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ZVIREX Purchased

Hey , i have a problem when i run the app it say that there’s no internet connection . How i can ti fix that .

Hi, this problem have already fixed by email support. Thanks


ZVIREX Purchased

thank u


Can the user buy items from shoping list?


Hi, this is not shopping app, but, this is recipes information app, for more detail, you can try the demo version to know how this app working. Thanks

When I run the build in any tab or tab emulator I get this erro: E/OneSignal: Error Getting Google Registration ID java.io.IOException: AUTHENTICATION_FAILED at com.google.android.gms.gcm.GoogleCloudMessaging.zza(Unknown Source) at com.google.android.gms.gcm.GoogleCloudMessaging.register(Unknown Source) at com.onesignal.PushRegistratorGPS$2.run(PushRegistratorGPS.java:168) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:761)

Please check the image link below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17Ej3kMokF1bYcFUvpFuCp3UnRCMuxRsX

Also got crash related to One signal.

Hi Thanks for reply. I have sent you email from abs.uddin@gmail.com

Please reply

Hi, your email have already replied, please check. Thanks


aybfb Purchased

Application has stopped when i send notification with onesignal ( android studio ) and i dont have this probléme with eclipse i dont know why but please i need solution thanks

Hi, we have analyzed and researched in recent days, and we find that this message related with onesignal library which unstable, so, for the quick solution is remove that library and totally use firebase as push notification services which recommended by google, if you want to the update code which fix this problem, you can contact us by email that we’ve provided and we will send update code to you. Thanks


aybfb Purchased

But can we send notification like a link with firebase ?

Hi, for now the notification link feature is not supported by firebase, maybe in the future if the onesignal library is stable, we will use it again. Thanks

I would be interested in purchasing this code. However, can you assist with a question? I would only like to include specific banner ads for my sites and my clients sites in the app. This is be done with ease?

Hi lapte,

thanks for interested with our app, as default, this app integrated with admob ads for monetize purpose, if you want to change the default ads and include your own specific banner ads, easy or difficult it is a relative thing, it will easy if you have knowledge in android programming, because it’s mandatory if you want to customize the template further, for support from us only within the scope of application configuration and documentation.



ams1974 Purchased

Hello, i want also change the ads from banner to interstial, did you avec a tutorial? when you will make update of the app? thanks

Hi, you can check official admob guidelines for tutorial, we can not determine when the update date, if the update version is available, you will get an email notification automatically. Thanks


zaid360 Purchased

hiii Solodroid…i don’t want Google Admob.I have collaborated with other Advertisement…Can i Add that Ads API by changing codes from source code given by you if yes can u explain or give little help,Thanks.


zaid360 Purchased

hello solodroid thanks for previous reply.I have uploaded Php files and created database on server but don’t know username and password for login panel…how to get or know?.


zaid360 Purchased

sorry my fault i didn’t upload .sql file in database thats why i was unable to login…thanks

Hi, you’re welcome, so, the app is working fine now? Thanks

Hello I can see the documentation of the app another things the app can work offline ?

Hi nadal12123, full the documentation is included in the download package if you have puchase it, this app working based on client server, admin panel as server side and android as client side, so, required internet connection to access the content, you can try the demo app to know how this app working. Thanks

Hello solodroid, I want to purchase the app. I want few details. You said on you page that we can disable ads for the app. I want to know can we disable interstitial ads on the app. I want to run only Banner Ads. Because I am getting invalid ad clicks and Google sent me the the warning. from your new and image app. Thanks

Hi wasimppc, thanks for interested with our app, yes, of course, you can disable interstitial ads easily, in the documentation has also been described. Thanks

Hey , i have a problem when i run the app the result no internet connection . How to fix that.

Hi natanst, the problem has been resolved by email support. Thanks

I want to integrate an option to add recipes by users in android, is that possible ?

how to fix this issue https://ibb.co/eO1yjR. I have android studio v3.0.1 and gradle 4.1

Hi abbassapro,

there is two step which need to be configured if you use android studio 3 :

open : Gradle Scripts – Build Gradle (Module: app), find this following code below :
compile 'com.onesignal:OneSignal:3.+@aar'
change the code with this :
compile 'com.onesignal:OneSignal:3.5.3@aar'

then, for additional configuration for android studio 3, follow this tutorial here.

after you have configure it all, sync now to sync the project.


Done. I updated everything. please check build.gradle (module app) file here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CuhNhZiTKJ-VTVPTBOFSwmG88TL3SZGC/view

here is the screenshot https://prnt.sc/i9lyfu

Hi abbassapro,

please follow our tutorial in above correctly, you put different library version with our tutorial.


Hello, when you make update? thanks

I want to use this app in Arabic language. plz give me steps to do that

Hi abbassapro,

just simple step to set the app in Arabic language (RTL), it also has been explained in the documentation.

go to Config.java file, find the following code below :
public static final boolean ENABLE_RTL_MODE = true;

set true if you want to enable RTL (Right To Left) mode, e.g : Arabic Language


Hy Why we find in banner code in layout this android:visibility=”gone” ???!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi aybfb, please note!! that is used for adView on callback listener purpose, so, when the ad finished in load, the banner ad will be displayed, if the ad failed to load the visibility will be gone, if it’s not configured, when the ad failed to load, it will leave blank white space which will affect the app and user views!! Thanks

Okey thanks :)

Hi aybfb, you’re welcome. Thanks

Hi, i purchased recipe app but How to activate admin panel

Hello Sir Please Reply

Hi karanjatav, thanks for purchase our app, you need to have web hosting and domain to host the admin panel code, you can check this article here for more detail explanation. Thanks

Can I use it as a mobile app on the wp web site?


zghari10 Purchased

Hi guys , After updating the control panel to cpanel 7.1

The recipes no longer appear in the application

Hi zghari10, try to update all the code inside api.php file with this file here, also we suggest to change your php version to 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6, and the problem should be resolved. Thanks


morados Purchased

hello there any guide videos?