Discussion on WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

Discussion on WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

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Hi Dan, I have a problem with the shipping costs for digital products. Each of my products in WooCommerce are available as physical products as well as digital products. For this reason Im working with variable products, with each product with a specific weight. The digital variations have the weight 0. In the Shipping Rules in Weight Based Shipping I defined amongst others, “download” with Weight 0, Subtotal 0 and Price free. The plugin is working fine with the physical products, i.e. it ads the weight and shows the correct shipping fee on the checkout page. But with the digital products, its not working. Although shipping is defined as free and products have no weight, the shipping is calculated for some reason I dont know. My question is what Im doing wrong?

its me again. I solved the problem, it was my fault.

But I have one more problem and question:

On the checkout page the shipping method “download” is not transferred.

Instead of, the shipping method WooCommerce Text is ” There is no Shipping method. Please ensure that your adress is correct, contact us”.

My question is, how can this be changed?

Thanks a lot

Hi, the no-shipping-methods message means what it says: you have no shipping zones, methods, or rules matching the order weight, subtotal, or destination. Please double-check the mentioned order parameters and whether you have set up your shipping to catch such orders.

...okidoki, I checked it all again and you are right. its working. thank you for answering and best regards


Question, I have trouble setting up the shipping costs.

The shipping costs are based on our transport company and they have 2 rates: Box size 1: max: 100×50x50 cm and 10 kg : €6,95. Box size 2: max: 176×78x58 cm and 23 kg : €13,20.

So let’s say the size of a product of mine is: 47×47x17 cm and 1 kg. The shipping costs for 1 of this product will be €6,95, because is it will fit in the 100×50x50 cm box.

But when you want 2 of these products, Woocommerce will calculate 2x: 47×47x17 = 94×94x34 cm, this will not fix any box and so no shipping option will be displayed…

Woocommerce will not see/calculate that a couple of these products will fit in 1 box.

Can your plugin make Woocommerce see/calculate this with your plugin?

Hello, you can do it with our advanced shipping plugin. I have set up an example that you can start with.

Can’t update Weight Based Shipping + from 5.3.24 to 5.3.26 on my stage02 version of Always I get error that a file is lost and completely plugin is deleted in my FTP plugin files. Please help.

Regards Uschi

Hello Uschi, an updated version of the plugin will be available soon. Once it’s published, you will receive a notification. Then download the new version via your Codecanyon profile and install it. After that, you will stop receiving suggestions to update the plugin to the incorrect version.


sepasmp Purchased

______________________________________Update Solved!

Hi, Can I use multiple currencies when adding shipping rates? Because my domestic shipping partner accept LKR currency and global shipping partner accept USD currency

Hi, you can only define your shipping prices in the default currency.


Is it possible to calculate this way:

From 0 to 1 kg for 4 dollars. And more than 1 kg for 5 dollars + each additional 1 kg for 1 dollar.

For example: 1 kilo = $5 5 kilos = $9 ($1 + $4) 10 kilos = 14 dollars.

If this is possible, can you help me implement it when purchasing the plugin.


Let me know if you have any questions regarding the plugin functioning.

thank you sir. 1 I want to buy a copy. But I want you to help me implement the required settings in the plugin. Thank you.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer setup/configuration services.

Hi, pre-sale question, I have two different types of products (Acid and non-Acid one) and different shipping for both (different weight for non-Acid one, then up to a certain weight for Acid one, Acid one is more expensive) and free shipping up to a certain price , doesn’t matter acid or non-acid as well. Possible to do that with your plugin, I can see the classes option, Next thing , when at checkout or card, will it show all the shipping rules ? I want the specific one for that class/ product rather customer choosing the shipping. Hope that makes sense. Please advice.

Thank you. weight based shipping solves the purpose as well. Only issue , I found, all the shipping rules are visible on cart page, Advanced shipping plugin, will it only show one shipping rule to customer at checkout page ? That is my question.

You can set up the advanced plugin to show one or multiple shipping options. The example I provided above shows single option. Did you have chances to check it?

Thank you , I can see , it shows one shipping rule. I have one more thing to clear, what if both products are in the cart and I want shipping rule to show for a particular one , lets say for the specific class as its more expensive. I tested, but showed me the shipping for the last one, I added, which again will not solve the purpose as we have two products Acid which is more expensive and non acid, if both products are in the cart, customer has to pay only for acid shipping. I tried added another rule, It didn’t work, Hope you can help.thank you

Hi, I need the same in word press without woo commerce so that my customers choose country and enter weight and calculate slab based rate for shipment. as we are a cargo company no woo commerce involved. is that possible or available ? let me know please.

