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Hi, i have this situation: - one folder (called cnita) with two subfolders (componenti and segreteria) - cnita and segreteria have the same permissions ( read ) while componenti has read/upload permission.

Why the componenti folder is replicated outside the main folder cnita? (example here: )

Why i can’t upload files from the path /cnita/componenti but i can do it from the replicated folder? (example here: and here: )

This is the configuration i got:

I also gave the file system permissions to 777 to give full access to the application.

Can you give me support? Thank you.

Yes you can disable drag and drop for upload by going to filemanager_string.php file inside the filemanager plugin folder and add this line to initilization json:
dragUploadAllow: false
More Info here:

I dont understand what you mean by “disable folder” though.

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Thank you. Can you please show me where is the initialization json part in that file? Inside the commandOptions javascript object? ( example here: )

I meant if there is a way to disable folder upload option too (for example do not show upload folder button).

There is upload button which handles both upload folder and files, you wont be able disable folder uploads unless you disable folder creation all together. You can do this by editing connector.php file inside the php folder, then you can add commands which you want to disable in the read/write commands list, here is the screenshot:
In the empty disabled list on line 146, you can add “mkdir” to disable folder creation.

I need to have files uploaded automatically to a folder, what URL do I use to have that sent there? Thanks

You have to run the filemanager and upload the files you need, it wont allow you to upload files through a url.

We’ve noticed since upgrading to the latest version of the File Manager Plugin (7.3), that when a user uploads a file, we’re getting this error in our apache log:

WordPress database error Table 'customer_portal.wp_red_file_manager_logs' doesn't exist for query SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM `wp_red_file_manager_logs` made by require('wp-blog-header.php'), require_once('wp-load.php'), require_once('wp-config.php'), require_once('wp-settings.php'), do_action('init'), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, filemanager_connector5, include('/plugins/advanced_file_manager_5/php/connector.php'), elFinderConnector->run, elFinder->exec, elFinder->upload, elFinderVolumeDriver->upload, addLog, referer:

Not sure what to make of this…

You can ignore that for now, I was in process of adding a new feature and decided to release it for a few new bugs fixes. I’ll finish this in the next update.

ah, ok. thank you!


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I’m trying to display multiple File Manger windows on the same WordPress page and have the requisite shortcodes in place.

Unfortunately, only the first of five File Manager windows display. I’m assuming your plug-in disables additional shortcodes on the same page?

Is there a parameter or other workaround to address this need?


To add different shortcodes for different user groups, you can do this:

MRUSSO1 Purchased

Hello, i’am having issues in the viewer, where header columns are not aligned with data, this is what i get:

I have to customize the rules of sending the emails when a file is uploaded. For example Could you please explain me the steps that are made in the code and which files are involved in the project to do that? For example when a file is uploaded i have to know:

- current user that uploaded the file - the users group that belong to the specific folder - the name of the folder and of the file that has been uploaded

These informations are written somewhere in a table on a database (if yes where i can find the db) or in a session variable? Thank you.

Can you send me the site url, I’ll fix the css conflicts which are doing this misalignment.
You can go to the filemanager plugin folder > php > elFinderVolumeDriver.class.php
You’ll find email functions in the upload procedures.
It basically emails the admin when a file has been uploaded to a user’s default folder. And the same way when admin uploads file to a user’s default folder, that user also gets an email.

Hi mate, i have installed and got it working which is fine,


for whatever reason i cant move the files from one folder to another, with copy or cut,

do you have any ideas? i have checked all the settings etc and still nothing works :/

if you can help me out that would be great

If you have read only access to that folder, you are not allowed to move files, make sure you assign yourself read/write access to that folder.


I see you can set settings when right clicking on the toolbar and going to Toolbar settings. There in preferences you can set icon size and show or disable options.

Can you make them default for all users? So if we register a new users they all have the same preferences? As you cannot set this in the backend in settings.


Oh those are set for individual user. There are some settings available to be made default from the settings page like list view / icon view.

