Classify | Android Universal Classifieds App Template

Classify | Android Universal Classifieds App Template

Classify | Android Universal Classifieds App Template

Both iOS and Android version can share the same Parse database by inserting the same App Id and Client Key strings in their Configs files

Apr 23rd 2017
• Updated to Android Studio 2.3.1
• Made the layout full screen by removing these lines in all xml files:
Feb 10th 2017
• Changed the Home screen for a better UX: now you are able to search for any ad by keywords without selecting a category too. If you want to browse ads by category simply tap on a category cell
• Edited, home.xml, cat_cell.xml and  
• Added a 'pa_cat_cell.xml' file and edited in its ListAdapter code
Jan 28th 2017
• Added Facebook login button in login.xml and its relative code in, build.gradle, Manifest.xml, strings.xml and
• Updated the User Guide 
Oct 3rd 2016
• Improved code
• Added a check for Location permission in (for Android 6)
• Added a query in that check if you've already favorited an Ad after a long tap on it.
Sep 24th 2016
• Updated to Android Studio 2.2
Sep 5th 2016
• Removed 2 lines of code that will stop you from generating Signed APK, specifically we've removed this line into post_ad.xml:

and this line into home.xml:
Aug 28th 2016
• Initial release | Android Studio project


If you want to test it on the Android Emulator on Android Studio, just drag & drop this apk into the Emulator and it will automatically install the app for test.

Classify is a complete ads Universal app template you can use to offer mobile classifieds service to professionals and end users, they will be able to post and edit ads all via their devices, no computer needed, additionally they can just search for what they need or browse listings by Categories and contact seller anywhere they are!

Since its backend is by Parse SDK you don’t have to buy any domain/hosting, there are NO php files to upload to a web server so you’ll save some money for sever side. You’ve probably read that Parse is shutting down, but it’s only its hosting on that will be gone, not the SDK, this is why we?ve hosted in on

Classify is very easy to customize, Universal, native Android Studio project, backend with Parse SDK hosted on

Need an html template to promote and showcase your own version of this app?

  • Android Studio 2.2 – Universal – Android 5.0+
  • AdMob banners
  • Facebook login
  • Works with Parse SDK hosted on back{4}app
  • Home screen with search for keywords and Category buttons, set favorite ads, post/edit your own ads
  • Post/edit ads and profile
  • NO external CMS needed
  • PHP file to send emails with the contact form included
  • Browse all Classify ads as a visitor (you don’t need to login or signup for an account)
  • PDF User Guide included
  • PSD graphics included
  • Easy to customize, well commented code

Have fun with Classify, and don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads page if you like it!

Important Disclaimer: We’ve recently found out that some developers have bought our app templates, reskinned them just a bit and put them on sale on other source code markets similar to CodeCanyon, saying that they developed and own such source codes.
That is a serious copyright infringement, developers who buy our templates are allowed to reskin and sell them as apps on the App Store (accordingly to the License type they’ve purchased a template for), but are not allowed to put our original source codes for sale on source code markets, including CodeCanyon. We will report developers who made copyright infringements to the competent authorities. Thanks.