Discussion on Classify | Android Universal Classifieds App Template

Discussion on Classify | Android Universal Classifieds App Template

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i am interested to buy both apps (IOS & Android), but where is the admin panel ? how to control the app by adding categories, or edit, or block users, or approve posts,....etc ?

Hi, Thanks for reaching us, the thing is we didnt develop the admin panel, this app is using the back4app DB. The you can report the user at Back4app and have to block them manually by searching them into the DB. Also if you want us to develop the admin panel, we will surely do that for you. Please let us know about your views. Thanks Cubycode

Apk file in the description is not for classify application(it shows shoparound). Can you please fix it.

I still get the “stores around” apk file. can you please check it.

hi, i like this app and i want to buy , but i want you to customizing for me after buy it, what the cost?

Yes, we can help you. It depends, we usually charge 20$ per hour. ;) Buy it then submit a ticket for us here :

thanks much, but i did not understand charge 20$ per hour? or you mean 20$ until the job is Done?, because i see some developer do that. or give me the total cost of the job?

It depends how complex will be your tasks. Buy the app then contact us with your app tasks/changes needed.

Is this a ready to submit to Google play app? Do you offer full instructions for beginners on how to configure and submit this app? Can this app be used to resell items like ebay?

Yes, we can help you out with this app .

Your apk download link broken with 404 error

You said yesterday, but until today still error, unable to download demo apk

Thank you. Received and installed to test.

is it easy to customise it into my existing native app? how many files do u have here? and can i use this db for my website purpose? thanks

1: Yes Its very easy to customize the existing app, 2: We have only related number of files I can’t say count in exact. 3: Yes you can, you just need to create your back4aApp back-end as we have and then you can use it for website.

Yes, We have parse back4app back-end for the demo of app, you need to create your own back-end after buying it.

Hi kindly send me the web theme which word with this app

You need a web theme for this app just as presentation ? You can check our Kron web template

does it need alot of work to disable users to post ads and make it done only by admin and to disable email button make it phone button only

Yes, this can be done – you can customize this app as you wish .

Hi, I found few issue with the demo apk. 1) I could not log in using my facebook account, 2) I could not take photo and publish on the ad (I had to use from the gallary), 3. App is slower (one reason I want to move from my existing app). Is it possible to rectify these issues?

Is only a template?

Yes, but its a fully functional app template.

Is it full working app or only Template

It full app templates with source code, you can customize it for your self and publish it

Does it support any type of website? I have two websites 1. Php classified and 2. Os class (paris theme) . Will it support to any of it…. And all feature?

You must build a REST API in order to synchronize the app with your website database. This app uses Back4app , not Mysql

Hello sir, I help someone who buys your item to configure this on Android. I have done everything and went well. There is one thing, when sending a message, the server does not work (does not send to the destination email). But it works when sending our own email. Please check & support from you sir, Good job

Thank you, i will look into it. ;) Don’t forget to rate the app here :

Does it have an administration panel? Has a payment gateway for businesses registered to pay me to be in my app?

you can just download the demo APK and test it to see how it works ;)

if you want to add a gateway to earn money, for business that I register on the page a membership, how much would that personalization charge me?

For customization requests, please contact me by my profile’s contact form, send me as many details as you can about your idea, and I’ll get back to you asap. Thanks.

Do you have web version? when where is the link to check?

no web version, woopy apps have a web version, not Classify ;)

After buying this your android and ios version, is i need any developer to make code or its 100% ready to go. As i see in the title that Template – so is this just a design and no code?

Also i want both Andriod and ios so is that need separate backend or single backend, I want single backend for both as i am going to run this on one name and one domain. so i need single backend only.

Please clear this ..

This app is a full application, it means that after you performed a few configurations (facebook login and database setup, rename the app and change icons), you’re ready to publish it to yhe app store ;)
as the app description says, both versions share the same database on back4app, it wouldn’t make sense to make separate databases for the same app :) So, once you created your Parse app on back4app, you can use the same keys for both iOS and Android configs files – everything’s explained in the Documentation included in the app’s package, and here’s an article about its backend:

Hi pre buy query… your apk is not showing any data when i click on any category even i can’t able to register on the app what is the issue??

second thing is where is backend admin panel link?? and how can i login into admin panel?

1. I’ve just tested again the APK and if you tap on Jobs category from the Home screen, for example, it shows all demo Jobs ads, so I don’t understand what you exactly mean.
2. The backend is by Parse Server hosted on back4app, so I cannot provide a link to it since I would have to share my own back4app login credentials. Here is more info about back4ap and the Parse Dashboard:

Hi i have a presale question. Can anyone who have signed up as a user post from the front end?

please download the demo APK and test it yourself to see it in action ;)

is it possible such that admin should approve the to publish

yes, but you would need to customize the code for that.

Arabic supported RTL?

yes, although you may need to move some views to the right of the screen


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