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sanstef Purchased


I’ve just purchased your plugin. I have set up multiple shipping options for my products i.e. first class, second class and registered shipping. However some of my products are either personalised or of higher value and for those, I would like to only automatically offer registered/tracked shipping. I tried over-riding the rules using shipping classes for those products but the other shipping options still appear. How can I do this?



The Weight Based Shipping plugin doesn’t support conditions on shipping classes, i.e. it can’t be used to activate or deactivate some rules on specific shipping classes. Check out our advanced shipping plugin which can do that and much more. For quick start check configuration examples available on the plugin settings page.

Hi there. Quick question. I have a flat rates set up for several products in my store and now I want to set up a weight based shipping only for ONE shipping class. Is that possible?


The Weight Based Shipping plugin doesn’t support conditions on shipping classes, i.e. it can’t be used to activate or deactivate some rules on specific shipping classes. Check out our advanced shipping plugin which can do that and much more. For quick start check configuration examples available on the plugin settings page.


tomferry Purchased


I have been using the (non-pro) version of the WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping. This version somehow made disabled the use of Shipping classes ( I am not able to add new shipping class).

So I purchased the Tree Table Rate Shipping, however this plugin did not work at all and simply displays no page content inside of the shipping tree table page.

So I went ahead and purchased the Pro version of WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping, because I thought I can add Free Shipping and other classes as well.

Even with that I cant add any Shipping classes or cannot add any Shipping zones. The Button simply does not lead to any action when I click it.

I am very disappointed, because I had to buy two products from you and both supposedly pro versions do not work.

(resolved in the private conversation)


samu113 Purchased


I set the following rules:

main IT [0 – 10] Any 3 + 1 per 0.5 kg (from 1 kg) Enabled

when i go to check out for a product named Cocoa Tree Box 9kg.

It doesn’t display any shipping cost….. am i doing anything wrong?

Hi, please double check your order destination, total weight, items weights and weight units.


samu113 Purchased

No way to have it working, could you have a look?


samu113 Purchased

After re installing the plugin, it display all correctly


trs998 Purchased

Hi, I’ve just bought this module as the basic free version didn’t cover counties, but the paid-for version said it did (well, the advert in the free one said I needed to upgrade to do this)

However, I can’t see how to add shipping rules per county – I need to exclude the usual United Kingdom counties from some of my shipping rules – most couriers will not ship to Highlands of scotland or outlying islands for the same price as mainland, so I need two different shipping rules within the United Kingdom zone.

How do I add these rules? Ideally I need a postcode wildcard such as “IW*” to be able to be included or excluded from a rule much like Woocommerce shipping rules (which don’t do weight)


Premium version supports states/counties for the Destination condition unlike the free version. However, in order for a state to appear on the plugin settings page it must be registered within Woocommerce. Adding custom states is out of the plugin’s scope and Woocommerce doesn’t have UK counties built-in. You can add them either with a custom code snippet or with the Woocommerce Locations Pack plugin.

However, neither free nor premium versions of this plugin support zip/postal code conditions. If you need it check our advanced shipping plugin. For a quick start check configuration examples available on the plugin settings page.

I have problems with the module. Not working. I sent you private message.

You are ironic. You don’t to give me money back, and you don’t help me. Your module has errors. I cann’t leave here login details, I gave you by email. I leave here again print screens. Find a solution to work or give me my money back.


You know, it’s pretty stupid hoping to get help after leaving an unreasoned 1 star feedback. You are the most angry and stupid person out of the thousands of current users, literally top 1. Be proud of it.

Your behavior isn’t professional. I have sent you a message in the past: don’t answer me and don’t helping me. I write you again: You were ironic. The module has errors and doesn’t provide a solution. Only insults and retorts online. Only that.


Ideoma Purchased

I can’t activate the plugin, it gives a fatal error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WBS_Loader in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxxx/xxxxxx/wp-content/plugins/weight-based-shipping-for-woocommerce/WBS_Loader.php on line 3


Ideoma Purchased

Forget about it, I had the old plugin still in the website.

Yep. Thank you for the update.

Please answer me or give me money back. Your module don’t work

— I answered you.
— The plugin does work.
— You don’t have to create a new thread every time you want to write something.

Provide some details about the issue if you want to get help, screenshots appreciated.


Rafa3000 Purchased


Purchase code: eff28c01-9064-43f7-a8d9-0081c8e53281

Got a problem configuring the rules: When you enter to http://www.jamondemontanchez.es, buy something and select Spain (ESPAÑA) as your destination, there are no problems:

See: http://prntscr.com/eh6mml

But, when you choose another country, like Denmark, you get both costs to choose from, which don’t make sense

See: http://prntscr.com/eh6n52

Besides, sometimes when you change provinces, the costs does not update accordingly.

Admin URL: http://sierrademontanchez.es.51-254-94-72.rcymedia.eu/wp-admin

User and pass: support

Thanks in advance! :)


Thank you for the screenshots and credentials (beware, they are publicly available though). That helps resolving issues quickly.

You have a number of rules with the Destination condition set like ‘All except <some Spain states>’. Denmark matches these rules, since it’s not a Spain state listed in the condition.


Rafa3000 Purchased

I tought the information will go directly to you. Can you erase it? Thanks

Unfortunately, I can’t. You can try contacting Envato support for that or just remove the ‘support’ user from your Wordpress instance.


I purchased this item with 12 months support but I only have 6 months support showing. Also, is there any documentation that goes with the product?


Hi Declan,

Unfortunately, I’m as the plugin author can’t do anything with that. You can try contacting Envato support.

Documentation is inside the downloaded package in the ‘doc’ folder. Also check Live Demo for a working configuration example.

Is there an import tool to import new or update existing rules?

Unfortunately, there is no tool for import.


When will the updated version be out on here? I updated via wordpress and it removed the premium version!

Hello, the latest version is already here (and always been here). You can download it from your Envato profile.


MQ4web Purchased

Hi There!

I have a question about being able to leave the title blank for weight based shipping since the default WooCommerce page already states “Shipping” in the column of all other totals (subtotal, tax, etc.). If I leave the title blank then no shipping weight is calculated and see a message that “There are no shipping methods available” during check out.

Hopefully its a simple fix :)


MQ4web Purchased

Well, doing some more searching…putting in an ACSII space took care of the verbiage (alt+255) but still need to get rid of the colon…so close…

Hi, you can hide shipping option labels with the custom code snippet.

hi will it support for 4.7.3 ?

hi please i need these information. will it support 4.7.3 wordpress? there are 4 shipping zones and 3 shipping classes(methods) . each shipping methods are around 20 countries .will you think your plugins will support?

Hi, yes, the plugin is compatible with the recent Wordpress and Woocommerce versions. You can check its functions on the fully-functional Live Demo staging.


Vrishti Purchased

I have purchase the plugin from your website and uploaded the plugin on my wordpress panel. But I’m not able to activate the plugin as it says

“Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WBS_Loader in /home/frescajuices/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping/WBS_Loader.php on line 3

What should i do?

Make sure you have uninstalled previous plugin version.

Hi i need to know if the plugin works with Wordpress Version 4.7.3 Thanks!

Hi, yes, it’s working fine with WP 4.7.3.