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My client purchased this plugin for www.yogashop.ie (www.yogashop.ie/newshop) to manage costs for shipping based on weight. I have installed the plugin and created different rules for shipping but nothing happens on checkout.

I have tried different weights, base costs and tried overriding classes but nothing.

If you have any tips or methods I could try, I would really appreciate it as we are past the expected completion time of the site.



Hi Conor,

You can create a single rule with no conditions and some base cost, to check if it appears on checkout.

I need to configure the shipping by weight and also by product. When configuring your plugin you will not be charged twice for ordering two products.

The plugin is supposed to charge by total order or shipping class weight. Depending on your product configuration it might be possible to handle what you need with Weight Rate, e.g. by settings it to ‘charge X per each <single item weight>’.

If that’s not an option, check out our advanced shipping plugin which supports per-item charges.

Hi Dan, I need to add weight based shipping for specific UK regions. It seemed that the pro version of your plugin would allow me to do this but I only seem to be able to add countries. Is it possible to add postcodes as regions? Many Thanks, Gale

Hi Gale, the plugin doesn’t support postcodes. Only countries and states. You can add UK counties with the WooCommerce Locations Pack plugin and set up rules for them. Another option is to use our advanced shipping plugin which is supports zip/postal codes.

Hi, Is it possible to add a surcharge per item for some products but not all, with this plugin? Thank you

Hi, you can set charges specific to shipping classes. Check the “Shipping Classes” section of the rule settings page.

Hi thanks for the info.


Pallant Purchased

When I try and install the plugin it will not activate. I get this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WBS_Loader in /home/(domain)/public_html/(domain)/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping/WBS_Loader.php on line 3

Wordpress v4.7.2

Please can you advise how I can fix this error.

Make sure you have uninstalled previous plugin version before activation the new one.

hi i have a pre sales question, can i offer a discounted shipping rate for certain user role?

Yep, there is ‘weight rate’ charge which you can set to ‘add £12 per each 20kg’.

i can’t see customer condition ive just bought it ive found the step

Here it is. If you have further questions about the advanced shipping plugin please drop a line to contact@tablerateshipping.com.

Hi There, I have a woo-commerce based website and have just purchased your very nice plugin. We are trying to enter a conditional free shipping offer i.e. free shipping on 6 bottle (wine) minimum order but your weight based plugin keeps overriding the woo-commerce coupon. I assume we need to enter a new rule but we can’t figure it out. We also want to add a separate coupon to offer a 20% discount on a future item. Can you please advise? Thank you so much, Susie

Hi Susie, the plugin does neither get nor change order coupon information. So, I’m wondering what’s happening exactly when the plugin is overriding the coupon?

Hello, can I return the product? I thought it was different.

greeting Beer

Hello, fully functional demo staging is available to check plugin functions. Unfortunately, digital product is not what you can return as mentioned in the Envato rules.

Oh this ist not good. I not see this befor buy the product. Can not they make an exception?

I doubt it.


What is the difference between this plugin and https://codecanyon.net/item/table-rate-shipping-for-woocommerce/3796656

I see both support weight based shipping so unsure.

Also does this support multiple carrier option that increases the price depending on how fast they want? EG:

Standard Post Overnight Express



Well, it would be hard to outline all differences between these two since they are just different shipping plugins.

If you outline how shipping price should be calculated in your store, I can say whether it can be done with this plugin and provide you further directions.

And yes, the plugin can be configured to produce multiple shipping options.


2bprint Purchased

Is this not table based shipping rate. If not can we have a full refund as its not fit for purpose. literally purchased less than 5 minutes ago. Thank you


The plugin name “Weight Based Shipping”. Is it what you are asking about?


iltizams Purchased

how to set : Product weight 200g for 1st 400g the shipping charge is 8.00 every additional weight 200g the shipping charge is +1.00

Base Cost: 8.00; Weight Rate: charge 1.00 per each 200g over 400g.

