Discussion on WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management

Discussion on WORKSUITE - HR, CRM and Project Management

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Based on the demo, there is no way to set a staff to be on off during week days… I mean the employee is on off on a Monday as the tool automatically set the default shift for such employee

A response will be appreciated

hello, i’m receiving a blank page when i load my website, what could cause this? does this mean that my license is expired?

If you are experiencing a blank page, it indicates that there is an issue with the server. This is not related to the application or your license.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact our support team as soon as possible, so that we can investigate and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Our team is available to assist you with any issues or concerns you may have. We value your feedback and appreciate your patience while we work to resolve the issue.

have problem with profile EDIT when open the profile edit data need too much time to open.

I think this code have problem

jquery.min.js:2 Found a ‘popover’ attribute. If you are testing the popover API, you must enable Experimental Web Platform Features. If not, note that custom attributes must start with ‘data-’: This usage will likely cause site breakage when the popover API ships:

Thank you for let us know the issue will check and fix it and you will get it fixed in upcoming updates.

Does the ticketing has a copy feature? That is, an employee can send a ticket to a particular client and copy some people in the mail.

Sorry this feature is not available.

I am using the script for my company, Best Script with organize structure, and support is an amazing. Go for it,

Thank you for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated. Your feedback is important to us, and it helps us to improve our service and offer the best experience to our users. We are glad to hear that you had a positive experience and we will continue to strive to provide the highest level of service. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.


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Is payment section intended for outgoing payments or incoming payments for invoices?

incoming payments for invoices


Aido21 Purchased

i suggest to create an account payable section with outgoing payment. Same like Invoices-payments but for outgoing transactions

Thank you for your suggestion will send it to development team.

hi ajay, please check your ticket module in demo. there is a bug. can’t record to database many times to create from ticket form (ticket description), and can’t adjust checkkbox option (enable or disable), thanks

Thanks for let us know the issue will check and fix it.

Hi Ajay, As I can see your this version has bugs with Attendance System of Radius setting for location based attendance. Which is actually not working.

You are correct, I have not purchased but my friend has been purchased it and I was testing her system. I am also planning to buy this but if you fix this bug and some other new location based features

we already send your concern to our testing team if we found any issue will fix it and in next update it will fixed.

Great with Thanks.

Based on the demo, what happens to people at Night shift? Will the attendance work for over-the-night shift? For example, 7pm-7am the next day

No responds?

No response?

how clints can see products added by admin ?

admin need to add that products with client can purchase option checked.

add new task & list of tasks is not available in client dashboard

it depends on the tasks view permission and also that client need to be add in project then that project also need to add in that task then only it visible.

i did as you said .. still it is not visible

Where is the option of subscription for clients?

sorry did not get your point which subscription are you talking about.

Hi There is security vulnerabilities, a user can view projects that have been raised by another client by modifying a URL ID /account/projects/ ID Thanks

Please check the user permissions. If you have issue please contact via support tickets with screenshots.

Thank You

Does it have a watermark feature for pictures and videos

Sorry, it do not have such thing


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It looks like it is impossible to have different Dashboards depends on the user or even depends on the role. So what I see now – even the user has no access to the projects or tasks modules this user always see the Project and tasks widgets etc. It is useless and annoying. How to avoid it?

ok got your point and we are taking as a suggestion and you will get it fixed in upcoming update.


Aido21 Purchased

thank you


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I am not able to generate invoice using same items from proposal after changing lead to client

That wastes a lot of time if we will be adding 50 items from the proposal to the invoice manually…

any idea why it forces me to readd new products ignoring the old proposal that was actually approved by the lead hence, I want to bill the client at this stage, not recreate his proposal in format of invoice

Thank you for your suggestion we are creating suggestion and sending it to development team.

Very interested in this CRM, but I have a few pre-sale questions: 1. On which Laravel version right now this CRM running? 2. When we can expect latest Laravel PHP version support? 3. Do you offer custom customization for this CRM? What is the hour price for your development services?

Laravel 9

Its in latest laravel

for customisation contact us via support

Does this CRM has subscriptions functionality?

hi what admin template is used?

We have developed our own admin template for it

Hello, Everything works fine but there is a minor issue (maybe my settings) or bug you can say in the system. I have a shift starting from day 1 (18:00) and ending at day 2 (3:00). System automatically clock out at day 1 end (24:00) which it shouldnt. Can you explain how to fix that issue?

Thank you for let us know the case will check and fix it accordingly.


I was wondering if you could include the following suggestion in your update list so I could decide whether or not to purchase.

Case: In my line of work, we frequently have to use more than one type of currency on the same invoice.

Suggestion: To be able to set a different currency for each item separately.

Sorry but this is something that is not going to be useful for our customers.


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