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Hello, I’m Nix~ Quick question ~ How do I add additional fee like handling fees 5usd for each shipping at final checkout?

Hello, Nix. Just add those $5 to your current Base Cost in all shipping rules.

Can you recommended a plug in that’s makes this plug in compatible with coupons.

This would be a great plug in with this feature.

Nope this isnt compatible with coupons when i have a 10% discount on a order say £60.00. =£56.00

I offer free shipping over £60.00 but the sub total doesn’t change to £56.00 there fore the shipping still says free which I don’t want. ????

Yes, Tree Table Rate Shipping can do everything which Weight Based Shipping can. There is a fully-functional demo staging where you can check plugin functions. For the further questions on settings up the advanced plugin please contact us via the contact form on the website.

yes great thanks finally i have found what i need. ive got Dan on the case thank you

I have just bought the plugin but am surprised I have to create a Destination List of the countries for every rule I create. Can I not create a rule for a Shipping Zone as I already have these setup in woocommerce? The rules I need are purely weight based and I have 5 weight bands and 3 services per band but they depend on whether the destination is within the EU or outside the EU. As the EU has 27 countries it is tedious having to select all 27 for every rule (1 for each weight band/service) – or have I missed being able to select a Shipping Zone somewhere?

In case you are adding your Weight Based Shipping shipping methods under shipping zones, and you don’t need to restrict destination more than it’s set up with a shipping zone, you can just leave the Destination field in it’s default value ‘All allowed’.

Hello Dan Goodman, we’ve purchased this helpful plugin. We have a little issue with the IDs of shipping methods. We import orders automatically from Woocommerce into an ERP system which needs a fix ID of the shipment e.g. (flat_rate:6…) to assign it to an article in the ERP system (flexible Shipment). The wbs Shiping ID gives different IDs (wbs:5e800c98+the name of the shipping) – is there any way to rename them or give them one name by default? E.g. wbs_woo.

Many thanks for replying, Philipp

Okay thanks, is there a place, where I can find all IDs to set them into the ERP

You have to go through all of your shipping rules. Prepare orders to activate each of your rule and get their ids from the cart or checkout pages. Actually, you only need to iterate through shipping rules having distinct titles set, since ids are made out of shipping method id and shipping option title.

Okay, got it, thanks!

Hi, presales question, does your plugin is compatible with latest woocommerce version? (3.2.0) let me know please thanks

Hi, yes, it is.