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Great demo! Any plans to update to the latest woocommerce release?

Hi, it already support latest wc 3.0.4 version. The demo site is already updated to the latest wc and wp versions :)

Is this plugin capable of reading emails from a mailbox and importing tickets that way?

No unfortunately the plugin hasn’t that feature.

Hello. We have exhausted all means to get this ticket system to work and it simply does not work with our multiple user levels / wholesale users. When we reply to a ticket it deletes the users information who submitted it and does not send a notice. We have to manually reply to the customer via email. Please let us know how to fix it or refund us.

As not reported in the plugin description, the Ticket System hasn’t any support for that 3rd party plugin.

It has been designed to work on standard WooCommerce installation and if a particular 3rd party plugin interferes with the Ticket System workflow preventing it to properly work, it is an issue related to that plugin. A feature that the plugin doesn’t have cannot be fixed.

Refound cannot be granted because the plugin obviously hasn’t a support to 3rd party plugin that never claimed to have or because a 3rd party plugin in interfering breaking its workflow. Refound should be asked to that plugin developer.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

The fact that you think a software should do something it doesn’t mean that it actually does. The plugin has a specific sets of features reported in its description page and if a particular feature/3rd party support is not reported in its description page it simply doesn’t have.

For what concerns your issue, it is not clear how you have implemented your “multiple user levels / wholesale users” system and how it is interacting with my software. It could be that they not working togher and that your system breaks my plugin workflow, it is quite normal in software developing. But you have a keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that is a my plugin issue. Just described as you have done, without you to give more detailed clues or description, it is rather issue related to the system you are using to implement the wholesale users.

If you provide a more detailed description of the scenario in which you are using the plugin (which 3rd party plugin you are using, which purpose you have, a step by step guide on how reproduce the issue) and an admin access, I’ll be glad to give support as always. But you have to keep in mind that I:
  1. I cannot fix a feature that the plugin doesn’t have
  2. I cannot customize the plugin in order to implemt a special feature or to grant support for other softwares
  3. fix 3rd party interferences
and I surely I cannot grant refound due to the lack of a feature never reported or due to other developer issues… and by the way is not a very honest behaviour to leave a bad rating just only because I’ve reported how refound policy works. My software as anyone can test in the demo site before purchasing it is properly working so it is not neither honest report in the review that is not working at all.

For what concerns my other softwre purchases, feel free to do as you wish.


Im having one issue with ur plugin. It is interfering with other plugins that use “Date picker”. For example, i have this other plugin installed:, which is a plugin to make discounts to products.

One of the functionalities it has is that i can determine the date the offer is valid: from 1 May 2017 to 30 May 2017, apply a disccount to X product.

With ur plugin activated, date picker is not displayed correctly, and when i try to set a date, it always takes 1 January, 1970. So discounts by date are not working. If i deactivate ur plugin, then it works correctly.

I asked the other plugin authors, they explore this issue and they told me to tell u:

“It’s not from our side. We use a normal text field instead of a date field type and looks like that plugin look for the string “date” in all field and just hook there which is a bad practice. I suggest you contact them so they can restrict their code to their fields only.”

If u need more information, ask me.


Thank you :)

It seems vanquish has resolved this issue very fast. Thx for good support.

You’re welcome!! :) :)

Hi, Few questions… 1. Is this compatible with multivendor plugins like WC Vendors or Dokan? 2. Can it create a ticket immediately when an order is placed? 3. If yes to #2, then can you have a default message as the first comment on the ticket.

My use case: In a multivendor setup, customer places an order for a logo design. Then a ticket is automatically created with a message from the vendor asking for logo requirements.


  1. No the plugin hasn’t any specific support for Wc Vendors or Dokan
  2. Yes. In the Options</stong> menu, in the bottom, you will find a section called Automatic ticket. Enable it and choose for which statuses the plugin has to open a ticket
  3. No, that feature is not available. However it is a nice suggestion I’ll see if it will be possible to include in a future release
If you need further info, feel free to ask :)

Hi There, I’m unable to assign tickets to anyone other than myself despite having a number of administrators set up on the site?

thank you for reporting the issue. I’ve released the new 3.7 version that fixes it. It will be available to download in 4 – 5 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to approve new updates).

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the update! :)

Hello, there seems to be a conflict with your support plugin and the woocommerce Point of Sale plugin. I just bought and installed your plugin and when I activate it the customer and product search does not work in the registers of the POS plugin. Can you help please?

Maybe I know why. I had a similar issue with another plugin of mine. Can you send me a private message? (Click on my name the use the low-right box). I have a new version that should fix your issue. Thank you.

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Answered via private message.


Purshase code:48e2e99-a507-43d0-a237-defb6a6e59e7

I m not getting any admin notification from ticket creation.

Could you have a look? login:cesar pw:Schoupfr76

ftp login:dev2energi pw: cPOP1AUP60xRZKCK

thank you for the access. I’ve just performed a test and it is working:

Check your spam folder or that your server is properly sending email to your email provider.

