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Hello, I downloaded your plugin with ReHub. I started using it but I am finding it difficult finding any tutorials that show/tell how to build the advanced filters for WooCommerce. I am only finding basic information.

I am looking for: How to build the pop-out filter window -How to build sort panels – I only see basic price, date. How do we find what to put in for categories, brand, on sale, featured products etc? -How to build Taxonomy Chain Menu -How to make categories and subcategories viewable and expand when clicked. Mine is stuck in a small box and hard to view, not sure if that’s a bug -How to fix the display issue of attributes. example if I have 6 attributes in MDTF widgets and I only use 1,3,4,6-on the live site there will be an odd space where 2 and 5 should be.

I am hoping I can get your plugin to work without a lot of custom php work since it seems to have great functionality… if I can get it to work…

Thanks so much!


How to build the pop-out filter window – use attribute slideout of shortcode mdf_search_form which you can create in wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=mdf_shortcodes

How to build sort panels

How do we find what to put in for categories, brand, on sale, featured products etc? – do it your logic, and watch for 1 time this video

How to build Taxonomy Chain Menu – its another plugin which is just a little gift

How to fix the display issue of attributes – all issues and questions is part of support in Rehub because software was bought there


I don’t see any updates since august 2016, does it mean that the plugin is 100% stable, no issues at all and 100% compatible with latest version of Wordpress (4.7.3) ?

Second question : is it fully compatible with WPML ? If it is, why it’s not announced anywhere on front page nor on plugin sidebar (column “Compatible with”), espacially when one know that WPML compatible plugin = more sales ?



Yes, all demo sites are on the latest wp:

WPML – try it free version – filtering works with WPML. Why not announced – because its more troubles than sales when site became multi languages

Is it possible to add an option to sort items in dropdown (by name, id).

I have values like “5%, 10%, 25%, 30%, 100%” and the dropdown option order is 5%, 10%, 100%, 25%, 30%”

oh its for product attributes (woocommerce)

forget about this questions :)) woo has custom drag and drop ordering :)

Hello before I purchase I want to know if this works with and fields (not taxonomy) from the custom post type like checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns. Also is it possible to rewrite URl so that it looks friendly?


Unfortunately not

Hello, we use rehub theme in which your plugin is bundled, i am facing some issues in filtering things..can you help?

Yes, in the plugin setting ->. tab advanced -> use ‘Cache terms’ OR ‘Cache dynamic recount number for each item in filter’

how can we clear this cache?

setting ->. tab advanced use button clear cache or set cron period there (you will see it if its enabled)

Hi there, the standard plug in shows that there are results in the category but the page displays “not found”. Looks like a great plug in but the demo free version is not working for me – any ideas? Thanks


MDTF is not usual plugin – its system for making seacrchable meta firlds and taxonomies on the same time, so if you need text search only standart wp tools will be enough. By the way support helps new customers (who bought the plugin) with settings, because make options right in the plugin is is not easy deal for first time, but its all resolvable.

Please watch this video for one time:

Thanks I understand. But I get no results. I want to buy it but it is not working. I select using the radio button and the filters return “Not Found Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.” Despite there being a number of posts within that category. Thanks.


Leys make deal – buy the plugin and write to support with wo-admin access, and let they install and make basic seacrh you want. If no luck will – I will make refund – here is support, but as it Friday today answer will be on Monday already. In the message send screen of my this message to let support understand that is deal.

As practic shown – wrong options in 99% is the reason of wrong work, and of course wp theme, sometimes code should be corrected a little in the place throught the search request going

How do I create seo url without the Pretty Link Lite.

instead of the 945wjwjdjaw77y7qqjqqlsldskdna456 code appear tag or category?

Note I have minimum knowledge of php.

I have access to the file page.php

Can you rell me what is wrong with “Pretty Link Lite” – its works and wvwn for free …

945wjwjdjaw77y7qqjqqlsldskdna456 – this kode is the key for transient where keeps all seacrh parameters, in another way link can be more ugly, because of that params there …

with the “Pretty Link Lite” I’m going to have to create some 10000 links

I’m going to spend my whole life creating links

You not need do that, what is your strategy if you going to make such a lot of links. SEO? That links is nessesary only for marketing needs, when you want provide somewhere beauty link do already filtered posts/products. 10 000 links is smth another than marketing

Do you think you can add the possibility to add a text search that searches more that just one meta?

For example: Text search that searches title, description, taxonomies and fields?

Oh and for me…

I added a filter category called shopfilter

Then I created a filter for text & content search and assigned category “shopfilter” to it.

My shop has a bunch of taxonomies. I will have filters for all.

What I did:

I moved widget to shop sidebar

I selected the category for the filter created for my search

I enabled all taxonomies.

I saved.

My search is shown. No taxonomy filter.

I unselected the category for the filter created for my search.

I saved

All taxonomies are shown, but notext search

Hello you can add the possibility to add a text search that searches more that just one meta? – Unfortunately now the plug-in does not have such a function. We will take into account your idea.

Do you add taxonomy item in this MDTF category? –

Hi I purchase a theme with which your plugin comes as a bundeled item ..I’m trying to use your plugin with . In discussions you have given, link But my filters are not getting connected with the field. Please help.


There is not possible to reflect checkboxes, only textinputs and drop-downs. Checkboxes can has value 1 or 0, try to make experiment to reflect 1/0 checkbox


puntkoen Purchased

How to uninstall the plugin? I’m getting a 500 error

Its funny and 500 error is server error, not php. Deactivated plugin canr generate any error. I think FTP manager will resolve this question


puntkoen Purchased

For now it’s solved, I removed every line of code except for:

class MetaDataFilter_Search extends WP_Widget { } class MetaDataFilter_TaxSearch extends WP_Widget { } class MetaDataFilter_PostData extends WP_Widget { }

If I remove these lines, the site will break.. Thanks anyway for the quick response!

Welcome ;)

which Shortcode front skin to be used for horizontal filter form in same row. I trid skin ‘col1’ here is the output link field layout not in a same line row

Pls guide on above, I have MDTF plugin inbuilt with my rehub theme

Write please on rehub support, the more your question is about CSS

Hi, I read almost all content and watched video but I could not understand why doesnt appear on my pages any filter or any post. I think I need your help. Look like something I realy missing.. Waiting your response. Thanks.


Write please on support what you did and what you want to get. Also wp-admin acees should be sent too

hi, yesterday sent message to you. waiting your feedback. have a nice day. Thanks..

Hi, I have 2 pre-sale questions concerning MDTF: 1. I need to have 5 separate „search+filter sets” with various categories on 5 different pages of my website. Is it possible with MTDF plugin shortcodes? 2. Is the plugin fully translable? Best regards