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How to attach file on notification email admin an customer ?

you can do it on email settings, just enable “Send email to the customer” optin then go to customer tab and finally enable “Attach custom pdf to customer mail message” option. that’s all. let me know how it goes. regards

Sorry, i mean send email with attach uploaded file like .png, .jpg, .pdf

yes, you can do that. when you add file or image upload field, you have this option “Attach files to mail notification”. just enable it and that’s all. let me know how it goes. regards

I’m having a small problem with the Help Block set to Tooltip. Seems like having one Tooltip is fine but having 3 (or more?) fields each with a Tooltip then the hover-over area becomes the size of the largest Tooltip after the first hover-over. Can’t then enter anything into the field because the hover-over area covers it. Then the first Tooltip also activates the last Tooltip. Strangely the last Tootip hover-over question mark works fine Is this my setup or a bug? Many thanks

I replied to your mail. check it out. regards

How would I apply a % discount based on an option?

this feature is not available in this item. regards

Is it possible to encrypt certain fields onto database to protect sensitive information in case the database is compromised? If not is this something you are willing to add as a new feature?

that feature is not available but I will take into consideration for future version updates. regards

Hello, we have installed WPML, there’s a way to translate the label and the strings of the forms, instead of duplicate and translate the entire form?

no, there is not way. there is an option to duplicate the form and it would need to be translated one by one. regards

pre-sale question 1st, can use your form to replace, registration form? 2nd. I was wondering if I can upload data for condition logic registration form that would display selective option based on zip code that user has input. For example, user put zip code 12345 than it would display schools that located in that zip code are. I do have data for schools list based on zip codes.

Thanks for your time.

1) no, registration form is not available
2) this plugin support conditional logic. the zip code would have to be in a select list then it can show other option depending on the select list option
3) you would have to list all your zip codes in select list in order to make it work in this plugin.
check live examples first for more reference. regards

Pre-sale question: my client wants to have a form in their website that allows for the form to be finished in more than one session, if the client chooses to do so. Their form is quite long and their visitors tend to be very busy (nurses), so they fear some might not have enough time to finish it in one session. Does your form plugin provides that option?

no, that feature is not available. I haven’t seen a feature like that. do you have a demo example. I could take into consideration for future version updates. regards

I do not have an example, but I recall signing up to some membership that allowed for the option to save and come back at a later time to finish it, so does my client.

My client needs that option because their membership and scholarship applications (which we expected to build using your plugin), are quite long, and the intended users are very busy most of the time (nurses). The website owners want to provide that option, in case the applicants happen to find themselves unable to finish the application in one single event.

Hopefully, you will be adding this feature some time soon.

Thank you for your reply.

i hope so. you are welcome


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When trying to create a new form the plugin shows this:

Note: For security, I added the ”.............”

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property: Uiform_Fb_Controller_Forms::$readable_properties in …............htdocs/clickandbuilds/............./wp-content/plugins/zigaform-wp-form-builder/classes/uiform-base-module.php:46 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/40/............./htdocs/clickandbuilds/............/wp-content/plugins/zigaform-wp-form-builder/classes/uiform-bootstrap.php(413): Uiform_Base_Module->__get(‘Array’) #1 /homepages/40/................./htdocs/clickandbuilds/................/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(298): Uiform_Bootstrap->route_page(’’) #2 /homepages/40/............../htdocs/clickandbuilds/................./wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(323): WP_Hook->apply_filters(’’, Array) #3 /homepages/40/..................../htdocs/clickandbuilds/.................../wp-includes/plugin.php(453): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #4 /homepages/40/..................../htdocs/clickandbuilds/................/wp-admin/admin.php(222): do_action(‘toplevel_page_z…’) #5 /homepages/40/..................../htdocs/clickandbuilds/................../wp-admin/index.php(10): require in /homepages/40/................../htdocs/clickandbuilds/................./wp-content/plugins/zigaform-wp-form-builder/classes/uiform-base-module.php on line 46

Now delete the plugin, and I reinstalled it, Also install and delete via FTP And the problem remains the same

hi, maybe you have php version 7, switch to php version 5 or 6. let me know how it goes. regards

Is there a way for a radio button selection to determine the recipient of an email? For example if you have multiple stores and want an email to be sent to only the one the form selects?

no, that feature is not available. that’s interesting feature. I will take into consideration for future version updates. regards

Hi. PPQ: Only reason why I am looking for a contact plug-in is my problems getting the Contact Form 7 to work with Country-selection and Time-zone selection.

