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Hello, I’m Nix~ Quick question ~ How do I add additional fee like handling fees 5usd for each shipping at final checkout?

Hello, Nix. Just add those $5 to your current Base Cost in all shipping rules.

Can you recommended a plug in that’s makes this plug in compatible with coupons.

This would be a great plug in with this feature.

Nope this isnt compatible with coupons when i have a 10% discount on a order say £60.00. =£56.00

I offer free shipping over £60.00 but the sub total doesn’t change to £56.00 there fore the shipping still says free which I don’t want. ????

Yes, Tree Table Rate Shipping can do everything which Weight Based Shipping can. There is a fully-functional demo staging where you can check plugin functions. For the further questions on settings up the advanced plugin please contact us via the contact form on the website.

yes great thanks finally i have found what i need. ive got Dan on the case thank you

I have just bought the plugin but am surprised I have to create a Destination List of the countries for every rule I create. Can I not create a rule for a Shipping Zone as I already have these setup in woocommerce? The rules I need are purely weight based and I have 5 weight bands and 3 services per band but they depend on whether the destination is within the EU or outside the EU. As the EU has 27 countries it is tedious having to select all 27 for every rule (1 for each weight band/service) – or have I missed being able to select a Shipping Zone somewhere?

In case you are adding your Weight Based Shipping shipping methods under shipping zones, and you don’t need to restrict destination more than it’s set up with a shipping zone, you can just leave the Destination field in it’s default value ‘All allowed’.

Hello Dan Goodman, we’ve purchased this helpful plugin. We have a little issue with the IDs of shipping methods. We import orders automatically from Woocommerce into an ERP system which needs a fix ID of the shipment e.g. (flat_rate:6…) to assign it to an article in the ERP system (flexible Shipment). The wbs Shiping ID gives different IDs (wbs:5e800c98+the name of the shipping) – is there any way to rename them or give them one name by default? E.g. wbs_woo.

Many thanks for replying, Philipp

Okay thanks, is there a place, where I can find all IDs to set them into the ERP

You have to go through all of your shipping rules. Prepare orders to activate each of your rule and get their ids from the cart or checkout pages. Actually, you only need to iterate through shipping rules having distinct titles set, since ids are made out of shipping method id and shipping option title.

Okay, got it, thanks!

Hi, presales question, does your plugin is compatible with latest woocommerce version? (3.2.0) let me know please thanks

Hi, yes, it is.

Hello dangoodman,

I bought it today and I like your plugin :).

I configured different prices for different weights. The issue is, that I see all prices for all weights in cart. In checkout process it is working fine…

Do you have a hint for me how can I hide all configured shipping prices exept the right one for the order based on the weight?

It is happening when the customer is logged in…

thank yoU!


If you see multiple WBS shipping options it means you have multiple shipping rules matching order weight, subtotal and destination. You can disable all rules temporarily and enable them one by one in order to find which one is activating when you don’t expecting it, and double check its settings.

As of the code snippet, I believe it would be more comfortable to you to not use it, unless you have something which you can’t do with the plugin built-in functions.

Yeah you were right, I had to configure above and below. I only configured below weight :). My fault. Nice plugin! And very user friendly :)!

Hi. May I know the best way to update this plugin? We are using it on our site, but since the update was not available using one-click update, I am quite cautious on how to update so it wont break my site. Thanks

Hi, just uninstall the version you have and install the new one. You won’t loose any settings of the plugin upon uninstall.

Alright thanks!

Hi, can you please advise if it is possible to make the fields on the “calculate shipping” module mandatory? I need the customers to be forced to input postcode AND country

Hi, I’m not aware of any tools to do that. You’d better address your question to the WooCommerce support area, since this is a core WooCommerce function.

hi there… pre-purchase question: Is the plugin functional on REST API? I have a mobile app that gets the shipping method available from rest api. Thank you

Hi, I didn’t test it with the API. It should work since it’s just a normal shipping plugin like any other one or built-ins. Since you have purchased the plugin I believe you can easily check that and let me know?


aasvis Purchased

hello ive got a question about this plugin. First of all i sell items from 0.5kg and 20 kg so i have created 2 weight classes (0-10kg) 10-30kg ). Lets say someone orders 21 items from 0.5kg, is there any way to put that in 10-30 class instead of 2 times the 0-10kg costs?

