Discussion on WooCommerce Support Ticket System

Discussion on WooCommerce Support Ticket System

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neurocorn Purchased

Hello, vanquish!

I have 1 UIx improvement suggestion for you. Please have a look when you have time.

One of UIx concepts is – do not place UI objects with endless height (like a tickets list) above the UI objects with fixed height. It forces users to scroll endlessly.

Screenshot is the best way to express the idea (link is valid for 1 month):

so in short 1) place “submit new ticket” form above the ticket history list. 2) remove “New ticket” anchor button near the ticket history list, which just scrolls the page to the “submit new ticket” form.

thank you for you suggestion, I’ll try doing my best for a future release!

Hi, can this plugin be used with jetwoobuilder? Customize my account page

Hi, I’m sorry the plugin hasn’t any specific support for that plugin features

Hi. Why the admin plugin (ticket) of this plugin can not be translated ?? I noticed that many sections did not use esc_html__ and entered plain text. This is very bad for Arabic sites and sites where the language is not English. Do not want everyone to use this plugin?

some admin menu are dynamically build on top of the ACF library. If you need to translate them, you need to manually search for the string you need inside the fields.php file you find in the assets folder inside the plugin folder.

The other strings, can be translated via the ,pot tranlsation file you find inside the languages folder inside the plugin folder. Edit that file using a po editor (like: ) . Create a .po file for your language and translate the strings you need and save. The program will create a .mo file that you have to save back with the .mo file into the language folder. The file format must be woocommerce-support-ticket-system-it_IT.po where it_IT is the language code for your language.

Hello! I would like to know if new fields can be added to the form to send a new ticket

I’m sorry, the plugin hasn’t such a feature :(


nicdepox Purchased

Hi , is it possible to put a print button on client side ?

I’m sorry, the plugin hasn’t such a feature.


Woocommerce Support Tickets didn’t work for Guest customers on Thank you page.

The form is loading, but the message is not sent and a new ticket does not appear on backend.

Tried installing the default theme and disabling all plugins except Woocommerce and WooCommerce Support Ticket System. The same result.

Can you check it on your side?

Waiting for your reply.


From my tests all seems working:
  1. New ticket opening:
  2. the ticket is properly created:
  3. The reply is properly posted:
Make sure you have purged your cache and eventually report me a step by step guide on how to experience the issue.


All is ok now! I just needed to to purge cloudflare and browser cache.

Thanks for your assistance.

Glad to hear that! :)

At last but not least, I would ask you to help me: If you enjoyed my efforts to assist you and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars…It would help me with sales, I would really appreciate it! :)
(to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate your purchases. You can also leave the rating through the plugin description page: )

Have a great day!

Plugin isn’t sending email notification to the User after the Admin replies to the ticket. User doesn’t know their ticket has been answered. Please advise.

I’ve performed some tests, and the notification are working as expected.

Please make sure you are running the latest 15.2 plugin version and that there are no 3rd party plugin interfering. Make also sure that the current billing email address (in case of order tickets) and the account email (in case of user tickets) are reachable.

Actually it finally sent notification, 30 minutes later. I guess it’s not immediate. Also, is there a way to change the label on the tab? I’d rather it say “Support Tickets” or “Submit a Ticket” see screen shot:

I’m sorry, but that unfortunately depends on your emailer server. The plugin just send a notification by invoking the Wc_Email ( ) component defined by WooCommerce

Regarding the text, yes it can be customized via the Text menu:

Hello vanquish!

Do you have Captcha functionality (e.g. from Google) in this plugin?

Even our process restricts the ticketing to singed up users, who should confirm their emails before being able to login. Still the single user is able to spam as many tickets as he wants clogging server and email box.

Sincerely, neuro

good news. I’ve just released the new 15.2 version that now allows restricting the new ticket and new message post time according to the last ticket/message:

I hope you enjoy it! :)


I did set up 300 seconds (5min) for new tickets: “Ticket can be opened every 300 seconds”. 120 seconds (2min) for replies: “Ticket can be opened every 120 seconds”.

PS. I had to change the string “Ticket can be opened every 120 seconds” into “Replies can be send every 120 seconds” via WPML, cause I found no setting in your plugin.

