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It’s a pre-sale question. I sell a service where after the client hired me, he will need to send me information and specifications of what he wants and where I will advise.

there is a way, to register product that is equal to a service and where to pay is that it opens the access to the ticket system?

it is possible that this ticket is only one where my client and I make all the necessary communication and that he can not open another, because the one payment = a ticket with numerous answers and questions (this amount has no problem).

this payment connection of a product with a ticket is important to me because I can control what the customers have bought. kind, in fact, this value, I myself register as specific product and shipping to the person. but this ticket and purchase link has to exist, so that I can control myself and make sure that I am attending to those who actually hired me and are not wasting time with those who have not yet purchased the service. so if you are already connected with woocommerce, better control.

so, does your plugin allow me to do this?

for this kind of scenario you could give a try to the Pay per ticket feature.

To enable it, just create a product and then assign a question number value: . Once done, when the user will buy that product the plugin will automatically open a ticket for that product in the special Pay per ticket area (to create that page, just use the [wcsts_pay_per_ticket_area] in any page of your site).

You can have a look in the demo site: . As you can see, when the customer buys the Product 4 (questions), you will see a new ticket in the PayPer Ticket page. Once the limit of questions has been reached, the user cannot ask anymore.
Furthermore the question limit can be manually setted for each ticket via backend.

Before any evantual purchase however perform all the tests you need using the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
and if you need further info, feel free to ask! :)

Thank you for your response.

I could see your demo, is very good solution. After aks you, my client presented me news what changed the project. But i can say your plugin is close what i want.

Hello, Is your plugin adaptable for the “Subscription” extension of Woocommerce? For translations with WPML, we must go through the translation of the channels or via the translation editor. No problem for choosing colors and fonts? Thank you, Regards, Daniel

the plugin hasn’t any particular support for the Subscription plugin. It supports WPML and customizable texts can be translated using the Texts mun. Just switch language using the WPML language selector and then input the texts you need.

For what concerns Fonts and color, the plugin hasn’t any feature that allows you to customize them.

You can give a try to the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
performing all the tests you need to be sure that it actually fits your needs and expectations. If you need futher info, feel free to ask.

where do you place the file attachment uploads?

upload are stored in the wp-content/uploads/wcsts/{order_id} folders and they can be downloaded from the admin order details page.

Hi, great plugin!

I need to change some of the labels on the Wordpress back-end. We want it to say “Message” instead of “Ticket”, for example “All Messages” instead of “All Tickets”.

However I cannot access the theme files due to the way we are set up and also to protect against future updates.

Can I change them via JQuery or PHP? And if so how?

Many thanks, Jay.


I do not have access to the Plugins folder so I cannot amend these files, just the theme folder. Is there a way I can do it through the Theme folder/files?

No, unfortunately not :(
They are plugin related strings so they are defined in the plugin scripts and cannot be modified in any way through the theme folder/scripts.

However you can give a try to this plugin: It allows you to edit plugin files directly from the WordPress backend. Maybe this can help you to avoid the restriction you have.

Hi, pre-sale question.

I’d like to know if you can tell me if your plug-in is compatible with a plugin that changes the order numbers such as YITH WOOCOMMERCE SEQUENTIAL ORDER NUMBER. My concern is about the WSTS getting the correct order number.

If not, is there something to change as to get correct order numbers ?

Is this the plugin you are using? ?

Maybe I can do something. I can try to create an free addon for my plugin that showes in the ticket list and in the order search box the order assigned by that plugin in case it is active.

If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email address, I can send you a link to a private demo site where I’ll install my plugin, the addon and that plugin. In this way you can test if it actually fits your needs and expectation before purchasing.

Sorry for the late answer, the plugin I’m using is this one :

Thanks in advance for your feedback

Could you send me that plugin? I can try to analyze it to see if I can create an addon allowing you to search order by those custom id and display it in the ticket table instead of the real one.

send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email address. I’ll reply with mine where you can send it.

Hi, sorry to pester you! I’ve discovered a bug i think.

When the “User – New ticket email body (Order ticket type)” is sent to customer, the {order_page_url} shortcode that is included in the body of an email doesn’t produce a link but instead just shows up as “{order_page_url}”.

This same shortcode seems to work in an email when it sends an email to shop admin.


Thank you for reporting the issue. I’ve just released the new 5.4 version that fixes it! :)

Thanks! Did you also include the fix for smooth scrolling or do I still need to copy that js file into js folder? (Fix the get help link)

yes it is included :)

Promise this is a last one! :) Small feature request: Is it possible to hide attachment form from new ticket area but show attachment form in “submit new message” form only? Many thanks

yes, use the following CSS rule:
#wcsts_new_ticket_content div.wcsts_input_attachment_container
    display: none;
in this way the user will be no longer able to attach files when submitting new tickets. He wil be able to attach files only on ticket replies! :)

Yep that’s what I did yesterday but thought maybe there is another way. Thanks