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Hi – I’m having issue with the plugin with some items not deselecting and saving.

In the MDFT Wiget / Taxonomies options / Category options – some of the categories will not deselect no matter what i try.

I deselect some (say GAMING, GADGETS).. press APPLY… wait a few seconds then save the widget…. If i go back and have a look then the changes have not been made, the checkboxes are still selected?

Have you seen this issue before?


The issue seems to be with the MDFT widget.. the MDFT Taxonomies widget seems to work ok :/


Thank you for cooperation!

with the MDFT widget – issue can be with the plugin options or particular qualities of the wp theme …

HI – Is there a way to set the “From^To” price filter to be from “0 – MAX”...

Where MAX is the highest value used by a post price?


Where MAX is the highest value used by a post price – I think no. main problem here is – how to define place or any alghoritm for that max price

There is only one festute for woocommerce because woo has functionality to define it:

Hi – I have a simple price range slider… when used it shows it is searching and shows some results in the text box “2 results, 5 results etc…” so is working at looking at the price and finding matching results.

However the posts output do not change when filtered?

Is there something simple i am missing?

If i use a taxonomies filter it does filter the results so it is possible… it’s just the slider seems not to do this.


Solved – I changed MDFT settings “Output search template” from SEARCH to ARCHIVE and this seems to work now.

Great, thank you! Watch this video please for one time if you not did it:

Hi – I’m using Re:Pick and MDTF filter plugin.

I’m trying to setup a page with slider inserted into page at top with shortcode to filter posts with metadata.

Do you have to specify a template file for the output of search results or can you use self to output on same page?


OK thanks… Currently I have been using a slider in a widget that has been working well. For the “Output search template” in settings i have been using “CONTENT”.

Just so i am clear…

If I wanted the same layout but with the shortcode slider in the content using [mdf_custom] then i would need to setup a new “mdf_template” and recreate the structure from the “CONTENT” page layout in that mdf-template


Hi – Have got it working thanks!

Hello Welcome;)

Hi – Is there a way to have the slider ‘snap’ to each step?

So when you drag it, it snaps to increments of 50 for example?

Hello Yes ! So this should work –


It does work in the sense the price range goes up in increments but the slider doesn’t seem to ‘snap’ to each increment line as per your video.. if that makes sense.

I’ve sent you support request so you may be able to see it on that if you get a minute.



I answered you

Hi – I’[m trying to change the colour of the slider bar via creating custom skin style.. but cannot find the css selector to change the colour?

Sorry :/

Please write me on support – Drop me exact link to the page with slider Some types of sliders are based on sprites. It’s impossible to change it’s color

Hello, I have installed the free version of your plugin and am trying to setup a filter with multiple checkboxes, which should be activated simultaneously so that the filte will make an or search. For example I want to be able to filter products, that are red or black. As far as I understand I need to create two checkboxes for this (1 for red, 1 for black) and than I should be able to click on both in the frontend. (like with the summer/winter wear options in your woocommerce demo). But I am only able to select ONE checkbox at a time. what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance! Regards, Martin Staudt

Hello Martin

But I am only able to select ONE checkbox at a time. what am I doing wrong? – looks like you enabled dynamic recount and for second checkbox no any products marked by that meta field


If you using taxonomies attributes in such case issue is the in free version only ne taxonomy activated and in he next free version it will be unlocked and locked some another nore light features

If you need filter for woo products only I can suggest you my another plugin – WOOF

If you need MDTF which works with taxonomies and meta data on the same time I can suggest you deal – buy MDTF and write on support here with help request about plugin options and wp-admin access, and if it will not be possible (1%) I will make refund

p.s. also drop screen of this agreement into the support request

The simple taxonomy chain menu is not working properly for me. Anywhere i paste the shortcodde the fields will only appear on top of the page right below the header, i can’t move it… also the dropdown select fields are one on top of the next one and each is full width, they should all be in one line. (i only have 1 parent category, and one child category…)

Using theme flatsome and wordpress 4.8

Where you got simple taxonomy chain menu menu? If you bought it with MDTF from another account – it is gift

You don’t think this link is too ugly?

