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Hi by defaul woo have no country / city/... input. How your plugin can create search via country/ city…?
Is it extra plugin or how? Thanks


It's  a custom taxonomy ( hierarchical ) by this tool -

So create the custom taxonomy”locations” – and use it as simply category.

I downloaded the basic version from to test before buying and am having trouble getting it to work. I am using the taxonomy only widget. It recognizes my tags and categories, but when I click on one of them, I am directed to an empty results page. I already tried what you suggested under—> didn’t work either. Please advice.


Drop me link here please where I can look on that fail

Also try in the plugin settings in the first tab ‘Output search template’ change word from search to archive

Yeah, I tried exchanging search for archive, but that made no difference. But nevermind. I already bought a plugin that works.

Hey! I’m having difficulty figuring out the CSS to change the color of checkboxes:

.icheckbox_flat-blue checked

I need to change the color of the active state of the:

1 – box


2 -checkmark

Any suggestions?



You can change skin in the plugin settings -> tab ‘Front Interface’ -> – not by custom CSS

Hi, I am testing the plugin for Woocomerce. It seems to be great plugin but does’nt work for us . We install it and set all options. We use shortcodes on single page as below : [mdf_search_form id=”149”]

[mdf_products template=woocommerce/table2 columns=3 orderby=date order=desc page=1 per_page=9 pagination=tb] .

The first shortcode works fine, but when we hit the filter button nothing changes (only the spinning is running but products are not filtered). Can you please advise ?


Strange, write me please here: with wp-admin access to this plugin and screen of this text + the same description you provided firstly …

Hello I send you message yesterday thank you


I answered you by email

Hi. I have a problem with the plugin and I don’t even know where to start searching in the support database. I customizes settings (following the video-tutorial) and the Meta Data Filter Options in my posts and it worked fine. But then, my theme has an Event Manager to add events, and I want to filter them by country. I created the filter wih all the countries, customize settings of the plugins to select the correct post types and add the Meta Data Filter Category in the widget and each event has its country. But the filter shows me all the countries empty, as if the events where not connected to the filter. Any ideas on what’s going on?


squizzo Purchased


I just clear cache but it’s still not working.

If you enter here: you can see the filters on the right. The top one is a taxonomy one, just to try if it works with posts. It counts correctly one post with the Blog category and 1 post with the Bussiness category. But when you select one of then, the results page is blank.

Then, the filters below (BUSCAR CURSO) are the custom post type ones (for events in my theme). I created the filter with the options and then I enter the option in each event. There is one event with the country Panamá, so if I select Panamá in the drop-down, I should have at least one result.

Could it be possible that I have no results in my results page because in the MDTF Settings I have SEARCH as the Output search template, but I am using a Child Theme and the search.php file is in the parent?

Thanks for your help, Squizzo


squizzo Purchased

Let me know if you need to have admin access to check something.


Please add in your theme mdf templates. Take it here –

Write me on support( use contact form ) – Drop me wp-admin access . I will try create test page ( Please insert your messages )

I have a doubt, with your plugin it would be possible for example if I selected the range slider for the price of a set of various type of products for different categories, and if other checkboxes were selected the price would decrease accordingly the catgorgor? For example, if someone types a perfume brand, and the price appears between $0 and $200, and someone selects a child’s perfume check box, and the price ranges from $ 10 to $ 70, the element of the range slider price, he still fixed at $0 to $200 or does it change as it reduces the category?

This option that appears in the wooprice image is not available in my version, I currently use version v.2.2.2. In realide I bought a theme that even came with it. Is this wooprice option only available in the version v.2.2.3? I can buy it, but I would need to make sure it will work, because I really like the plugin, but like how I work with different price categories I need this option.


firstly: By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought …

This option should be in your version.

Try to do test with free version –


This feature works on woo categories pages: – if you are in category page price range will adapt to it, but nehaviour in filtration you described will not.

Look on this plugin please if you need filter for woocommerce: – WOOF, it has range adaptation, you can test it for free

Hello, I’m a ReHub buyer so I use your plugin. I can’t find the MDTF module in WP All Import Pro so I can’t import MDTF filters.. Do you know a way to do it? Thank you

Hello, Thank you for your answer. I understand, I am buyer by a tierce so if you can help I’ll be very grateful. I can’t find the meta-keys of my filters in panel admin. I only see the metafields (medafi_7898789), that’s why I can’t use it in my CSV file. Where can I found its?

In other word “csv_post_slug” column in my CSV file is the Field Name (meta-key) for Slug and “my-custom-slug” is the value (meta-field) My problem is that I don’t know the Field names of my MDTF’s filters so I can’t use it


MDTF filters slug its – ‘meta_data_filter’

All metafields with prefix “medafi_” – belong to the posts that the plugin will filter

Please, better write me on support( use contact form ) –

I need more information. What type of post do you want to import?

Hi i have purchased rehub theme and your plugin bundle included in this theme i have a major problem with MDTF filter. when i create mdtf filter and assign it one category like General after that when i create a post and add data accordingly to MDTF filter and publish the post.After that i create short code for filtration and hide extra things in this filter and use only those things which i have to needed,the MDTF short code not filter data properly.