Is there a way to change the defaults of those settings via the php files? I really need to change some settings that I cannot change in the backend. for exampel always show text mode in toolbar and bigger icon size. but as default so when we make a new user they automaticly have those settings.

For icons sizes you can add css like this:
There is however no settings for Text Label in the toolbar as of yet. These are all possible configurations:

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I run WordPress on a pure Nginx server. Obviously Nginx doesn’t use htaccess so I don’t think this plugin works on my server without some configuration.

Could you please give me some tips on how to get this to work with Nginx? Thank you


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Thanks for the quick reply :)

OK I got it working, it was my own fault for thinking Nginx wouldn’t work.

However, now I would really like to use your plugin for FTP (just like WP File Manager where you can edit files directly from dashboard).

Your plugin has better features though so I prefer it over WP File Manager. Can this be done?


jkhaui Purchased

Sorry for the messages, I found out how to make it work like FTP. Thanks!


Is it possible to not have line breaks when sentence is long? Now it breaks on the end of the 2nd line. See image:

Can i change it to show the full name? Thanks

You can add this css to allow longer filename to fully display:
.elfinder-cwd-view-icons .elfinder-cwd-filename{ max-height: 100px; } .elfinder .elfinder-cwd-view-icons .elfinder-cwd-file { margin: 0 3px 100px 15px !important; }
You can change the 100px to anything you like.

Thanks for the info. I got it working with :

.elfinder-cwd-view-icons .elfinder-cwd-filename { max-height: fit-content; line-clamp: 999; -webkit-line-clamp: 999; -webkit-box-orient: vertical; }

Hi, I have one more question. if you see on the image here: When i want to delete a file it says Object object.

Is there a way to just remove this line? everywhere it is present.


Yes you can go to settings page and change icons view to list view:

Hi That is not exactly what i meant. I meant so the main root folders for example in the image the main root folder Document Repository is now in the tree view. On initial load that they are visible in the grid view on the right in the main sreen.

It remembers which folder you opened the last time and it opens it back. Thats why you see the folder tree opened.

Hi. In the backend the toolbar and its icons are across the top of the display box and on the frontend the toolbar is arranged to the left. How can arrange it so that the icons on the toolbar run across the top of the display box on the frontend.

And can I change the folder icons to an image of my choice?

Many thanks

This is probably because of the conflict with the theme, try switching to another theme. You can also change filemanager themes in the settings page and see which works the best.
You can find the icons file inside the filemanager plugin folder > img > toolbar.png. You can make a new one the same way.


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Hey, I am trying once again to use your plugin but didnt succeed, I get the message that says “Cannot read volumes” (it displays a message in spanish in my site). At first when I reinstall the plugin, everything works great as expected, I first had 2 users, used the shortcode to display their folder accordingly and uploaded some files trough ftp, all fine.

I then created a new user and updated the user’s folder and all good. Just after several minutes the files would stop showing and error message would appear.

What can I check on my server to make sure it works good and doesnt break again? this is solved temporarily when I delete and reinstall plugin :/

Let me know if I should email you any credentials, this is just the plugin I need i just need it to work on my site! Thanks

You can email me the site credentials, I’ll check it out.


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I have the following error;

“Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available.”

Please could you advise on how to fix this?

I thought I’ve done all the settings


Can you email me the backend access, I’ll configure it and show you how.


wetdogs Purchased

Hi, which email can I use?

You can email me through my profile link here. I think you already sent me one.

Is the demo of this product the back-end or the front-end? I am looking for a file management plug in that will preview PDF’s and that I can also search so that it will search for keywords within the files/PDF’s. Is it possible that your plug in will do this?

The demo you saw is the front-end. The backend is mostly settings and creating shortcodes for the front-end.
The filemanager can view pdf files and other documents and can search for the files, but it wont search text from inside the pdf globally. You can search keywords from individual pdf files after opening them.

The shortcode to allow front-end access has stopped working since primary domain name change and forcing https

Try to deactivate and activate the plugin, it should make it work. Otherwise email me the backend access.

I tried deactivating and reactivating and I tried reinstalling. What is your address?

You can email me through my profile link here.