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mxxzmoms Purchased

Hello Can I translate the extension without having to wpml plugin Thank you

yes you can translate static strings usign the woocommerce-support-ticket-system.pot file you find in the languages folder.

Edit it with a po editor like creating a .po file for your language.
Translate the string you need then save it. The program will create .po file that you have to save back to the languages folder on your server.


mxxzmoms Purchased

I translated the file after you uploaded the file .po to the language folder in

But the default language still appears and the translation does not appear Are there any steps after uploading a file .po to the server?

Yes, you have both to upload the .po and .mo file. The first one contains the string to translate the second contains the translation. If the second is missing, no translation will be displayed.


bizzef Purchased

hi, i have some questions: 1) How can i display in some page user ticket and order ticket? 2) If customer has more than one order, how can he know for what order he had open a ticket ? 3) Is possible to display only open ticket list without new ticket form?

suppongo tu sia italiano qundi ti rispondo direttamente in italiano :)
  1. Il plugin non mette a disposizione questo tipo di funzionalità
  2. Nella tabella ticket, troverai una colonna chiamata Order/User nella quale è indicato il numero dell’ordine:
  3. L’unico modo è disabilitare completamente la possibilità di aprire order ticket da frontend. Vai nel menu Opzioni e cerca l’opzione Number of order tickets that can be opened by user impostandola a 0. In questo modo l’utente potrà solamente visualizzare i ticket attualmente aperti. Attenzione cosi facendo I ticket dovranno essere manualmente creati dall’admin via backend o utilizzando la funzione Automatic ticket

bizzef Purchased

Grazie ; 1) peccato, è prevista una futura implementazione? 2) Intendevo lato cliente ( frontend) non lato gestione (backend) 3) peccato, è prevista una futura implementazione oppure la creazione di due distinti widget?

  1. No per ora no, il plugin non è stato progettato per funzionare cosi. Comunque grazie per il suggerimento, vedrò cosa sarà possibile per una versione futura
  2. Per il lato frontend, gli order ticket sono consultabili solo nella pagina “order details” e ogni order details page sono elencati i soli ticket relativi a quell’ordine
  3. Per ora non è prevista tale funzionalità, ma grazie per il suggerimento! :)

Hi, I am using the plugin on the live site now.

I don’t know when it happens but I see now that when I myself add a ticket for a user and switch from the default sales ticket to a user ticket (where I need to click update before all the fields change) the box where I can input the text for the user is closed and empty. SO I can only add a reply, which is not the way to use it.

Am I doing anything wrong or is it possible to set user ticket as default? I have a screenshot available.

regards, Maurice

to which box you are exactly referring? Can you attach a screenshot picturing the issue you are experiencing? When you create a ticket via backend you can only add admin replies. User text can be inputted only via fronted by the user. There is any feature that allows you to input text for the user.

If I create a ticket in the backend I can only add a reply, not input the text for a user. This creates a confusing situation where the user gets an email a ticket has been updated which was not yet created. I used to be able to create a tickte from the backend for a user and input the user text as well.

here is the screenshot:

This is the normal plugin behavior. You cannot input the user text via backend (and the plugin never allowed that). You can only enter the admin text (reply box).

I bought your plugin. Works great. I only have 1 problem. When someone opens a ticket, the admin receives an email. But the email has no text. Only our own compagny name.

Without any further clue it is quite hard to determine the cause. Have you also tried disabling all your 3rd party plugins? Are you still experienced the issue? Have you performed the test in the demo site the same steps you take in your site when experiencing the issue? Is it working?

ok, i will try to disable 20 plugins. btw the text in the email the client receives: Thank you for contacting us. so without link or ticketnumber.

Yes, that is the default message body. You can customize by using the Ticket System Texts menu -> User – New ticket email body (User ticket type) section.

If you still experience the issue even disabling the plugin if you send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) with the following:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access
  4. a detailed step by step guide on how to experience the issue
I can perform some tests to see if it possible to determine the cause of the issue. Thank you.