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Very well made work!! It’s Perfect ;)

Glad it works for you! Would be great if you leave a rate to the plugin from your downloads page.

we are installed woocommerce in our site to make my site as a selling website,so we added many products at last we tried to add shipping method ,there arose an issue ,we tried many methods even tried many plugins for it to get work,we are failed get the requirement,”the issue is we need specific amount (eg:15 rupees)for shipment while buying half kg of product so when our customer purchasing 1 kg of something,it suppoesed to show 30 rupees.(because 15 rupees for half kg)but it still showing the same 15 rupees for shipment,whats our need is this weight based shipping should calculate for each half kg”its not working in our site ,so kindly go throw our issue and give a suitable way to get our need.

Could you let me know your purchase id / invoice number?


Triple4 Purchased

i have bought this plugin..it does not calculate weight in our site products. how to solve this issue


Triple4 Purchased

i have bought this plugin.it does not calculate by weight in our site product.how to solve this issue..?

What’s the weight of the Energy Malt Beetroot product?


Triple4 Purchased


Ok. I see nothing wrong with your shipping configuration from the screenshot you attached earlier.

Could you provide me temporary admin access so I can check what’s going on? You can contact me privately with the contact form from my profile page.

Hi there,

i was trying to update the plugin to the latest 5.1 version. the plugin installed successfully but there is no data in the plugin at all. For this reason, the website couldn’t calculate the shipping correctly.

I was trying to import legacy rules but i got an error prompt that legacy rule from version 4.2.1 is not supported.

Please help – how can i make the new updates work in my website.

Hi Caroline,

Since 4.2.2 rules are stored in a different way compared to the previous versions. That’s why we need to firstly convert them by running 4.2.2 version to be able to import them in 5.x. Here it is: wc-weight-based-shipping-4.2.2-plus.zip.

Also, your support period has expired. Please consider renewing it.


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I’m with a question regarding the shipping taxes.

I need to insert the shipping cost without the taxes included?

If i choose the option taxable = yes, it adds the tax, 23%. (4.48€ + 23%) If i choose the option taxable = no, it don’t add the tax, and just charge 4.48€.

But then i have the option “after tax included”, i can’t choose no taxable, after tax included? (with this option on the checkout it should have the total included taxes. but it just ignore the tax of the shipping.

Can you explain me what should be done please?

Shipping prices should be input without taxes.

If you need them to be taxed choose Taxable. Non Taxable in other case.

“After tax included” option is about the Subtotal condition and has nothing to do with shipping taxes. When enabled, prices in the Subtotal condition fields are compared to subtotal with taxes included. In other case, Subtotal condition is matched against order subtotal without taxes.


I’ve got the paid version of your wc-weight-based-shipping plugin and I have been using it for months, successfully.

Now I got an email from Envato Market about the last update of this plugin and I downloaded it.

But, finding a simple information or guide about updating this plugin seems to be very difficult.

The question:

Could you please provide e the instructions on How to update this plugin so that I can keep my settings?

My running version of wc-weight-based-shipping: 4.2.2 Woocommerce version 3.1.1 Wordpress version 4.8.

Thanks Petros Magoulas

Hi Petros, you can update the plugin like you update any other plugin: remove old version and install new one. After that. go to the plugin settings and import old rules.

Your support period has expired. Please consider renewing it.

OK thank you, great plugin, happy to continue using it!


simonsu Purchased

hi, i got this error, please help… [400] Bad Request: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ”-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN”> <HTML><HEAD> <TITLE>400 Bad Request</TITLE> </HEAD><BODY>

Bad Request

There was an error in your request. suntos.com.my </BODY></HTML>

That doesn’t seem to be related to the plugin. What happens if you deactivate it?


simonsu Purchased

oh, let me try

I received an email regarding the update for woo-commerce weight based shipping plugin. I have downloaded the plugin for all files & documentation as well as the wordpress one. Tried installing in my staging area and both failed with the following msg: “Destination folder already exists. /nas/content/staging/greenlightsafe/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping/

Plugin install failed.”

