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I bought the plugin and installed it, set up my shipping rates. The only problem is that woocommerce doesn’t show my shipping methods. How do I add it to my items?

No shipping options means there are no rules matching to order weight and subtotal.

Hi! I bought this plugin a few months ago and everytings works fine since then, with a simple shipping conversion table: two zones (inside or outside the state and 4 ranges of weights… 8 combinations). But now I was required to add another shipping company which has a different method to calculate each cost: it is estimated by a zip code. So, there are a lot of combinations (dozens of zip codes by four ranges of weights), but I am not sure how I can use with this plugin. I think I need to setup shipping zones, one for each zip code, but I’m not finding where the plugin (or IF the plugin) allows me to do that. I believe it has to be set up in “Destination” option, but it only allows me to fill it with (Specific) Country or Country / State. So, the question is: is there a way to achive that with this plugin or I need to move to another solution you have? Thanks in advance and sorry for the large comment. Max


The plugin supports neither zip codes nor shipping zones. A new version supporting the latter is expected to be released in a month or so.

Another option is to switch to our advanced shipping plugin supporting both zip codes and shipping zones. There are a few simple config examples available on the plugin page which you can start with.

Ok, I’m relieved there’s a solution. So, I’m going to buy the another plugin, thanks so much!

Do you guys support Canada Post and does support a product with option that has different weight?

The plugin does support product variations including ones having different weight. I’m not sure about Canadian Post: what do you expect from the plugin to support it?


I just upgraded from your free WordPress plugin earlier today because I wanted to add an additional US state level rule. With the free version, I had set up three rules: (1) Free shipping within the US (2) $10 per 4 lbs shipping to Canada (3) $30 for first 4 lbs and $12 per additional 4 lbs everywhere else

The reason I upgraded was to add one more rule or, alternatively, to modify Rule (1) thus: (a) Free shipping within US except to Hawaii and Alaska (b) $10 per 4 lbs shipping to Hawaii and Alaska (same as Canadian rates)

I have not been able to figure out how to do this correctly. Can you please help? The website is www.wokmon.com/home

This plugin was purchased by the owner of the website using my Code Canyon account. I am the developer and my name is Stella.


Hi Stella,

You can do that by selecting all US states except Hawaii and Alaska in the first rule. And add Alaska and Hawaii to the rule for Canada.

Thanks, Dan. I was trying to figure out how to create an “All US states except HI & AK” rule. But your suggestion worked perfectly though it took a little time to add all US states except Hawaii and Alaska to the first rule.

Yep, it’s the only way to do it. We have another shipping plugin where you can define conditions like ‘include USA’ & ‘exclude Alaska, Hawaii’. But I don’t think it worth to switch to it in your case.

Hello, Is there a way to Reorder the Rules. I’ve kinda Haphazardly created them and having them not necessarily in order has made tracking things a bit more difficult.

If i just Upload the Files over the existing ones will my existing Rules Live through that?

You can update the plugin like any other one:
1. Download the latest version from your Envato profile
2. Deactivcate and uninstall currently installed version. Plugin settings will be preserved.
3. Install and activate the new version.


sorn38 Purchased

Great It was Step 2 i was Fuzzy on :) thanks again

if i this plugin can you help customization for my needs , For a fee

Unfortunately, I don’t do customizations.


Pottrell Purchased

Hi Dan,

It seems there’s been some confusion on our part as to what your plugin is capable of, our client is in need of something that can support postcode restrictions – something we thought this particular plugin could deliver.

Would it be possible to refund this purchase?

Apologies for any inconvenience, happy to provide our purchase ID if needed…



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We’ve just found this: http://tablerateshipping.com/ – Is this your creation as well? If it supports postcodes, perfect!

Hi David,

Yep, that’s advanced shipping plugin which I’m also involved in.

How do I work free shipping for certain products based on their shipping class? Thanks! Great product so far

There is Shipping Classes section at the bottom of each rule’s settings. Just add your free shipping classes there with zero costs.

