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I have the same issue described by the user “yardstudio” 4 months ago : when the feature sync with media manager is enabled, I have wrong path and the thumbnails are not shown into media library. It also break the ability to add new media into the library without the plugin. So I disabled this feature but, because I already uploaded a lot of files, I have a lot of empty thumbnails on the top of my media library. They stays on the top even if I add a new picture later. Could you tell me how to clean this?


I dont actually remember what the problem was, can you email me the backend access, I’ll figure it out.

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Hi. I have bought Advanced media manager plugin and I really like it, but i have a problem. How to make it to open instead of default media manager in wordpress, while adding a media in post?

You cant replace the wordpress media manager with file manager, they are both for entirely different purposes.

But can I add a media from Advanced Media manager to post?

When you say advanced media manager, I assume you mean advanced file manager. if you have disabled the media sync feature of the filemanager then you cant upload images to posts. File manager wont work inside the post/page.

I’m using this plugin for a site where I need multiple users to share folders, and I want an alert to go out to anyone who has access to a folder, anytime a new file is uploaded to that folder. It appears this feature does not currently exist, is that correct? What would it take to allow notifications for these shared folders?

Not right now, but may be in the weekend.

OK, let me know asap, anytime in the next week or so will keep me on track. Should I email you more details? And/or is there anyone else you can recommend who could do this customization if you are not available this weekend?

You can email me the details as a reminder. I’ll contact you in the weekend.

Hi there, is this plugin compatible with the Ultimate Member plugin? We need a solution that is more reliable than the ‘Document plugin’ recommended by Ultimate Member. Thanks

There is a shortcode to show every user their own private folders. These folders are automatically added by the plugin for each user by their username.

Great! Thanks, we will definitely try it out in that case. Is there any way of trialing your product before purchasing?

I am afraid not :)

With no changes to my site other than a WP version update to 4.7.5 recently, the plugin has been working great. Now the filemanage reports an error “Invalid backend response.Data is not JSON.”

My shortcode is [wp_file_manager allowed_roles=”administrator,editor,author” access_folder=”wp-content/uploads/newsletter_2017” write = “true” read = “true” hide_files = “wp-content/uploads/newsletter/*tmb” lock_extensions=”.php,.css” allowed_operations=”upload,download,rename,rm”]

You are using this file manager:

You need to contact them for support :)

What does the font-end interface look like? Do you have a video by chance?

We want to have different team members access the files and we want them to acknowledge when they have read/downloaded the documents. Do you have this feature?

You can see the front-end demo here:

You can allow the users & user groups to have access to any folder with read only or read/write permissions. The acknowledgement feature is not present though.

Ok thank you. I saw that but I thought it was a demo of the backend admin area.

The admin area is entirety different, it lets you generate shortcodes, assign folders to users and user groups and other settings.


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Hi, i’m using V 7 and can’t open any type of doc with google docs. Am I missing something ?

Make sure you have enabled the Google View option in the settings page of the file manager. Also make sure you are not using encrypted file paths, google docs wont work with encrypted file paths, you can also find the encrypted file paths in the settings page of the filemanager.


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Hi, i’m not using encrypted file paths. I don’t have the option of enabling google view in the settings of the file manager. I can only choose between “new tab” or “pop window”. I installed the V7 with no previous install of the file manager on my website. i can give ou acces to my admin if you want

Sure, email me the backend access.

Purchase code: f620fa7e-f405-49c1-bdcb-46edd04c0b9f

After installing the plugin, my site is recording some missing images associated with the plugin. Below are the images that are missing. Can you let me know where we can get those images or provide us a file that has the images. Thanks.

wp-content​/plugins​/advanced_file_manager_5​/css​/windows-10​/images​/16px​/home.png wp-content/plugins/advanced_file_manager_5/css/windows-10/images/16px/reload.png

Here is the theme page for windows-10:
I dont think they have a reload button. You can look up another image on the internet for reload and add it there if you want to get rid of this message.

Hi, I purchased and install this to test. I am trying to have it set up with a folder system that all subscribers can see. The admin would manage it and add files. How do I create additional folders? Also, how do I create a login for the users. Does this require a different plugin?

you can just assign yourself the root folder of wordpress with read/write access and create folder anywhere which you want to share. Then go to the front-end access page and assign that folder to subscribers.
The users are regular wordpress users, no need to install any plugins.

Can this plugin do the following?

1. Allow admin to create folders and upload files to these folders 2. Allow site visitors to download files 3. Delete a folder and all it’s contents in one go

Best Regards,


Yes it can do all this and more.

Thanks for your reply

I’m new to Wordpress and am I have 16 people / accounts that need to be able to upload files to any of other account holders’ file area or directory These individuals should only be able to view / download files in thier own directory. So, if you hold an account and login you can upload to your own and any of the other 15 accounts AND be able to view / download only from your own account. Is this type of access / something that this plugin supports? Thanks!

Yes, this is possible, the plugin creates folder for each user, you can change the permissions to read only from the settings page of the filemanager. Then you’ll need to assign all these folders to other users with read/write access, or read/upload is better if you dont want them to be able to delete files, just upload them.


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Hi, demo website isn’t working. Can you please provide a demo?


jongag1 Purchased

Hi again, I read somewhere that can be used as a demo. So I took a look there.

