Discussion on Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

Discussion on Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

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the price is a mistake right?

Are you really selling this plugin for $1,505 or is that a typo?

Will I be able to change/edit/customize the plugin to my needs after buying it? Is the code editable?

When setting up the plugin through the GTM, do I need to add the google analytics tag? or does that happen through your tag? Also, do you answer emails?

Also, could you please provide instructions to configure GA4.

Hi, does this plugin works tracking Contact Form 7 or tracking outbound links too? Tks! ;-)

Hi, does the plugin generates reports from Google Ads in wp dashboard too? Tks! ;-)

Hello! I bought two units of this plugin (quite a long time ago), but the last version i have on both sites is CC-V3-3.6. I was looking for some way to implement Google Analytics 4 when i accessed theme forest and saw your product update to version 4.0 with GA4 support. I tried downloading from downloads session here on there forest and update on both sites first excluding the previous version and then installing the new one (with no success, it kept on CC.V3-3.6) and also with FileZilla straight from server, ALSO with no success.

Where do i download the 4.0 version to update on both my sites? I spent almost $300 so i can’t imagine that you lose right to upgrades right?

Hello amazon101,

I totally understand your concern here.

However, we haven’t received your email to

Kindly help in providing the email ID/URL of your store?

Thanks, Conversios


The first email i sent was from the same email i use here ate theme forest. I just sent an email from the url where one of the plugins are installed, I hope i’ll get an answer asap, i really need the newer version of the plugin because of GA4 support!

Hello @amazon101,

We have received your email.

Will share with you the required plugin on top priority.

Thanks, Conversios

Hello, when i activated your plugin, it see error message on the checkout page ?

How i can solve this problem

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/superhizliokuma/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tatvic_actionable-google-analytics-4.1.0/public/class-actionable-google-analytics-public.php on line 1701


Thank you for your enquiry.

However, we require a little more information regarding this issue.

Hence I kindly request you to reach us at

When is the coming date for the update? This plugin has not been updated since July 2021


Thank you for your enquiry.

The latest version of the plugin will be available latest by mid of March / the first week of April.

In case of any queries, you can reach us at

Whens the next update?

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are constantly working on the same, to release the new version of the plugin and it would be available in the upcoming days.

Thank you for your kind patience.

Please remove actionable-google-analytics-public.css and actionable-google-analytics-public.js, it is default boilerplate code and has nothing in it.


Thank you for your inquiry.

In order to solve this, I would suggest adding a PHP comment in the line number 244.

I have attached the screenshot for your reference here :

Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any clarity.

I’ve already removed them for our client. They are boilerplate code that don’t do anything so shouldn’t be in the plugin as it’s making 2 unnecessary requests every page load :)

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback!

Sure we will get this sorted with our latest version in the upcoming days.

What is the diferents o this pluin than this?

From the wp plgin depo at the ree version devs are also tatvic.

Why is the pro pricing plan diferent than here this pro plugin?

Thank you for your enquiry.

We have created a new version of the plugin under the name Conversios based on the user requirements and to enhance the product features.

In Conversios we have – remarketing, dynamic remarketing tags and variable product mapping are a few of the additional features.

For more info please do reach out to

Hi, does your plugin support Google Ads Enhanced Conversions?

Hi I keep email you issue no responce from your end . any feedback?

can i get and update from the developer

Hello, I have downloaded the latest version of the plugin from my download dashboard (wordpress instalable files) but it still says : Version CC-V3-3.6 Can you upload the latest version?

Would you please reply?

Hi there,

Thanks for posting us and sorry for not replying sooner.

Could you please reach out to us at so that we can help you out with the raised request?

Regards, Tatvic Analytics.

Hi, I bought this, but also found Whats the different between those plugins?

Hi! Ever since I updated my site to WP 5.8.1 and WC 5.8.0, the Enhanced ecommerce report stopped working. I tried updating your plugin to the latest version and tried different configurations such as Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Both (UA + GA4), Use my own GTM, Re-authenticate GA but enhanced ecommerce report still not showing anything. The other parts of GA works fine though. Could I be missing something?

Hi there,

Thanks for posting here.

Could you please reach out to us at so that we can ask for the required details to identify the problem with the data tracking and accordingly help further?

Regards, Tatvic Analytics.

Hey! 7 months ago you mentioned that you would work on the CC-V4.0 update (as mentioned in your change log) but it is still CC-V3.6 only. Any news here? Not sure I want to extend my license if no updates are coming. Thank you and appreciate your help.

Hi there,

Thanks for posting here.

We had updated the plugin on Envato with the latest version CC-V4.X. You can download the updated plugin directly from your Codecanyon account. If you are still facing any issues in getting the latest version then please reach out to us at and we will help you with the updated plugin.

Regards, Tatvic Analytics.

Hi, i have implement GA4 about the GTM. Is it possible to track the enhanced ecommerce if i have implement GA4 about the GTM. Do have for this case a stepBystep instruction or/and i video tutorial?

Hi there,

Thanks for posting here.

We had replied to the above query over the email. Please let us know if you have more questions.

Regards, Tatvic Analytics.

I have your 4.1 version installed. But I cannot select anymore that I want to install the plugin via my own GTM. Because now when I use your plugin, I have 2 GTM’s installed which is creaing conflicts. How do you solve this?

Hi there,

Thanks for posting us.

The updated plugin includes option “Use our extension with your GTM” only when the options UA tracking and analytics.js have been selected in the plugin settings.

However if you would like to have both options UA and GA4 then the option “Use our extension with your GTM” will not appear and by default Tatvic GTM will be integrated on your site.

So, if you have Tatvic GTM along with your own GTM integrated on the site then you just need to make sure that there are no tags & triggers in your GTM which tracks duplicate data(as the plugin tracks all the data in GA) in-order to avoid conflicts.

Also, you can reach out to us at so that we can help you better if the conflict persists.

Regards, Tatvic Analytics.

If a user opt-out of GA tracking directly from our website or using any browser extension (like, I understand that I will lose the user behavior/ accusation/ campaign-related data there. But will I also lose the product inside and checkout data too? in this case, actually what data I can see on our GA?

Hi Ormi,

Thanks for posting here.

If your site is following GDPR or local compliance where you need to get user consent before the tracking then on “Allow tracking consent” data will be tracked and on “Decline tracking consent” data will not be tracked including product details and checkout.

So, in the mentioned case no data related to that particular user will be available in GA.

Hope the above helps.

Regards, Tatvic Analytics.


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