MStore Pro - Complete React Native template for e-commerce

MStore Pro - Complete React Native template for e-commerce

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- Version: 5.0.0
- Last update: 24/08/2023
- Files Included: full working React Native Source Code.
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You are shop-owners of physical stores with high-traffic consumers and think to go digital. Or you are online shop-owners with E-Commerce websites. Both of you want to maximize sale opportunities. You are developers who are challenged to develop store mobile application in a shorter time. You question how can MStore help. Here are your answers.

For those who own physical shops and developers, with MStore, you have variety ready-to-use E-commerce templates to create your mobile store application. If you had your online shops in WooCommerce, MStore supports you to convert your current websites to mobile store app easily. Your store mobile app will be found in both the App Store and Google Play Store. With MStore, your mobile app gives higher user-experience comparing to website-on-mobile. Your products will appear clear and can be zoom without any formatting error. While you can control your store and orders of shoppers, your shoppers also can connect and stay aware of all promotions and announcements of your stores if they have your app on their mobiles.

Either you are business people with raising sale ambition or developers with faster mobile application creation need, MStore provides you solutions.
Faster- Smoother- Closer.

Feature list:

– Full integration with WooCommerce
– Support well on both iOs and Android.
– Social logins via facebook
– Easy customization for your brand.
– Push notification via OneSignal
– Multi languages support, support WPML plugin and also RTL
– Support Shipping & Coupon
– Flexible Shipping via config file
– Word with 99% payment gateway, same as on your website.
– WishList and sync across devices
– My Order tracking, also support Order note.
– Product variants
– Wordpress integration to display Blog/News
– Dynamic display product variants: color, size, weight, or any kind of variants…
– Product Gallery can be Pin & zoom Image
– Smooth UX checkout: Cart/Delivery/Payment/My Order/Return/Refund Order
– Firebase Synchronize
– Instant Search
– Flexible search filter
– Support filter by category, tab and pricing
– Support quick Category Filter from the Left Side Menu
– Search history and clean up
– Manage billing Address right on the app
– Powerful User Profile: change currency, language, varies kind of setting…
– Easy make whilte labeling app by change the common files
– Flexible Homepage config and support many kind of layout
– Admob & Facebook Ads
– Flexible Custom page display
– Awesome walkthrough animation
– Header animation (Apple style)
– Left Menu side Dynamic config and 4 type menu support
– Profile UI setting via config file
– +8 Item Layout support for the ListView
– Dark theme and easy to change other light Color theme
– Difference type of category page
– Default Currency and country config
– Enable to hide the Cart Checkout via config file
– Support to build app via Expo or react-native-cli
– Regular feature update and free bug fix
– Ability to switch between Dark and Light theme
– Easy to config for more than 9 difference kind of Homepage Layout.
– Filter by Pricing/Tag/Category page
– SMS Login by using Facebook Account Kit
– Support for Affiliate business

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Document Guide
iOS demo
Android demo
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Woocommerce features demo

Here are the different types of products on website demo
In the app demo, you can search product name and explore it
Simple product
External/Affiliate product
Variable product (color, size, ...)
Minimum quantity product
Out of stock product
On sale product

Great video from one of our many successful Clients:

iOS demo

Tutsplus talk about us:

What is the scope of supporting?

  • We support and ensure the features work as above product’s describe by using our pre-config website from github
  • For Regular License: we do not support for setting up the Development environment, nor the integration issues, example integrate with existing website and have issues xyz, please refer to our pre-config website from github
  • and the above features index.

Change logs:

