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Hello! Thanks for building a great plugin product.

Does this extension support the existing WooCommerce subscription extension for variable subscriptions? Thanks!

Hello laralfield,

Yes, our extension is working exactly same like default woocommerce and it will work with this extension too.

Thank you MWB Support

Hi, with this plugin, would I be able to add a discount if 4 similar variations of different products are ordered? I sell products by weight (10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 750g and 1kg). I would like to add a 20% discount if somebody orders 4×250g to make up a kilo. Thanks

Hello chiko930,

Thanks for reaching to us, but this plugin is for enhancing variations view only currently we’re not covering the discount rules in our plugin.

Thank you MWB


I downloaded this for use ( The website is using the strollik theme. However the variation gallery does not seem to be working?

Enabled in settings, however when selecting variation, there is no option to add more than the standard 1 image.

Please help!



Everything working perfectly. However, how do you remove the main product image from the gallery on the page?

I only want the variations to show. I get the main product image, and then the 4 variation images below for each variation.

Please view:

Hello rgking94,

Yes you can remove the main product image, all you need to do is remove the main product image and set any of the variation as a default selection.

Thank you MWB

Will this work with the Enfold theme? There are a couple of alternative plugins, but so far as I understand they will not work with Enfold.

Hello philipross,

Thank you for showing your trust on MWB.

We would check out issue and fix it to make plugin work on your site. Add us to skype: makewebbetter or mail us at with your site credentials.

Thank you MWB Support

Hello again,

I emailed you recently to see how you have been getting on with fixing this, but haven’t heard back. Unless you’ve managed to create a sustainable update-proof fix to get the plugin working with Enfold, I’d be grateful if you could simply now process a refund.


Hello philipross,

We read that and sorry for this delay but as your email id is not accepting our support email we have sent using outlook id. Please let us know if you got update. We are working on your issue and would update you asap.

Thank you MWB Support


My swatches doesn’t show but everything else works. I noticed the swatch selector remains a drop-down unless ALL swatches are set.

I’d very much like to find a way to go around the manual settings. Your product description promised this.

I imported variants using a csv with the following format:

parent_id,variation_id,parent_name,variation_name,variations,variation_gallery 1349,1438,Paint,Variant #1438 of Paint,37-ml|blue,

The variants are still marked as “Enable this: Later”. What does “Later” mean?

The images have been imported to the “Wise gallery”.

I’ve enabled global settings “Use Variation Featured Image” and “Use Global Size Everywhere”.

I tried adding a column “display_type” and setting it to 1.

It doesn’t work. The selector is still a drop down.

What’s wrong?

Hello gabriel,

Please mail us at or add skype: makewebbetter and we would help you asap.

Thank you MWB Support

hi, does this plugin work when I use theme Avada

Hello gallenfang,

It works with Avada theme. Still if you need any customization base on your custom template( if you have any) we’ll make plugin work for you.

Thank you MWB Support


Help me please.

1. Not working save options settings “Variation Swatch” Screnn –

2. Labels written in Latin , but need Russian language

3. Colors are displayed in a vertical position, and should display in horizontal position

4. Disrupted displays the quantity and a button in the item card

Screnn - and

The link to the test product –

Hello morisalisa,

We saw some unorganized styling in your shop, that affecting the view of the labels. Please provide us the ftp and admin details of the site and we will check and fix the issues for you.

Send us details on skype: makewebbetter or mail us at

Thank you MWB Support

Any plans for new updated version?

This weekend we are planning for next release .


javinova Purchased

Hi,I have a pre-sale question… Works the plugin with “Total”, “avada” “creativo” or “Shopkeeper” templates?? Works also with a single product slider, not with popup gallery? Thanks


Our color and image swatches are compatible with every theme, for variation wise gallery we are supporting the woocommerce supported default listing style.


The plugin did not work with Avada theme. How can I configure it?

Hello gallenfang,

Thank you for purchasing WooCommerce Variation Master.

Please mail us at or add skype: makewebbetter and send us your site credentials or get in touch with our support on skype and they would guide you with configuration.

Thank you MWB Support

Hi! I’m starting a contact lens store and looking for a plugin for woo commerce. Is it possible to make attributes like this with your plugin:

(Choose left or right eye and different power and so on)

Thanks in advance


The link you shared is table rate attribute pricing functionality currently not there in our plugin.

WooCommerce Variation Master is leading products variations.

Thank you MWB Support


Jeerish Purchased

Are you planning on implementing a swatch option that is a label? I want to have the shoes sizes of my products as text in a square, but don’t want to have to create an image for each one…

Hello Jeerish,

Thank you for purchasing WooCommerce Variation Master plugin.

We already have this feature of showing only labels instead of images. You just have to change the Display Type Setting of the swatch from image to color and set the appropriate background color of the square box.

Thank you MWB Support

Hi, I am interested on using this plugin with the following theme:

Will that work? Does the plugin work with any theme? Thanks.

Hello leokan,

Thank you for your interest in WooCommerce Variation Master Plugin.

Our plugin is compatible with the core woocommerce theme, but if you are using some other theme then there will be conflicts in the variation gallery sections.

Thank you MWB Support

Do you offer support to make your plugin work with other themes? I just need the variation gallery so i don’t mind disabling the themes product galery and use yours.

Thank you.

Hello leokan,

We are adding this new feature in the upcoming version in which our gallery section will be compatible to every theme. In this feature we will overwrite the theme gallery section in our plugin.

Thank you MWB Support.


mwdzn Purchased

The plugin is not working with Enfold theme. It isn’t saving the image fields…so it shows a blank variation image.

Hello mwdzn,

Thank you for purchasing our plugin.

Please add us on skype: makewebbetter or mail us at and we’ll help you out with this issue.

Thank you MWB Support

Does this work with the official WooCommerce Bookings Plugin?


supportatmwb Author Team

Hello wahiegroup,

Actually we haven’t tested yet but yes if you can provide us the link of that WooCommerce Bookings Plugin then we will let you confirmed about this.

Thank you MWB Support


supportatmwb Author Team

Hello wahiegroup,

Thank you for providing us the link.

Please add us on skype: makewebbetter so we will better handle your issues from there.

Thank you MWB Support