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i really want to buy but i need to know one thing first,Is there a way user can sort ads?[latest/recent] + time the ad is posted???

Hi, you would have to add a column in the Classifieds class in the parse dashboard called ‘isPending’, then edit the submit function with a line of code that puts that field as True, and edit the query for ads to show only ads with isPending value as False. You would have to daily check your database for ads with True values in the isPending column and switch them into False by a simple click, then those ads will be shown in the app

Thanx ,i’ll purchase it soon

you’re welcome, anyway don’t forget to check out woopy in our portfolio, it’s our brand new listings app with internal chat, it has more features than Classify :)

hi bro i’m new to android studio. please can you give how to edit the layouts xml files? because in my preview editor can’t scroll down the screening and can’t see the buttons or contents at the booth.thank you and peace!

Hi, simply by changing all the texts into TextViews and Buttons in the xml files, and also by changing the strings in the code (usually the ones of AlertBuilder).

thx! peace!

you’re welcome

Hello, Before I buy, I have some questions, please check. - Can I customize with Android Studio? - It would have like me to use only for teacher register, separated by type of material, ex. Mathematics, English? - Is it easy to translate the app into Brazilian Portuguese? - Has step by step manual to configure the App and PHP? - Do you have support from your company? Thank you,

1. yes you must use Android Studio to edit this app template
2. You can edit the categories as you wish within the app,s code
3. Yes, just replace TextViews and Buttons texts with your own language, as well as the strings of alerts into the code
4. No php involved, the backend is by Parse SDK hosted on back4app.com and the user guide explains in details how to setup the app
5. We offer support if you encounter bugs that are caused by our code. We’re not available for freelance work at present.

can you custom this app ? i want add some features on it

Hi, for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and tell us in details what you need, we’ll get back to you asap.

Hello; Any plans to include a chat system to contact customers and suppliers? Thanks.

hi, no, if you need a shopping app with chat system please check out woopy on our portfolio ;)

Hi, I am about to purchase an app but i get some questions about backend hosting mybe you can help me: I like an idea of free back4app hosting…but i think with all these functionalities of this app, the app will have a many requests/second…:: My question is, with your experience, how many users​ it can handle with that free account considering functionalities of this app? You can estimate to help me make good choice.. Thanks

it depends by the number of interactions that users do in a minute, i may say that if you get 1000 users using the app you may need to subscribe for a paid plan on back4app

Hi i try to test apk in actual device, but the app is keep shutdown

i did and just replied

Hi i try to install this demo apk in s8 device too, but not working same error as my s7 device. both have version 7, please check it i will by if it works. (both new device)Thanks

I’ll check it out, but it works fine on my side, so i don’t know what’s your issue honestly, sorry.

what about this regular license? If I buy your app and publish it for the purpose of business in google play store. then am I suppose to buy an extended license? if not, what is the extended license for?

The extended License is needed if you planned to charge your users for money (either with in-app purchase, or publishing the app as a paid app on the app store), as explained in the app description.
Instead, if you won’t charge users for money (so the app will be free with any payment involved in the app), then the Regular License is fine.
Hope this helps!

Can i get a demo of this app?

sure, check the description page and download the apk :)

Hi, Can I only allow ads displayed to be managed from the parse backend and none of the ads to be created from the front end?

in this case you would have to just remove or hide the Post Ad buttons in the xml files, so users won’t be allowed to post ads, and you should hide the My Ads button in the account xml file

Hey guys, awesome template! I seem to having issues running it on Samsung devices (note 4, s7, s8, s5 and s6) Any idea what could be causing this?

ok, so enter drawable-xxhdpi folder and resize the launch_screen.png image proportionally with a width of max 800px, that may be the issue (just trying to guess since you haven’t provided a Logcat message on crash).

Okay will definitely try that and provide the logcat message if it doesn’t work. Thank you

you’re welcome! if everything will be fine, please don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads