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Hi, I am trying to update the plugin and all my old data has gone – When trying to import legacy data it comes up with an errror – “Legacy config request failed. Config version ‘4.2.1’ is not supported. Please first update the plugin to version 4.2.2 or newer in the 4.x branch.”

I cant see anywhere to download previous versions – Can you send me a link to download the 4.2.2 version so I can upgrade to this then import?


Hi, since 4.2.2 rules are stored in a different way compared to the previous versions. That’s why we need to firstly convert them by running 4.2.2 version to be able to import them in 5.x. Here it is: wc-weight-based-shipping-4.2.2-plus.zip.

I use your plugin in combination with multiple packages for woocommerce ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/multiple-packages-for-woocommerce/ ) and your most recent update completely breaks the functionality. Normally when it passes the information to Multiple packages it passes the shipping classes and then the shipping methods from weight based and then you match them up in multiple packages. The new update only passes a single “Weight Based Shipping” option and none of the sub options making it useless.

That was a pretty non-standard way for a shipping plugin to work causing some issues. For now the plugin works like a regular WooCommerce 2.6+ shipping method.

The issue is that the Multiple Packages plugin doesn’t support WC 2.6+ shipping zones and instanced shipping methods. If it did, you would be able to create a number of shipping methods backed by this (WBS) plugin under some shipping zone and then match them against shipping classes. Here is how shipping method selection works in Conditional Shipping and Payments and Tree Table Rate Shipping.

The options are to rollback to the previous WBS version or switch to Tree Table Rate Shipping which has Contains condition to match against shipping classes contained in the cart and can be configured to process each shipping class separately. Click Advanced Settings button in a rule to see Package and Calculate Fees options suitable for that.

You can also ping author of Multiple Packages to implement instanced shipping methods support.


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Like user elshorshino, I’m also having problems with the new update. When I try to import legacy data, I get the same error message: “Legacy config request failed. Config version ‘4.2.1” is not supported. Please first update the plugin to version 4.2.2 or newer in the 4.x branch”

I have the latest version installed and I’m also up to date on Woocommerce as well, so … what’s going on? Is there a way to download the older version of this plugin? That was working fine for me. I wish I had not installed the new version.

Please refer to the elshorshino’s thread.


davinac Purchased

Thanks so much! It worked and I’m back to “normal” now. Cheers!

Glad to hear that. Let me know if there is something I can help with.


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We have the free version of Weight Based Shipping installed on our site but we just purchased the “Plus” version. How do I install the Plus version without losing all the set up we did for the free version.

Just uninstall the free version and install the new one. You won’t lose your settings.

Hi there, after updating to the latest version of the plugin all our weight based shipping rules disappeared and stopped working. Based on the discussion here we reverted back to version 4.2.2 and it worked again. Upon ugrading once more, our shipping rules in the back end disappeared and when we clicked on convert old ones it just created 7 blank lines that could not be edited. If we try to add new rules we get the same blank line that cannot be edited. Is there a solution for this?

Hi, could you provide temporary admin access so I can check what’s going on? You can contact me privately vie the contact form from my profile page.

Hello, Could you tell me if your application is compatible with the SendCloud | Smart Shipping Service plugin?

If not, I recommend you develop your plugin in order to bring this compatibilities. It is the plug-in No. 1 in Western Europe (France Belgium Holland and Germany) which takes charge of the ordering and payment of parcels for the major European carrier (DPH DHL UPS b-post postNL …)

Could you just tell me if you can develop your plugin or not?

If so, could you tarnish me about the evolution of this potential evolution? This, so I can evaluate when we can integrate your joint services.


Gilles birdcrea@gmail.com

Hello, thank you for the recommendation. Could you provide an example of how Weight Based Shipping can work together with SendCould?


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the enable rules is not appear so weight option is not shown when check out please suggest how to correct it …

I’m wondering what is “the enable rules”? Could you attach a screenshot of rules you currently have? What order you test it with (total weight, subtotal, destination)?


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my problems is Weight Based Shipping is not shown as shipping option when check out please tell me how …. help please my site www.chuanchombakery.net let me know if you need backend access or I am willing to pay for installation if needed … thank you

Could you attach a screenshot of rules you currently have? What is the order you test it with (total weight, subtotal, destination)?


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Item Purchase Code: b6c165e7-e503-43a1-8877-1cc6f2b57dd4

woocommerce weight based shipping update compatibility


I purchased your weight based shipping plugin in May 12 2016 and need to update woocommerce and wordpress to the latest versions.

