Discussion on MDTF - Wordpress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter

Discussion on MDTF - Wordpress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter

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Hello! My site has changed scope so I don’t need the plugin anymore. Is there a procedure to uninstall the plugin and leave the database clean?


You can use delete_option() key: “meta_data_filter_settings” –

Dear Respected Author,

Thanks for your awesome work :)

We need your kind guidance and really hope that your plugin could help us and our fellow businesses.

We are mostly in Spare Parts, like Laptop, Computers and mobiles.

We face many issues, facing currently and Will try to explain it.

There is one part like SPARE-PART-A (ex.15.6” Screen) is suitable for almost 500 different model Laptops(ex. Dell 3542, HP 650, Asus Vivobook).

and we have likewise around 10 SPARE-PARTS-X (Screen, Battery, Charger), and this same spare parts are suitable for many Laptops.

What we want is to, when user comes to website, he should have option to select the BRAND LIKE … ASUS, DELL, HP and then he could CHOOSE MODEL … Like Dell Vostro, HP Pavilion, etc and then the respective Spare part could shown to customers.

And even, we want the products to separate list in organically in Google, so that if a user searched SPARE-PARTS-A for Dell Vostro, then it could launch same LANDING PAGE with all SEO.

I hope I’m able to explain, what we need.

For more clarity, I would like to share of example website, for you and pls check … Here you can see, when customer selects DELL Brand, there is landing page with all series, and then after click on the series, the model list comes, and after that final magic happens, the user is shown with DYNAMICALLY GENERATED PRODUCT PAGE with Dell SCREEN for Particular SERIES, and also Particular MODEL is generated on the fly and even we search on google, this page is automatically created and shown to user, Here you can see, when user selects the MOBILE BRAND the Landing page shown with MODEL of that BRAND, and then comes complete list of all MODELs and finally the list is shown with spare parts which are all compatible to that model.

This is very must needed, as we have 10,000s of models of laptops, and around 7-12 spare parts of all models, but mostly the 7-12 spare parts are same of most models, so listing them is not possible for all models, each. Instead it should generate dynamically.

I really hope and got some positive vibes, that your great work in form of plugin could really help us and our allies.

So humble request you to kindly help us.

Thank you again :)



if you are using woocommerce then you better try this plugin – – It’s not like a filter, it’s like navigating through archive pages

please check this demo –

Is the plugin compatible with ELEMENTOR PRO? Thx


Unfortunately, we do not have such information.

You can test it with the free version –

Read this –

Hello, simple question regarding the update of the plugin. Is it still fully compatible and functional with new versions of wp and woo? Thanks in advance!


Yes, but for woocommerce products filtering better use WOOF: – which is also works with meta fields


alkhor Purchased

Hi friend, long time no see :)

I hope you are well. Haven’t been using WooCommerce for many years, but I am back now working on my personal site and I am using the Oxygen builder, so I haven’t installed and tested your plugin yet, but the question is; do you know if it will work with Oxygen out of the box, and if not would you consider looking into it?

I hope you remember me from many years ago ;) I am happy to see that you are still strong, you deserve it.

Yours truly, alkhor

Hello Alkhor

Nice to meet you to :) Sorry for delay, vacations. We not worked with Oxygen but we can try to play, please do all the support asks …


alkhor Purchased

Hi RealMag777, no worries – nice to talk to you again :) I am still working on the demo site and haven’t install it yet, will get back to you when I start testing it. Thanks again!

Welcome :)

im looking for something like, if toxonmy = location and location = wp-users location and location = florida then redirect to this page

is this possible?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.

Is there any way to change the drop-down taxonomy titles?

See the right side… I’d like to change Affiliate Store just to Store.

Found it. Sorry!

Hello ok! Great!

Is there a freelancer that I can hire to set this up for a Woocommerce store?


Unfortunately we don’t have time for custom tasks

Can this plugin filter my existing wordpress archive pages with ajax? For instance:

Can I add a filter to the sidebar that will filter the archive loop using ajax?

If so, how is this done?

Should I replace my taxonomy loop with a shortcode? If so, what kind of shortcode do I create?

Is there a way to get the shortcode to recognise the current taxonomy and display results dynamically?

Is it possible to 2 different separate sort panels in one website? Thanks.


Just create two sort panels , you shouldn’t have any problems.



Is it possible to be able to set custom filter by ”% Saving” – The price difference between Regular Price and Sale Price? For example filter all products with 25% off ?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.

when i am at a specific category it shows to the filter all filters tha are available although at the specific category i have 0 posts . why is this happening ? . what i am doing wrong ?

yes but with the product_cat=current it doesnt word it shows again all if i am in a specific category

can you pls help me ?


Sure, create public ticket here please and in the secret area of the ticket provide wp-admin access to the site and exact pages with problems, also purchase code with actual date of the support

Hi, I had a range slider which shows ages reflect value from meta key, birth_year. After plugin update, range_slider starts to show birth years instead of ages. How can it be solved? Best Regards


if you mean as part of the filter:

Yes. it’s posible.

Please watch this video – and

Hi, Thank you very much. Regards


Hi, the taxonomies widget doesn’t show full hierarchy (parent>child) if select drop down. Is a default option or is issue in my theme?

If is a default option i don’t need support. Please reply.


This renders the child element if you select the parent.

Please watch these videos – AND

Does this work with buddypress xprofile data?


Unfortunately, we do not have such information.

You can do a test with the free version –

Hello, can the plugin create Taxomony and is there a tutorial somewhere? Thank you.


This is a filtering plugin and does not create taxonomies.

To create custom taxonomies –

How to create after filter page with cusum url

This page after show with filter


Please watch a video –

Please set your link on widget/shortcode settings –

Hi, may i know how to do conditional filter? For example, in the car brand if customer choose kia brand then it will show car model filter inside is all kia car model while if the customer choose car brand hyundai then the next car model filter will display all hyundai car models


Yes it is possible if it is a hierarchical taxonomy

Demo –

Hi may i know how to do it?


Create a hierarchical taxonomy and assign filter type to “drop down”

Please watcn a video –


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