International shipping options are not working. The calculated international rate shows on the checkout screen. When the user clicks paypal for payment they receive a message saying “No shipping method has been selected. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help”. The exact same type of configuration is set for domestic ship options and work fine. Do you have a direct email so I can send you a link to the website?

Make sure the issue is reproducible with the default theme and other plugins deactivated.

You can contact me directly with the email form on my profile page.

I am having issues with your weight based shipping plugin i purchased. Please help asap, thanks

I’ve called my telepathists team to investigate your issue. Please don’t provide any useful info or they will be angry.

Pre-sales question. Could you please let me know if is it possible to set :

*Local pickup *Free shipping depending on cart subtotal *Standard (Mail) shipping based : a) on zones or zip codes and b) on cart weight and c) extra charge (e.g 3€ )for cash on delivery (if buyer selects this option) *Express (Courier) shipping based : a) on zones or zip codes and b) on cart weight and c) extra charge (e.g 3€) for cash on delivery (if buyer selects this option)

Thanks a lot.

Weight Based Shipping doesn’t support zip codes and shipping zones. Tree Table Rate Shipping does. Everything else can be done with both plugins.

Hi Dan.

I was wondering if there’s a way to display the given name of the weight based shipping class on the customer’s checkout window/invoice? We name all of our options (For example, “Mainland UK 1-3 Day Delivery Service,” “EU 2-7 Day Delivery Service” etc) as our old platform used to display them and the customer then knew when to expect the items.

Kind regards,


Hi Sam,

I believe that should be already so as long as you have set rules titles appropriately. I mean no special actions required to display chosen shipping option name in customer emails and checkout page, Woocommerce does that by default.

Hi, We want to put shipping prices for France and we don’t have the provinces of France. How can we do it? Because in France there are Metropolitan regions and Metropolitan departments. I don’t know how can I do php file with the two divisions.


You can add France provinces with a custom code piece. Please check Woocommerce documentation on how do that.

Thank you for sharing!


neodi Purchased

I bought the plugin. I followed exactly these instructions: Weight based Shipping for WooCommerce Documentation. I have exactly the same cases (3Kg or less and above 3Kg). Now if cart weight is 3kg or less is working fine and handled with the first profile BUT if it’s above 3kg I see the first AND the second profile as options to choose shipping costs.

Am I missing something?


I’m lost here. What is the problem then?

I’m lost too. I bought this plugin, but I can’t understand how it works.

Could you please be more specific. I have no chance to help you without issue details. What exactly you are confused with?

Hi there , we we are interested in buying this premium plugin however we made the test with the free plugin you have .. but it does not see to work for us .. we have configured the shipping properly , all the products have weight in Grams .. have setup country, prices etc but it does not show up .. my site is http://www.goto32.co.uk

Please check an example config on the demo staging to see how it’s working.

I did check and have setup everything exactly same ..Please help i really want to buy this plugin!

Could you provide some details on the issue? For example, what you mean when say “it doesn’t work”?


I am using your plugin for quite some time now. Everything has been working out great so far! Anyway we are starting to offer new shipping options and I need a way to disable certain rules (in my case free shipping) for a specific shipping class. Is there a way to achieve this with the plugin? Thanks a lot!

Best, Florian

Hello Florian,

The plugin doesn’t shipping classes conditions for rules activation. Check out advanced shipping plugin which can do that. There are a few examples available on the plugin settings page for a quick start.

Hi there, I would like to know if is it compatible with wordpress 4.7

Hi, the plugin is compatible with Wordpress 4.7.

Hello, I just bought the plugin and installed in a wordpress 4.7 with woocommerce 2.6. It seems is not working. I created different rules and they are not appearing in the shipping options neither on classes neither on zones. There is any tutorial for making that work? Thanks in advance.

Please check an example config on the demo staging to see how it’s working.

I did exacly what it shows in the demo and i found that i could choose new class shipping in each product. And ends with that message in the cart: “There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.”

It seems now is working, i’m just experiencing problems with the zones, it appears “There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.”