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May tell more about tokens. At which place in Database we should save it. That app undestand that we’re loged in?

and please let me know, does you store tokens in database or coockies?

Yes, it will understand via Auth cookie, please refer to this plugin for detail – https://wordpress.org/plugins/json-api-user/



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An error occurred when I was running react-native run-ios, please help.

xcodebuild: error: The project named “beostore” does not contain a scheme named “beostore”. The “-list option can be used to find the names of the schemes in the project.

Installing build/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/beostore.app No devices are booted. Print: Entry,”, Does Not Exist


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Hi, I keep getting this error: Entry, ”:CFBundleIdentifier”, Does Not Exist I have tried different approaches while reading the documentation and the comments, but nothing seems to be working. I have sent you a support email to support@inspireui.com

Hi could you check by this solution – https://mstore.gitbooks.io/mstore-manual/content/chapter7.html Thank you!

It gets stuck at loading after selecting a payment method.

Hi could you install reactotron then have a look to the response after tap the Order button – https://mstore.gitbooks.io/mstore-manual/chapter2.html Thank you!

400 Error. Check my mails


For better support and tracking your ticket request or installing issue, kindly post it to our support channel: https://github.com/inspireui/mstore/issues (please also include with your purchased code, screenshots issue or the detail logs would be great help)

Thank you very much!


Hi, is it support dokan or other wordpress plugin?

Hi, it is not support dokan yet, the app is not depend on wordpress plugin as it is build as the stand-alone native app.


I have a presale question, I was noticed that it’s made by React Native, could I just deploy it as a mobile web app? It means just a mobile site.


No, it’s not support for mobile site, you can use with react-native-web for this approach but this lib the mobile web for react native is not quite stable and fully support yet, so we just suggest to use it for iOS and Android. Thank you!

hi, i bought mstore and i have a question. In my site i’m using plugin “WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options” and i’m not using variable product of wordpress. What can i do?

Hi, i’m not sure about this plugin but if it also support to get the product option via API then you can use it, or you can add these option to embed into the product API then return to the app as Json data. Thank you!

How to integrate ccAvenue payment gateway? and its not working its showing empty page when confirm order.

Hi, it will populate on the app automatically if you add more payment image and key from the config file – see the example for Razorpay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTxvwgG9M3s You can use Reactotron to check the URL return issue at the confirm order to find out the problem – https://mstore.gitbooks.io/mstore-manual/content/chapter2.html

The WC_Cart::get_cart_url function is deprecated since version 2.5. Replace with wc_get_cart_url., referer: https://www.joshtrendz.com/mstore-checkout?order=eyJ0b2tlb.... and The “add_to_cart_fragments” hook uses out of date data structures and function is deprecated since version 3.2.6. Replace with woocommerce_add_to_cart_fragments., referer: https://www.joshtrendz.com/mstore-checkout?order=eyJ0b2tlbi......


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Hi, I can’t get stripe to work correctly. The screen stays as a white background, when selecting stripe as the payment option. How can I fix this? Thanks Great job with the app!

You can use Reactotron to check the URL return issue when click to the stripe payment to find out the problem – https://mstore.gitbooks.io/mstore-manual/content/chapter2.html


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I am checking but I don’t see a url


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I just sent you an email with the screen shot with reactotron

How to add additional payment method?

Hi, you can see the similar config from this guide – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTxvwgG9M3s

amazing thx and after user pay (and if he loged in) he will see orders into his “My Orders” tab. Where that tab into your Demo App, loged in but don’t see it?


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Hi, I have a couple of issues with the app. I have sent you an email to minh@inspireui.com. Thank you

Any plans of IN-APP push messages? Like I want user see the message only when open the app.

After each update of your App, we need to recompile it Upload and Wait for moderation by Google and Apple stores? Or do you have https://apphub.io AppHub Deploy + LogRocket already integrated?


Is it possible to have filter and sort feature?

Before i Buy, Can Woocomerce integrate ?My Shipping use API


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Hi, I am extremely sorry for silly questions. But I need some minor clarifications 1. Will you provide source code of the entire app (as shown on the App Store)? 2. Do I need to have a wordpress account/ website to use this template? 3. Can I integrate it with Magento (do you have the REST framework ready)? Thanks

Hi, don’t worries for any question,

1. Yes, you will got full source code package which is build by react native, you can get more detail from – https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/getting-started.html

2. Yes, you need to set up the wordpress website with the WooCommerce plugin, it works as the backend site to connect to the app, and use it to manage your product data

3. No, the current app is not support for Magento yet.

Hi, I’m having issues with the stripe integration. Once I click on confirm order, the app opens up a screen but it’s completely blank and it doesnt give me the stirpe form to pay. I have sent you email, but I have heard back. I have tried different approaches that I found on the comments, including reinstalling the plugins, clear cache, etc..

Hi, this could be caused by empty shipping line, please try to comment this line from the https://gyazo.com/9bb619cc6cca3f7a011aba7daaa7dced We will update the hotfix shortly to cover this issue and improve the billing & shipping address. Thank you!

Hello Support: I sent some pre-sales enquiry to your email support@beostore.io. I have not got any revert or update on the same. Could you please help?

halo, please update the tutorial on documentation file, i dont know how to change paypal Key API when search src/common/constant.js i can’t found to change Key Paypal API

on your tutorial Update the src/common/Constants.js to change key and app ID for Paypal and Stripe. You can pick these values through the Paypal and Stripe backend dashboard. PayPal: { clientID: ‘ATeT4ckTzYyxo8IQ9n-d4JOmJX9c-gJqqW9CKKKhN45lHow40SdGtKNpQKg2ASnkGsYTxh83GK6wAlBh’, secretKey: ‘EHLLoxewn3KhndDE3SzgdgJ6KGCIcGJzGEWgZJDQ7r8Qt4OmneaT5Dq6lyfPhxGDVRZNCubPsAsdbOml’, sandBoxMode: true, },
Stripe: {
  publishableKey: 'pk_test_MOl5vYzj1GiFnRsqpAIHxZJl',
  name: "MStore Payment",
  // you need to reply by your server side URL node URL
  serverURL: "http://localhost:8080" 

how to change or submit this key ? Thankyou!