Discussion on Gravity Forms Auto Formatter

Discussion on Gravity Forms Auto Formatter

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Hi there, when I enable the pre-submission entry review page so that auto formatter option will work, the preview reviews hidden fields that I don’t want the user to see. I’ve tried adding CSS classes such as “gf_invisible” and “gf_hidden” but neither work in the review section.

Do the users have to review their submission in order for it to work with Auto Formatter?


The review page is optional. There is no need to turn it on for the plugin settings to work. Almost all settings of the plugin operate independently of the others. :)

Can i change this input ‘1234aa’ into ‘1234 AA’ with your plugin?

Hello customer

You can do this thing in possible ways. You can replace all “a” with “A” , but to put a space character in , you would have to replace “aa” with “ AA”. Or if AA always is supposed to be at end and only appear there, you can have “aa” “ aa” “AA” and “ AA” all removed and also use append with “ AA” so it is always added to end. It will also NOT add to end if already present at end so you likely do not have to bother with remove it as listed above.

The plugin has many powerful tool to do things like this , and only need to figure out ways to target only exactly what you try to do. :)

what if the client enters ‘1234 aa’, there should be no extra space, just the aa turned into AA

You can replace spaces with nothing (removes spaces) and replace aa with AA. Only needing to target what you want to happen in an effective way.

When gravity forms calculation displays .33 can I change the display to 33% for the user?

Hello customer

For changing this on text field you can do it for the saved results only. You can remove the “.” Using replace text option and append the % using the append option.

However if this is a number field calculation you can likely just multiply by 100 and put a % after the display in the printout/merge tag usage to convert decimals to percentages.

Hope this is help :)

Hi, i installed the plugin but i can not get a specific replacement function to work. I need a zipcode to be in the format ‘9999 AA’ which means 4 digits, a blankspace, 2 letters. How can i achieve this?

1234AA must become 1234 AA 1234 AA must remain unchanged

Kind regards, Jasper


Address field type is formatted all the same for its multi parts so you cannot apply something to zip that is not wanted on other parts of field.

If by any chance all ZIP end in AA. You can change “AA” to “ AA” then change a double space to a single space.

Suggestion is to use single line text input for ZIP. Use input mask “9999 aa”. Use auto format option for all caps.

thanks, i also remembered i can use gforms default mask to add the space

Hello, is it safe to install your plugin on existing gf installation with forms already in use? Many thanks

Hello customer

Yes, generally speaking you can safely install on existing Gravity Forms installation and use on existing forms. However, as with any other plugin ..we recommend you always install plugins and test for any issues and for operation on a dev version of your site before going live if the site or data is of any importance.

Hello, just wanted to let you know installation went fine on existing install and live forms. Really really love this addition to GF, its worth it for the copying fields alone. Recommended!

Thank you! We are glad you enjoy the features. You can leave an official rating if you would like, and please let us know if there is any other auto formatting feature suggestion you have :)


I just purchased this plugin after seeing a comment that auto-capitalization happens AFTER the form is submitted, which is what I was looking to accomplish. I installed, tested, and saw that my entries were being auto-capitalized on the user side BEFORE the form is submitted. (After reading all the comments did I see the fairly recent update that changes occur in real time.)

I would prefer the user to not see the formatting adjustments. Is there a setting I can toggle that would change when the text gets changed?

Thanks so much!


There is currently no setting for disable real time corrections to case, but this is something we can look into potentially adding as feature for next update !

Hi, When the user types using CAPS lock the formatting does not apply is there a way to ensure that regardless of what input method is used that the input box is formatted to uppercase the beginning letters only?

The formatting is applied on submission regardless of front end scenario. However can you send us a url to check this occurrence?

ignore my issue , figured it out so sorry great plugin!


I assume it needed the “strict” text replacement is all, but glad it is resolved :)

Hello, Can we exclude Arabic characters from Alphanumeric option?