My current plugin is WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping +Version 5.0.1 beta. What is the process in uploading a new plugin instead of just updating the existing one? Does the existing one have to be uninstalled and removed prior to installing the new one and if so, will all the settings transfer to the new one?

Please advise how I need to proceed. In reading previous comments…where do you import the rules from the old plugin? We definitely don’t want to loose everything!

Thanks Cindy

Hi, just uninstall the previous version and install the new one. You won’t loose your settings. Also, you won’t need to import rules, since you already have the modern 5.x branch installed.

Perfect, thank you.


marjons Purchased

Hello Dan,

After a new update on the Role Based Methods plugin I have the same issue as before: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-weight-based-shipping/10099013/comments?page=12&filter=all#comment_15024852

Apparently they did nothing with my hint to improve their plugin. I tried to change code according to your suggestion from 8 months ago, but I can’t seem to find the right piece of code to change this time, the line no. is no longer correct. Could you please help me again?

Thanks in advance! Marjon


marjons Purchased

Hi Dan, thanks for the suggestion, I’ve tried that and it works if I add just 1 weight based shipping method. The problem is that I’ve 2 different groups of weight based methods, one for general customers and one for distributors. When I add a second weight-based shipping method I can’t de-select the items anymore. Would it help if I gave you login credentials for the site?

Hi Marjon, unfortunately, there is not much I can do here. You’d better contact authors of ther Role Based Methods since the issue you are experiencing is related to that plugin.


marjons Purchased

Alright Dan, I’ll contact them. Thank you anyway for your efforts!


kyagi Purchased

Hi, it’s possible to setup free shipping for total amount price more than 100€? How?

Thanks, Giuseppe

Hi Giuseppe, sure, just create a rule with Order Subtotal set to ‘above 100€’.


We have installed your plugin and when we click proceed to checkout we get the following message;

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

When we disable the plugin the site behaves correctly again.

Please can you assist.



There is a known issue with some hosting configurations.

Please try any of the following to work around the issue:
— Deactivate Zend Guard Loader PHP extension. It’s used to load encrypted PHP scripts which WordPress users don’t usually use.
— Switch from PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.4+ (5.6 recommended).

If you are not sure how to that contact your hosting support.


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I am interested in your plugin!

1. Is this compatible to Woocommerce 1.3.1? 2. Can I use your plugin to work with weights from as small as say 150 gram upwards? 3. And I want to use the cost per gram/kilo in conjunction with post code areas throughout Australia… For example: $5 between 200 gram up to 500 gram in post codes areas of XYZ? $7 between 200 gram up to 500 gram in different post codes areas of ABC? $8 between 500 gram up to 1kilo in post codes areas of xyz? $10 between 500 gram up to 1 kilo in different post codes areas of ABC?

4. Can I also have Free Shipping for certain products in certain post code areas?

Thank you


applecart Purchased

sorry I mean Woocommerce 3.1.1


applecart Purchased

Hi Please ignore the above questions – I have since purchased your plugin and have decided to set it up differently although I am a little confused!

1) Can you please tell me where your instructions are as I couldn’t find any? 2) Maybe it is easier if you would kindly explain please how I set up the following 5 rules:

Can you please explain how I achieve the following:

Any products in the cart totaling up to 400 gram – $8 shipping cost Any products in the cart totaling between 400 gram and 5 kilos – $13 shipping cost Any products in the cart totaling between 5 kilos and 10 kilos – $18 shipping cost Any products in the cart totaling between 10 kilos and 17 kilos – $25 shipping cost Any products in the cart totaling 17 kilos and above – $40 shipping cost

  • Note All within one country only – Australia Wide

3) Also Is the only thing I need to do when adding Products is add in the kilo weight, nothing more?

Thank you so much I look forward to your response!


1. The plugin is pretty simple. It also isn’t feasible to describe every possible configuration you can do with the plugin. So there is no dedicated documentation. You can find text hints under most of the options on the settings page. There is also a demo config to start with.

2. To achieve the config you described just create a 5 shipping rules, e.g.:
— Order Weight, above 0, below 0.4 kg; Base Cost: $8
— Order Weight, above 0.4 kg, below 0.5 kg; Base Cost: $13
— etc.

3. Right, just add weight.