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Suggestion for next update, please implement Woocommerce Order Notes into My Order Screen.

Woocommerce Order Notes is default system by WooCommerce

Good idea, noted with thanks – we will have a check and investigate – very best!


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Hi, do you have getaway payment?

Hi, we have not tested for the payfort, but let try and let us know if you need any support from us – thank you!

hi, app from playstore is going to splash screen and starting again if phone is going to landscape,, same thing if it is turned to portrait from landscape mode,,, tested with 3.7.0 and 3.7.1,,, Question is, is it the actual design or a problem? Please look into it.

Hi, thank you for reporting, we may disable the landscape mode on next version as it is not support on current version – very best!

hello sire , this app work online with “wordpress” site ? not work with ” CodeIgniter” website ?

Yes, it’s not ready for CodeIgniter website, do you use any e-commerce framework for CodeIgniter ?

Hello I want to buy it but I have some questions coz I’m not developer.

1- how can I upload to Google play and ios.

2- if u can do it for me how much it will cost.

Hi, you can use our CeBuilder tool for customizing and delivery to generate the apk and ipa files to upload to the stores, there are a lot of document out there so you discover more (with some patient) – or using the mstore Expo version with this guide –

So far we do not support for delivery service as the team is quite busy at the moment – thank you!


I see native input shipment address, is there an option that I CAN SKIP THIS STEP and go straight to webview checkout ?


Hi, i’m not sure about this feature as it is required to input the billing address to project checkout on WooCommerce payment – thanks

Hello, very nice and useful app.

I have some pre-purchase question

    1. Does it support SMS/OTP login ? In my woocommerce site I have SMS login features, so in app does it support too ?
    In your app (uploaded in Google playstore) Clicking on Add to Cart button (icon) of a single product also navigates to the cart page as “Buy Now” button works.
    In my store i have some dynamic pricing calculation on buying more items. will it support ?
    In my store i have some dynamic pricing calculation on buying more items. will it support ?
    Will it support SMS sending facilty ? (Allready implemented in woocoomerce site)
    Will it support email sending facilty ? (Allready implemented in woocoomerce site)
    If I create a coupon in woocommerce site, will it effect in APP too ?

Please reply as soon as you can so that I can buy this app.

Hi the SMS feature is not supported on current version, i’m not sure about the logic when calculate the product pricing, but our app is support product variant when you select the condition it will change the app pricing.

the coupon in woocommerce is yes and it effect in app when you update from the website

If you could share your website URL then we could have a quick looks to see how compatible with the app

Thank you!

Thanks for your reply. URL is and let me know if it is fully compatible with this app.

Hi, how to change category images for all category eg: men, women, clothing, etc,, especially in 3.7.1,,

Hi, you can change the image banner from the Wordpress side, edit the category and upload the image for each, let us know your checking – thanks

its not on home screen,, bottom tab navigator category page images

above comment – thanks

Looking to purchase but was curious if it is possible to load a different side menu based on the user role from wordpress?