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Hello, does this plugin work with Advanced Custom Field as well?


These plugins do not have full compatibility. You can only use some meta fields for filtering (reflection):

Docs: Now very important moment when we are talking about Price! MDTF plugin sometimes installed when site works already, and products already have prices in their meta fields. For example in woocommerce it is _price. So, to make such already defined meta keys searchable the plugin has functionality named as reflections – reflecting of value of other meta key. For using this you need in the prices html-item which we created in built-in meta data constructor check checkbox “Reflect value from meta key” and write in activated textinput near that checkbox write meta key which we want to reflect, in our case it is ‘_price’ and press button Update:

Checkboxes can be reflected with meta keys which have values as 0 or 1 only Drop-downs can be reflected with meta keys which has the same value as its drop-down <options> keys Textinput can be reflected by meta keys with any text values Calendars doesn works with reflections at all!

Hi I’m having trouble displaying search in sidebar or pages. search and filter disapppears when selecting items using ajax post options. Please help. Currently running Divi theme.


I answered you on email


I’ve see the demo Can I let the seach icon moving/slide with when I scroll?

How to change seach icon size?

Is it work with all themes?


Hi, Seem I am using premium version from Rehub theme, can I have support here?

Check my dev site at here

How to make slideout search display look like the widget on the right? The slideout search didn’t display taxonomies list at TOP like as Widget

The current shortcode is: [mdf_search_form id=”170” slideout=1 onloadslideout=1 fixedposition=0]


Hi How to output the value of MDTF section ? For example: I create a MDTF section and it has multiple checkbox Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

How to show the Option value to the single post? What is the php code to call the checkbox value?



I’ll check if it’s related to my plugin – By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought …

Where you add this shortcode? check a skin –

Read this – +

Are there plans to make the use on mobiles devices better or easier? For example, it would be useful to have it as a sticky button on the bottom and when a visitor touches that button, the menu slides in from the bottom in full with.

EDIT. just seeing i’m posting this with my own account and not with the account we have purchased it.


This goes beyond the functionality of the plugin. You can use a third-party plugin or theme functionality to display the sticky button and insert a mdtf shortcode inside the container.

I’ll pass your proposal to the developers


I see there is an option of constant link in MDTF filter. We can create a “search” to a permanent URL. But what is the point if we can not provide a separate title, meta description & other details for this URL. We will not get any SEO benefit just by having one more URL. Ideally the constants link should be a custom post type which can be promoted for SEO purpose like a “Archive” page.



You probably noticed that the filter forms a string – This is the temporary key for the search query. After some time, the link stops working. The constant link allows you to store search queries

Hi I just setup the Car demo site on my localhost. I known that we’ve choose the value when creating a car post but how to output it in a single post at front-end?

Car #30 Price: $155,000.00 Year: 2000 year Mileage: 100,000.00 miles Fuel Type: Petrol Body Type: Sedan Central lockingAenean a est vitae risus porta vestibulum. Power Assisted SteeringMauris cursus feugiat cursus. Donec eleifend at dui sed pellentesque. AirbagsLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Color exterior: White

I created my own MDTF section with value and set values for post when creating but it didn’t display at front-end when viewing the post.



You need customize template. Example: single-post.php

To show meta fields – AND

Hi, I am trying to create a page like the demo one at here:

However, it shows all my posts on the site. How to show the post only from specific category has id: 85

This is my shortcode: [mdf_results_by_ajax shortcode=”mdf_custom template=template/list post_type=post per_page=10 pagination=tb” animate=0 animate_target=body]

I tried to added taxonomies=categories+85 into the shortcode but it didn’t work



You tried this :

[mdf_results_by_ajax shortcode=”mdf_custom template=template/list post_type=post per_page=10 pagination=tb  taxonomies=category+85  ” animate=0 animate_target=body]    Right?    correct slug-


I have purchased the rehub theme in which I have mtdf plugin licensed version. I am using mtdf filters for woocommerce. First of all your plugin is wonderful and very fast and easy to setup. But I want a little help from you as when I ask first from sizam he said he is not using mtdf for woocommerce in his theme demo and he his not able to solve this issue which is related to mtdf.

Kindly provide the solution for below problems:

1. I want to show mtdf filter metavalue in product grid page – Kindly provide the shortcode for this.

2. After the mtdf ajax result on product page the default woocommerce sort panel disappear. Kindly provide the solution for this issue –

Kindly reply.


Hello unfortunately your links do not work. 1) To show metavalues –

2) Maybe the shop template is incompatible with Ajax mode. You can try use MDTF sort panel –

Thanks for reply, links are working but there is full stop in the end due to which links are not opening… 1. 2.


1)So add this shortcode in woocomerce template

2) Disable ajax mode OR use MDTF sort-panel

Hi, Is it possible to make a product filter on the homepage similar to this And if so, help in achieving it would be most appreciated.

Kind regards,


I think it’s possible. But you will need CSS customization.

Watch video please – +

Hello Author, I would like to purchase your plugin, I have one question – Does this plugin suitable for Doctor Search with Hierarchical same as in this link (Find a Doctor) Kindly let me know ASAP.


I think yes! It will also depend on your taxonomy structure. You can try free version –