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hi, just a presale question. I am interested in getting the form builder, however, can you tell me whether I can use the multi step feature but not make each step obligatory? I’m doing a site that has lots of products (for sale via an order form) and want to separate them in categories. I want to use the tabs at the top to have the different categories available. Would that work with your system? Thanks Nic

that feature is not available. and why not to create the tab html container first (custom html), then put the forms into the tab content? that would work with you or maybe I’m wrong. do you have live example of that? maybe I can add in the future version updates. regards

Thanks! I’ve ended up with a different form. But I appreciate your help

Hello, I purchased this script recently. I am implementing zigaform to my existing CI based CMS. Custom routes is not working. Can you please help me to setup custom routes?

replied on you other message. I assume you refered to the php version. regards

is there a way to have the form interact with an MySQL Database? Both read and write

I didn’t get you at all. zigaform use mysql database to store the records and forms. what do you need specifically? could you detail? regards

I have already purchased the plugin, but when I opened the ZIP folder, I found a file saying that there are no automatic updates; I have to manually update the plugin via FTP.

Is it correct that there is no update option?

If not, then this plugin will not be useful to me, as I manage too many sites to have to manually update plugins on each one.

yes, there is no update option yet. For the moment, the upgrade is made via ftp:
how many sites do you manage?

I assume you manage more than 5 sites. and that means you have a license for each. In that case, I can enable the update option. please email me from my profile page or support tab in order to talk about it. regards

confuse about how to make survey poll. can zigaform make survey poll with result?

it can make survey poll form, here the example:
On recorder menu, you can check the records of the submitted forms regards

How we can do payment integration in this form?

hello, payment integration is not supported in this form. I have other item which support payment integration:

can I do 2co and strip payment in that form?

those payments are not supported but If you are interested, I can add them but I will charge you. email me at profile page or support tab for more details. regards


vidweb Purchased

Hey, your ZigaForm is brilliant, PLease, please add in some sort of search option. It takes so much time to find a form especially when you working with like 50 different forms .. thanks


vidweb Purchased

HI SoftDiscovery, I know I am been cheeky :) any chance that you can have the search option done by say Wednesday?. thanks

yes, no problem. I will let you know. regards

done! that feature is now avaiable in the latest version. download the latest version and upgrade. here the reference of how to upgrade:
let me know how it goes. regards

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hi, what does it mean? or it’s just spam. regards

question! i’m puzzled about the import option. How does that work?

hello, first you need to have the exporting code. the import option ask for exporting code. it is similar like most of sotwares which can export settings. kind of similar. regards

Hi, I’m trying to change the colors of the slider but i dont find how. Can you help me. Thanks!

Hello, that feature is not available but you can do that with additional css. just go to edit form > “global settings” tab > “additional” tab and add your custom css. I can give you some tips. just email me from my profile page or support tab. regards