Hi, unfortunately, this plugin won’t work without Woocommerce.

Please can I have a refund on both these licences please?

Hi – How do I stipulate shipping classes restrictions in the weights based configuration. ?

I am doing weights based configurations for different EU countries from the UK – for my skincare, I also sell MEAT and don’t want them to order these perishable classes from my woo commerce

Many thanks Graham

Please check this page to find out how to request a refund.

Many thanks Dan – I processed requests – On the advanced plug in – it says in intro text to: “now, disable all other shipping methods” does that mean shipping zones which I have pre-set in woo commerce? the headings are zones, options, classes, and currently weights based shipping which i will replace with the advanced version. I am not sure what shipping methods relate to?

I have approved the refunds.

It suggests to disable all other shipping plugins to make sure you won’t be distracted by unexpected delivery options on checkout while going through the guide. It’s not required for the plugin to work correctly.

yes, it is

Hi I have your weight based shipping on my woocommerce site. I’m trying to change the cost but I’m not getting the option to manage the plugin only deactivate. Do I need an update? The plugin is working with the old prices as of now.

Hi, you can find your WBS settings at WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Weight Based Shipping and WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping Zones -> <shipping zone> -> Weight Based Shipping.

I’ve tried this but I’m getting a blank page when I click Weight Based Shipping

It might be a conflict with another plugin, your current theme or a custom code snippet. To check that, disable all other plugins and switch to the default theme temporarily. Make the settings page is not blank now. Then, get things back one by one until you notice the problem again. Now, you know the culprit.

Hi I’m looking for a Plugin for Woocommerce that does weight and Volume shipping calculation. Does your plugin calculate Volume too?

Hi, this plugin doesn’t have an option for volume-based rates. Check our advanced shipping plugin for both weight and volume calculations.

Hi I’m looking for a Plugin for Woocommerce that does weight and Volume shipping calculation. Does your plugin calculate Volume too?

Hi, this plugin doesn’t have an option for volume-based rates. Check our advanced shipping plugin for both weight and volume calculations.

I have a shop where I offer 2 different shipping methods. Local Pickup + Weight Based Shipping (setup with your plugin).

I would like for the weight based shipping method to be selected as default shipping method on checkout. Can this be achieved by adding some code? I can’t seem to find a preconfigured setting for this anywhere in WooCommerce or your plugin.


WooCommerce selects the first shipping option by default. So, to change the default option chosen to WBS, make sure the WBS shipping method comes before the local pickup in a shipping zone.

If your WBS shipping method is a global one, you have to remove it and re-create the same one in a shipping zone instead. That’s required because WooCommerce puts default shipping options after the others.


I have the plugin install and works very well but i have a situation that i can solve and for that i will ask your help please. I sell products buy unit and in meters. And because sometimes clients stay confused because appears the box for select the meters quantity and the units. Its possible make one or the other dont be visible in terms of the type of product?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi, I’m afraid I’m not aware of a solution to do that. You can address your question to the WooCommerce support area to get helped.


How can we exclude Northern Ireland from United Kingdom?


You can add UK counties with the WooCommerce Locations plugin and then set up shipping rules for them.

Another way is with WooCommerce Shipping Zones and the built-in postcodes support.


Thank you for your reply.

GB is not the same as UK.

N.I is a part of UK but not GB.

Can you kindly add the following on weight based shipping plugin?


and not just UK?


Changing the list of countries and states registered in WooCommerce is out of the scope of the Weight Based Shipping plugin. Please check the WooCommerce Locations plugin mentioned above.

Hi I have just bought your product, nevetheless I have an issue – is there any way to set Rule only for one class (and diable others then)?

For ex. Weight up to 100g let Class#1 but diable Class#2 and Class#3. Then weight 101-500g let all Classes. Please help

It sounds like our advanced shipping plugin would better fit your requirements. I have set up a quick example that you can start with.

In this case it seems that your product do not fit my requirements and IMHO is not quite as described: “For each shipping class you have you can override the way shipping price is calculated for it.”. How can I return purchase?

You can issue a refund request in your Envato/Codecanyon account.

Dear concern, I have a question, Do you have any API regarding shipping method calculation for mobile applications, If any then please provide us documentation or tell us a solution how can I get the weight base rates on a mobile application using API’s

Hi, unfortunately, WooCommerce API doesn’t offer a way to calculate shipping costs at the moment. Instead, it requires one to create an order with shipping rates provided manually.

Hi, is it possible to export shipping rules and import them into another shop?

Hi, the only way at the moment is export/import the whole WordPress database.


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