instead of creating the shortcode and copy pasting IDs.

I tried the method you suggested above and am now getting these Webmaster Tools messages:

26 Warnings: A cookie associated with a resource at was set with `SameSite=None` but without `Secure`. A future release of Chrome will only deliver cookies marked `SameSite=None` if they are also marked `Secure`. You can review cookies in developer tools under Application>Storage>Cookies and see more details at

1 Error: jquery.js:2 Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #! at Function.ea.error (jquery.js:2) at ea.tokenize (jquery.js:2) at (jquery.js:2) at Function.ea (jquery.js:2) at Function.a.find (jquery-migrate.min.js:2) at n.fn.init.find (jquery.js:2) at n.fn.init.a.fn.find (jquery-migrate.min.js:2) at a.fn.init.n.fn.init (jquery.js:2) at new a.fn.init (jquery-migrate.min.js:2) at n (jquery.js:2)

Sorry there doesn’t seem to be a connection between that error and JIG.


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I am going to use jig galleries for any usage of an image in my articles posts, even when there’s just one image to show; instead of inserting into post body normally using wp media add feature etc. So I would like to know does Google access the image(s) from the shortcode easily for a users image search result?, so they can be used by searches and ultimately seen. Thanks

It can see them yes. If you have Yoast SEO plugin, they are also added to the xml sitemap.


mjadvnt Purchased

That’s great!


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Hello, could you reset my license please ? My website is now on production url and updates are not allowed. Thanks for your help :)

Your license is now released from the previously bound host.


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Hey your plugin is not being deleted from the directory of my hosting account. Your plugin is the only file that isn’t being deleted when I go to delete it for some reason. I contacted my host and they say its something to do with the plugin. Could this be bc of a bug in your plugin (version 3.8)?

It could be a WP problem or permissions problem, there is notthing special nor a bug preventing it from being uninstalled. Just remove the files via FTP if you are having trouble.


web323 Purchased

Can you please explain why your plugin is the ONLY plugin that cannot be fully deleted from Wordpress???


web323 Purchased

It’s causing a lot of problems for me. I shouldn’t have so much trouble getting rid of your plugin should I not choose to have in in my wordpress installation anymore.

Why couldn’t you delete it? It even has an option that you switch before installation to fully remove itself from the database. Most other plugins don’t have that, so even though you remove their files, the database remains cluttered.


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I’m stuck with filtering. I’ve tried filtering by buttons, but some of the tags I call out in the shortcode simply do not appear as buttons. I thought it might be because there are few photos for those, but even with filter_min_count set to 0, or 1, the issue persists? I’ve searched, and gone through the documentation, but I can’t find anything on this.

There should be additional buttons for “Hotel 6” “1985” and “Sergio Gonzales”.


Tumerboy Purchased

Weird, so I setup some very simple shortcode:

[justified_image_grid filterby=ng_galleries filter_style=buttons ng_random_images=yes]

And it’s still showing the exact same buttons, and nothing else. If I set the style to tags, it still only shows those three.

I realized that I had made those 3 tags for photos in 3 different galleries, each named the same as those three tags. (named for the person contributing the photos). So I renamed one of the galleries, and the button name changed too.

So it’s not actually looking at tags at all, but at NextGen Gallery names? That seems like a handy feature, but not actually what I want right now?

If you filter by “ng galleries” that is supposed to show the parent gallery that each image is in (an user-requested feature but it’s not the most common usage).

In my understanding you are showing NextGEN content by tags, and don’t care about what gallery they are in. Your photos have more than the one tag. So just choose the first option in Filter by, the “Automatic (on)”, that will find NextGEN tags.


Tumerboy Purchased

That works perfectly. Thank you very much, and sorry for my confusion! Overall, I really like your plugin. Just so many options can get a little overwhelming.

Just installed and made my first gallery. A missing jpg icon with the alt-text “JIG” is appearing directly above my filtering tags. Please see . Is the plugin trying to add some crediting logo that is missing?

No, that has nothing to do with the plugin. Looks like your theme is trying to load a featured image for this post/page, but it doesn’t exist. JIG is just the title of your page/post.

D’oh! You’re exactly right. Thank you!

Hi having set the “Download Link for Image” option to No. This has stopped the “Save image as.. appearing on Window 10 PC when using Chrome/Edge for both the gallery view and also the lighbox for a single image. But the ‘Save to Photos’ is still appearing when using Apple iOS devices and Safari.

Here’s the gallery page! showing a category. btw the images are filtered using Media Library Assistant which also produces the initial tag cloud at the top of the page.

If you wish to preven people from downloading photos, try General tab > Behavior section > Disable right mouse menu. However anything can be stolen, so this is not a 100% protection.

I am using Jetpack for image performance. Half of the time I try to download images from my galleries, the download fails. It does sometimes partially download the image files and this message appears within the image code. Notice: ob_clean(): failed to delete buffer. No buffer to delete in /wp-content/plugins/justified-image-grid/download.php on line 108.

Any idea what is causing that and how to fix it?


In wp-config.php is wp debug turned to true? Try changing it to false.

No, it is set to false.

Please send a mail from our profile, we’ll need to log in with temporary wp-admin access and check it out.

Hi – there appers to be a compatibility issue with the WP Gallery takover feature. The standard WP shortcode [gallery size=”full” link=”file” columns=”2”] or [gallery id=nn size=”full” link=”file” columns=”2”] will ONLY beh handled correctly by JIG IF the current (or specified Post ID) does actually have image attachments.

