Gravity Forms Auto Formatter

Gravity Forms Auto Formatter

Automatic capitalization/case formatting, blacklist/block text, read only and disabled fields, turn off autocomplete, require matching or non-matching inputs, restrict character type of inputs in realtime, link removal, custom text replacement, min/max character requirements, HTML tag and PHP code removal, and before/after text appending ..all per individual field! Let Gravity Forms Auto Formatter sanitize, and neatly format your form entries with quick and easy setup!

See Full Feature List Below!

Let this super helpful plugin automatically take the pain out of moderating and/or formatting your entries.

Gravity Forms Auto Formatter adds: per field automatic upper and lower casing/capitalization of input text as well as first character per input or word capitalization, per field selectable custom blacklist/blocked word checks with custom validation errors and the option to reveal the blocked terms/characters to the user, simple option for making fields read only and/or disabled, the ability to require that the users input matches in 2 selected fields and/or does not match multiple other selected fields, turn off autocomplete, make fields only respond to alpha/numeric/alpha-numeric input, and can automatically disable links, remove HTML tags and PHP code, auto prefix and/or suffix users input with per field custom text/characters, set minimum character requirements on fields and and maximum character requirements on field types unsupported by Gravity Forms core, as well as replace specified submitted text with custom text ..all per field.

Whether you would like to just auto format the address or name with first letters capitalized, block problematic characters or offensive words, make fields data read only and/or disabled, disable fields from autocompleting to hide previous entry data, disallow numbers/alpha chars/special characters in realtime, require that the user inputs the same matching data twice for verification and/or require that the user enters different values between fields, disable links, remove any HTML tags and PHP code, auto add custom characters or text before or after the input text, or auto replace custom text/characters with other text/characters ..this is the plugin for you! Super easy to use and set up for hands off automatic formatting!

-Text replacement can also simply remove specified text/characters.

-For those who need parse the notification e-mails the before and after text can be used to easily add parsing indicators to find certain field data.

Supported field types: text, text area, name, email, website, address, post_title, post_content, post_excerpt, post_tags, post_custom_field


- Supports almost all alphabets/languages with UTF-8 encoding

- Automatic case/capitalization options for submitted text per individual field

- Simple field options for making fields read only and/or disabled

- Simple field options for turning fields autocomplete off

- Custom central blacklist validation checks with per field on/off

- Custom field specific blacklist validation checks

- Custom blacklist validation error message option

- Option to reveal the blacklisted terms being blocked to submitting user

- Additional custom blacklist validation error message for when terms are revealed option

- Minimum Character requirement option for field types: text, text area, website, email, post title, post content/body, post excerpt.

- Maximum Character restriction option for field types: website, email, post title.

- Require that different inputs do NOT match on the same entry. Allows for blocking users from entering same data in multiple fields on the same entry.

- Require that fields inputs DO match on the same entry. Allows for creating verification or double check fields of types other than “e-mail” and checks that the two fields match on validation.

- Set fields to only allow alpha/numeric/alpha-numeric input in realtime.

- Automatic removal of link functionality for submitted text per individual field

- Automatic removal of all HTML tags and PHP code for submitted text per individual field

- Automatic central custom text/character replacement with per field on/off

- Automatic field specific custom text/character replacement

- Automatic custom text appending to submitted text per individual field. Both before and after text are customizable per individual field

- Uses both strict and normal text replacement options which can be used at the same time

- Uses both strict and normal blacklists which can be used at the same time

- Option to save existing plugin settings during uninstallation/plugin deletion

- Automatic updates and update notifications through the free Envato Market plugin.

- Show/Hide button in form field options to keep field settings tidy

- Easy to read “System Check” in the settings page.

Simple instructions are directly inside the options page and inline field general option help markers.

Supported Field Types: single line text, paragraph text, name, email, website, phone, address, number, list, dropdown, multi select, radio buttons, checkbox, quiz, post_title, post_content, post category, post_excerpt, post_tags, post_custom_field.
*Not all options are available on all field types. Only options which are useful to particular field types apply to that field type. Some options like requiring matching or blocking entry between fields can be applied to supported fields and checked against unsupported fields

This plugin is currently only authorized, supported, and legitimately sold through Do not compromise your sites security by unauthorized installs of this or any other plugin.
Gravity Forms Auto Formatter © 2017 Plugin Owl.

Please see support page for plugin F.A.Q

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+ means “or any higher version”

-WordPress 4.6+
-PHP 5.6+ (5.5 and 5.4 should currently also function but are NOT SUPPORTED)
-Gravity Forms Version 2.0.7+
-This plugin supports most all UTF-8 encoded languages but some features (such as auto case formatting) may not fully function with certain special alphabets (Turkish is a known alphabet that has support issues due to variances in characters).

Installation / Upgrade
IMPORTANT: Please refer to the plugin’s readme file for detailed instructions on upgrading between versions or initial install.