Dear author, the plugin has the ability to export/import in csv? Thanks.

Hi, no, it hasn’t.

I need help please.

On the destination option. I am trying to add Tung Chung for the destination but there is no dropdown list for that location.

Please help!

Here is the screenshot: http://prnt.sc/eabijs

By default, Woocommerce doesn’t have many states/counties included. This plugin doesn’t add them too since it’s not its job. You can add any state you need with a custom code snippet in your theme’s functions.php.

Hello, i have created a free shipping coupon. When applying the coupon at the cart page the weight based cost is still calculated, it does not go off. How can i combine the free shipping coupon with the weight based calculation? Thanks

Hello, the plugin doesn’t support coupons. You can paste custom code snippet into your theme’s functions.php in order to hide other shipping options when free shipping is active.


I’m using your free plugin WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping and I already have tons of rules created there, but now I need to add new prices for a different shipping class and It looks like this plugin would work.

However, I’m wondering if there’s a way to import the weight rules I already have running on my site or…even better, will the data base automatically run in the new version?

Thanks in advance!


Sure, your existing rules will be working in the premium version too, automatically.


Nice, I already have the + version running.

However I noticed different prices for specific shipping classes only work by inserting additional cost and what I really wanted was to actually create a shipping class where the costs are lower, so I’ll have to do it the other way around and edit all the rules I created anyway.

I am also wondering, if it’s possible to add a rule by item?

I only ask now because I just came accross the possible need for that feature, but I bet only your advanced shipping option would do the trick…

Thanks again.

You can set Base Cost and Weight Rate to zero and put in only shipping class charges, in case you have not many shipping classes. But, yes, it likely means you would need to go though all your rules.

This plugin does not support per-item charges. Our advanced shipping plugin does.

Hi Dan, whats the difference between this plugin and your other plugin – http://tablerateshipping.com/

I need to enable weight based shipping to different countries & towns/ states.

Look forward to hear from you


This plugin aims to be as simple as possible with a minimum function set while the advanced one have much more functions and thus is more complex. According to the brief description you provided Weight Based Shipping would be suitable for you. Both plugins have fully-functional demo stagings where you can check which one fits your needs better: WBS, TRS.

Hello, I have urgent question. How I can totaly hide shipping fees on cart page please? Or, how to set the plugin showing ZERO fees before address is entered? I clucked on “Hide shipping costs until an address is entered”, but calculator is still there. Thanks for help.

Hello, the “Hide shipping costs until an address is entered” should do it. If it doesn’t work as expected please contact Woocommerce support area since it’s related to Woocommerce rather than to this plugin.


I installed your extension yesterday.

After making a few shipping setups i went to my shop and placed a few products in my cart and tried to update the cart , and then my site crashed totally. Looks like this today www.bilstereoklub.com

Many pages are missing and it behaves very strangely.. Even after i have deactivated the extension..

Hello again.: I need to know what PHP version this plugin supports..

The reason for my crash was that my site was a php 7.0

We downgraded it for 5,6 and now i works..


The plugin is expected to be working fine with PHP 7.

Since the error is still there after you deactivated the plugin it’s not caused by the plugin. You can try deactivating other plugins until you find which one is causing that.

Also, the PHP warning appeared in your website is not a fatal error. Every production Wordpress installation is expected to have php errors hidden, since they are only useful for development. Doing that, will also protect your website from “crashing totally” on such a (actually) harmless php warnings and notices.


dansta77 Purchased

Hi, I downloaded the free version but needed the product classes option so purchased the plugin. I’ve just tried to add to wordpress and get the following error code:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WBS_Loader in /home/dlabs8nh/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wc-weight-based-shipping/WBS_Loader.php on line 3

Can you help.


Hi, please uninstall the previous plugin version before installing the new one.


dansta77 Purchased

does that mean that I’ll lose all my shipping rules I created in the free version?

No, it doesn’t. All your rules will be working in the new version.