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Hi, I’m having a problem with image tags, depending on the tag I can not insert for example:

When I put the tag “Indústrias” the plugin does not accept and it shows without the special character on top of the letter u, but how much I push “Indústria” works.

Virtually all my tags have special characters in their letters


Firsh Author

Hi, please contact me from my profile, I’ll need to log in with temporary wp-admin access and check it out.

You are supposed to write the tags into “custom filter order” the way they appear in the frontend. Special characters might not get accepted as part of a shortcode. But if you use automatic filter term ordering, do all of the tags show up and work?

If you are not using filtering, just creating a gallery based on a tag, you should use the tag slug, which is what WP creates for URLs and it doesn’t include any special characters. It might not be transliterated the way you think so, so it doesn’t hurt to check what the slug is for a certain tag. Click on a tag in the dashboard to edit it and you can see its slug on this screen: https://i.snag.gy/FlIBRa.jpg

Sorry for the delay.


When i use visual composer grid default module, all i have to do is to click on “add” and choose whatever image from media library i want to include in the post. Which is perfectly fine for me

I bought your plugin to do that, and take advantage of the responsive, the always justified grid, the lightbox and some effects (the cherry on the cake)

My problem is that i didn’t find anywhere to do that in jig (to add only selected – by clicking on them – images from media library) but i don’t find howto do that.

There is 10.000 options, i can import from id, from tags, a whole folder, all images attached to a post, from recent posts, facebook etc. but i don’t want to do any of that, i just want to click “add a new gallery/grid”, to import the images from media library i chose (not a whole folder) and that’s it.

I’ve search for that in your documentation (maybe i didn’t search well) and i didn’t find anything related.

Could you tell me how i can do this simple thing. Thank you.


Firsh Author

Since it’s local I can’t see the issue or help regarding that. 403 is a security problem. Permissions are the least of the issue, it’s often how the server is configured, more likely a .htaccess rule securing running php files in the plugins folder. All my knowledge regarding this is in that troubleshooting article.

JIG doesn’t have to be complicated, there is no need to touch many of the settings at all.

You were using a gallery solution (a component of VC) that this cannot automatically take over, which is just unfortunate. But I never advertised it would take over any VC component.

How did you test with screenfly, isn’t that a public service while your site is local? If screenfly can see it then I could also load it to check what’s up. How are the thumbnails cut? Left and right side? The JIG settings > General tab > Disable cropping can help regarding that.

Have you tried on your production server? Maybe it’s the the local server that’s not configured the way it requires this to work.

I re-cleared browser cache and now the error message (weird I already did these steps). What’s blocking it after making some test is my wp-content folder htaccess + something in my main htaccess.

I found the piece of code in my main htaccess that blocked timthumb. The code is to prevent endless scan of revolution slider and is the following. Good thing I don’t use revolution slider on this website so I can get rid of the code

  1. BLOCK ENDLESS SCANS #<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
  2. RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (mssqlil|register).php [NC,OR]
  3. RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (img|thumb|thumb_editor|thumbopen).php [NC,OR]
  4. RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} (img|thumb|thumb_editor|thumbopen).php [NC,OR]
  5. RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} revslider [NC,OR]
  6. RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} revslider [NC]
  7. RewriteRule .* – [F,L] #</IfModule>

The htaccess in my wp-content is the following :

<FilesMatch ”\.(?i:php)$”> <IfModule !mod_authz_core.c> Order allow,deny Deny from all </IfModule> <IfModule mod_authz_core.c> Require all denied </IfModule> </FilesMatch>

I guess if I add an exception to “thumb” and/or a file from your plugin in it, that would work right? Any idea what the code would look like? I don’t want to make a mistake writing something wrong and I don’t want to get read of my htaccess’

Even without htaccess and without the piece of code, images in mobile view are cut very raw > left and right, there are not justified or anything, it cuts what it can’t fit in the mobile view. But if I click on images, the lightbox view fit the mobile view correctly.

Screenfly can see it because i’m using ampps (local environment) on my PC i guess. If i check on my mobile, it doesn’t see it (because no ampps installed). The adresse of the local website starts with so you couldn’t see anything.

Finally, what is the best setting if i want to do what i explained but that i have real media library installed ? Should i check “yes take over” or leave it on “no”.


Firsh Author

I’m glad you found it eventually. You can add timthumb.php as the exception but since I’m not a server setup expert I can’t advise on how to write htaccess rules.

Left and right cutting happens because it’s the only way to make the desired row height + deviation. As I mentioned, the “disable cropping” setting will alleviate this problem, it’ll allow minimum row height of 50 and maximum = row height of your target row height + deviation values.

You’d have a public IP at which it can be reached if you have port forwarded to it, but it doesn’t matter anymore as you’ve solved it.

Keep take over off, as it’s not applicable to you.

Create galleries with WP RML, then choose what to show in JIG. You can use the VC JIG component, but not the other type of gallery components in VC.


tensor Purchased

Hi, short question: how can I Display the EXIF data of a photo? I wanna Show some config data of the photo either on the grid or at the single photo in a lightbox?

Thanks for any hint, Harald


Firsh Author


Currently there is no built-in way to do that but I aim to make it a feature eventually. What you can have, depending on where your pictures are from (NextGEN or WP media library) and how and where you EXIF info is stored, you can get a 3rd party plugin to display exif info with a shortcode. Then put that shortcode into a caption field that JIG shows. JIG will process the shortcode and show whatever it returns (the EXIF). In theory this could work. You could show the info wherever needed, on the thumbnail, in the lightbox, or both.

