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I’m using a layout of my woocommerce account, which shows me menu and custom section using visual composer, but does not display the area of ​​support tickets, can you insert this area into a block of text or some page?

for what concerns the User ticket area it can be rendered in any page supporting shortcode system by using the following shortcode: [wcsts_ticket_area].

For what concerns Order ticket area it is automatically rendered inside the order details page.

Hi, Few features / add-ons that I would like to have :

1. manipulation of tickets status in bulk from main screen. for example : I would like to close multiple tickets without the need to go and enter to each of the tickets and closed it.

2. in the main screen – give priorities colors. for example – urgent priority should pop with some color (maybe red ? maybe the user can choose ?). this helps filtering right away and popping the urgent tickets.

3. in the main screen – make subject font bigger and with bold.

4. this one came from my team – they would like that if they change the ticket to close that the ticket will not jump to the first row in the main screen. I know the main screen is filtered by time modified but this can help them.

Thanks and cheers :)

It sounds strange. I’ve retryed to perform a test using the demo site, both updating the status for tickets:
  1. 1304
  2. 1298
and to update the order status associated to them, order #1291, but as you can see from the following image: The tickets are not jumping to the top.

Few questions:
  1. which plugin version are you running? it’s the latest 4.3?
  2. can you try to perform the same test on the demo site and report me if you are getting that strange behaviour?
  3. In case it happens, could you report me a step by step guide on how to reproduce it?
Thank you.

Hi again, I’m using latest 4.3. This is working fine on your demo site….

It could be that in your installation there is a plugin interfering with custom post type edit/publish date. I’ll try to investigate further, Meanwhile you can detect the interfering the plugin by disablin one by one, then enable one per time and reperform the test.

For the plugin update, I’ll let you know when I’ll have some news! Thank you!


ijkema Purchased

Hello I recently bought your plugin: WooCommerce Support Ticket System Great plugin. But i have a question about the new PAY PER TICKET option. I made a product in woo commerce called ‘consult’. Someone has to buy it for 20,- and in exchange the person can ask 3 questions. Everything clear for so far. But this works only when the person first made an account and had to be logged-in, and then after that, buy the product.

It does not work when the person is new, and he wants to buy the product. Usually when you buy a product, the product of your choice goes into the basket and then when you buy it, you make your account. And after making the account you finaly pay. When you follow this procedure the plugin does not produce a pay per ticket. It does not show at the product page where i put te shortcode: [wcsts_pay_per_ticket_area]. Is this issue known by you? And how can this be fixed? Hope to hear from you. With regards. Harko IJkema

Thank you :)
Actually your suggestion is a good one. I’ll try to implement this extension in the next plugin version, but I cannot give you an eta. In case of news however I’ll reply here! :)

Meanwhile if you appreciate my plugin and/or my support please consider leaving the 5 stars, It would support me in my job and I would really appreciate! :) (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)


ijkema Purchased

OK. Hope to hear from you when there will be an update. You will get the stars!

Thank you so much! I’ll let you know! :)

Hi, i bought one of your other templates and looking for more to expand the functionality of my site. This looks like a good solution for what I was looking. One question, is it possible to position the shortcode within the order so that the “open new ticket” and existing tickets would appear at the end of order details under billing and shipping details? Also it looks like when i go to “personal ticket area” in demo and try to reply and expand the existing message and then click on “Add new message” nothing happens? might just be a bug but thought I’d let you know! Thanks, Arthur

for what concers the the personal ticket area thank you very much for reporting the issue :)
I’ve fixed and released the new version (demo site has been updated too).

For what concers the Order details page ticket area position, WooCommerce unfortunately doesn’t offer any hook to render html components after the Billing and Shipping addresses table.
However I found a workaround via javascript that allows now to do that.
In short, In the new version I’ve released I’ve included this improvement you suggested. In the options menu you will find a new option called Order ticket area position that allows you now to select in which position render the ticket area. You can have a preview in the demo site.

IF you decide to buy, keep in mind that the new version will be ready on 2 – 3 days (in alternative send me a private message).
In case I would really appreciate a positive rating too :)

Have a nice day! :)