Current Available Version

Changelog (including near future versions)

Version 2.4.2 (Current Available Version)
* Auto case formatting now supports most all languages with UTF-8 encoding (Some Turkish may not be supported)
* Tested on WordPress 4.9.8

Version 2.4.1
* Fixed and issue with list fields giving an initial minimum character validation error when no minimum character limit is set.

Version 2.4
* Added support for “Phone” as supported field type with the following options: Read Only Field, Disabled Field, Turn Off Autocomplete, Require Matching Values, Block Matching Values.

Version 2.3
* Fixed Blacklisting Validation bug for all supported fields.
* Fixed Minimum Character Validation bug.
* Updated Validation code.

Version 2.2 (Current Available Version)
* Added Numeric Characters Only field setting to only allow input of numeric (number) characters.
* Added Alpha Characters Only field setting to only allow input of alpha (letter) characters.
* Added Alpha-Numeric Characters Only field setting to disallow special characters and only allow input of alpha-numeric (letter and/or number) characters.
* Added support for number fields with options: Numeric Characters Only, Read Only Field, Disabled Field, Turn Off Autocomplete, Require / Block Matching Values
* Added support for List fields with options: Auto Case Settings, Minimum Characters, Maximum Characters, Before text, After Text, Remove Links, Remove HTML/PHP, Read Only Field, Disabled Field, Turn Off Autocomplete, Numeric Characters Only, Alpha Characters Only, Alpha-Numeric characters only, Central Blacklist, Central Text Replacement, Individual Blacklist, Individual Text Replacement.
* Added ability to make Drop Down, Multi Select, Radio Buttons, and Checkboxes readonly and/or disabled.
* Strengthened readonly and disabled attributes by removing ability to click on the fields or labels on form entry.

Version 2.1
* Full compatibility when used with Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields and Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On together.

Version 2.0
* Added per field Individual Blacklist setting. (existing central blacklisting remains as universal/centralized options)
* Added per field Individual Text Replacement setting. (existing central text replacement remains as universal/centralized options)
* Fixed “Turn Off Autocomplete” setting checkbox
* Compatibility with Gravity Forms 2.3 WordPress 4.9 and PHP 7.1.1 tested

Version 1.9.7
* Added field “Minimum Character” requirement option for field types: text, text area, website, email, post title, post content/body, post excerpt.
* Added field “Maximum Character” restriction option for field types: website, email, post title.
* Added support for blacklisting of terms/phrases with commas using strict blacklist setting.
* Added support for replacement or insertion of commas using strict text replacement setting.
* Improved formatting of plugin validation messages.
* Clarified instructions
* Code improvements.

Version 1.9.6
* Clarified instructions.
* Fixed issue with “Strict Text Replacement” not replacing values when the search string was entered first.

Version 1.9.5
* Added settings link to plugins page to help guide new users.

Version 1.9.4
* Moved Gravity Forms Auto Formatter Field Options to fields advanced tab. -field settings will remain.

Version 1.9.3
* Added option to turn off browser autocomplete for specific form fields.

Version 1.9.2
* Bug fix for incorrect field labels returned for required matching or non-matching field values.

Version 1.9
* Bug fix for flashed php warning on submission if no data was entered and specific auto formatting was attempted on field type.
* Bug fix for “Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields” plugin compatibility when running encryption on previous entries.

Version 1.8
* Added ability to select fields as read only. Read only fields can be dynamically pre populated and their values will be included on form submission.
* Added ability to select fields as disabled. Disabled fields can be dynamically pre populated and their values will NOT be included on form submission so they can NOT be required fields. This is useful to pre populate this value for the users information but exclude it from the form submission

Version 1.7
* Added “Block Matching Values” to many field types to allow for form validation blocking the same information from being entered into different form fields on the same entry. For example: 1. You can not use the same email or phone for primary and secondary. 2. You can not enter the same data in a text input as a website input.
* Added “Require Matching Values” to many field types to allow for easily requiring select inputs to match values on on the same entry to pass form validation. For example: Users entered phone, account, website, code must match.
* Subtle improvements to visual layout in field options

Version 1.6
* Added plugin version reporting to unlocked settings page.
* Update author links.

Version 1.5
* Added “System Check” functionality to “Settings->GF Auto Formatter” options page for quick reference of meeting plugins system requirements. PHP, WordPress, and Gravity Forms versions are checked and reported.
* Updated “Before/After appended text option” to check if the before/after text already exists on field data when updating and only add the appended text if its not already there.
* Added brief instructions to “Settings->GF Auto Formatter” options page.

Version 1.4
* Added “Remove Links” option for automatic link removal of link functionality from submitted content.
* Added “Remove HTML/PHP” option for automatic removal of HTML tag and PHP code from submitted content.

Version 1.3
* Added “Reveal Blacklisted Terms/Phrases” option with custom before message option.
* Added collapsible plugin options button to form field options to keep things tidy

Version 1.2
* Added “Strict Blacklist” and “Strict Text Replacement” features for additional control.

Version 1.1
* Added “Before Text” and “After Text” features to allow prefixing and suffixing field data.

Version 1.0
* Initial version