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sincos Purchased

Hi, Is that possible to hide folder to people who don’t have access to?

I’ll explain my situation.

Each customer/distributor will have access to his folder but we don’t want other people to see who they are. Because it is confidential and they are competitor, we don’t want they can identify each other.

Yes, you can just assign this folder to this user role. If you only want subscribers to see this folder, you can just assign this folder to the susbcribers, or any other custom user role works too.


SabinVI Purchased

Great plugin! I made a slight modification that I wanted to share that may benefit other users. I am not an expert at PHP but it is a simple mod and it seems to work great from my tests.

This mod will allow email notifications to be sent to users when files are uploaded not only to their main default folder, but to their subfolders as well! It only works if you are using the default paths and default user folder assigned by the plugin.

In elFinderVolumeDriver.class.php, find this line:

$complete_path = str_replace('\\', '/', $dstpath);

After this line, add:

$selected_user_path = explode('uploads/',$complete_path);
$selected_user = explode('/',$selected_user_path[1]);
$new_path = explode($selected_user[0],$complete_path);
$complete_path = $new_path[0] . $selected_user[0];

That’s it! If your email settings are correct and users notifications are enabled, users should now receive an email when uploading a document to their default folder or any subfolders.

Remember, you will most likely lose this modification whenever you update the plugin, so you’ll need to add it again after doing any updates.

Again, I’m not an expert by any means, but it does work for me. I hope the code is good and works for other users as well. Thank you and good luck!

Great, thanks for sharing.

I want this plugin… before that I wanna know if can I edit and save unsupported files, or, .htaaccess type files? Plz answer

It lets you edit text and images but its not a good idea to edit php files with it, it tries to clean the code and escapes all the code for security.


I’m looking at your file manager plugin and wonder if it would fit this scenario.

I have a friend who creates risk assessment documents that are specific for customers. We want to make a portal where they can login and only they can see a specific folder/file set.

Is this possible with your plugin?



Yes, the filemanager does that automatically, it creates unique folder for each registered user and you can choose to show it to them when they login, you’d have to upload the documents to each of these folders by yourself.
If you have the same documents for each user then its easier, you can just assign them the same folder and upload documents to it.

all shortcodes are not working in the frontend and the template is all over the place

This looks like a jQueryUI conflict, switching the theme should work. Email me the backend access and I’ll see if I could resolve the conflict with the current theme.

I am getting a “Permission denied” error. This has not happened before, and to my knowledge nothing was updated or changed in the installation. I have a particular folder set up for access by a single user. I have removed that folder and added it back, and still got the error message. I also added the parent folder, and tried adding access via a User Group, but so far nothing has been successful in getting this to work again.

Can you email me the backend access, I’ll see whats going on.

Hi there, I’ve been following: You can edit the settings.php file inside the plugin folder, on around line 16, you will see this: $directory = ABSPATH; $directory = str_replace(’\\’, ’/’, $directory); You can change it to you own path: $directory = ABSPATH; $directory = str_replace(’\\’, ’/’, $directory); $directory = “your_own_folder_path”; Any folder path you write, all its subfolders will show up in the folders list. But make sure you copy the path from the server exactly, the paths are usually like this:

And I know the directory I want is located at /home/youngte2/public_html/wp-content/filemanager/public/

But I cant get this to work…. I’ve got a test user account (restricted) and want the file manager (which shows as an option when they log in) to auto open that directory.

However it gets stuck at open folder… This is via the back end. What am I doing wrong?

Also the user I’ve edited the settings.php file on, still auto opens their home directory and not the one i’ve specified. Is this normal – or have I done something wrong?

Can I see the file you have edited, you must have made a mistake.

Hi, I have just emailed Thank you!

Got it, replied.


cpsharp Purchased

My client suddenly is seeing Access Denied on all of their accounts. I will email you with backend login details.

I got you email, replied too.

I am looking at buying this application. Before I do, I have a question.

We have around 25,000 users and 25,000 PDF files).

Each PDF file needs to be set to be only accessible to its respective user. And, vice versa, each user needs to only see and have access to the document(s) related to them.

The user needs to be able to log into their account, and see there is a document(s) they can access and download. Yet, obviously, not see any other files (that belong to other users). Does WPDM provide any way to configure permissions for this? For instance, can I set up the permissions linking each user with his/her document(s) in a CSV file and import that data? Or is there some other way of going about it, other than manually and one-by-one setting the permissions on a per file basis?



By default each user get their own unique folder, but its empty, you’re going to have to upload the files manually.
Or you can hire someone to make a script to upload these files, the user’s default folders are inside the uploads folder by their own usernames, this should make things a little easier.


kmart0909 Purchased

Quick question. I’m in the early stages of using this product, but my client is concerned about erroneously deleted files and file recovery. Is there an option for a trash/recycle folder?

There is no trash bin in filemanager, when you delete files in your server, they are actually deleted and not moved to trash/recycle bin.

When adding any of the shortcodes to a page it shows absolutely nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Sure, you can email me through my profile link here.

Ok thanks. Just sent you the message.

Got your email, working on it. Will reply to your email.

hi, RE notifications. Whenever I receive email notification, it says:

FROM: WORDPRESS <wordpress@>

Where should I be able to replace WORDPRESS with my Site Name?

Thank you.

You can change sender email like this:
Or you can use plugins like these:
To change the default wordpress email address and name.


I’m trying to figure out why my users that I’ve give read/write access can’t create folders in certain situations.

I can create folders from the usernames with read/write access on my Mac within Chrome, but the same username can’t create new folders on the PC within Chrome; but that username can create New Folders within Internet Explorer on the same PC.


Yes, you do have to refresh the page after you switch the users.

Is there a code snippet that could force the refresh?

I dont think you’ll find a simple code snippet like that, people dont usually switch user very often, and if they do, they can just refresh the page.

I have setup usernames and have a login widget on the same page as the file manager, however until the user logs in they see the error “Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available.” and it’s scrolling down the page to the error and then they have to scroll back up to login.

If there a way to have a public folder for everyone and then when logged in you’ll see all the folders associated logged in user name.

Or can the error; “Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available.” just be ignored/removed/bypassed.

Thanks, Rob

The fm_access shortcodes will only work for native wordpress groups, like administrator, editor, subscriber etc.
For everyone, you dont need the [fm_access …] shortcode, you can just write the shortcode.
Another way to go is to use content restriction plugins and use different shortcodes for logged-in and logged-out users. Here are some example of these plugins:

Got it! I just did this. [login_widget title=”Login Here”]

[fm_access group=’subscriber’]

[filemanager foldername=”“]


[fm_access group=’administrator’]

[filemanager foldername=”“]


Since I’m using the ”*” they will see only the folders associated with the user! And since everyone is either a subscriber or and admin it works perfectly!

Thanks for the help!

Hi, How do I add the file manager on a new page. I just want to create a page and when I send the link of the page it should the login page, once logged in you should be able to see the file manager that’s all.

You can just generate a shortcode from the front-end access page and paste it any where you want to show it. If you generate the shortcode for the subscribers, it will only work for the logged-in users.