I will ask my manager to buy additional support subscription or maybe when we will add google captcha to your plugin then I’ll share the (not so well documented -.0 ) code.


PS. in regard of jazmidwest33 problems with emails to the user. My emails are being delivered to the users just fine with the latest 15.2 version. They are going through WP mail SMTP. Seems like some 3d party plugin setting in his case.

Thank you, I would really appreciate it and it would support me!

The strings are static strings and can be translated eventually via the .pot file you find inside the language folder you find inside the plugin.

If you wish to customize it, you can eventually edit the you find in the classes\con folder. The strings are on lines 395 and 496.

Have a great day!


I have been having issues with the speed of the site so I started investigating by using the plugin Query Monitoring. Noticed something weird. This plugin is calling high volume of queries even on the home page where it has nothing to do with support ticket plugin. Could you please take a look at this issue and recommend what I should do to minimize the number of calls at least in the homepage?

Hi, plugins, in order to set up their components, must perform several computations. Computations that have to eventually load some data from the database.

WordPress, every time a page is loaded, initializes itself and all the plugins that are actually active. You can see the complete actions triggered by WordPress here: As you can see, it triggers also an action named ‘plugins_loaded’, which is triggered after all the plugins have been initialized.

So even if you are displaying a page where you are not using any specific feature of a plugin you have activated, WordPress initializes it in any case.

Unfortunately, computations don’t come at zero costs. If you are then experiencing any performance issues, you should consider using a caching plugin or eventually switch to a more powerful hosting service more suitable for the current plugins combination you are using.

2 simple bugs to fix

This 2 issues are already solved inside your plugin elsewhere, you just need to copy paste the solution into 2 other functions:

1) {subject} does not work in the email subject field, but it already does work in the mail body field. 2) [account_first_name] works only in predefined answers text body field. But it does not work in a mail body field of the reply email. Square brackets does not help.

Ok, good news! I’ve just released the new 15.1 version that now allows you to use the {subject} shortcode in the email subject field and the other shortcodes available for the predefined answer ([account_first_name], [account_last_name], etc) in the email body!

Please give it a try and let me know!


Yes I confirm, the discussed features are working (I did not checked all of the shortcodes). So now there are no main issues left for us with your plugin.

Thanks you, that was a simple yet powerful upgrade for all of your users. We are glad, that we were able to contribute with an idea.

As you did contribute your time, even “Customization services” are not included in the support, I will go an contribute my time by giving you a good review.

Glad to hear that! Thank you for the rating, it helps me with sales and I really really appreciate it! :)

Thank you and have a great day!


Since i updated to the latest version i get ‘There has been a critical error on this website.’ on my Woocommerce Ticket page.


Wed Mar 30 21:21:33.723322 2022 pid 7827 PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wcst_get_value_if_set() in /home/public/sites/\nStack trace:\n#0 /home/public/sites/ WCSTS_HtmlHelper->frontend_ticket_area()\n#1 /home/public/sites/ WCSTS_MyAccountPage->render_user_ticket_area()\n#2 /home/public/sites/ WP_Hook->apply_filters()\n#3 /home/public/sites/ WP_Hook->do_action()\n#4 /home/public/sites/ do_action()\n#5 /home/public/sites/ woocommerce_account_content()\n#6 /home/public/sites/ in /home/public/sites/ on line 93, referer:

What can I do?


apologize for the incovenience. Please update to the latest plugin version, it will address the issue!


srivers Purchased

I see that Order ticket – Number of order tickets that can be opened by user * – can this be set to products? so that if my customer buys 3 ticket messages they can open 3 tickets?

I’m sorry, the “number of order tickets” option cannot be set to products. The plugin is not designed to have that option and is not an easy customization that can be suggested in few lines.

Regarding the PPT ticket issue, please update to the latest 14.7 version I’ve just released.


srivers Purchased

No update is available in my dashboard. Do I have to download from this site every time? I am currently running 14.6.

I’m sorry, to which dashboard are you referring? Please note that the Envato plugins cannot be updated as it happens for free plugins.

You can manually download the new version via CodeCanyon or receive an automatic update by installing and configuring the Envato updater plugin: (here is the guide that explains how to configure: ).

Does this plugin support multivendor plugins like dokan now?

No, the plugin hasn’t any specific support for those kind of plugins.

