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Hello, I just purchased the plugin and added my first slide in and every time I save my settings, they are all lost. Here is a screenshot of the settings input:

And once I hit update, All of my settings are lost and the slider just loads as preset on the all pages:

Please provide me with a fix today as this site is set to go live. Thanks!

Sorry for the issues and urgency… I believe I found the problem. It is the Override checkbox that I had to hit in order to customize the slide in. I think its all set now. Thanks.


Yest hat switch option handles slide customizations.


Hello, We are finding that the close button on the slide in does not work on Internet Explorer so the site visitor is not able to close out the message. It seems to work fine on Chrome and Firefox. Can you please tell me how we can fix this? We have set it on a timer for the meantime to open after 20 seconds and auto close after 15 but we are using this for an Opt In so it may close while the guest is entering info and / or decrease visibility. Thanks for the help! site:

Hello, I just sent this again by gmail as well as your contact form. it is coming from info (at) Thanks.


We get it now and send you response

Thank you – the solution you sent appears to have worked like a charm!

I add image to pop up window in my website, but the pop up don’t work on the mobile. I guess the problem is with the image size, how can i resize the image only on mobile? It should automatically adapt the pop-up to a mobile?



We reply you in support system.

Hi! I have a question before I purchase this—will it work with the Divi theme? And if I use the Opt-in option, will it work with ActiveCampaign? Thanks so much for your help!


Thank you for interesting in our plugin. Yes it will work with Divi theme. Plugin is made in mind to work with any WordPress theme.

As of Opt-in form question the current version of plugin 3.7.2 does not support ActiveCampaign but our next release that will be live in public very soon supports ActiveCampaign in opt-in forms. If you decide to purchase product we can provide you RTM version of upcoming big plugin update.


Please send me the v3 RTM version. Thanks!


I hvant get the new version.

Your plugin hadnt update for a long time, I also didnt use it when I purchase it. If your will abandon it in the future, can U refund for me?

We are working on update but it is not ready yet. It is not completely nessesary one plugin to have update each month. Plugin works fine right now with all versions of WordPress and once we are ready we will release update.

Contact us via mail to appscreo at gmail dot com

Is your plugin have a timer functions? like link ->


No it does not have build in timer. Plugin support shortcode usage and if you have another plugin that generates timer you can put its shortcode into message.


is it possible to replace your opt-in form with a shortcode from another plugin?

I want to use your predesigned style 3 and put an opt-in form below all my pages. But I am using Cleverreach newsletter tool at the moment.

Therefore I want to use my Cleverreach extension plugin to create the form for me. Under “optin forms” – “email solution” – ” My email solution is ” it would be great to have a little text field where I can just simply replace your form with a shortcode form.


Can you please contact us to appscreo at gmail dot com and provide additional details on plugin you are currently use subscribe at Cleverreach. We will check the technical option to replace one of existing connections that we have with their data

Hi. I just purchased the plugin but i can’t install it… it keeps coming back with The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.Plugin install failed.

what is wrong with your zip file? please advised.


Unzip the file that you have and inside it you will find folder webinstall where ready to install file can be found.

For further questions please contact us via mail to appscreo at gmail dot com

Hi, hope U add a builder can create slide. just as but this plugin had stop 1 year.

Exactly same builder we do not plan to add as original purpose of plugin is quite different. Idea behind plugin is to display any message with nice slide and optin forms is something as part of irs functionality but not the main.

This is why plugin provide opportunity to use custom code or shortcode from any plugin

Somethings you are right, But slidein need what can charm the users, or be bring it to the consumers? How let it light weight but powerful? 3.0 out will be a standout

Hello, is it possible to show the slide in after x amount of visited pages? Please advise.


Currently there is no such option in plugin – we will add it into list of features which we will include with next updates.

Hi—Do you have any plans for ConvertKit support with the Optin module? The OptinForms plugin itself has added support for it, so it seems possible to do.


hello, is any option to open the slide in pop-up only the first time that user visit the site? Thank you


Use the setting Hide all messages for the visitor under Settings.

For more support assist please contact us via email appscreo at gmail dot com or open a ticket at our support system –

Thank you!

Hi, the slider works on the home page in Firefox but not at all in Chrome and Safari (Mac). Can you help me to fix this?

I think the feature »Show on selected post types« > »home page« is broken (WordPress 4.7)


We check and slide is opening in Chrome .

Please contact us via mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and provide us additional details on what is happening on your side.

The slider is not on top of the page; unfortunately the slider lies below the theme header. You can check this on a notebook or on a smartphone in Safari (iOS):

How can I fix this?

This happens because your header has really higher zindex value. You need to add this code to plugin settings

.esi-slide { z-index: 9999999 !important; }

Please as we write in our previous reply for further questions or replies use our mail appscreo at gmail dot com

Hi, I love easy slide in but I’m having a few problems at the moment. I have posted on the forum but have not received a reply. Any chance of some help so that I can continue to use this very nice plug in?


Please forward to mail appscreo at gmail dot com the link to your topic and I will take care of it.


Hi Have you had a chance to have a look yet?

Hi Have you had a chance to have a look yet?


I like the plugin but on your preview page, there is always a php error comming up. Can you please have a look and make sure that doesn’t happen in the live version once purchased.



We migrate host to PHP 7 and version of theme is not compatible with it. We will update it and demo will be operate in normal within few hours. You can check again let’s say after 12 hours.

Ok. My host is in php 5.5 – does it work in php 5.5?


Yes it will work with both PHP 5 and PHP 7 – the issue here comes with theme version which was not updated from our side.