WP File Access Manager - Easy Way to Restrict WordPress Uploads

WP File Access Manager - Easy Way to Restrict WordPress Uploads

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Ever wondered about uploading files for specific users or restrict one or multiple users from accessing a file you uploaded on your WordPress site ? This is the solution for you!

WP File Access Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to control access for every single file you upload to your WordPress Media Library. It comes with the integration of WooCommerce & Paid Memberships pro which lets you set up your eCommerce or membership site media restriction management a lot simpler.

NGINX Users: If you’re using nginx web server, you’ll need to add a rule to your nginx config, please make sure you/your server admin can take care of this part mentioned in the documentation

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WP File Access Manager Features:

  • Setup Restrictions for Individual Files
  • Setup Restrictions for File Types (e.g: pdf, jpg, png, zip, txt, docx, doc, mp4, mp3, mov, ppt, xls, csv and any other file type)
  • Setup Restrictions for All the files
  • Restrict access to files based on logged in status
  • Restrict Access to files based on User’s Roles.
  • Restrict Access to files based on individual user id (Added through admin panel)
  • Works with PDF Viewer for WordPress Plugin to restrict PDF FIles.
  • Very Lightweight
  • Very Easy to use
  • Well Documented
  • Strong customer support

Documentation of WP File Access Manager

Documentation for WP FIle Access Manager can be found here

Support for WP File Access Manager ?

We provide support through our helpdesk, Click here to go our helpdesk.

Changelog of WP File Access Manager

2.2 ( 7 June 2021 )

* Added option to redirect to a specific page on error
* Misc. improvements & cleanups
2.1 ( 11 April 2021 )

* Fixed issue on File Type Settings options
* Added a filter
* Misc. improvements & cleanups
2.0 ( 9 August 2020 )

* Added WooCommerce Integration. You can now provide access based on Woocommerce purchase
* Added Paid Memberships Pro Integration. Allow/Disallow access based on pmpro level
* Updated Require login functionality to make a file either protected or public.
* Fixed saving issue on File Type settings page
* Misc. improvements & cleanups
1.3 ( 1 June 2020 )

* Updated the restriction logic/system slightly. previously configured files will still work but its recommended to reset to the settings for each of the old files as it may cause issues in future.
* Hidden updates menu from non-admin users even if the File Access Manager Menu is set to display to non-admins
* Added Protected message in media details page/popup for restricted files
1.2 ( 8 May 2020 )
* Fixed bug with Single user access
1.1 ( 22 April 2020 )

* Added Automatic Update Checker
* Added One Click Updater
* Updated some messages to make settings fields more clear and easy to understand.
1.0 ( 20 April 2020 )

* Initial Release