Hi. Is it possible to define a ticket (support) submission limit? If user support runs out, pay an invoice with WooCommerce so they can resubmit the ticket?

I’m really sorry, the plugin hasn’t such an option :(

You can however give a look at the WCSTS_HtmlHelper.php file you find in the classes\com folder.

There is a variable, named $new_tickets_can_be_opened that is used to allow the user to eventually submit new tickets.

You can eventually use the $user_id variable and the $order object to determine if the user can open a new ticket according to your custom needs and set the $new_tickets_can_be_opened variable accorndly.


reefb Purchased

since 100 updates the customers are able to open more than 1 support ticket and are spamming us frequently. Although the “Order ticket – Number of order tickets that can be opened by user *” is set to 1. This is really annoying. Please fix it.

From my tests, all seems workign as expected:
  1. Options menu:
  2. frontend:
Please make sure you are running the latest 14.6 and that there are no 3rd party plugin interferences.

Please, try also using the following site (user: demo, pass: demo) to recreate your scenario and report to me if you are still experiencing the issue. If so, report to me a step-by-step guide on how to. Thank you.


srivers Purchased

How much would you charge to set up auto assign for tickets so they go to their author? I only have one product per author and need a way to filter tickets automatically to the right person.

I’m sorry, I do not offer any customization service.


srivers Purchased

Hello, I am interested in your plugin.

Please confirm the following:

-Your plugin allows customers and vendors to view email on the website (no email address are exchanged).

-Your plugin allows vendors to set a limit of tickets how many tickets each user can submit for each product?

-How are tickets assigned to vendors? Manually or if I make the vendor the author of the product?

-If my product is linked to a subscription or set membership timespan I’m assuming that customers will loose access to submit further tickets when their membership runs out?


srivers Purchased

I bought your plugin and I would like to know if the following options are possible.

1. I only want page-authors to read their own tickets but I see all tickets showing in the backend of wordpress. How do I change this?

2. If no, to answer 1, can I can I include the user’s (and only that user’s) tickets to a page so that the user can view and respond?

3. Can I set a limit to only send 3 tickets for a product instead of pay per ticket?

4. If no, to #1 and 2, do you offer money back? I need a way to link products tickets to product/post authors.


srivers Purchased

or show users tickets from product categories – some way to get the right ticket to the right user.

  1. What do you mean for “page authors to read their own tickets”? The ticket is opened by users. The ticket can be of two types: order and personal ticket. You can eventually restrict the ticket display by assigning each ticket to a specific user (that can access the backend): and enabling the following option:
  2. If you manually assign tickets, the user in the admin area, will see only the assigned tickets
  3. The plugin hasn’t such a feature. Tickets are associated with orders or users, not with products. The ticket area is rendered by the WCSTS_HtmlHelper.php you find in the classes\com folder by the frontend_ticket_area() function defined at line 57. Feel free to customize according to your need. Note that issues caused by customization are not covered by the support
  4. The Envato refund policy won’t grant money back for such a reason. The plugin has a full demo site where its features can be tested before any purchase in order to be sure the software meets the user’s needs and expectations. Once purchased, no refund will be granted because the software hasn’t a feature that never claimed to have

I am trying to test this using the demo accounts you provided. So I create a ticket as a customer and submit it. I then log in to the demo admin, but the ticket I created as a customer doesn’t show up in the admin demo.

Why is it not working? I would very much like to see how this works, but nothing is working. Can you help me out with this, I just want to test this out.

it was due this option:

I’ve restored the default, you should now be able to see all the tickets!

There is a placeholders in the Predefinited Answers for the Ticket Number?

No there isn’t any.

Ok, it’s a pity but ok, no problem

Scrivo in Italiano perchè ho visto che siamo connazionali. Volevo sapere gli shortcode che possono essere utilizzati nel plugin. A presto

Mentre lo stato del ticket (aperto, chiuso, ecc) non è visibile dall’utente?

Ah ok, si gli shortcode relativi ai messaggi sono elencati direttamente delle descrizioni dei vari tipi di messaggi all’interno del menu Ticket system texts.

Per quanto riguarda lo stato, devi abilitare la seguente opzione:

Lo stato viene quindi visualizzato come segue:

Grazie mille


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