Before purchasing I would like to know if it will fit my needs…

- possible to set one general folder for all users - user needs to be logged in as a Wordpress subscriber to see folders/files (only read permissions) - upload only available for a Wordpress author - delete only available for admin - general folder is a folder on the server (like ftp), so we can use a ftp-client as well for uploading files - per folder it is possible to give it rights for certain user-roles (f.e. only allow access to a folder for authors) and/or by using a login-name and password (created for each folder which needs some restriction for it) - uploaded files can be added on a page using a short-code - can items of the menu bar be hidden for not logged-in users or subscribers? - will future updates include elFinder updates? - can the plugin be used in Dutch? - can the size of the thumbnails be controlled? (make thumbnails smaller of bigger) - if filename is longer than 29 chars the file extension isn’t visible. Possible to truncate filename and display extension? (f.e. display “1234567890123456789012345678” as “1234567890123456789012~.xlsx”) - search defaults to Here can default be set as All?

Gr, Age

The demo should be working now.
Almost all the features you requested are present in the plugin. You can assign any folder to any user role (subscriber, admin, editor etc) including custom roles. You can assign access with read only, read/write or read/upload permissions. The plugin has translations included with it.

You can show folders to their users using shortcodes in a page. Only thing not present is the ability to show file extensions with long file names, but you can still click on the file and the full name appear in the status bar. You can also see the extension icon (for popular extensions).

Hello, I just installed the filemanager and Im getting a ” Invalid backend configuration Readable volumes not available”.

Your help much appreciated!

Can you email me the backend access, let me see whats going on.

I got the following error message: “Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available.” could you please explain how to solve it ?

This is partially solved, see my next comment.

You must have added the shortcode without generating it. You need to generate shortcodes first. I made it this way so editor cant just make up a shortcode and have access to restricted folders.

The following shortcode: [filemanager foldername=”uploads/Actas” groups=”contributor” access=”ru”] gives permission just to the Contributor WP role, but I need to give access to the Contributor and the roles hierarchically above that role, which means: Author, Editor, Administrator. In general each time I give permission to a specific roles, the same permission has to be granted also to all roles hierarchically above that role. How could I do that ?

Maybe you did not read my question: The following shortcode: [filemanager foldername=”uploads/Actas” groups=”contributor” access=”ru”] gives permission just to the Contributor WP role, but I need to give access to the Contributor and the roles hierarchically above that role.

Ok, for this you can use generate shortcodes for all these roles and use shortcodes like this:

[fm_access group='contributor'] [filemanager foldername=”uploads/Actas” groups=”contributor” access=”ru”] [/fm_access] [fm_access group='administrator'] [filemanager foldername=”uploads/Actas” groups=”administrator” access=”ru”] [/fm_access]
This is just an example of course, also this will only work for in-build user roles.

Thanks, I’ll try ASAP.


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I’m getting this error: “Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available.” it was working previously aslo I have duplicate drives of the items in the filemanger?

Make sure the shortcode you are using is generated in the front-end access page. Email me the backend access if this not the case, I’ll check it out.


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Yeah I deleted them, and re generated, still same error. I’ll send you the login details thanks!

I replied to your email.


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I bought your module and I’m very happy with it, thanks! I have only one question : I would like to be able to send an URL to the subscribers of my extranet, that will send them to a folder. But, when I do that, it automatically downloads a zip file of the folder. Instead of that, is it possible to display the folder open in the advanced file manager (frontend) ? I want the users to navigate inside that section.

Kind regards Vinciane

It should work, for example in the filemanager demo, you can see the root folder here:
And inner “Test 1” folder here:
Its the same page but you can see I sent you different folder urls.

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Hi, Ok thanks it works well now, I don’t know why, I didn’t change any settings, but that’s good.


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I’m trying to display 2 folders in the filemanager using the below shortcode. But only the first is showing up. How can I do that?

fm_access group=’administrator’

filemanager foldername=”wp-content/uploads/downloads-bestuur” groups=”administrator” access=”rw”

Item Purchase Code: 5320e427-c05a-403c-9fe2-d1a8402da822

Greetings, Age

You can email me through my profile link here.


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Check, mail send.

Got it, replied to it.

I added a custom user role and assigned a folder to the new user group, but when I view the file manager from a user in that new group all I see is the permission denied message.

Here is the code I added in my themes function.php to add the role: add_role(‘golftennisteam’, __(‘Golf Tennis Team’), array(‘read’ => true));

I checked the wp_options.wp_user_roles table to make sure my role was added.

The new role/user group shows up in the file manager user groups settings and I’m able to add folders. But when I login as a user with that role, the files do not appear in the file manager and instead a permission denied message is shown.

I have created custom roles in the past and didn’t have this issue with file manager plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work for any new roles I add.

Is there any limit to the number of roles this plugins supports? Is there any custom user capabilities that I have to assign to the new role? Is there any additional support you can provide to help setup these roles and folders?

Thank you very much! We’ve been a long time user of this plugin and wanted to thank you for enabling this type of functionality in WordPress!

For you MU setup you need to activate the plugin on invididual sites, network activation sometimes doesnt work well. You can also try adding custom roles to other sites.

I installed the User Role Editor plugin on the sub site the user is logging into, I then added the custom user role to match the one in /document-library/ sub site (with the same wp-permissions), but I’m still getting the Permission Denied error.

Is there a WordPress custom capability specific to the File Manager plugin that I need to grant access to the role? Currently the role has “edit” (same as Subscriber).

Another idea I had is the “User Role Editor” plugin allows multiple roles to be applied to a user. I tried to use the default WP roles in combination since I can’t get the custom user roles to work. But it looks like only the primary role is used by the File Manager plugin…

Multiple user roles for the same user wont work with filemanager, but the plugin should be working fine, can you email me the backend access and let me see whats going on.