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Nice plugin (I am using v7.0 in WP 4.6.4). One of the reasons I chose it was because of google docs viewer. My question is this: in my installation only some file types are displayed via the google viewer (pdf, jpeg, gif, txt are the only ones I have found to work so far). I would like to be able to preview other formats like office (word, excel, powerpoint) and adobe (psd, ai) – all of which are handled, I believe, by Google’s viewer. Can I modify the plugin to add these formats?

My main reason for wanting to use the viewer is so that files do not have to be downloaded just to see what is in them.

Google docs only support certain formats, some old doc types and psd are not supported by them. This is entirely up to Google Docs service if they want to add support for these file types.

Well, that is surprising. I have another plugin (Google Docs Embedder) that uses Google Docs and it successfully displays excel, word, powerpoint. I wonder why in your implementation the number of MIME types supported is so limited.

Microsoft office files should work fine with the filemanager, there are exceptions some times when the format is too old. I’ll see if there is some other problem.

I just purchased your plugin. I have played around and set up permissions. When I hit the upload button it does nothing, the only way I can get it to come up on the front end is to right click, then the only way I can get it to upload is drag and drop, and it says it uploads, and shows nothing. This is a .ppt I am trying to upload to my intranet. I have tried different users to upload and still can’t without right clicking, and on the back end i upload a .ppt and it says it uploads but shows nothing. I want every user to be able to view/download/upload, and 1 or 2 users to upload create folders/download all from the front end, I hope this is possible and I would love to get the actual upload button working, please help me in getting this corrected.


Replied to your email.

Ok I sent you an email, all is back up and working except for my original issues above.

Working on it.

Hello, I am getting the error Invalid backend response. Data is not JSON. when trying to use the plugin from within WordPress as an admin and logging in as a contributor or subscriber.

Email me the backend access. I’ll fix it. Its probably some plugin conflict or cache plugin adding footer notices.

Hi, I’m looking all over this site and don’t see an e-mail address and the e-mail notification I received has a do-not-reply@ address. Can you help me locate your contact info?

I got your email, replied too.

I need upload pdf file which is 12 MB long. File upload interrupted at start without error details. Are there a settings for limited file upload size ?

There is no limit imposed by the filemanager, check and see if your server has a small file limit. Here is how you can increase the file upload limit:

We’ve encountered a somewhat obscure problem with this plugin.

In a nutshell, when running WordPress under Apache/Linux, WP’s default .htaccess rewrite rules can sometimes cause a spurious HTTP error 414 to be issued when the request URI is longer than the maximum filename length of the server’s underlying operating system. Because this plugin uses GET requests rather than POST requests to perform multi-file deletes, it’s possible to end up with an AJAX request URI that’s long enough to trigger the issue when many files are selected.

Proposed solution – replace line 120 of filemanager_string.php, which currently reads:

$blogi = site_url() . ”/?red_fm_connect=true” . $extra;

... with the following:

$blogi = site_url() . ”/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?red_fm_connect=true” . $extra;

This will cause the AJAX request to bypass the offending .htaccess rewrite rule, thereby working around the issue. I haven’t tested this solution using the frontend file manager, but it seems to sort things out when managing files via the admin console.

You may be right, thanks for the suggestion. Let me know how it works for you, I’ll try it too.

I just bought the plugin so I could access the wp-config.php file and edit it. How do i access the file?

You can give yourself access to the root folder (/) from the users setting page and you’ll have access to the wp-config.php file. But it is not recommended to use the filemanager to edit php files.

So how do i edit the files then?