Also, if a user is logged in, I want to automatically fetch the already exisiting data, so the user wont have to type it in twice. Is that something you also support?



no. that feature is not available. but I will take into consideration for future version updates. regards

When looking for a software solution to a problem I look for three things. 1. It must work as advertised. 2. It must come with good instructions how to use it. 3. The support must be reasonably fast and efficient. With Zigaform I get all three. Zigaform is great.

thanks for your kind words. soon I will send a new update with new features. feel free to give feedback and report any issue. regards

Hello. When I receive contact by form, sender is not customer email, show my email. How do I make sender to be the name of who is filling out the form?

hi, you can customize the mail settings of the form on backend, just open the form and go to email settings tab. then enable “email to customer” option then you need to choose a field which is already created in your form and that field needs to be added email validation. On the other hand, it is not possible to put client to sender because the send is made by your host. some web hostings need the email has the same domain structure of the website. but you can do is to put reply to email customer. just do what I mentioned at the beggining of this text. regards


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when do you have a new version for wordpress 4.7

You currently only have it for

Software Version WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress

Is very old, and unsure of those wordpress versions

WHEN DO YOU HAVE A NEW VERSION!!!! your last update was in 6 March


pericon Purchased

That version of March 6 does not work because there was, update of wordpress and visual compouser

it support the latest version of wordpress. I see your support has expired. maybe you have an old version. try to make a fresh install with new version. regards

So far I have tested the admin and I love this file. 2 Questions please:

1. You have Universal Cost Estimator Form, which you can use on any site. Is this admin system the same as your ZigZag Admin? Meaning, it collects the data and admin can export to CSV or PDF?

2. For Universal Cost Estimator and ZigZag Forms, Can I achieve this:

See where the “Time Total” field is? If it is possible to have this field that it calculates the amount of time from Fields “Time In” and “Time Out”.

Thank you

1) zigaform admin support exporting to csv and pdf. the universal cost estimator doesn’t have that feature.
2) No, the zigaform estimation can do similar look like your example but total timeout calculation is not supported.

Thank you SoftDiscover. I love this file no matter!! I have rated it as well. Thank you once again for your excellent work!

So I purchased the file since I had not heard from the Developer. THIS PLUGIN IS INSANE!! I highly recommend it as the one and only Form Builder for contact forms, Step Through Logic! Clean code, easy to administer forms, incredibly flexible with so many variations to creating forms. EXCELLENT Work SoftDiscover

thanks for your kind words and feel free to give feedback, and please rate with 5 stars if you like the plugin and I’ll keep rolling new updates and cool features. regards

Yep, I have rated it to Envato. Seriously, anyone reading this, Do not look at any other Form Builder on the Internet for WordPress. This file is so well produced, the support documentation is well written and clear. So easy to build forms and customise for your needs. HIGHLY RATE THIS FILE.

Can i use this form to multiply website? we have 3 websites that need a form.

I assume you want multiply function, right? if so, that feature is not available. regards

No, can i use it on some of my clients websites? or should i buy separate license ?

the license is only for one site (a domain). you would buy separate license for other site (other domain). regards

I have one issue it is saving data online but not sending on client email, can you please help me on this regards. ? I will be very grateful to you waiting for your response it is bit urgent.

maybe some restriction of your hosting. email me from my profile page or support page your login credentials to admin section. regards

I have sent you details

I checked and I was right. you have some restriction on your hosting or email configuration. I see you are using smtp configuration and your smtp is not working. the problem is not in the plugin. the problem comes from your site. I installed “wp smtp plugin” in order to test the email and it doesnt work. regards


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I use php 7 on my site for security reasons. Are you compatible with php7?

yes, it supports php 7. regards


jzychik Purchased

Thank you for a very fast response!

you are welcome

I really can’t tell by looking at the demo but with this form can I integrate with the necessary Post URL so that form submissions go to vTiger CRM 7? This would mean I need to be able to have a field name that is different from the displayed field name.

no, that feature is not available. regards