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hi, i just bought your plugin i put specific countries on my shipping rules but then on my website, when we select another country from this list, it does not say that we cant deliver there… can you please tell me as well how to make a rule in your plugin only for one region of france … thanks !!!!

Hi i bought it from my wordpress..here is my purchase id : Weight Based Shipping purchase [d7593028] email : nanouch96@msn.com...

Ah, ok. So you have not a Codecanyon edition of the plugin. Please contact us via our contact form.

OK I just did it ! THANKS !!

Hello, I have a pre sale question. I run a site that is for customers and wholesale accounts. I wanted to charge my customer shipping but not the wholesale.Currently my wholesale account don’t pay taxes, and I wanted to still offer free shipping. Is there a way to do so with this script?

Hello, Weight Based Shipping is a pretty simple plugin and can’t be set up to offer different shipping rates depending on user role. Please check our advanced shipping plugin having the Customer condition to activate shipping rules on specified user role(s). There is a fully-functional demo staging where you can play with the plugin before purchase to check if it works for you.



- is there any way to select EUROPE as Region instead of adding all the nations one by one? - is there any way to avoid this (https://imgur.com/a/Z22Ny) double option? if the order is heavier the higher price must be the only option available


1. The plugin doesn’t directly supports locations groups such as Europe. However, you can create a WooCommerce shipping zone with the Europe group set a target. After that, create a Weight Based Shipping method under the shipping zone.

2. Yes, just set up your shipping rules so only one of them activates on a particular order, with the Order Weight and Order Subtotal conditions.


I’m having some trouble setting up the shipping costs. I’m not entire clear on the following:

Order Weight – is this in g or kg? Order Subtotal – this I assume is the total of the goods in one’s basket?

If you set a rule for Order Weight AND Order Subtotal, the items in the basket must meet this criteria for the shipping price to appear, right?

In some instances, more than one shipping amount appears and the user has to choose, which is what I don’t want (the shipping should calculate automatically based on weight). However, in other instances, no shipping appears at all, and in another the most expensive shipping has been applied.

I am clearly doing something wrong, so could you please help?

Thanks in advance


Order Weight unit is the weight unit you have chosen in the WooCommerce settings. It’s about total weight of items in the cart. Order Subtotal unit is the currency you have chosen in the WooCommerce settings. It’s about total order price except for shipping costs.

Right, for an order to activate a rule, it must match all the conditions defined in the rule settings: Destination, Order Weight and Order Subtotal. You can skip any of the conditions by leaving it empty.

Hi! It’s the weight that has got me all confused. I’ve fixed it now, so all good. Thanks again for clarifying!

Glad to hear you solved it. Thanks for the update.

Hi , i just bought weight based shipping plugin for my online shop from wordpress. I have check all of the shipping zone , pricing , stock , variable stock , inventory and everything, But somehow its not stable, some people reported that the shipping price isn’t showing even after they put the full address. Sometimes it works , sometimes it doesn’t. Try to find out the trigger but can’t seem to find one. I try with the same item and same size and same address, it still can give the total shipping price sometimes. LEt say 7 out of 10 times it didnt work.

I try to clean cache and data on my browser and try it on different devices , yet cant find the trigger as some of them work , some not.

Can you please help me and see what trigger the shipping cost didnt show up and says “there is no shipping method available to your country”?

thanks so much H

Hi, could please double check you are addressing your question to the right plugin. It doesn’t seem like you purchased this plugin as per Codecanyon report.

Hello, I just purchased this plugin and set it up so that any item exceeding that weighs between 0 and 2000 lbs will cost a flat rate of $90 to ship. I can’t get this to work at all. Nothing is showing up on the shipping page. I disabled all of my plugins to see if it was that, but it still didn’t show up. Any help is appreciated.

Hello, could you attach screenshots of your current shipping zones and rules and let me know details of the order you are testing it with (total weight, subtotal, destination).

Hey Dan,

The plugin is amazing, however an important detail is missing: for Cash on Demand option it should not appear any payment gateway. Any way to solve this?


Hi, you can disable the built-in Cash on Delivery payment gateway for all Weight Based Shipping options with the ‘Enable for shipping methods’ setting. If you need to disable CoD for specific shipping options only, look for third-party plugins like Conditional Shipping and Payments.


pkorpys Purchased

Hi! Thanks. I have Booster for WooCommerce that allows me to do the same thing. However it would be awesome to have two multiple set of rules for Weight Based Shipping because with CoD payment I have also multiple prices based on weight. Is there any way to have two independent sets of rules like “Weight Based Shipping” and “Weight Based Shipping_2”, for example? So I can activate “Weight Based Shipping” for regular payment gateways and “Weight Based Shipping_2” for CoD?

Hi, unfortunately, the plugins doesn’t support that.

Hi, can we insert county’s or post codes in the Destination field, please advise?

Hi, this plugin doesn’t support postcodes directly. You can use built-in WooCommerce Shipping Zones for that or switch to our advanced shipping plugin supporting postcodes, check its demo staging.

Hi, thank you for the info, speak soon

Hi, is the last version compatible with WooCommerce 3.3?

Hi, yes, it is.

Hi, I have a couple of pre-sales questions:

1) is it possible to define Continents? Such as Europe, Asia, Amercias etc? 2) I have 5 products in total that I offer $5 shipping for anywhere in the US, can express shipping only be defined based on the USA, Canada and Mexico and no express shipping offered anywhere else?

