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NEW Troubleshooting and FAQ!

FAQ Troubleshooting

Is it possible to make the caption clickable when it’s under the thumbnails?

What you could do is to add this to Custom JS: jQuery('.jig-imageContainer').on('click','.jig-caption-wrapper',function(){ jQuery(this).prev().find('a').click(); });

And this to Custom CSS:

.jig-caption-wrapper { cursor: pointer; }

How to add mouse over zoom-in?

Add this to Custom CSS:

.jig-imageContainer img { backface-visibility: hidden; transition: all 0.3s ease 0s; } .jig-imageContainer:hover img { transform: scale(1.1, 1.1); }

How can I display multiple galleries on one page?

Create a post or page for each gallery. They’ll be dummy posts, you don’t need to publish them, just keep them. Note their ID in the URL bar. In your main post to which you want to add all those, enter the ID attribute to the shortcode of each.


Add every image to the single post, and use the “include” shortcode attribute to filter it down for each gallery in your post. E.g. you have 20 photos and 5 galleries (5 shortcodes), and include only the photos you want per each shortcode you add. You can figure out the media ID’s by going into the Media Library and hovering over the links to the images. Check the status bar of the browser for the ID’s.


You can use images from an album on a Facebook page if that’s easier. Each album should only have the images you want per row.

How to use NextGEN pro lightbox with Justified Image Grid?

In JIG Settings set “Lightbox type” to “Custom”.

Add this to “Custom lightbox JS call” setting in JIG settings, Lightboxes tab:

if(typeof window.nplModalRouted !== "undefined"){

NextGEN settings -> Other Options -> What must the lightbox be applied to? -> All images OR All images that link to image files

This will enable NG Pro lightbox on JIG without any additional code. The comments sidebar is unavailable like this though.

If you do not wish to use NG Pro lightbox on a gallery for whatever reason you can add the gallery_link link class in JIG settings, Lightboxes tab, Custom lightbox section, Link class(es) setting. For example you wish to use a different lightbox for mobiles then set this class and the “Use link attributes” setting to “Only on mobile devices. ” – this’ll exlude NG lightbox for mobile devices, allowing you to choose a different lightbox, according to the “Mobile lightbox” setting.

Why do these entries have a smiley all over the place?

I’m marking certain entries which have been processed as a better, far more detailed FAQ. It’ll be part of an upcoming support center.

You get no change on mobile devices for a desired setting? Are you using W3 Total cache plug-in?

Have an issue with the lightbox types or any mobile specific settings or mobile presets? As in only one type of Lightboxes for all devices, despite the lightbox setting?

Go W3 Total Cache settings, “User Agent Groups” page. Tick “Enabled” for the first group there.

It does keep all benefits, as it just creates a different cache. It’s not an exclusion.

For exclusion see W3 Total Cache settings > Page Cache > Reject User Agents


The requested photo source cannot be loaded at this time. SSL is required

It’s because Flickr went SSL only and old versions of JIG are not using Flickr via https.

Try these in the following order until it starts to work again:

Update JIG to the latest version, (autoupdate if you have a version that has autoupdates already, otherwise manually download it again and reinstall it, settings will be kept!).

Request a new API key from Flickr.

Make sure openssl is installed and active on your server (the hosting company’s support can help you with this).

If all else fails:


The gallery fails to load or I can click invisible images (I have a security plugin)

Better WP security: Go to /wp-admin/admin.php?page=better-wp-security-systemtweaks and remove the tick from Filter Suspicious Query Strings. It blocks TimThumb images from showing.

Sucuri Security plugin – > 1-Click Hardening (don’t use it)

WP All in ONE Security: Untick the options “Bad Query Strings” in: WP Security > Firewall > Additional Firewall Rules (tabs at top of page) > Bad Query Strings


The Justified Image Grid JS is not loaded.

Make sure you have v1.9+, disable conditional script loading in the general settings, and disable prettyphoto deeplinking on the lightboxes tab!


The browser crashes on my iDevice!

It’s because you are running low on memory of the device (usually older iPhone, older iPad, not the newer models). The memory usage increases with the amount, size (and quality) of the images and the number of elements on the page (captions, special effects, overlay, borders etc). The size of loaded images loaded is equal to the row height + height deviation settings combined and up to 3x times that on retina devices.

