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is this app compatible with Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme ? Synchronised and all the stuff ?

No, it’s not, this app has a different backend system which is Parse Server, no mySQL

can i addd arabic RTL language?? if yes i will buy

yes, although you may need to move some views to the right side of the screen

can i add arabic language in string.xml????

no, you need to select views in the xml files in the ‘layout’ folder and change the text strings into arabic

Arabic supported RTL?

yes, although you may need to move some views to the right of the screen

is it possible such that admin should approve the to publish

yes, but you would need to customize the code for that.

Hi i have a presale question. Can anyone who have signed up as a user post from the front end?

please download the demo APK and test it yourself to see it in action ;)

Hi pre buy query… your apk is not showing any data when i click on any category even i can’t able to register on the app what is the issue??

second thing is where is backend admin panel link?? and how can i login into admin panel?

1. I’ve just tested again the APK and if you tap on Jobs category from the Home screen, for example, it shows all demo Jobs ads, so I don’t understand what you exactly mean.
2. The backend is by Parse Server hosted on back4app, so I cannot provide a link to it since I would have to share my own back4app login credentials. Here is more info about back4ap and the Parse Dashboard: https://hubpages.com/technology/Parse-SDK-will-not-shutdown-in-thanks-to-back4app