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How can I create a taxonomy for custom post type?

not yet, check function register custom post types in output code. for example make support tag and categories. $args
'taxonomies' => array('category', 'post_tag','page-category'),

You can send me message when you found deprecated function (wpcodex) or not support for support for 4.7 or latest.

I have more interest except functional. For example, the same taxonomy. I do not want to use an additional ACF or Toolset. I am sure that this script to sell more if the expanded functionality. Good luck!

ok, we always upload another version here:

I don’t know PHP or even css. But I been really good and catching up with Wordpress plugins, will I able to do any plugins I want like wordpress Registration?

freelancer version is required a little php skill, css and html

Hello I would like to know if i can upload a plugin and change the url, author name, picture ect?

I look forward to hear from you.

Regards Dany

of course, output of this tool generated from inputs that you give. remember this tool not plugin (standalone tool), but this tool for help making a wordpress plugin and this freelance version.

check this video

Thank you. Then if i understand correctly, i can import an existing plugin from the desktop and start to modify it?

no, it’s impossible for edit existing plugin except it created using this tool too. because has become php code.

Hi, I set the properties to my wordpress local install and un-checked “read only” for the folder and subfolders of the wordpress files, but when I hit save for the project info it just refreshes and nothing saves?

Uncheck readonly in this folder: - plugin-maker/project/ (if not exist, please creating new folder with folder name project) - wordpress/wp-content/plugins

and check config.php, is path correct?
define("PROJECT_LIVE_WP_TEST", "D:\\xampp\\htdocs\\wwwroot\\\\public_html\\4.7");

Creating the folder named “project” in the plugin-maker folder was the fix, thank you.

hello, few questions please:
- can I create woocommerce plugin with this?
- Is there documentation and support on how to include manual coding ?
- Created plugin can be used at other wp site?


- No, only using codex wp, not using woo api.

- Manual coding you can see in wordpress (we use code from ), for manual tool Click -> Help Menu

- Yes, also rebrand/whitelabel support.

I saw the youtube, very good!. If I would like to also include some of woo elements, is this possible?

possible, because woo also using codex wp. but you must edit manually (after export project using plugin-maker).

Where can I find the Taxonomy options?

I had previously downloaded and updated, but still see no option for taxonomies.

Did you have install?? because no problem here:

if you still problem, create new installation foler

Hi, is there any option to create multiple checkbox.

not yet supported for now.

hi. I bought a Wordpress Plugin Maker, and I have a question. Can I get a discount on the product Ionic Mobile APP builder, as there is included a Wordpress Plugin Maker, and I have it already. Thank you.

We are very sorry, there is no menu can use for discounts like that.

Hello. What kind of wordpress plugins can we create with this? Do you have any examples to show? thanks

You can make the plugin quickly. You can save time writing thousands of lines of code, within a few minutes.

keep in mind this version of freelancers, so you should have knowledge of php and this not generate final plugin, but code for help build a plugin,

see this example output and code explain

Hi! I’d like to create a recipe plugin for a food blog: can I do this with your product? Consider that I am a self-thaught person :-)))

You can create it, please note: this version freelancer, you must understand using css/js and a little php skill. you can download this example output:


MDylan Purchased

Hi! Great tool! I have a question: Can I make a metabox with wysiwyg WP Editor? Like this:

hmn,,,, send purchase code: / for get link download latest version.


MDylan Purchased

Ok, mail sent!

ok,, check email,, or this link , rev 17.05 support wpeditor in metabox

hi, is this still being updated?

thanks and no worries

quick question is this included in app maker you are also selling?

No, this tool only makes basic plugins only, not for apps. if you need support for register rest-api: latest version here:


macster Purchased

Interesting item and must say i’m impressed. Keep it up!

I created a plugin and want to add the DIVI theme builder to the post type like this: but on my plugin the DIVI builder button does not show: (here there is not divi builder button) Can you help show the divi builder button to the plugin add new .. ? Thanks!

Overall well done!

We do not know about DIVI theme builder, plugin-maker follow code from official wordpress only. for third party code, like: DIVI theme builder, you should contact or learn from DIVI theme builder site or it’s developer.


macster Purchased

Can i send you the DIVI theme to check it out faster ? I’m pretty sure you can help faster than they answer :)

best is talking to its developer and asking permit for learning it.

om, bisa di integrasikan ke woocomerce, jobmanager, user role ga?

Ini cuman pake api wp aja, pihak ke3 cuman restapi aja.


MDylan Purchased

Great plugin, thanks! Just a feature request: Now when I choose Metabox / Type: “Wordpress Featured image”, I can select / upload an image, but later I can’t modify / edit it, I must remove image, and reset again. It can be usefull if I can edit pasted image from here. Thank you.

thank suggestion,, it’s code default feature in wordpress,, edit button in right side box, don’t forget add image size to your project.


Seems very interesting product, Can i develop my own plugins and sell them on codecanyon ?

I’m a web designer, I know Little PHP and I’m good with HTM, CSS and Scripts.

I’ve lot of ideas on creating new plugins and sell them, is your product suitable for me?

yes, output 100% whitelabel.

sorry for late reply.

I’ve got a request for future updates.

I had to do this manually for now but in the future, could you add some code that would allow a functions.php file to be able to be edited manually without being overwritten every time we change something in the settings of your script?

For example, I added the line…

$string .= ‘include CSP_PATH.”/functions.php”;’ . $this->newline; be created after the debug mode around line 56 of the plugin. Then created a function.php file manually. But of course, for other people, the functions.php file will have to be created if it doesn’t exist though.

Now every time I change something in the settings, the functions.php file remains the same without being overwritten upon changes being made while still being included into the plugin.

There’s got to be a better way to do this in your script but it’s a workaround that I am using for now. I just don’t want to have to redo this when an update comes out to your script in the future… plus it allows people to add functions manually while still using the plugin maker simultaneously.

Thanks for the request, but we do not promise to be approved.

I’ll be sure to ignore future updates as well as not buying any other of your items then. Thanks.

hey your plugin support API , if so its support post & get function?

this not plugin, this tool for create wp plugin (using api wp codex) post support, you can see demo tools