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So I have a couple of pre-sale questions

1) I only want to use this to create one central file repository that all of my users can see and download from (I don’t want them to have their own private folders). Is this possible. I see a lot of info about everyone having their own folders, but I just need one central file manager and to be able to give certain users the rights to upload files while the rest only download.

2) If I upload a file with the same name as a file already in a folder, will it overwrite the existing file?

3) It looks like this is possible but want to ask anyway, can I upload folders full of files?

4) I’m on WPEngine which has a 60 second script kill time. Is that going to have an impact on anything (other than probably uploading large quantities of files simultaneously)

1. Yes, it is possible to have only one shared folder for users, you can disable the private folders from the settings page.
2. Yes, if you upload a file with the same name in the same folder, it will be overwritten (but it will ask you first).
3. Yes, most new browser support folder uploads, you could also upload zip and extract it through the filemanager.
4. It wont affect anything.

Hi, I bought your plugin today. However, I think there is a security problem. How do you only allow users to access the folder, without anyone simply copying the direct url and accessing the file this way? Could you please provide a solution or htaccess to only allow users access to the front end and redirect users without access to login, as anyone can simply copy the url for direct access. Thanks.

Will you be updating the version of elFinder soon? Thanks!

Yes, currently working on an update. It will available soon.

Hi, it is possible to have the installation demo files ? The plugin is installed on my website but I don’t understand how we can add files ? Thanks

If you assign yourself a folder with read/write access, you can just drag and drop files into that folder easily. You can email if your backend access if you need my help.


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Hi There – great plugin – working like a dream for my client. I am wondering however if it is possible to print a list of file names within an open folder or copy a list simply into a text editor to then print. The client is not so computer savvy and feels a need to have paper copies of everything they upload… cheers, barry

Thats not something in-built in the filemanager, I can however custom make this feature for you. You can email me the details if you’re interested.