Is there any way to tidy without the plugin pretty link To me he’s not viable

page_mdf – here is the key to storage where seacrh data keeps. Have you got suggestions?

I’m using the reflect option in MDTF with ACF checkbox fields. The fields are being reflected in my wordpress admin but aren’t showing on the filter widget. Is there any reason for this please?

Hello 1) Clear all cache

2) Did you assigned MDTF category for your post type

3) Are you sure that this is reflected correctly? Example:

Thanks, 1) Have cleared cache, 2) I have assigned the MDTF categort to Post and ACF types, 3) The MDTF filter and ACF fields are both checkboxes and they do reflect in the post settings. However the widget is still showing 0 posts for the checked filters.


OK! I need more information. Please drop me exact link to the issue and write in what fields you use the reflection. It is better to write to me on support (use contact form) – ( please paste this message )

I need to apologize to you first because what I say below may be very offensive. So I apologize to you first.

I spent 2 weeks to just understand your free plugin here:

And up to this moment, I still have NO IDEA how your plugin works.

I have a website here: And I install this free plugin, install CPT UI, create a new taxonomy called “Location” and allow multiple selects and make it hierarchical. Then I create a sample test product and in meta data filter option I select the filter section under category filter. And hope that it works.

But unfortunately it doesn’t.

I read your documentation but I still have no clue about how your plugin works.

All I want is to have a taxonomy as search filter using your plugin. I set it in my product but your filter shows (0) in the taxonomy I create, even if I have triple confirmed that I have selected some locations.

I need your help. I don’t understand how your plugin works. Your documentation did not state everything clearly. I download and follow your Zip demo setup and even if I follow all the exact settings, the filter doesn’t work.

Can you please help me?

I am using WooCommerce with the free plugin, and I cannot make the search work.

I need to know, in video, step by step, on how your custom taxonomy is setup, how to “link” between your “category” and “Section”, and how your “section” link to the product and the widget. And ultimately, I want to know do you have a shortcode that can do a similar thing as widget? Because I want to use shortcode, I don’t want to use widget.

Thank you. Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Understood you, MDTF is flexible but paying for it is difficulty in the options. There is some ways:

We took over a site for a client and the Filters are working good, but they are asking that the filter operators are changed from AND to OR so that if 2 items are checked, items form BOTH are displayed.

That did not work – also, and I’m not sure it matters – but the line numbers are quite a bit different than your screenshots. I am running version 2.2.1


Means here you need a deeper customization. It’s not so easy you need to print out requests to databases and find out what the problem is. I think on this topic it is better to communicate in supports

Ok, thanks!


clynesr Purchased

Hi Realmag,

First, how are you? I hope everything is ok. I am using your pluging in my project.and works everything very well with million thanks. My question is for my different project.

STEPS 1 – I have custom post types such as Book 2 – I have different post layout design and using some essential grid meta data such as eg-bookpublishyear and eg-booktype (horror, love) 3 – I can call this book posts on abcdomain .com/mybooks and i can show all meta data on essential grid post skin

Question is… Can i filter this custom post type books by essential grid meta data values?

Thanks Best Regards


Read this please –

And ” by essential grid meta data values” – You need reflection of the meta data. Read this ( ) point 19 –

Hi Realmag,

I have changed my theme with a woocommerce and it is not working any more, i can see the filter with all the categories all with a zero behind it, which is strange i have added products to it, also the search result page doesn’t show anything?

The shortcode does work in a way but then the search results page is empty.


Nevermind! I solved it through ‘tags’ and added a short-code to my sidebar, played around with it and it suddenly showed the results, don’t know if it is the server or cache…but it works like it did earlier, smooth as eggs!

Thank you for cooperation ;)