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homely Purchased

Could I fill color to the specific element on web loading. I need to create like a tour on the image map.


I’m not sure what exactly you are trying to create, but please check out the plugin’s API, which is documented here –

It provides you with useful functions to add custom functionality to the plugin, like for example on the plugin’s demo page.

Hi. Is it possible to make the map pieces open a link in an iframe or pop up?

Yes, but you might have to use the plugin’s JS API to do this. Please see the docs here –


MohsenB Purchased

Hi, What Fonts Can I use ? its not a drop-down its a text box… is there a list I can look up anywhere?

Thank you

Hi, answered your ticket :)


MohsenB Purchased

Thank you :)

How to use API in WordPress? I saw the documentation but I’m unable to figure out how to implement it in wordpress posts as javascript won’t work there. I want to make sure that is there any option to highlight a particular shape in one article and highlight another shape in another article of the same imagemap? Like if we put same image map on 2 articles and want 1 shape to be selected by default in one article and another shape to be selected by default in another article? If so then please tell me how? I’m interested in buying it, if it solves my this problem.


You should place the JS code in a javascript file, not directly in a page :)

Yes, that is what I was asking how to do that? I want a shape to be automatically selected with tooltip as soon as I open that page.

Sorry for the late reply. Please see the plugin’s documentation, more specifically the JS API section on how to do that specifically.

Hi, thank you for the great map plugin! Just a few recommendations:

If you’re using the popup content builder and want to leave fields empty so you can use external CSS (without adding !important to override inline elements), it would be nice if that code isn’t added inline.

Currently if I leave a field blank (for example font size), the styling is added inline as “font-size: px”, throwing errors in the code. Please consider modifying this so that it just bypasses font-size altogether if the field is left blank (or default to inherit).

Also would be nice if you could save elements in the content builder so you don’t have to repeat for each one. For example, if I have 3 buttons in 10 popups, instead of having to enter all data 30 times, it would be nice if I could save a button template prepopulated with the data.

Last one, please consider allowing an entry field to edit the “Go fullscreen” text.

Small things, but would be very helpful. Thank you again!


yanchev Author Team

Thank you for your feedback. Anything that you tell us will be taken into account when improving the plugin and development of its newer version.

First of all: I like your program – nice work!

There seems to be a problem with the editor and the local storage. If you create a new Map and delete those, the program won´t load (No errors – just “Loading Image Map…”). After deleting the locals storage, the editor works again. Tested in several IE and Firefox.