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I managed to fix everything on my own but there is a slight issue, Image Map Pro does not calculate (apparently as stated in comments for a reason) the positions of the tooltips even if the spots are already laid out on the picture. I hope there will be an option to have it enabled since like this, if I call a “imp-tooltip-visible” class from NOT a hover on the spot, it does highlight the tooltip but in the upper left hand corner, since the coordinates are set not after initializing the imp but later.

Why? Do you plan to actually add this in soon? I see no reason why the positions could not be calculated earlier (I use very strictly modified version of your editor, not allowing manual tooltip sizes and such so….hopefully this will be implemented :) )

No I personally don’t but for some reason while testing something i tried it to the left and it was confusing why it wasn’t working :)

It becomes the most apparent if you want something to be drawn over for example with a rectangle, if it’s on the left hand side of the pic, very close to the edge. Then you naturally click right to the object and completely cover it with the box while leaving the picture area and…then you realize it’s not working :)

I also wish deleting confirmation could be turned off or at least ENTER would default to the DELETE button instead of having to click it all the time with the mouse. Deleting many image maps is a chore like this :) You have an undo/redo in the editor anyways so the confirmation of the deletion might not even be needed. (It’s very rare that a person hovers over the shape list by accident, more so of clicking delete by accident…)


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Why the mobile full screen is not working, when Late Initialization is enabled?

I can’t say without taking a look, please send a support ticket with details like URL where I can see the image map.


Does this plugin work on multiple images with maps inside jquery tabs? Thanks!

There might be problems if the image map is inside a tab. Sometimes it won’t initialize properly if the map isn’t visible when the page loads.


Hello I bought this, can you please tell me how to save and load back, what JS function do I call to save it on my server

and how can I load it back, which div item should I append the loaded html (that I previously saved)



Saving and loading to the database is something that you need to implement yourself. I would start by looking at the image-map-pro-local-storage.js. All functions that deal with saving and loading are there. You can see what data they must return and just replace the contents of the function to work for a database instead of Local Storage.



Where did I ask you to customize?? I am not asking you customize -

I am asking you information that’s missing in the documentation – which JS functions are handling the save and load, and what sequence are they to be called, and what information/data/vars/objects should be passed to them.

Kinda frustrating even after paying for something if I cant get answer!


I’m sorry but you are asking me to explain functions which deal with plugin functionality that is not advertised anywhere. You can’t just assume that the entire source code of the plugin will be documented.

There is an API which you can use and which is documented. Anything beyond what the API can offer is up to you.

I already told you that the functions you are looking for are in the image-map-pro-local-storage.js file. They are appropriately named and you can see what parameters they take and how they work.

The editor does not work on iPad. Just blank page with background iages was displayed. My version is safari 10


While the front-end portion of the plugin is compatible with many browsers and devices, the editor is not. It’s not designed (or tested) to be used on a mobile device.


Do you plan to make editor work on iPad and browser on mac ? I think you should. Lot of users like to make interactive map on iPad and other tablets

I appreciate your feedback, but at the moment top priority is to make the editor the best as possible in a desktop browser.

Is the code (script) extensible with MySQL database and login? Or it’s nonextendable code?

The editor is using HTML5 Local Storage to save and read data. You can modify the javascript functions to work with MySQL, but please keep in mind that I can’t provide support for customizations like that.


is this 100% html and javascript? Can I just upload to our static website folder hosted on amazing s3 for everybody who visit our website to use it? I mean can everybody make map, get code and just copy paste image map code to their website?

If you are talking about the editor – yes, it’s just static html and javascript. The save/load functionality uses HTML5 local storage.


Hi, great work !!! I am interested to buy and would to know couple of points related to its compatibility and deployment..

1. My requirement is i want this interactive of a country’s map for instance Oman, possible?

1.a. if yes, do i need a cut out image? and 1.b. how does the plugin works for it

2. which files will i get and can it be deployed on any platform for example Microsoft SharePoint

would appreciate your responses. thanks


1. / 2. You can use any image that you want, you just need to prepare it in photoshop to include only the country of Oman, for example.

3. The end product is a jQuery plugin, meaning that it can be integrated into any HTML page.

I hope this answers your questions. Cheers

When is an update coming with the fixes? Also will you include the sought after glowing/pulsating/whatever SVG’s and hotspots? Like here:


This is a really cool idea with the pulsating buttons! I will do my best to release the new version this week, but as you might have noticed I was away for a week and I still have to catch up with customer support first.



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How can I setup to full screen ( full width and full height like set the CSS background to cover)


There is no option currently to do this, unless you code it yourself. You just need to put the image map in an element that is fullscreen and set the map to responsive. It will automatically resize to fit the container.

This might be added in the future, since others have requested fullscreen functionality as well.


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Great work nickys! Thanks! But I also need more scale options for the image. ( like responsive height choice / responsive sizes limiting / center option)


Limiting the size of the image to its original size so it doesn’t stretch is coming in the next update!