How would that be defined.

Great looking plugin and I hope that it can do what I ask.


Ignore the part about Continents, I would assume Shipping zones would take care of that

Hi, in order to provide an express shipping option to customers in USA, Canada and Mexico, just create a shipping zone for those countries and a Weight Based Shipping method there. Another option is to use the Destination condition in the shipping rule if you don’t want to define a dedicated shipping zone for the countries.

Hello, I have tried the free version of your plugin and there is a issue with it. I don’t know if you created that way because it is free however, I created multiple tables and prices to reflect shipping cost by weight. Regardless of how many items I add to my cart it stays at one shipping rate. Please advice if this is suppose to be this way since it is a free version or is there something wrong.


Hello, please address your question regarding the free version of the plugin to the dedicated support area.

Hello, I recently purchased your plugin. I created multiple tables and prices to reflect shipping cost by weight. Regardless of how many items I add to my cart it stays at one shipping rate.


Please double check your products have weight set as you expect it. People often forget to set product weight leaving it zero, or set it in a wrong weight unit, for example in kilograms instead of grams while gram is the store weight unit.

If that doesn’t help, please gather the following details.

Hello, I did change the weight from kg to grams but still having the issue. Here is the information you requested.

1. WordPress: 4.9.5, WooCommerce: 3.3.5, Weight Based Shipping: 5.2, PHP: 5.6.31.

2. https://imgur.com/a/NRR0aBt https://imgur.com/a/FJ6Z2Wi

3. I’m testing it with the order: Item #1: 100g, no shipping class, quantity 1> Item #2: 100g, no shipping class, quantity 1>

Total order weight: 200g Order subtotal: 79.88€ Shipping destination: Germany, Bavaria, 90768

4. I expect to see — Kostenloser Versand (Free Shipping): 0 — Einschreiben (recorded shipping): 10.27€ — Kurierlieferung (Courier DPD): 17.89€

5. I do see instead: — Kurierlieferung (Courier DPD): 17.89€

Thank you for the details.

You have weight unit set to grams at the moment, right? If so, there are no shipping rules to handle orders above 30 grams (the last rule) on the screenshot. You have to change the Order Weight conditions accordingly, say, 0-100 (grams) instead of 0-0.1 (grams).

If the weight unit is kilogram, please make sure your product weights are specified in kilograms also, e.g. 0.2 (kg) instead of 200 (kg).

If both are correct, I can check your settings in your dashboard. Could you provide temporary admin access for that?


mabrams Purchased

Hi, if I activate this plugin, I get lots of errors.

1. When adding a product, I get “Chunk size cannot be zero.” 2. When changing the qty of items in the basket, the page half-refreshes and becomes empty. refreshing the page manually gives me the basket with the original quantity. 3. When going to Shipping Zones > Add Shipping Method > Weight Based Shipping, the operation hangs and just shows the rotating circle

Can you please advise?


The “Chunk size cannot be zero.” makes me think there is something wrong with your current Weight Based Shipping settings. Maybe they have got corrupted in some way in the database. The other two issues looks related to this error.

To check it, please disable all your Weight Based Shipping rules temporarily and check if the issues gone. If so, enable the rules one by one until the issues appear again. After that, make a screenshot of the rule you enabled last and send it to me please.


mabrams Purchased

Hi, thank you for coming back to me. I was unable to change any settings, saving just gave me the rotating circle. After uninstalling and reinstalling we are experiencing a full website error as below: Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘InvalidArgumentException’ with message ‘Chunk size cannot be zero.’ in /websitename.com/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping/server/vendor/dangoodman/number-unit/src/NumberUnit.php:28 Stack trace: #0 /websitename.com/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping/server/vendor/dangoodman/shengine/src/Calculators/ProgressiveCalculator.php(40): WbsVendors\Dgm\NumberUnit\NumberUnit->chunks(2.3, 0.0001) #1 /websitename.com/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping/server/vendor/dangoodman/shengine/src/Processing/Processor.php(26): WbsVendors\Dgm\Shengine\Calculators\ProgressiveCalculator->calculateRatesFor(Object(WbsVendors\Dgm\Shengine\Model\Package)) #2 /websitename.com/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping/server/vendor/dangoodman/shengine/src/Calculators/ChildrenCalculator.php(19): WbsVendors\Dgm\Shengine in /websitename.com/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping/server/vendor/dangoodman/number-unit/src/NumberUnit.php on line 28 Do you have a support email or somewhere private I can email website particulars to please? Thanks

You can sent private info via the contact form on my profile page. But there is no need for that at the moment.

I have reproduced the error on my test staging. The issue is that the Weight Rate ‘per each’ value is too low in one or more of your rules. It should be at least 0.001 (instead of 0.0001 value you have now). Please inspect your rules, change it and save.

The error doesn’t affect Wordpress admin backend in normal conditions. In case you are not able to log in to your dashboard now you would have to disable the plugin manually. For that, rename the folder with the plugin files ( /websitename.com/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping) to something else. Then, log in to your dashboard and deactivate all plugins except WooCommerce. After that, you should be able to activate Weight Based Shipping and access its settings to correct the ‘per each’ value. Once done, you can activate other plugins again.