Possible fixes:
  • Decrease the amount of images on the page. At least use the Load More feature (can be set to only on mobiles).
  • Decrease the size of images for mobiles: use the mobile row height and the mobile row height deviation settings and lower values).
  • Use the ‘Disable mobile hover interaction’ setting to get rid of captions, overlay etc effects that would otherwise react to mouse over and unnecessarily use memory. Since there is no mouse (and hover) on mobiles you might want to skip the procedure of tapping the images first to see the hover effect, and then open them with a second tap.
  • Disable special effects on mobile devices
  • As a last resort, disable the Retina Ready feature


I get “no hotlinking” error.

Find the \wp-content\plugins\justified-image-grid\timthumb-config.php on the server and just change



define ('BLOCK_EXTERNAL_LEECHERS', false);


I get a full or partial blank screen on my frontend or dashboard (site crashes).

You can temporarily revert by deleting the plugin’s folder via FTP. But it’s caused by not having enough memory for WP.

If there is a full blank screen it’s more likely a memory error.

If the site is partially there it’s more likely a PHP error that the site hides.

Go to WP installation folder via FTP, edit wp-config.php and set WP_DEBUG to true (from false). The error should be visible (in some cases it doesn’t change anything).

To increase memory limit, follow this article:

Seek assistance by contacting me from my profile (I’ll need temporary login details to both wp-admin and FTP).


I only get about 25 pictures from Facebook/Flickr.

It’s the default limit set by Facebook, and by the plugin for Flickr. You can increase it by setting the limit shortcode attribute to something higher.

You can find the limit setting on the General settings tab of both JIG’s settings and the Shortcode Editor, “Thumbnail count and dimensions” section, “Limit image count” setting.

Only show up to this number of images. Leave empty, 0 or -1 for unlimited. Flickr, Facebook and Instagram have a default limit of ~25 when nothing is set (empty).


TimThumb gives a 403 error (the images are not loading)!

Try adding this to the .htaccess file in the WP installation folder:

SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPost Off


I’m not seeing anything!

1. Check if your WP installation is 3.3 or 3.4. If not, upgrade.

2. Check if your site loads the plugin’s js in the footer (view source). If not, add wp_footer(); to the footer.php of your theme.

3. Your jQuery version might be old, set a jQuery source in the plugin settings. Anything other than the default.


I’m seeing the images below each other but only in IE?

IE can’t handle more than 32 CSS files. Decrease the amount of CSS files the site loads.


I activated the CDN hostname replace, but no images are loading!

Some CDNs are not compatible with TimThumb (Amazon Cloudfront for example). Some are compatible. If yours isn’t, try the Jetpack plugin’s Photon service, or CloudFlare.


If you are using a Better WP Security plug-in… need to disable (turn off) Filter Suspicious Query Strings feature to avoid an error

“All of the images have failed to load. This is most likely a TimThumb permissions error…..”

Go to the Better WP Security settings > System Tweaks > Filter Suspicious Query Strings – Disable


I have a “Check your redirect URI setting” error

If you have Intense plugin, disable it while you add your Instagram user.


The grid is misaligned or I’m getting ‘element is too thin’ error!

Add this to JIG settings, General tab, Custom JS, or your theme’s Custom JS:

    var jigs = jQuery('.justified-image-grid');
    if(jigs.length !== 0){'justifiedImageGrid').createGallery('resize');

If it results in a noticeable delay you can try:

    var jigs = jQuery('.justified-image-grid');
    if(jigs.length !== 0){'justifiedImageGrid').createGallery('resize');

Only if it didn’t help, and the grid is not misaligned but does not show up: go to JIG General settings, Advanced section, set Conditional script loading to No.


Lightbox conflict with Salient theme?

To make JIG work with Pretty Photo & Salient theme & NextGEN:
1) Set Lightbox Effects to “No Light Box” in NextGen settings.
2) Remove the Pretty Photo CSS from the main css file to avoid conflict.
3) Choose Pretty Photo in JIG settings.


The state does not match. You may be a victim of CSRF.

Try disabling W3 Total Cache plugin if you have it, only during adding your user, then once that is successful, put W3TC back.


RSS feeds don’t work (such as: The data could not be converted to UTF-8.)

Put your feed through as it outputs a standard format feed, just in case your original feed and the SimplePie parser in WordPress are not compatible or your server setup is unusual (or local xampp).


I use OneUp theme and the lightbox is conflicting, how to solve it?

Edit the theme: framework/js/pe/jquery.pixelentity.widgets.bslinks.js


// find the line
var hasFlare = typeof $.fn.peFlareLightbox === "function";
// replace with
var hasFlare = false;


Salient theme, no arrows in the lightbox?

Add this to the link class setting of JIG:



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