However, IF a post does NOT have any image attachments (which is not uncommon), then the gallery short code correctly renders nothing in native WordPress, but will render an error message “There are no photos with those IDs or post nn does not have any attached images”. Naturally, a site can’t suddenly have error messages pop up on posts that happen to not have any images.

JIG needs to correctly mimic the native WordPress behavior when it’s taking over the native gallery shortcodes and remain “silent” in the perfectly valid scenario where a post has no image attachments!

Are you suggesting to suppress the error message but only in case of the auto takeover? Otherwise it’s useful for those that are setting up their JIGs.

Yes – I feel if the user trusts JIG to take over the default WP gallery shortcodes, then the user should also be able to rely on behavior that’s consistent with that of WP galleries. The site certainly should continue run “error free” (as in: it should not result in error messages) for situations that native WP galleries handle gracefully.

I have NO problem, if JIG has distinctly different behavior whenever a user intentionally adds JIG’s own/unique shortcode. These newly added JIG short codes don’t impact “legacy” galleries that might exist in thousands of pages.

All right we’ll change this for the next version. For now you can hide it with this CSS:

.jigErrorMessage { display: none; }


Tumerboy Purchased

I’m working with Justified Image Grid, and NextGen, and liking how they work together so far.

I’ve created a gallery that is filtered to only show images with a certain tag.

[justified_image_grid ng_tags_gallery=”Tag”]

I’ve created a gallery that displays a small number of random images.

[justified_image_grid max_rows=1 ng_random_images=yes]

But the Menu to select these things lists them as “OR” . . .

Is there a way to combine these, so that I can show a small number of random images that all have the same tag?


Tumerboy Purchased

Sooooo. . . Is that a no?

You can do this: [justified_image_grid orderby=rand max_rows=1 ng_tags_gallery=green]

While it loads all images for that gallery (in the lightbox) if you have a lot, you might want to also use the limit setting on something like 10 or what’s barely more than a row.


Tumerboy Purchased

Ok, thank you. I’ll give that a go.

Need a reset, purchase code was entered on my dev system. Now on

Your license is now released from the previously bound host: http://landingsww Learn more at

Hello I would like to know if it is possible to use Justified Image Grid Plugin to present products for sale. I don’t know anything about programming or building a site with Wordpress so maybe the answer to my question is obvious to someone who knows about it. The goal is when you click on a product or a photo in the gallery, that there may be a system within the Lighbox presentation to buy the product and put it in a basket. cordially, Thibaud Rebour

By default it’s just a “recent posts” display but instead of posts there are products. The only “extra” is the price display, JIG doesn’t use add to cart buttons.

These can open in the lightbox but still without add to cart, there is just a simple link to the product page. That has the add to cart but it’s by woocomerce.


klaggy Purchased

No Elementor compatibility still?

Unfortunately not yet.


ponpon71 Purchased

Hello, I installed the plugin and it works relatively well I have questions

1 When I click on one of the pictures and then close the picture, the magnifying glass mark remains how to remove it (only on mobile – desktop its ok)

2 If I want to design the look – for example put another icon instead of a magnifying glass And also change the coverage, how can i do it

3 When I put in a mobile setting it doesn’t work for me (mobile_row_height = 250 mobile_height_dev = 40)

This is the code I used [justified_image_grid preset = 11 row_height = 320 height_deviation = 50 mobile_row_height = 250 mobile_height_dev = 40 prettyphoto_social = no photoswipe_social = no photoswipe_theme = light magnific_zoom = yes lightbox = photoswipe show_text_linkore = no show_text_after = no show_text_after = no show_text_after

And a mobile screenshot % D7% 97% D7% 99% D7% 9D.jpg Page address with gallery % 95% d7% 93-% d7% 95% d7% 99% d7% a2% d7% 9c /

Thanks Sharon

1. Try General tab > Behavior of the plugin section > Disable mobile hover interaction

2. If you have your own transparent png (maybe even svg) you can supply its URL to Overlay effects > Overlay icon URL. Not sure what you mean by coverage.

3. Are you testing on a real mobile device or just resizing the browser? It uses server side mobile detection. Which leads to:


klaggy Purchased

I looked at the documentation but wasn’t able to find out how to display all images attached to posts who have a specific category. It’s similar to the recent posts shortcode except that I don’t want to show the featured image, I want to show all images attached to the post. Is that possible? Thanks.

If you need to show a merged gallery of images attached to multiple posts, you can specify such post/pages by comma separated list in the “id” setting (not the “ids”). If those belong to a common parent page you can use the “parent_id” setting, that’ll auto-pull all attached photos from its children.

But this is a niche feature and you can’t choose category-specific posts in this type of usage. Unless you are using a PHP template tag where you could add a few lines of code to get this.

hello how to i set up the video lightbox grid?

It depends on your content source. Vimeo, YouTube, or selfhosted?

CAVb Purchased

Hi, I just realized that my test system is blocking the license. I have disabled it now. could you please free the license so that I can update our “proper” installation? also as we hope to set up a new installation I have a question: is it possible to use two sets of tags (2 languages) in one image/video and set up the page so that it only shows the one or the other language keywords/tags? thanks for your help jochen

Your license is now released from the previously bound host.

Regarding translation, we don’t know, but perhaps this helps:

I want to use this for self hosted videos only. last link wasnt helpful please help. i want a grid to open my self hosted videos in a lightbox. thank you.

1. Upload thumbnails/screenshots alongside your videos to WP media library.

2. Edit the images and where you name them use the JIG Link field to link it to the mp4 files.

3. In JIG settings General tab, Behavior section, Custom link’s target choose “video player in the lightbox”.

4. Create a gallery of the thumbnails with Gutenberg, JIG will auto take over and play the videos in prettyPhoto.