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HelloI, have some problems using Plug in WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping . I use wordpress version 4.7.5. Cart page and Checked out page are always show a 404 error. Please help.

Hello, that doesn’t seem related to the plugin. Please try deactivating to check if it solves the issue. If it doesn’t please address your question to the general WooCommerce support area.


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I would like to activate the plugin. Where I can activate? :)

Hi, you can activate it like any other pluigins: WordPress dashboard -> Plugins -> Weight Based Shipping -> Activate.


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When I click View version 5.0.9 details. I get a message “An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with WordPress.org or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.”

If I try update i get the message: Updating Plugin WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping + (1/1) An error occurred while updating WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping +: Update package not available.

Could you provide me temporary admin access to check what’s going on? You can contact me privately via the contact form from my profile page.


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I made a bunch of rules and they are all working perfectly. My question is. Can i pool all to one big total? If I choose different items with different rules the checkout page shows all shipping options separately instead of summing it all up.

This may or may not be able to do in your plugin. But so far so cool.


Unfortunately, the plugin can’t sum up shipping options.

Also, to note, it works on per-order basis as opposed to per-item. I.e. each rule conditions are applied to an entire order, not per each item in an order.

You might want to check our advanced shipping plugin supporting per-item rates.

If you provide more details on what you are trying to achieve I’ll advise you on how to do that with either of those plugins.


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I’m trying to have 4 different shipping rates based on 4 different products. Product a,b,c and d. But if a client has in his cart and item b and d, he should pay b and d’s shipping. Right now with your plugin if I have both items in my cart I can choose to pay either b or d’s shipping but not both.

Could you make a screenshot of your shipping rules?


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First of all. Amazing and fast support. Thank you.

I am on a trip so the screenshots are grom my phone. I think they are clear enough. Its 4 separate shipping rates

Thanks for the screenshots.

You don’t have to create a new thread every time you want to reply. Using a single thread per an issue would help to keep the section in order.

As I mentioned earlier, plugin works on per-order basis. So, if you add two items weighing 30 to the cart it would be caught by your ‘cama manual’ rule, not by ‘main’. Does that make sense?

Hi, Dan. We have 3 free products for which we charge no shipping or tax. We have 10 products for which we use weight-based USPS shipping.

If someone “buys” only free products, no problem. the shopping cart says “weight-based shipping” but charges them nothing.

If, however, they order both free and paid products, radio buttons appear. Both say Weight-based shipping, but one option has no price next to it, and the second option has a price. Obviously I don’t want people to be able to choose the first option and order paid products without also paying shipping.

I have tried everything I can think of to sort this out, and nothing works. Please help me understand how to allow people to order the free stuff with no shipping cost and to display only one weight-based shipping option that works correctly no matter which products are ordered:

If free products, no shipping cost if paid products, shipping cost if both kinds, shipping cost.


Dan—never mind. I worked it out. thanks.

Glad to hear it works now.

Hello !

WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping work on Wordpress 4.8 or not ?

Have a good day

Hi, yes, it does.

Hi, the plugin works fine but I have a problem when a discount coupon is added. The calculation of the shipment does not consider the coupon

Hi, do you mean Subtotal condition doesn’t account price discount? If so, this plugin can’t do that. Check out our advanced shipping plugin which has an option to account taxes and/or discounts before checking subtotal.

hi. I have bought his module. I installed it but in my shopping cart page, the selection ‘weight based shipping’ shows twice with same amounts even if there is only one destination for this location. Can you tell me how to remove this duplicate – store is at https://broccolibodies.com – many thanks.

Hi, you have two Weight Based Shipping rules. One under some shipping zone and another one outside of it, in the global plugin config. Disable one of them.

Thank you for replying so quick. I only have two shipping options; one free shipping for UK, another Weight Based Shipping for all other countries. There is no other I can find…?

Check WooCommerce Settings -> Shipping -> Weight Based Shipping http://prntscr.com/fnmavk

Hi, when we update the plugin is not showing anything in the woocommerce settings. Also, with the version we had, sometimes the shipping keeps loading forever.

Regards, Marcos

Hi, resetting browser cache and refreshing the page. If that doesn’t help, try disabling all other plugins to check if there is a conflict. A screenshot would be helpful also.

Hi, we deleted the old version manually and that fix the first problem. However, the shipping still keeps loading forever, the console said: /checkout/?wc-ajax=update_order_review Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error). Here is the screenshot with the infinite loading http://belly.com.ar/forever.png

Hi, please try deactivating the plugin to see if the cart page loads ok. If it still doesn’t work with the plugin deactivated, try disabling other plugins and switching to the default theme.

Hi, we currently have the free version installed and set up. If we were to buy this pro version would we loose all our shipping rules we have created?

Hi, you won’t. Your existing rules will be picked up by the pro version.

ok thank you