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Issue project nothing saves

Uncheck readonly or chmod 777 in this folder:

  • plugin-maker/project/ if not exist, please creating new folder with folder name project
  • wordpress/wp-content/plugins
  • and check config.php, is path correct?
    define("PROJECT_LIVE_WP_TEST", "D:\\xampp\\htdocs\\wwwroot\\\\public_html\\4.7");

How to protect files that have been edited?

You can put the file in the folder:
will be copied to

When i try to submit it it says ops, non authenticated only? what am i missing?

no missing, that means please LOGOUT, or use other browser

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘XXX_PATH’ (T_STRING)

Plugin Name and Short Name can not start with a number.

False: 1st My Plugin 7Form 7form

True: First My Plugin Seven Form _7form

What is the purpose WordPress Plugin Maker ?

WordPress Plugin Maker can build complete plugins and create customized features and quickly.

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