Version 5.0.0
1. Update - latest React Native 0.71.7 and package.json libraries
2. Update - latest Expo 48.x
3. Update - fix some compatible issue on latest library
Version 4.8.0
1. Update - latest react native and package.json libraries
2. Update - fix some compatible issue on latest library
Version 4.7.0
1. Update - fix some compatible issue on latest library
2. Update - latest react native and package.json libraries
Version 4.5.0:
1. Update - fix warning unsafe
2. Update - fix loading asset issues
3. Update - fix some compatible issue on latest library
4. Update - latest react native and package.json libraries
Version 4.4.0:
1. Update - support react Hook
2. Update - upgrade router and navigator v5.x
3. Update - fixed some issues related to Address and Login screens
4. Update - latest package.json libraries
Version 4.1.0:
1. Update - latest React Native 0.63 and Expo 39.0
2. Update - compatible with latest NodeJS 
3. Update - latest package.json library
Version 4.0.0:
1. New - Load Config file from server to show the Home screen
2. Update - latest React Native 0.62.2 with Flipper debug tool
3. Update - Fix select default country in Delivery screen
4. Update - Fix apple sign in and product variants issues
5. Fix some issues related User Profile screen
6. Update - latest package.json libraries
Version 3.9.8:
1. Update - latest mstore-api plugin (improve security and remove depend on JSON API, fix flutter integration)
2. Update - fix some logins issues
3. Update - minor bug fix and improvement
3. Update - latest React Native 0.61.x and Expo 36.x
Version 3.9.7:
1. New - add Apple Sign in
2. New - add Firebase SMS Login
3. New - add Currency Switching
4. Update - many bug fixes and improvements
5. Update - latest React Native 0.61.5 and Expo 36.x
Version 3.9.6:
1. New - add new Mstore API - (replace for existing mstore-checkout)
2. Update - update React Native 0.60 & Expo 0.35
3. Update - fix payment issues
4. Update - fix searching jumping issues
5. Update - coupon and review tab issues
6. Update - update latest library and api-commerce
Version 3.9.5:
1. Update - fix 2 layout image issue
2. Update - layout news issues
3. Update - fix duplicate build icon on Android
4. Update - fix some minor bugs on Android
Version 3.9.4:
1. Update - fix the splashing issue when searching
2. Update - fix the Ordering issue on the homepage, update ecommerce-api to 0.30
3. Update - minor bug fix and build issue
4. Update - fix Wishlist issue when Add to all cart
Version 3.9.3:
1. New - support Android X
2. Update - latest React Native 0.60
3. Update - latest Expo 0.34
4. Update - minor bugs fix.
5. Update - resize the final apk
6. Update - all latest dependencies libraries 
7. Update - mstore-api to fix checkout, support both ReactJS and flutter API.
Version 3.9.2:
1. Update - fix the missing Accountkit.h not found
2. Update - minor bug fix and performance improve
3. Notice - we suggest not to upgrade to React Native 0.60 as there are a lot of incompatible, the team will keep an update when the RN core library is stable.
Version 3.9.0:
Dear customers, we are excited to announce new MStore 3.9.0 with following updates:
1. New - add new Promotion Banner Flash Sale with the coundown
2. New - add new Blog horizontal layout on homepage
3. New - add new update for Product Varaiant Dropdown selection
4. New - Add new Sorting on product list
5. Update - minor bug fix from Github 
6. Update - latest stable React Native 0.59.9 and Expo 0.33 

Note: please update the latest build.grade on this version to fix some build issue on Android and update the build.grade to 3.4.0 - thank you!
Version 3.8.0:
1. New - Support SMS Login by using Facebook Account Kit
2. New - Support for Affiliate business, now it’s easy to update convert the app as the affiliate with the magic config Affiliate: { enable: true }
3. New - Add new categories layout UI.
4. New - Support Order note.
5. New - Support the Pin & zoom Image from when viewing the product detail.
6. Update - Add new subcategories from the categories filters.
7. Update - Checking the available stock when ordering or adding the number of products.
8. Update - Fix crash issue on Android 9.
9. Update - Fix Login issue on Android Samsung Galaxy.
10. Update - Fix the refund & return issues.
11. Update - Fixed the “going” Order status when creating new Order
12. Minor bug fix (#400, #539, #496) and latest React Native, libraries updates.
Version 3.7.2:
1. Update - Fix build issue on mstore-pro (layout SyntaxError)
2. Update - Fix Tools issue on the Expo version
Version 3.7.1:
1. Update - latest React Native 0.59 and latest libraries
2. Update - left menu category navigation issues
3. Fix - RTL issues #344, 346, 365
Version 3.7.0:
1. New - add more 9 demo layouts, 
2. New - add an option to switch to Black mode
3. New - add a new filter at the category screen
4. New - support Return & Refund Order
5. Update - demo app on Android & Appstore
6. Update - improve billing address UX
7. Update - improve MyOrder detail screen
8. Fix - RTL issues (#270), #315, sign up & facebook login issues (Android), black theme issues
9. Update latest React native 0.58 & Expo v32.0