I’ve recommended this to some customers: https://wordpress.org/plugins/thesography/

Following this FAQ article: http://justifiedgrid.com/support/faq/can-use-text-captions/ This article was written well after I initially started recommending exifography. It’s better combined with this filter since this can pass exifography the exact image in question. I’d write something like this: function jig_show_exif($metadata, $object_id, $meta_key, $single) { if(isset($meta_key) && $meta_key == 'jig_exif'){ return exifography_display_exif('aperture,shutter,iso',$object_id); } // Return original if the check does not pass return $metadata; } add_filter('get_post_metadata', 'jig_show_exif', 10, 4);

Minor changes required to exifography settings: https://i.snag.gy/Z3QfTC.jpg

My result is this: https://i.snag.gy/YxI5e3.jpg

With CSS this could be taken waay further with icons and nicer layout.


Charles89 Purchased

Hi, can you please help me reset the license of JIG as I’ve just moved the site from dev to live. Thanks.


Ganeish Purchased

Hi, I have a trouble with RSS from 500px. It do not work even if I copy/paste the same code as on JIG website (replacing with my feed). Even, it do not work on the JIG’s webpage : http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/rss-feeds/500px-gallery/ May you help me to fix it? Thanks.


Firsh Author

I can also send you the changed file via a secure link in email. I took it further as it wasn’t covering 500px search-based feeds. Now all works as seen on my site: http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/rss-feeds/500px-gallery/ Thanks again for the bug report. There was a change in 500px url structure.


Ganeish Purchased

Thanks for your quick answer. It works perfect. Well done.


Firsh Author

No problem :)

Dear Firsh,

Is JIG able to sort a Posts Grid using a Custom Field (ex. ‘post_subtitle’), instead of the existing orderby options (Title asc/dec, Date asc/dec, Random, etc)?

Kind regards, Eduardo


Firsh Author

It’s not able to do that from the settings, but you can connect the results of a manually-written query to be shown with JIG, with some PHP coding and template tags / functions.php editing.

Thank you for the quick reply! I spent all night looking at justified-image-grid.php trying to do something like: $orderby = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘post_subtitle’, true ); $order = ‘ASC’;

But I have no clue what I am doing and I guess I was looking in the wrong place too. Can you kindly point me somewhere I could learn how to do that query you mention and connect it to JIG?

Kind regards


Firsh Author

Please provide proof of purcahse first before I can help you with this.

Dear Firsh,

When using RML as the souce of images, is it possible to have dynamic tags when used as 2nd filtering level? I mean, if the 1st filtering level is categories, I’d like to only see the available tags for such category.

Thanks in advance


Firsh Author

Sorry but it’s not yet possible, but on the to-do. I’ll let you know in this thread once it gets implemented.

I’m having trouble disabling the theme’s native lightbox so I have two lightboxes opening. I would like to use only yours.

I’ve contactyed the theme author to see about disabling but am not getting support. Do you now of a way I can disable the native lightbox?


Firsh Author


you have this on your site and it’s causing an error: https://i.snag.gy/AQnxbp.jpg If you’ve just placed it there, remove it.

This is where your theme applies the “chocolat lightbox”: https://i.snag.gy/QXes2k.jpg Can’t tell which file it’s coming from as a plugin minified and combined them. http://residential2017.tableaux.com/wp-content/uploads/fvm/cache/footer-8fb08ed9-1500570271.min.js

And this is also related: https://i.snag.gy/3FixoT.jpg

It’s a long shot but you can try adding no-lightbox to JIG settings > Lightboxes tab >Link attributes (also for custom lightbox) section > Link class(es) setting.

I added no-lightbox to JIG settings and that seems to work. THX!

No problem!

Good afternoon – I was checking out your gallery plugin and, while I can see that video galleries are supported, it wasn’t clear if I can apply the same filtering options to a collection of videos. Specifically, I’d love to have two-tier filtering for a video grid. Is that possible? Similarly, is there a search function [to narrow the grid by keyword]? Thank you!


Firsh Author

Yes, a video gallery is just an image gallery where images (thumbnails you make) are linked to play videos in the lightbox. You still need the thumbnails in one of the supported content sources which coincides with the ability to have taxonomies for filtering. While for YouTube RSS, Vimeo RSS, Facebook videos you don’t need to create thumbnails manually, these sources don’t offer taxonomies so there is nothing to filter by. I once made a modification that allows filtering for Vimeo, if you are interested in that let me know. Normally you’d set up what you’d like to do in WP media library with custom links to the videos on each image. They can be self hosted or YouTube or Vimeo.

There is no live search function yet that would complement filtering. Please observe how the 2 level filtering works and if it’s appropriate for your need: http://justifiedgrid.com/features/filtering/


partitura Purchased


I just purchased the gallery and it works fine except on iPhone 6 and 7. I inserted a gallery of 2 images with 2 columns. They should be on the same row. I was able to reproduce the problem on Chrome too. Here is a screenshot with the problem: http://imgur.com/a/zC9xN

For iPhone 5 it works fine but for iPhone 6 and 7 those images are shown one on each row and they are shifted left for no apparently reason.

Can you tell me how to fix that? I can send you the actual link of the website in private.

Never seen that before, but send me the link from my profile.

Hi, thanks for this great plugin! For this grid: http://orahdaycamp.com/week-3/ on Chrome some of the pictures are rotated and/or stretched. It doesn’t happen on Firefox, though. How do I fix this?