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Ever since WP 4.8 was released, the inspect tool shows an error stating “st_config is not defined.” Instead of the map displaying, there is just a list of all state codes each on their own line. The plugin was up-to-date, but I decided to delete it and re-download it. The problem still exists. Is your plugin compatible with 4.8? Thanks.

Hi, Yes the plugin is compatible with WP 4.8, I’m not sure which plugin version you were using, but you may want to click the “Restore default” button.
If you need any further assistance, please email me with more details and the link to your site and I’d be happy to assist you. regards

Hi, It seems that your email that is linked to your account on codecanyon is no longer working, because we got your message and replied but we received a “Mail Delivery Failure” notice, please send us your correct email through our contact form here.

In the youtube version…there was a way to change hover shadow, map shadow and opacity, is there no way to do it now in the latest version of the plugin? Also, when viewed on a desktop, is there a way to make the map larger? It feels the screen nicely on a mobile device but looks a bit small on a desktop.

Hi, Thanks for your message.
1. You would rarely need to change the shadow color below the hover popup so we moved that from the admin interface to the map plugin file map-style.css
2. The map shadow was adding some extra file size to the map and it was hardly affecting the map view so we removed it to make the map loads even faster.
3. The map is responsive and it takes the available width of the container (on mobile or on desktop), however you can adjust the map size as you wish through the plugin file map-style.css
4. The purchased files also include the original version that you saw in the youtube video, although we recommend using the latest version because it has many enhancements of graphics and functionality.
I wish you find this information useful, if you need any assistance, please contact us.

I’ve loaded a map at How ever it only loads properly in Safari. I can’t seem to get it to load anything other than an non-interactive static black and white map on chrome and firefox.

Hi, I had a look at the link and I can see errors that seems to be related to one of the theme files preventing other JavaScript files to work properly.
I replied to your email with more details, please check. Regards

Where does this plugin save the hover text data? It does not seem to come across in a site migration.

Where is the changelog? Also, is this compatible with PHP7?

Hi, you can find information about the latest plugin updates in the description.
Yes, the plugin is compatible with PHP 7.

I tried purchasing your US state/city package. It appears clickbank is not working. It kept looping me to pay after it had gone through. After the second time I stopped because I was afraid I might be getting charged more than once. Let me know if there’s been any issues. Thanks

Hi, we got your email and replied, please check and feel free to email us back if you need any help.

Just emailed back. Thanks for the quick response!


I’d be interested in using this plugin for a territory sales map.

1. Do you have a separate plugin for each state? I.e. show California as available, click on it and then show available counties?

2. Can the states be linked?

Hi, thanks for your message.
The Interactive US Map WordPress Plugin is divided into 50 clickable states (plus DC), you can set each state as active (available) or inactive (not clickable), also you can link it to any webpage.
You may be interested in the 50 Individual US State Maps Package, each state map of this package is divided into clickable counties.
Please read the description for more details and feel free to email us if you have any questions. Regards

I have purchased this but it’s not working on my site, personal support message sent, please have a look and reply me ASAP, Thanks!

Hello, we received your email and replied. Regards

The map doesn’t appear to work correctly on mobile.

When viewing the US map (including the one on your website: on a mobile device, a tap should reveal the map info (similar to the way hovering on the desktop works), but upon tapping, the state info briefly appears before the user is taken to back to your homepage ( in the above example.

In my implementation, it goes immediately to that link. There doesn’t seem to be a way to see the hover info on mobile devices.

Please advise.

Hi, since there is no cursor on mobile and you can’t hover over an area, the assigned link has to be opened when you touch a state.
If you don’t want to assign a link for a state and want to display only the popup, you can set the “Target” to “None” so the popup will appear but no links will open.
If you have any questions, please email us. Regards

Downloaded Plugin File does not seem to be working…. please advise

Hi, please note that – in your downloads page – you have 2 options, either download an installable “” file or download the whole plugin package with all files and documentation (not only the installable plugin file), then extract its content and you will find:
1. “”
2. a folder for “Multiple Maps” includes, and
3. “Help” for the documentation.
4. “Video Tutorials” contains very useful information about installation and customization.

You need to upload an installable plugin file “”.

Kind regards

When I originally purchased, I only saw a download button with no choices, when I went back into my available downloads, I see exactly what you explain. Thank You!

Perfect. Thank you :)


I want wordpress plugin for US states with clickable cities. Is this possible with your plugin? I have checked your HTML version and it has clickable cities option but wordpress plugin doesnt seem to have that option.

Let me know. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your message.
The US Map Plugin doesn’t have that feature.
The US HTML Map version has that option but it is not a WordPress plugin however it can be integrated in WordPress and customization need to be done manually by editing simple JavaScript file (JavaScript knowledge is not required).


jghonn Purchased

This is a great plugin. I was wondering if the onclick event could be attached to the hover event. Right now we just want to use the map to display the hover info, and that functionality disappears on mobile devices (as there is no way to hover on a mobile device). Being able to touch a state on a mobile device and have it pull up a modal info box is our desired outcome. Is this possible?

Hi, thanks for your comment.
You have an option to set the “Target” to “None” so the hover popup will appear and stay instead of opening a webpage.
If you have any questions or need special customization, please email us. Regards