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hi i have a problem with paging in recipies and categories page

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Hi gpgeorge360,

okay, we will check and analyze it deeper, where do you try it? your path in c:\wamp64\xxx, you use local web server in your computer or online web hosting? make sure you try it in online web hosting, if you need support, you can contact us by email directly.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


working good at online webhosing thanks

Hello! Do you have some documentation about how to make update version of app in android studio. I am Noobie in this and i will be very grateful for some instruction about this. Thanks

Hi lomaginson,

what do you mean about make update version of app in android studio? if you mean about make update version for your previous published app on google play in android studio, these are some important notes when you generate the apk as the updated version.
1. your keystore must be same.
2. your package name must be same.
3. versionCode and versionName in the build.gradle (Module: app) must be updated with the higher version number.


No, I mean the apk file that you updated v2.4.0, now I need to do it all the same as I did the first time with the previous version that I purchased? Open it in Android Studio as a new project and make all the changes I need?

Hi, yes, you must open the latest Android Studio project and make all the changes according documentation instruction, using latest code from download package is mandatory. Thanks

adding embed video to the directions not working in app how to fix that??

Hi i am receiving the following error…

Thumbnail not created… please upload image again

the permissions for upload folder is 777 and its directory.

Hi coolbreeze86, we think this is your hosting problem, please contact us by email and provide us your cpanel hosting login detail, we need to check it first and try to solve it. Thanks


i would like to switch the position of recent recipes and categories (recent recipe tab to right)is it possible please help me

Hello! you have spanish support? i wanna the app. I already have a web of recipes, I have to load the recipes in the web and also in the application android? You help me install php? sorry for my bad english

can i build unlimited apps with this source code?

Hi mazvi, this item are covered by Envato Market standard licenses, about what is allowed and what is not allowed, please read and check it first here. Thanks

i send you my cpanel hosting login detail in email

Hi khalidmail, please check, we have reply your email and the problem fixed now. Thanks