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for Feature Availability

I already used some online tools to create a nice image map.
After the ones i tried did not do what i wanted i started searching and found Image Map Pro.
Best find of the year!
This saved my so much time and got me further then i even expected. No need for support although the documentation could say you need some libraries that are not by default in the editor folder.

For someone with a bit of knowledge this is not a problem.
I have a great image map online now and my client is very happy with it.

It really is a great peace of software, i would recommend it to anyone.

for Design Quality

This is the best package of its kind I've ever seen.

Simply brilliant.

for Customer Support

I do not recommend this plugin. It did not work properly. It has been over 2 weeks since support said they were going to get back to me, but no one has helped me yet. I’m going to file for a refund.


Author response


Your support ticket and your comment has been answered. Please see my comment for more info and sorry about delay, I was away for a little while. I would appreciate it if you can reconsider your review after we try to help you as best as we can.


for Other

Good Product. Good Price. Good Support. I bought this product for testing purpose. I was looking for such an "easy to use" solution for a while. I found it!

I made a small mistake during the integration and enjoyed a very fast, professional and friendly support. 5 Stars!

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