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for Customer Support

In all cases, this plugin is great!! But, like all advanced plugins, sometimes a little help is needed. In this case, the developer is amazing!! Realmag has always been there to assist and make the plugin function correctly!

for Customer Support

This plugin works and it has nice customer support. Thank you for the author!
In case this information helps who is reading, I have used it in a site without Woocommerce, in a Studiopress Genesis theme. The plugin has many features and options, I didn't need to use all of them in my project. I would buy it again if I needed in a future project.
Because it has many possibilities of use, it is not a super simple plugin, but the author answers your questions if you you have them and the plugin has a test version available for download in wordpress.org.

for Customizability

This is a great plugin. It has really helped me do exactly what I wanted to do with a list of products I had placed on my site.

Thank you for all the videos and support realmag777. You have really done some great work and you truly know your stuff. :)

The plugin works well once set up. There is a lot of documentation that can help.

When the MDTF Filter is active, there are several unsolved issues. "WooCommerce Products per Page" plugin, WooCommerce Sort function, and hooks related to Woocommerce's before_shop_loop may not work when the MDTF filter is active.

I highly encourage you to try/test before you buy. Your Woocommerce customizations may not be compatible with this plugin.

(Note that there is a WooCommerce specific plugin available by the same author which does not offer functionality for custom meta fields (ie. Advanced Custom Fields ACF) but might have less incompatibilities when using that plugin.)

for Customer Support

Un soporte de usuario perfecto. Ha solucionado todos mis problemas en un santiamén. Muchísimas gracias :)

for Flexibility

great support, functionality, flexibility. Thanks for this great plugin for filtering data on wordpress site.

for Customer Support

The plugin might be a little quirky and take some practice, but the developer was very willing to help and provide support. The developer was willing to work on a clone of our website to see what needed to be done to make the plugin work.

for Customer Support

A good plugin and an excellent support :)
I had some problems and I had a quicker response from the support. 100% recommendable!

for Code Quality

It constantly brings down the website(I have 11 products but with many filters), could be the shared hosting. No CSV upload if you have a lot of features to add. The output page and template, very hard to guess. I tried it on various websites, but unfortunately, I have given up on the plugin. It would be a brilliant plugin, if it worked smoothly. Had to resort to the old tags.


Author response


I have given up on the plugin - Last your contact with support was in 24 Aug 2016 from that time no one request, I am sure you doing smth wrong

CSV upload - such feature doesn exists and not announced

for Customer Support

The best meta data & taxonomies filter plugin I've ever use + perfect support + bilingual customization videos! Thank you very much

for Documentation Quality

Great Plugin - VEry Flexible
Good Documentation - You need to watch the videos to understand the workflow

for Customer Support

Really nice plugin for difficulte sourch options. Just that what we needed. With great and fast support. thanks

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