Easy Slide-In for WordPress

Easy Slide-In for WordPress


Latest Version: 2.0

Drive Any Content To User

 Easy Slide In has 4 build in display message types that can cover all your needs. Whether you wish to promote a new product, build your email lists or simply show related posts to your readers, Easy Slide In is there for you:
  • Rich text (html or text message)
  • Images
  • Embeds (i.e. Youtube Videos)
  • Contact forms
  • Google Maps
  • Shortcodes
  • Widgets
  • Anything the default WordPress editor allows
  • Optin forms with 5 ready made designs and powerful template customizer
  • A list of related posts, related products, next post
  • And even more …
Do you use Visual Composer on your site? Easy Slide In is compatible with Visual Composer and you can use the power of most popular visual content editor to create your marketing messages


Display Locations


Advanced Functions


Easy to install and use

Create Easy Slide-In message is as easy as create a new post. All you need is to select message type, display type and using visual options to customize look of your message if needed.

Slide from any position

Easy Slide In can slide your message from any corner of screen. You can use any of predefined 9 locations and you can set different for each message:
  • Left
  • Right
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Bottom Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Top Right
  • Top Left
  • Center on screen

Top or Bottom slide bar (or optin bar)

With Easy Slide In you can easy create top or bottom slide bars (or optin bars). This message type is ideal to create optin forms, promotional messages or display related posts.  

Left or Right slide sidebar

With Easy Slide In you can easy create left or right sidebar slide messages  

Full Screen Message

Yes Easy Slide In can also create full screen messages.  

Multiple Displayed Messages Same Time

Yes you can show up to 10 messages in automatic display mode.  

Smart re-open message button or open button

Never loose contact with customer. Easy Slide In has re open button function which will display a tiny button when user closes the message.  

Full control on when message is displayed

Easy Slide-In allows you to take full control over when message is displayed. You can select between:
  • Display when user view a specific percent of content
  • Display when user reach a specific html element
  • Display delayed after specified time out
  • Date, time or date and time limited slide in messages

Easy to customize

Easy Slide-In can be easy customize with build in fields in every message.


ver 2.1
- (fix) Fixed problem with after close open button
- (fix) Fixed problem with open slide in button not saving settings
- (update) Updated slide in code for better performance

ver 2.0
- (new) Visual Composer support for message creation
- (new) Next post display option
- (new) Usage of up to 10 sidebars in sidebar display message
- (new) New related posts display message type with complete control on all of displayed information
- (new) Message bars display type (top or bottom bars, top or bottom optin bars)
- (new) New Optin Module included with 5 templates and 6 mail providers
- (new) Messages limited for period (date, time or both)
- (new) Re-open message button and after load open message button
- (new) Extended style design options for each slide-in message
- (new) Up to 10 messages in automatically display mode
- (new) New options panel
- (update) Updated mobile detector engine

ver. 1.2.1
- (fix) Issue with slide can't be removed when attached to post
- (fix) Once set condition it can't be removed
- (new) Option to include in wp_footer

ver. 1.1
- Centered message display
- Option to hide messages on all mobile devices or devices with specific resolution
- Option to display multiple messages same time