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Hi, is it possible to set the meta data filter category for a post using php? I use WP All Import, and it would save me a lot of time if the category can be set using a function..


Not from the box, only with custom coding

I have made a filter, you can see it at link below. For “Brand” Drop-down I can select more than two option simultaneously but not able to do it for “Android” because as I select first other fades out. I have used Taxonomies with tag for “Brand” and Filter with Checkbox for “Android”. I want same functionality for “Android” as that of “Brand” so that I can select both option for “Android” as well.

Link for reference:

Can we have Comparison Logic OR for Filter with Checkbox. If yes, how? Because I need it.

Hello, is possible to filter the filter options? For example i have a multidirectory website, cars, music and houses. can i chose cars in the filter and see cars related only filters? like kms, brand, fuel etc But if i chose Music i would see band, genre, year filters. Is it possible?



Yes, here is an example

Hi, thanks for a great plugin! I have a question as I have a MDTF widget/search, and some of the filters are checkbox. I’m wondering if it’s possible to set that 1-2 of them should be checked by default when the search page opens?


There is one way only – using constant link (predefined search) – , here is an example:

I get an error for this:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MetaDataFilter in /home/XXXXXXXX/www/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/wp-content/plugins/meta-data-filter/index.php on line 0

Found the problem. I had to deactivate the free plugin.

Hi, we are interested in purchasing your product. Please can you answer whether this plugin will work with wordpress websites that are not woocommerce based. And is it possible to make search filters in the horizontal shape? Thank you in advance


Yes, this plugin will work with posts,page and any custom post types, example:

By CSS you can place filter by shortcode as you want


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New product since WC update not showing? Since the 3.0 update the new product added since won’t show in the search result anymore, all previous product do but not the last ones. I have not changed anything to it and everyting is up to date? any idea? (Please)


Write on support please with this issue + wp-admin access and exact links where its possible make sorting, just tested and it works on my side, also be sure that support subscription is actual


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2 questions:

1. I have 2 drop down options, one for category and one for tags. Is it possible to not display any tag until a category is selected and then to only display the tags of the posts from that category? Kind of like with categories and subcategories. When you select a category only then you can choose the child categories. Is there any way to achieve this with categories and tags?

2. Is it possible, if the category has only one post (item) to open that post and only open the search page in case of more than one post?

Great plugin by the way!

Best, Radu

Hello Radu

1) I think its possible to make by dynamic CSS, smth like: if (isset($_GET['swoof']) AND isset($_GET['product_cat'])) { ?> <style type="text/css"> .woof_container_product_tag{ display: block; } </style> <?php }

Of course css class .woof_container_product_tag shoul have display none somewhere in your styles. This will work only in redirect mode and not in ajax, but if you need in ajax mode too – it will be nessesary also hide woof_container_product_tag by default, and in the plugin settings -> tab Advanced -> ‘JavaScript code after AJAX is done’ write your own js script which will show woof_container_product_tag if product cat selected, but its custom work already

When you select a category only then you can choose the child categories – its a little another thing

2) Theoretically yes, and there is 2 ways:
  • in the php code of the plugin which is very difficult
  • by JavaScript which can be placed in the footer and count products when the seacrh is done, and if one products found should be triggered its link, but its need programming too

Dear Author : Pre sales question Will this plugin work with custom taxonomy. I have a taxonomy named envira-tag and i want show it in drop down. Its an image gallery taxomomy which filters images when clicked o taxonomy. Please reply

Here is the tags that look like. I need the tags to show in a drop down or a checkbox list to filter the images. Not as it is shown in the current demo of the above link.


with custom taxonomy – sure, there is even demo site with it: – custom post type+custom taxonomy which were created by – looks like its special plugin for layout, its possible make its filterable with

I would like to select more then one value in the dropdown like here:

How can I do this?


By drop-down its possible to select only 1 value, for multi selection use checkboxes

But I only want dropdown in frontend filter. Is that possible?