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Dear author, i would like to purchase this theme but please need to know what version of WordPress it supports and how i can install it.

Also can it be installed to any active theme… thanks

Hi, Yes it works with all the themes and any wordpress version. You can install it like any other wordpress plugin, you need to go to the plugins page > add new > upload and then upload and activate it.

My jpg files are showing up as icons rather than thumbnails. I want thumbnails. Where is this preference set?

Hi, Check and see if there is gd library installed on your server. This might help you:
Or you can look up the tutorials on your server to see how you can enable it.

Hi, until a few days ago everything worked fine, now displays this message : Invalid response backend . Date is not JSON . with any user


Hi, This could happen if you have installed a cache plugin with debug enabled. Or another plugin is throwing an error and adding footer info in ajax responses. Can you show me the url where I can see it, or email me the backend access.

Thanks for the advice given , the plugin is fantastic , the support is super . Thanks so much

Getting error “Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available.”

Got your email, replied.


yehoshua Purchased

I can assign two different user roles to the same folder, for example, this is my application:

user: Travers pw: Travers_2016

I need for example in folder “compras” diferent access for some users, only read archives and other upload files

Hi, Yes you can assign any folder to anyone, and then use this shortcode to display their folders:
[filemanager foldername="*"]

yehoshua Purchased

the problem no its display,its permision in folders by users

Yes, multiple users can have access to the same folder, with different access levels too.

Can you set a future publish date? For example, if you want a document to be uploaded on January 1, 2017.

Hi, Its not possible to schedule uploads, the websites dont have access to your local files unless they are explicitly uploaded by you.


AIPD106 Purchased

Hi, I can’t activate the plugin because it raises this message: Fatal error: Call to undefined method PucFactory::addVersion() in /home/aipddovh/3l_formazione/wp-content/plugins/advanced_file_manager_5/plugin-update-checker.php on line 2553

Hi, Can you email me your backend access, I’ll check it out.


AIPD106 Purchased

Just sended.

Got it, replied.


I am getting the error code ‘Invalid backend response.Data is not JSON.’ I will send you an email but may be worth giving a public solution to this as it seems a common issue.


Got your email, replied. Its happened twice today but its actually very rare and it could happen for a number of reason. Most common is due to the php configuration which can be solved by just changing filemanager_string.php on these lines:

It can also happen if some plugin or a bug is adding footer or bug warning/errors in the ajax responses. It sometimes happens with wp super cache plugin if you enable its debugging (very rare). Fixing those become more complicated for regular users.


many people have this error Getting error “Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available.” and you fixed it for me, but could you please explain how to do it? :)

Thanks again for the plugin, our school loves it


This mostly happen when you dont have permission to the folder you are trying to access. You need make sure the shortcode you are visiting is assigned to you too.


ste_yeu Purchased

Hello, just some (pre-purchase) questions, please.

1. Can I create a private folder (with sub-folders) for each specific user?

2. Can an user upload files in its folder?

3. Can an user manage its folders/documents in frontend?

4. Can I synchronize the folders/documents with Google Drive?

Many thanks!

You can do all these things except for Google Drive sync.
The user folders are automatically created (if you choose to) and you can create any folder inside those folders. Also you can allow read/write access to the users so they upload/write/edit to their own folder.
Also you can choose to give them read/upload access, this will only let the user upload and read but not delete/edit anything (if that’s what you want).

Great! Thank you!

Pre-purchase question: Will this plug-in ‘monitor’ the user file so for instance a database is used to create a file and the file is output to the users directory, will it automatically appear for the user and send a notification?


Yes, any file upload automatically shows up in the folder, doesnt matter which source was used to upload it.


just two questions, please. The plugin automatically creates a folder for each user, this is great, but:

1. How can I set the access (read, read/write, etc) for role, without add a new folder? Example: Administrator can read/write, Author can read/upload, Subrcriber can only read.

2. Can I set a specific access for a specific user in automatically created folders?

Thank you!

For automatically created folder, there is an option in the settings page to set the folder as read only, read/write, or read/upload access.
For user roles (subscribers, editors etc) you need to assign them folders with any permission you like.
But for you auto folders, you cant change access for a specific user, it is a global settings, you can however disable the auto folders and individually assign them each a folder with any access you want.