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Hello guys, Is it must have WooCommerce? or it has backed that the apps retrieve the data from it?

Yes, it’s require WooCommerce as the backend site, we have other version which is support Shopify and will be available on next few days. Thank you!

Can we add a Multi-vendor, user followers and a offer button on listed items? Thanks

And does this come with a website?

Hi, the multi-vendor is not support on current MStore version yet, we are checking solution to integration with some multi vendor plugins and will be update later. The app is worked as the standalone app so you can use it with any WooCommerce templates.


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Is there any road map where we can track/know what exactly is in the pipeline for the upcoming versions

does it work with woocommer multi restaurant plugin? thanks

hi, could you share the name of “multi restaurant plugin”? we need to check the integration solution.

how about the shipment? its can connect with the shipment plugin in woocommerce?

Hi, thank you for your question, it is not support the shipping options yet, we will consider to add this feature if it is useful

hi , i have installed expo xde on my computer but i cant open app on my device .i have installed evey thing and opened it in the XDE but when i want to open app on my device , expo app tells me that “something wrong happened . please help me .

Hi, could i check if you have run the: yarn install from the mstore-expo folder and open on this folder, please also post your issue to our support channel – http://github.com/inspireui/mstore/issues. Thank you!


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Hey, nice App. Thank you.

How can I change $ to € and First the number after that the €


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and how can I delete the RTL switch button. I don’t need this.


Can you link me to a demo that shows how shipping rates and taxes are displayed?


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hi there.

I Cannot install the plugins from the link it showing this message

“Forbidden Can’t access this page”

there is any way to install them?


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No need to reply. its Done with this part.

I might come with other issue if happens .


Thank you, let us know if you need any support.

Thanks for your reply.

This is first time that I am dealing with such configuration and building apps. just I am following the explains and reading all the articles without knowing anything Looool.

but I have learnt something that related to the apps and how to deal with interface of andriod studio and xcode.

I have reached to the this point:

- Build and run new app’s Android and iOS version.

how and what I should do exactly? I feel that l’v lost.



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Hello can i make RTL auto switch when i change the language and remove the RTL Switch button ?

Hi could i check this comment status as i can see you remove the ticket from github. Thank you!

Before proceeding with the purchase I would like to ask a question. I’m not a tech expert and I have previously read all documentation to make sure installation is easy. I have an existing woocommerce site to integrate with this android app. The documentation says to insert url, consumerKey, and consumerSecret into the src / common / Constants.js file. This file is inside the android app project? Do you just have to modify this file? Or do you need to edit some other parameters in your Android project (with Android Studio)? Thank you.

Reading the documentation seems like this file is not inside the app : https://mstore.gitbooks.io/mstore-manual/content/pro-version/app-config.html