Hello, if I get you right that’s how the plugin actually works. It checks total order weight against Order Weight conditions in your shipping rules and activates matching ones. So, if you have 21×0.5=10.5kg order and a rule with Order Weight set to ‘above 10kg, below 20kg’ it would be activated for the order.


i have a pre sale query :

we have a country weight based shipping price list where prices are predefined for specific country groups based on weight in the following format:

Max weight (kilogram) | Cost ($) | country group number (shipping zones)






Now my question is, can i implement the above using your plugin ? if its possible then plz explain with reference to ur demo

waiting for ur reply

Hi, sure, it’s doable with the plugin. Just create a rule for each row, e.g.:
Order Weight: above 0, below 100 or equal
Base Cost: 6.95.

You can also check an example configuration similar to yours on the demo staging.

Hello there,

When a update wpbakkery i have a lot of problems 1) Cannot save on several places save buttons have stopped working and also to go back is disabel 2) weight base shipping not showes up is not anymore in the product page so i cannot ad product anymore Widgets are strange icons are missing.

Please help i use legenda theme and wp latest version. Spending days no to resolve but cannot find the answer.

Regards Lilian

sorry that is not true. I can choose in the product page for shipping ore come pick it up. For 21 days i can do nothing anymore

sorry that is not true. I can choose in the product page for shipping option weght base . For 21 days i can do nothing anymore. Cannot place products anymore on my webshop.

I have a lot of trouble with wp bakkery sinds 21 days. No weight based appear anymore an today get the 500 error. I have this for two years and sudden it disapears. regards lilian


luca01 Purchased

Hi! We got an issue setting your plugin: we can’t find these nations Andorra la Vella Gibraltar Channel Islands Liechtenstein Norway is there any way to improve it?>

please let me know a.s.a.p.

Hi, the locations list is a core WooCommerce asset. Weight Based Shipping doesn’t change it. You can add locations initially missing in WooCommerce with a custom code snippet or a plugin, e.g. WooCommerce Locations Pack. Google for ‘woocommerce add states’ for more info on that. Also, make sure you haven’t disabled specific locations in the WooCommerce General settings.


luca01 Purchased

Thank you for reply. I will test this solution and let you know if it works.

Another question: Is there any possibility to set, for certain nations and over 100Kg of weight, a message (for example to ask for a quotation) instead of a price?

Let me know.

thanks. Luca

You can set up WBS to show no shipping options in the case you described. That will make WooCommerce to show the message “no shipping methods available <...>”. Then, you can change the message text with either a custom code snippet or a plugin, e.g. this one.


nionios83 Purchased

Hi, i have purchased and installed the plugin and everything until now works fine except one thing. In woocommerce settings, the shipping tab isn’t displayed. I have access in settings only from plugins section. How could i display it like your demo?


nionios83 Purchased

Also i noticed now that while i configure the settings, the shipping costs don’t display in cart & checkout page.

Hi, the shipping tab is a core WooCommerce function which isn’t controlled by Weight Based Shipping. The tab should be visible. It seems something is hiding the tab. You can try disabling all plugins in order to check if there is one causing the issue. Then, enable them one by one until you find a culprit. You can also contact WooCommerce support area about the issue.

Hi, we are looking for a weight based pricing plugin that can say PRICE ON APPLICATION or LOCAL COLLECTION ONLY after a top weight threshold as we sell some very heavy items.

Does your plugin offer this please?



Hi Alan, WooCommerce, by default, doesn’t allow orders without a shipping option selected, showing the “there are no shipping options available” message. You can change the text with this plugin. So, you can configure Weight Based Shipping to show some shipping options if only total order weight is below the threshold, and show any text with the plugin above.

Hi there, after updating to the latest version of the plugin all our weight based shipping rules disappeared and stopped working. i reinstal, instal and reinstal please help.

Hi there, after updating to the latest version of the plugin all our weight based shipping rules disappeared and stopped working. i reinstal, instal and reinstal please help.

if I add a product I had a weight-based shipping table on the right of the page. I could make a choice there. Send or pick up yourself. That dissapear. So i cannot add products anymore in my webshop.

and that for 21 days no.

Hello, are you sure you are talking about the Weight Based Shipping plugin? It seems you did never purchase it?


The shipping rules plugin does not work, I have added some rules and there is no option in the checkout for delivery.

Hi, I need additional info to help you with the issue:
1. Versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, Weight Based Shipping and PHP.
2. Screenshots of your shipping settings: shipping zones, Weight Based Shipping rules. You can upload screenshots to an image hosting like imgur.com and paste links in your message.
3. Details of the order you are testing your shipping with: items, their shipping classes, weights, total weight, order subtotal, shipping destination.
4. What shipping options do you expect for the order?
5. What shipping options do you get instead?