Discussion on File Manager Plugin For WordPress

Discussion on File Manager Plugin For WordPress

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we also facing ‘Invalid backend response. Error occurred on the server side. HTTP error 500’ this error when we switched the php version to the 8.0


Ayllon Purchased

Hello, when will it be possible to use PHP version 8.0? Thanks

how can I setup: can view image, pdf that not need download?


hbbd Purchased

Hi, I am trying to translate your plugin to French, using Loco translate. However I cannot find any strings.

Could you please let me know in which php file I can find this string, so I can manually change it?

This shortcode is for logged-in users only

Thank you,

I want to view File manager back-end ? Now, I don’t see

Hey I want to support me

how can subscriber view File manager Front-end?


crsiX Purchased

Hello, just a suggestion… Is not possible in the user group section to add a command that allows to move and change the order of the permmision folders list? This it will be very useful because now there is not any other possibility to modify the order except by cancelling and reselect the folsers you need to use.

It works up to php 7.4, not with 8.x and it is no longer supported. So be aware that as soon as Wordpress drops support for PHP 7.x you have a problem.


Ayllon Purchased

Hello. I have the plugin license, when will it be possible to use PHP version 8.0? Thanks

Shouldn’t there popup a window on upload errors? Or is it how the plugin works eg.

Data is uploading to plugin/php/.tmp Folder, but then probably an error occures. The user doesn’t get any information why.

I see that the Error-Strings are translated within i18n/elfinder.xx.js

I see the following within the console if debug mode is active


and then


Plugin not working in a https environment?

It should be working, email me the backend access, it must be something else.

Thanks – can you provide an email?

You can use my profile link here and find the email section in the sidebar.

Hi, I have a client using your plugin. After migrating the site the plugin won’t create new directories for new users.

You have to delete the old default user permissions from all users and then deactivate and activate the default user folder feature again.

when I reactivate the default user folder feature, it is still using the old path.

Can you email me the backend access, ill fix it.

Anytime I try to download multiple files using the file manager, it attempts to download a zip file but it fails and says ‘no file’ or file not found. What is the solution for this? Multiple files are not downloading

Make sure the ZipArchive php library is enabled in your server configuration.

Hi, My File Manager work in backend editor but didn’t work in frontend? File manager didn’t appear at all in the frontend.

Can you email me the backend access to the site, ill see whats going on.

Hi There,

For some reason logged in users can no longer see the files? All settings seem correct.

Got your email, will reply there.

Fixed it, divi theme has a feature where is defers the javascript files, you can disable it in divi theme options > general > performace > Defer jQuery And jQuery Migrate to disabled.

Fantastic. Thank you:)


I have a problem with the File Manager module, it works well in the back-end but on the other hand it does not work in the front-end with the shortcodes, when I integrate the shortcode [filemanager] or [filemanager foldername=”*” ] I have no module display on my page, I use wordpress 5.9.3 with the Divi theme and DiviBuilder.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards

Email me the backend access, Ill fix it. Its probably a jquery conflict.
You can also try jquery migrate helper plugin, and switch the settings and see if that works. Otherwise you can email me.


I discovered an issue with the plugin where 19GB of temporary files were created in the span of one week in wp-content/plugins/advanced_file_manager_5/php/.tmp

Have you seen this before or know what may have caused it?

.tmp files will have thumbnails and temporary uploads, you can clean these after a few weeks.

Are these supposed to be located within the plugin folder instead of within wp-content/uploads?

The path with the huge files is /wp-content/plugins/advanced_file_manager_5/php/.tmp

And NOT /wp-content/uploads/*/.tmb

It will only be in the plugin if the plugin fails to create a temporary folder outside.


I use the File Manager plugin on my site. The component displays fine when I’m logged into WordPress with an admin account.

In the settings, I have configured front access to everyone (everyone). When I consult the page offline, nothing is displayed. The page is blank. There is also a JS error in the console: “jquery.min.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: Right-hand side of ‘instanceof’ is not an object” Thank you


Got your email, fixing.

Is version 7.4.1 of this plugin compatible with WP 5.9?

Yes, it will work just fine with 5.9 or any future wordpress version.

hello, the zoho integration doesn’t seem to work. by rightclicking on a doc (zoho editor) a popup opens with loading symbol and closes again after some seconds. is there a solution for that?

When signing up from some EU countries, zoho seems to provide different end points for them. You can go to the filemanager plugin > php > editors > and rename “editor_eu_version.php” to “editor.php” and rename the exiting “editor.php” to something else.


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