- Make sure you have update Android to latest SDK 28,
- Make sure using the fresh download to build on Android as there are the major change from the
Version 3.6.8:
1. Update - minior bug fix and improve performance
Version 3.6.7:
1. New - support variant image & fix some variant issues
2. New - support checkout with tax amount
3. New - add option for allow anonymous checkout - Config.Login.AnonymousCheckout=true
4. New - add option to require use Login before using the app - Config.Login.isRequire=true
5. Fix - shipping issue (country not allow for shipping)
6. Update - improve the address UX: <>
7. Fix - banner Ads issues -
8. Fix - the left navigation issues 
9. Update - uprade the react-native-webview -
10. Update - latest libraries and react native 0.57.8

Note: please update the latest mstore-checkout to latest: and follow this guide to fix the image issues -
Version 3.6.5 (14/12/2018):
1. NEW - improve Android performance 
2. UPDATE - latest React Native libraries
3. FIXED - minor UI bugs fix and UX improvement
Version 3.6.4 (24/11/2018):
1. UPDATE - ANDROID performance optimize 
2. UPDATE - latest library 
3. UPDATE - for Android OS
4. FIXED - My order detail, show the detail Order is fixed
Version 3.6.3 (14/11/2018):
1. ADD - new config.js option to hide the Cart/Checkout page (use for showcase business)
2. UPDATE - performance issues on Android (pro version - important update)
3. UPDATE - remove some unuse libraries & minior bug fix
4. UPDATE - Expo v31 && React native to latest version
5. FIXED - Load more issues on News
6. FIXED - Facebook login issues
7. FIXED -
8. FIXED - hidden Order Detail on the Order screen
Version 3.6.2 (30/10/2018):
1. Fixed Recent UI issue on Searching screen
2. Improve performance on Android
3. Update UI on the categories page
4. Rename and index.ios.js file
5. Support iPhone XS Max
6. Update built script issue on Android
7. Minor bug fixed UI issues on Android
Version 3.6.1 (27/10/2018):
1. Update missing .babelrc file
Version 3.6.0 (26/10/2018):
1. NEW - Dark theme, bring 2x value pack UI, more tuning and powerful
2. NEW - Search screen: update new UI, add recent history, add Filter screen to support finding product effectively.
3. NEW - Add option to manage billing Address.
4. NEW - Add confirm checkout information: showing subtotal, discount, shipping, total...
5. NEW - Support more category layout (CategoryListView: false)
6. NEW - the Mobile mask for a phone number, show as the placeholder (checkout screen)
7. NEW - Checkout screen: Improve UI when selecting the country list
8. NEW - Detail screen: Add Related product
9. NEW - Profile screen: Privacy policy, Term & Condition
10. NEW - Homepage screen: add new categories navigation
11. NEW - Checkout page: add trash icon to remove the product item easier
12. UPDATE - the keyboard adapt when typing 
13. UPDATE - the default country and currency, now we can update from the config.js file easier
14. UPDATE - Support to config just one default Country when checkout, update via config.js file
15. UPDATE - React Native 0.57, and other latest libraries...
16. UPDATE - Performance improvement
17. FIX - offline issues, navigation issues, lock portrait mode...
Version 3.5.1 (21/07/2018):
1. Update installing script for Android: yarn setup:android
2. Fix crashing issues (Android)
3. Fix missing header on setting screen (Android)
Version 3.5.0 (08/07/2018):
1. Add Review Rating feature for product detail
2. Fixed scale menu issues on Expo
3. Improve the UX process and fixing issues
4. Fixed Load more issues when viewing categories
5. Fix blank page issue when first time loading app (on Android)
6. Fixed ticket: 1616847, 1619667, 1583766 from ticket support
7. Update latest libraries for both Expo and pro version 
8. Update new document
Version 3.4.9 (19/06/2018):
1. Fixed performance issues on Android
2. Fixed drawer issues (left side menu)
3. Fixed white label which caused by latest React native update 
4. Fixed custom page issues on Android
5. Fixed RTL issues when switching languages
6. Minors bug fix and performance improvement on both iOS and Android.

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