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Thank you very much! :)

Nice Work :) good luck for you sales.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate! :)

how does this work on a marketplace? can the vendor receive the emails instead of the admin of the site? so basically a vendor store owner who sold the product?

any news?

is it possible to select recipient for each product or automatically have the support email for the product as the vendor email?

No unfortunately there isn’t such a feature. The plugin allows you to give assistance for orders (that may contain different produts) and to the user.
For what concenrs the Multivendor support, there are news yet.

Great work! :-)

Thank you very much, I really appreciate :)

Hi I’ve installed your support plugin and it creates 404 errors on all my pages at

My theme is designthemes LMS.


It sound strange. Usually a plugin in case of errors caused 500 error code, not the 404 page not found error code.
Would be possible to have an admin backend access? Could you also enable the WordPress debug mode ( ? (in this way you should get a error message giving me clues about the issue).
please send login data using private message (click on my name then use the low right box). I’ll reply with my email she you can send me also a copy of that theme.

Sorry Vanquish, my schedule didn’t allow time to debug so I purchased another plugin that worked no problem. Would you mind refunding my purchase please?

unfortunately refound doesn’t cover this cases. I have to analazye the issue you are experiencing to see if it is really related to a plugin bug or 3rd party interference, see if it fixable and only if none it is possible grant the refound.

1- Can i know which back-end user replied? 2- Is it compatible with qTranslate (especially when send auto emails)?

The plugin backend system can be accessed by the any admin and shop manager accounts. The user will see the replies on the order details page (order tickets) and in the page configured to display the user tickets.
Replies are displayed having staff as author. For now there isn’t any option to display the name of the account used to reply the user.

The plugin has not any particular support for qTranslate or its auto send emails.

Dear Support,

The plugin has been installed and activated. But it’s not appearing anywhere on out website.

1. Is it possible to create a page where people can go and click CREATE A TICKET – then they can create one and enter all details 2. Can it be used as a WIDGET?

The plugin automatically creates an Order Tickets Areain the order details page. The user has just to go to in his account page, then click on orders and click on an order. In the bottom of the page he will se the ticket area where he can ask info abot that order.

If you want to create an User Ticket Area you can use the [wcsts_ticket_area] shortcode. Put it in any page you need, and every logged user will see thei personal user ticket area by which they can cominicate with the site staff.

For what concerns the widget, the plugin has not any particular widget, but you can use the shortcode to display the user ticket area as a widget.

Thank you.

Hello, is it possible to make automaticly a new ticket if a client buy a product on a woocommerce shop? So if a client buy a product there should be automaticly a order ticket and at this ticket the admin should write something like for example your repaired phone is still in process or ready to pick up? Greetings!

unfortunately the plugin has not such a feature. It is a nice suggestion, I’ll try to implement something similar if possible in a future release. I’ll let you know by replying here in case of news! :)


In your demo, I don’t see where the admin can attach a file … is it possible ?

yes it is possible. Due to a bug (that I’ve fixed in the new 1.3 version that I’ve just released) that feature was disabled.

As now you can see from the demo site:
There is an Add Media button that allows you to upload a file and then attach it the ticket response message.

Bought this item a few weeks ago, finally got around to setting it up today on a site in development and… it doesn’t work. Customers can create tickets… this works, but:

1) It sends no email notification 2) Admins/managers cannot leave any replies. You can go to edit the ticket and make a reply, and clicking “update” just deletes what you just wrote and refreshes the page it seems.


Had already upgraded before I left my comment. Nothing in spam – mails just not sending, and the user replying is a full admin.

I’m more than happy to get you admin access – how can I get this to you?

Send me the login data vai private message. To send it, just click on my name then use the low-right box.

check in your WooCommerce -> System status menu and check if the PHP Max Input Vars has been setted above 10000. If not, please edit your PHP.ini file and set the max_input_vars to 10000.

For what concerns emails, are the other woocommerce emails working? Have you enabled the notification option in the Ticket System Options menu? Have you altered any woocommerce/wordpress/server setting regarding emails?

Hi. 1. Does the plugin create unique ticket for each transaction, with unique QR code? 2. If it is true, does plugin send this QR code to buyer and shop admin?


no the plugin doesn’t associate any QR code to create support tickets.
Once the user submit a support ticket (order or user) the plugin associates to it an unique ID reported in the ticket table under the ID column.

Its possible to allow only customers with completed orders to open tickets? Thanks

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve just released the 1.5 version that implements that option. It is now possible to disable the Order ticket area according to order statuses.
To do that, you have just to go in the plugin option menu and selecting all the order statuses except for the Completed under the Disable order tickets by order status section.

The demo site has just been updated, so you can do some tests there to see if the plugin fits your needs and expectation :)

The new version will be available to download in one or two days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to publish new updates). However if you decide to buy and you are still getting the 1.4 version, send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box), I’ll send you the updated version directly via email! :)

Hi there. It would make sense to have the ticket option to show up in the client area menu along with Dashboard, Orders, Downloads, Addresses, etc. Why this is not yet the case is unclear to me. Can you implement this option?

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I’ve implemented it in the latest 1.7 version.
Now you will find a new tab called Personal Ticket Area that allows the user to manages its personal tickets. That label text can be customized via the text menu. Then label area can be disabled/enabled via the plugin general options menu (by default it is enabled). You can have a preview in the demo site.
I hope you enjoy :)

The new version will be ready to download in 4 or 5 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to approve new updates) however if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you the update via email!

If you have enjoyed my support service please also consider to leave the 5 stars :) I would really appreciate! (to leave a rating, go to your profile then click on “Download” tab and from there you can leave ratings to all your purchases)

There is also a spelling error on the new ticket page. It should be “Message” not “Messagge”. Where can that be changed?

thank you for reporting :) I’ve fixed in the new 1.7 version. Please read the other comment of yours for more details :)

is it have frontend manager for user role staff? because i dont want staff enter admin backend

no unfortunately it doesn’t provide any frontend managment, but you can restrict the admin visibility by user role. So you can create custom user role (with post edit capabilities) disabling all the wordpress functionalities and configure the Ticket system (by its options menu) to be visible for that role.

Hi, This is a pre-sale question. Is your plugin fully compatible with the Avada Theme? Just asking because I bought another plugin and the plugin wasn’t able to integrate into the My-Account section. If you would click on an order you wouldn’t see the option to report a problem with that order.

Thanks in advance! It looks great. i just wanted to double check with you before buying it.

the plugin hasn’t any specific support to Avada, however if it is properly implementing the woocommerce style conventions, there shoudn’t be problems.
However if you send me a private message (click on my name and then use the low right box) I can send you my email address where you can attach the Avada theme. So I can set a demo where you can test if it is working as you expect.