Wordpress: Update to WordPress 4.7.4–en_GB WooCommerce: You have version 2.5.5 installed. Update to 3.0.6

Is your plugin compatible with these latest versions, and are there any issues I need to be aware of?

Here is the site: http://heavenscentbathbombsandmore.co.uk

If need be I will renew support with you

Please advise

regards Martin Sheridan

Hi Martin, the plugin is compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

Hi I having issue with my plugins, I tried to use the old one which I purchase before but it stated legacy config request fail. Config version ‘4.1.1’ is not supported. Hence I made a new purchase thinking that it will fix the issue but still facing the same problem. Did I not require to buy plugin again if I were to place it in my new theme? New to this. Anyway the weight based shipping still does not appear on my website

I have send you a private message. I have since solved the issue above but I bought this plugin twice.

Hi, glad you you found the previous version and solved the issue. I have commented your refund request. Let me know if there is any other issue I can help with.

Hi, I also have a problem with the update ! Before everything was working properly and now it isn’t working anymore. I had to reactivate the plugging, which I did. I had to reprogrammed the rules, which I did. But now when I go in the product section there’s no way to choose as a “shipping class” – “weight based”... And nobody can order anymore on the site due to that problem. Could you please help me ?

Hi Dan, yes I’m working with this plugin for about 1 year, the guy which programmed the site bought it for me! Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to use it, no ?

Well if I remember right, when it’s activated then I can choose in the product for the weight based shipping class, no ?

I can’t add screenshot here (how can I do). It may be easier to explain everything. Thanks Fred

Sometimes, I receive here questions about other plugins which I am not related to. That’s what I’m clarifying. You can also consider renewing your support period by purchasing the plugin from your account, since the original purchase was about a year ago as you mentioned.

No, the plugin did never add anything to the product edit page.

You can upload your screenshots to a public image hosting like imgur.com and paste links here.

Thanks for your answer !! Actually someone figure out how to fix it after 12hours woking on it… Thanks anyways for your answers !

The plugin WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping has been purchased and used for the website http://excelsports.in/. I also want to uses this plugin for UK and Australia website. Can I use the same plugin(already purchased) for another 2 website or I need to purchase the plugin again? Please reply ASAP.

Hello, you need to purchase the plugin for every live WordPress installation.

Hi Dan,

I’m looking at your weight based shiping plugin. for my online store. The store is a dutch store, but i plan to create a german, french, belgium, english and italian versions of the same store on different domains. All versions of the store will be selling from the same stock.

Can this be done with one license of the tool?

Kind regards,

Ralph van Delft

Hi Ralph, the plugin requires a license per each WordPress installation. If you are going to use a single WordPress/WooCommerce store for all languages you are ok with a single license.

Ok, clear. Does the plugin support multisite?

Yes, it does.


nnwithan Purchased

I have three different shipping zones each zone have 70 rules for weight based shipping and among those three zones have 60 same rules Is there anyway to create 60 same rules in different zone in fast way ??

Please help !! Thank you

Unfortunately, there is no tool to copy shipping methods among shipping zones.


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Hi, I am trying to update the plugin and all my old data has gone – When trying to import legacy data it comes up with an errror – “Legacy config request failed. Config version ‘4.2.1’ is not supported. Please first update the plugin to version 4.2.2 or newer in the 4.x branch.”

I cant see anywhere to download previous versions – Can you send me a link to download the 4.2.2 version so I can upgrade to this then import?


/// I am having this same issue. I need the 4.2.2 file download please, the dropbox link to the previous comment is no longer working.


garretts Purchased

Hi, I still haven’t received a reply to this thread? Could you please post the 4.2.2 file for download please?

Hi, here is the new 4.2.2 download link.


garretts Purchased

Thank-you for reposting this. Cheers


Grubsy Purchased

I followed the guide below to allow different rates for Alaska & Hawaii compared to the rest of the US states.


Could there be a reason why it doesn’t work combined with the Weight Based Shipping?

I end up having both options for shipping (allowing the cheaper rate for Alaska & Hawaii)

I have made sure the Alaska, Hawaii zone is listed before the CA,US one

Most likely the reason is misconfiguration. If you attach screenshots of your shipping zones and Weight Based Shipping rules I can try to advise you on what needs to be changed.

Here are the screenshots as requested


Hi, it’s possible than the shipping costs be set based on the total weight of the order but also on the Italian region chosen by the customer as the venue for delivery? For example, an order ranging from 0 to 3 kg weight and delivered to the region of Sardinia must cost more than an order from 0 to 3 kg delivered to the region of Tuscany It’s possible?

Hi, sure, just create two rules: one for Sardinia and another one for Tuscany with any costs suitable for you.