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Great plug-in, simple to use and prompt response to a question we had.

Thanks very much for your feedback :)

How do i update the colors for all the states at once? it is so tedious to update 50x when I want the same up and hover colors for every state?

Hi, We are planning to add that feature but it’s a bit complex and we don’t have a specific date for this. Meanwhile you can change the default color values of all the states at once through the plugin file “wp-map.php”.

This is a great plugin. I agree with rockstar47 that it would be nice to have the ability to easily change all 50 states at once through the Dashboard page. I also think it would be a good idea to separate the Save Changes and Restore Defaults to separate sides and then also have a confirm prompt on restoring to default. I accidentally clicked it instead of Save Changes and now have to completely re-setup my map…ugh!

Thanks for making the awesome plugin!

Thanks for your amazing feedback :)
Your suggestion about the Restore Default button is reasonable and achievable, I think we can apply that in the next update. The other suggestion is really nice but not sure if that’s achievable!

Nice – where are the instructions on how to add a pin though?

Thanks for your comment :)
This Interactive US Map – WordPress Plugin doesn’t have a pins option, may be you were confused with the Standard Interactive US Map (this one has an option to place clickable pins anywhere on the map but it is not a WP plugin yet it can be inserted in WP using html snippet plugin – a step by step installation guide for WordPress is included in the purchased files).


ngraham Purchased

I agree with others here – the ability to create more than one map would make this a much more valuable plugin.

I understand, Thanks for your feedback.

I am trying to replace the following section on my website with an interactive map instead –

The experience we want is users can visually see on the map the cities/regions we are currently targeting or focusing on.

Will this plugin work for me?

This map plugin is a states map not regional map also it doesn’t have an option to add cities.

You may be interested in our Standard Interactive US Map, it has an option to display clickable pins anywhere on the map (this is not a WP plugin but it can be embedded in WordPress using html snippet plugin – a step by step installation guide is included for both standard and WordPress websites).

If you need a custom regional map, we can do it for you as a freelance work, feel free to email us for more details.

is there way split a state in two?

Hi, That requires editing the map graphics and make some adjustments to the plugin script, we offer that as a customization service, if you are interested, please email us for more details.


SullTV Purchased

Plugin looks great so far… What’s the shortcode to get a list view? Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback :)
I’m not sure what’s the list view, Please watch the how it works video and let me know if you need any clarification.

I agree with shyzer. I would gladly pay MUCH more for this plugin if I could create unlimited versions of this map on the same site (same concept as the “new post” or “new page”). It’s a great plugin and works very well, but being limited to only a single version of the map makes this plugin “good”, but not “great”.

Even if I could pay the full price again and again for each new map, I’d be happy to do that too – but I can’t find a way to create multiple maps under this single WP plugin. Am I missing something?

Please download the whole plugin file (not only the installable plugin file) then extract its content and you will find a detailed documentation plus simple video tutorials about how it works and some useful tricks.

I see it now – amazing! Thanks so much for making this MAJOR improvement!

Thanks to you for your suggestions, I wish you can rate our work :)

Thank You

Our pleasure :)

Is there a way to embed the individual state maps on a page?

Hi, You can link each state to any webpage. but If you want an interactive map for each state, I recommend the 50 Individual US State Maps Bundle.
Note: The maps of that bundle are not WordPress plugins, but can be embedded in WordPress using html snippet plugin (installation steps for WordPress is included).

Is this map cacheable?

Hello, I think caching files is related to either the server (host) or to the browser. I got your email and replied in details, please check.

I got this because I thought it was the whole world too where can I get all maps for WordPress?

Hi, we have a wide range of interactive maps including world maps, continent and country maps, even individual state maps, you can check them all here.
Please note that most of our maps are not WordPress plugins but they can be embedded in WordPress using html snippet plugin (the documentation include a step by step installation guide for WordPress).
Have you any questions, please email me. Regards