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Hi, i have an question. I am trying to connect with our platform without using WordPress.

First, how can I connect the api without using WordPress?

Second, if it is difficult to change the api form, can I create and link the new api based on WordPress api value?

Last, Or do you have a guide on how you can change over the other platform’s API?

Please let me know your use of the platform.

Many thanks,


Hi, you can use the fetch function to test your API and populate it from the app, please refer to this guide –

You may need to customize the data to map with the UI, and require some react native knowledge to do this customize, you can also refer to our similar solution (product CeStore) for connect to the NodeJS as backend side

Thank you!

Hello, I have some questions please.

Does this support plugin “Extra product options” If not, what is the solution?

It will work with extra product if you can populate if into the return json API, example you can install the “ACF to REST API”


Just want to ask is it possible to go straight to the login/signup page before opening the app? I want users to register first before opening the whole app.

Hoping for your reply on this thanks!

Yes, you can use the Webview for the tab (you can try to return the Webview component from the View for that tab item), the will check the solution to add the require login/signup on next version – thank you!

Thank you for the swift reply. how about: 1. encountering Facebook Login issues. when facebook login button is clicked, it just loads infinitely. Do you have a detailed guide on how to setup this? Thanks!

Hi, confirm that the ‘require login’ feature will be updated on next version, we have updated on latest repository, the detail for facebook integration could be found and from our simple guide – very best!

Your app layout is awsome. Is there any way to use this with my custom ecommerce site built using codeigniter?

It could be but require some know ledge of ReactJS to customize the code, you can see our CeStore version that port from this product to integrate with the NodeJS server – thank you!

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I have my site in maintenance, and I need the app to not show the products or not to make a purchase, another option would be to show a message that we are maintaining the app

Hi, the maintenance mode is may node the product as the app will connect to your site via Rest API – thank you!

Hi Guys

I would like to ask a few questions:

1. Does this mean I can take my current wordpress web app and convert it into an mobile app? 2. I also have an eCommerce end on my website, is it possible to create simple pages with lists and geo information?

Hi, thank you for your question: 1- Yes, it could convert your woocommerce site to the native app

2- The geo info to display to the app is not ready support, but if you could able to share the plugin or your web site then we will investigate to see if add this cool feature on next version

Very best!

Is it possible to set shipping methods other than just “free shipping”? Here in Brazil.

Does the app come with the web version?

Hi, it is not come with the web version, but we have the pre-define config for the woocommerce site at – we will consider to add some free fancy WooCommerce template on later version – the free options could be config from the app, thank you!

hi there,

want webview checkout. is it possible ? thanks

Hi, it’s webview checkout and support multi payment gateway, thank you!


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Hello, can’t run on ios simulator, getting the following error:

diff: /Podfile.lock: No such file or directory diff: /Manifest.lock: No such file or directory error: The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock. Run ‘pod install’ or update your CocoaPods installation.

I ran `pod install` still didn’t work!

hi, p – please try the last solution, thank you

Doesn’t work, can you make a video how to build the app on mac?

After install the latest cocopod - try to clean up the cache on XCode (command + K) - and try following script:

pod deintegrate—verbose
pod install—verbose


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For Android i’m getting the error:

Security exception: Permission Denial: starting Intent { flg=0×10000000 cmp=com.inspireui.mstorepro/.MainActivity } from null (pid=29390, uid=2000) not exported from uid 10100

What about this one?

Hi, could you share more detail screenshot for this issues, pls post as ticket support to for easier to follow up your issues – thanks

Hello,How do i change/add the titles(manscollections,featured products,etc.) showed on the homepage in the app?Otherwise greatapp

Hi, please change it from the Language.js file – it’s also support for multi language on these titles – thank you!


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Hi, you can use the build for mstore-pro by manually way via the script file – we are checking solution to integrate with CeBuilder as this is complex feature, you can also refer to this detail guide for set up the script – – thank you!

The setup script fails, already tried

Already posted the error in above comments

Any way to build only android app with CeBuilder?
I don’t have an apple active dev account yet.

Thanks. Where to download?
I saw 0.24 from

Hi, sorry for the confuse, we have just update on the dropbox, there is the sync problem from our PC to dropbox that we did not aware, thank you!

I just downloaded 0.25. It appears 0.24 in the app and delivery tab displays a blank page now.
Why ?


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how do i add images instead of the banner

Hi, you can add the image as the feature product image then it will show up on the app – thank you!

i dont want to add the price on the product

like a slider on the homepage

Is it possible to use MultisafePay with this code?

Hi, if it works with the WooCommerce checkout page then it will work the same on the app – thank you!

how to add chat function with RNfirebase ?

Hi, you can reference to our similar app Mstore Multi vendor or ListApp which have include the chat via Firebase – thank you!

Shipping issue (country not allow for shipping) isn’t fixed yet! except cash on delivery all payment gateway getting error and shipping charge is not counting on that error page. Please do some thing.

How to Show Related Products On DetailsSreen ? <ProductRelated > Tag is available there. But not working I don’t know why ? Please help