You can try using the character exclusion option (Strict blacklist for the individual field or the universal blacklist if needed everywhere) as well, but would need to exclude the entire Arabic alphabet. The Alphanumetic only option limits keystrokes but does not restrict which language. The blacklist options can restrict specific characters on validation. :)

Hi, Great plugin! Is there a way for First letter cap and cap after period. I mean sentence case? I Can’t Use Every Word Cap. and Then there is this. where the next sentence is not cap. ??

Any snippet for this? thanks,


Currently no “per sentence” caps setting or snippet. I will suggest it to the dev team.

Thanks for quick reply. Yes, should be simple. lol just like uppercase and lowercase are a thing Sentence case is too. At least for paragraph/textarea.


I’d like to capitalize the first letter of special multi part last names too (seperated by a ”-”).

For example, I’d like the name “jean-marie” to be fixed this way: “Jean-Marie”.

Please advise,


This appears to be correct. You can/should test the resolution on a simple form with a single name field and show the resulting name in the confirmation for quick testing.

It works! Thank you very much for your support.

You’re welcome :)


elfabi Purchased

hi, update notification arrived, downloaded the file and the version seem to be the same as before 2.7 are we waiting for a new version? will be helpful if you could timestamp updates to see if we have the latest version. thank you


2.7 is the latest version. The latest “release” was only a small maintenance change to the .readme file and should not have had an email notification sent. Apologies for any confusion. The full change-log is always in the plugins .readme file with latest version listed on plugin page here as well.

rooon Purchased

Can this prevent people putting links in their messages. I want to reject www. http:// etc.. I bought the plugin. I can reformat test with http:// etc.. in submissions coming in but I cannot reject a form with them in it?


You can do both if you would like. Use the blacklist options reject text with “http” on validation.

rooon Purchased

great thanks. IM getting this error, do you know what it is. Warning: preg_match(): Unknown modifier ’/’ in /home/s570586/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-auto-formatter/gfaf.php on line 78

I am guessing you have inserted a “/“ into an option which does not allow special charachters. If you use the “strict” option, this may be allowed.

I will note this to the team to filter out the warning possibility in next update .

Is there a simple setting to have ALL CAPS for entries? Thanks!

There is the “UPPER CASE” setting which is per field. All settings affect all entries for each form they are set. There is not a direct setting to change to all caps for all forms and all fields.

Hi, I am using your GF Auto Formatter plugin and I’m getting this error:

( ! ) Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Undefined constant “GFEF_MAIN_FILE” in /plugins/gravity-forms-auto-formatter/gfaf.php on line 1608

What can I do? Thanks.

Update #1: Also checked and I have no / in an option that doesn’t allow special chars.

Update #2: Deleted all the forms, the error persists.


Please download the latest update from your envato account. (ver 2.7.2).

I do not understand what “I have no / in an option that doesn’t allow special chars” is referring to. can you please be more specific as to what you are trying to do.

How would you go about doing only alpha numeric plus a period?


You could use the “specified characters only” option and type in what you want to be accepted.

So something like this aAbBcCdDeEfF,.- ?


In order to allow the period char along with alpha/numeric you would need to customize the character set.

If you are adding it before or after all entry, you could always just use the append or prepend options though.

READ-ONLY for specific column in list field, can be possible?


You can make an entire list field read only by default but single columns of the list field are not something currently supported.

We DO NOT support custom programming, but that said, you can use a small JQuery snippet in the footer of your form page (use an plugin/theme/etc. to insert this) to accomplish this. Replace “your-list-field-class” with your list field custom css class assigned in its “appearance” tab, and replace the “3” in the column number with whatever number the column is left to right.

<script> jQuery(function($){ 'use strict'; $(document).ready(function(){ $(".your-list-field-class div[data-label='Column 3'] input").attr("readonly", true); $(document).bind('gform_post_render', function(){ $(".your-list-field-class div[data-label='Column 3'] input").attr("readonly", true); }); }); }); </script>

Hope this helps :)


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