Thank’s in advance.


By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought …

Can you drop me exact link to the issue?

please provide us your support email i will send you a link

Hi, I have two pre-sale questions:

1- We have a ‘hotels’ CPT and a ‘locations’ custom hierarchical taxonomy. In this taxonomy, we have 2 parent terms: ‘worldwide-admin’ and ‘worldwide-natural’. Then, the tree below ‘worldwide-admin’ is countries, below countries there are regions, etc. The tree below ‘worldwide-natural’ is mountain-ranges, then valleys, etc. So, if we want to show the hotels in some valley of some country, we can’t because valleys and countries are in different branches of the original tree in the taxonomy. So we will use term meta, adding a key meta for every term and then connect it with another term. Since WordPress database only indexes keys (not values) and our meta terms would be binary (yes/no), we only need to ask for the existence of the key meta term. Then the query is much faster and scalable. So first my question is: can we filter by the existence of the key of a meta term in a taxonomy?

2.- Our site is configured so that the URL’s for any taxonomy term are like this:

So they don’t show the hierarchy, only a ‘hotels’ slug and the specific term.

My second question is: when filtering with your plugin, can we show that same URL’s? I mean, if we have an options-dropdown with ‘new-york’ and ‘washington’, if the user clicks on one option, will the URL change to that and

Thanks in advance


1) I think yes. You can create meta field as checkbox ( for your post type ) and the filter shows post where there is “some taxonomy” AND ‘some meta field’

2) For these pages, you can create separate filters and display them using a shortcode

3) Unfortunately no.

You can use free version –

Watch video please – AND

I have 2 taxonomies created separating two types of products .. however they share the same custom fileds … it has like me to filter only those that were displayed in the page belonging to taxonomy x .. without the person need to clothe among the taxonomies

Hi, I purchase REHUB theme and it comes together with your plugin and I have some questions. In MDTF filter option when I use text input filter and click toggle. It will have option to search for : 1. self 2. post title 3. post content 4. title OR content on the same time 5. title AND content on the same time

The problem is I can use post title to see results. If I chose No.4 title OR content the plugin will return not found any product…. How is that possible? (I search with my local language…not sure if this is problem?)

If I use option No.2 the plugin give result correctly.


By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought …

2 and 4 – This should work if there is a match in the title . Can you drop me exact link to the issue ( use setting – 4 )?

Yes, I did ask them and they suggest to ask you for more details. Can I have your email? I don’t want to paste my website url here.


“I did ask them and they suggest to ask you for more details.” – Hey!!! If you bought from them this product – they should solve this problem. They must contact me and request information.

Write me on support ( use contact form ) – ( paste your message )


squizzo Purchased

Hi. I have created a filter (with its category and filters and shortcode). It works perfect in one language Spanish: if I create an event in my theme, it lets me choose the Filter in Spanish in the META DATA FILTER OPTIONS drop down. Now I translate the filter into English (all the elements: category, filters and shortcode). But when I translate the Event into English, in the META DATA FILTER OPTIONS I just have the option to select the Spanish filter, and not the translation in English. And this means that I cannot make a relation between the event in english and the filter in english, so it doesn’t filter when I’m in the English version. Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Thanks


You need to create a filter for each language. To show or hide widget – OR Special plugins like – WPML widgets

I have been trying to get your plugin to work for a while now, and it won’t filter my results for my woocommerce store. I followed your video and written tutorials exactly, and it’s still not filtering my results. I set the category, assigned all my products, made sure that the price field is showing in all my products, and I tried every combination of results pages that I could, and still nothing.

I don’t know what to do. I really need this plugin to work.


Read this please –

If no luck – drop me exact link to the issue.

Also you can try this filter ( designed specifically for woocommerce ) –

It still didn’t work. By the way I got your plugin from the Rehub theme. I’m not using Rehub now, but it didn’t work in that theme either.

Thank you.


Did you do reflection for this field – – ( _price )

Try to o test with taxonomies.

Drop me screenshots of the widget

Hi there – Our client wants to have filters on property listings that show for example:

Bedrooms: 1 2 3 4+

To get the “4+” working is where we’re stuck on. I tried adding a dropdown filter to search in range on a meta field called ‘bedrooms’ for 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 and 4-99 but this doesn’t seem to work. How can we can this working to allow to search in range correctly on drop down type?


Try to use it 0-1,2-3,4-i

If no luck write me on support please ( use contact form ) –

Half working, ideally need: 0-1, 2-2, 3-3 and 4-i.

0-1 and 4-i working great, but 1-2 and 2-3 are including other results that we don’t want shown. Will send email via support now. Thanks.


I answered you by email


juaevpa Purchased

Hello! I’m trying to install WPML in my website but if I active it, filters doesn’t work, they always show the same results ( they work perfectly with WPML deactivated). I’ve found similar problems in comments but I don’t find any solutions for this.

Thanks !


You need to create the filter for each language. To show different widgets on different languages –

No, it doesn’t work