Hi, I would like to know if your system is suitable for a boat tours company with the following features:

- online payments (paypal, credit card)

- fixed timetable schedules (4 daily schedules every day)

- price for adults and children (select how many adults and children for a reservation)

- real time availability update (after a booking availability decreases)

- possibility to add reservations via backoffice

- possibility to provide backoffice access to several admins to add reservations

- when a reservation is done, several email addresses receive that information

- translatable


no unfortunately I don’t thing the plugin suits your needs :)

It is a Support ticket system, it is not a booking or ticket selling system :)


S4racen Purchased

Hi There, I’m using Yithemes Multi Vendor plug in, unfortunately your plugin doesn’t pick up the Vendors i’ve created.

They’ve told me that the plug in needs to have added a yith_vendor user to it?

Hi Darren,

ok now I understand the issue. I think that the WooCommerce ticket plugin works only for customer user role and not for vendors. You can ask to WooCommerce Ticket Developers how we can add another user role to this plugin.

The vendor user role is yith_vendor Let me know Have a nice day Giuseppe YITH

what do you exactly you mean it is not picking up vendors? Can you give me a more detailed description of the custom behaviour you would like to implement?
Thank you.


S4racen Purchased


The Vendors that are created by the YIThemes Multi Vendor Plugin are given a yith_vendor as custom user type.

When using your Support Ticket Plugin two things happen

1, I can’t assign a ticket to a yith_vendor as they don’t appear within the results given when searching in the user field.

2, They can’t sign into tickets either.

On a final note, when searching for tickets to assign it’d be really helpful if apart from the existing information that’s presented for each ticket we could see the title of the ticket as well?

Cheers D

for what concerns the 1. a similar issue should be have fixed in the latest versions. Which one are you using? can you trying to update to the latest 4.1 version?
To update: just download the new version from codecanyon page, then deactive and delete the one you have installed and install the new one. Don’t worry you won’t lose any setting.

In alternative you can use the Envato update tool: (download clicking: ), activate the plugin then click on Envato Market menu voice -> Settings on then click on the generate a personal token, follow the on-screen instruction and then paste the generated token. Once done you will be notified in case of plugin updates.

For what concers the 2. , the user role that is trying to access the ticket area has to have the post capability type. has this special user role that capability?


mojo2405 Purchased

Hi, Sorry but it feels the tools in not there yet. Few comments / features you may consider adding : 1. assign a ticket to an agent. 2. assign agents (that can move the tickets between them) 3. do not make the order ID to a required field- some of the tickets does not have any order ID – or at least let the admin choose if this field is mandatory or not. 4. add colors to priorities 5. add option to assign tickets from All Tickets screen 6. auto send mail to user when assigning a ticket to him 7. allow to change the mail name and subject when sending a mail from this system 8. I have yoast SEO installed and I dont get why it is related to the system and it gives me that the ticket has bad readability ? 9. add an option to enable the tickets systems only in the back end ( do not allow to a user to open a ticket). 10. Priority and Status should be right after the ticket title when open a new ticket.

I hope you’ll get some of those issues fixed as for right now , because all of those issues – this system is no use for me.


Thank you for contributing with your ideas. Few questions:
  1. what exactly you mean with ‘agent’? would you like to have an additional feature that allows the creation a special user role that can manage tickets?
  2. Whad do you exactly mean with ‘moving tickets between them’? Actually the Assign ticket menu already allows you to assign ticket to specific admins. If already assigned to some, it allows you to reassing them
  3. the order id is mandatory only for order tickets type. If the ticket is bounded to an order, this field has to be filled due to the nature of the ticket type. The plugin is designed to work in this way. In case you want to have ticket bounded to order, you have to use the user ticket type
  4. I’ll try to add in a future release
  5. I’ll see if it will be possible to add this feature in a future release
  6. for this there already is the Notify users option in the assign ticket area
  7. I’ll try to add in a future release
  8. I think because yoast hooks to any custom post table. So it performs its checks as it they are normal posts analyzing its keywords. You should disable Yoast for ticket table by clicking on the Screen options menu in the upper-right tab
  9. Ticket system managment is already accessible only via backend. Furthermore using the plugin option menu you can hide that area for non allowed user roles
  10. I’ll try to add in a future release
Please be also sure to be running the latest plugin version, that is the 4.1 version.

Actually keep in mind that what you ask are not issues but features requests and enhancements suggestion, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could consider this before leaving a bad rating. Thank you.


mojo2405 Purchased

Because of the great support I already had with you in other plugins I will surely change the review. but please try to work on this feature because those features are super important to make the flow better.

about the questions :

1+2 . there should be a user role page that will set the user (and only those users) that alowing those users to use the system and giving them permssions. for example – contributer can not close tickets.

THe mose disturbing thing in my opinion is that I can not assign a ticket to an agent right from the add new ticket screen, fixing that will be helpfull.

All other features are nice to have but will make a biig difference.

thanks again.


Im working with 4.1

Ok, understood. I’ll try to implement those features in a future plugin version, but I cannot give you any ETA. Actually I’m just one guy working on several plugins. I have to keep going with my plugin features roadmap, provide support, release quick bugfixes, etc.
So these new feature release could required several time.

However if you could review your rating I would reeeeeeeally appreciate :)