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Ho provato a settare tutto i giorni per produrre il pezzo e mi da la data stimata di partenza però al checkout quando il cliente può scegliere la data mi permette di scegliere tutto anche prima dell’ordine invece dovrebbe partire solo da dopo i giorni di produzione tenendo pure conto dei giorni di delivery inseriti per ogni corriere no ? il sito per testare è

si effettivamente sarebbe più utile che la minima data selezionabile sia posteriore alla data di spedizione maggiore tra i prodotti nel carrello.

Posso rilasciareun aggiornamento, che pero sarà disponibile tra 3 -4 giorni.
Tuttavia se mi mandi un messaggio privato (clicca sul mio nome e quindi usa il box in basso a destra) posso inviarti l’aggiornamento direttamente via email.

fatto mandato PM grazie per il momento disattivo la possibilità del cliente di scegliere grazie


nirvana5 Purchased

hi, I purchased the plugin. My question is: the “Tracking” button on my-order page is no longer showed up. It used to show up ok. Please help to solve this problem

thank you


nirvana5 Purchased

hi, My question is: the “tracking” button on my-order page used to show up. It is no longer does. It used to show up ok. Please help to solve the problem

thank you

It could be due to a 3rd party plugin interference. It happens that some 3rd party javascript libraries are errors that prevent the WCST javascript library to be properly executed and then inject the tracking button.

Try updating the plugin to the latest 9.9 version and send me via private message (click on my name) the url of your site and an account with some orders and tracking associated. In this way I will try to analyze the My orders page with my tools to see if it possible to figure out which javascript is preventing WCST to be properly executed.


vidkl Purchased


I relay like your plugin, but i have some problems setting it up. The problem is that i dont see tracking number in the mail. I choose my shipping option then i enter tracking number and click order completed, but there is no status in the mail. Is the problem because i did costume text in the mail?

thank you for your appreciation :)

So in the completed order email you are seeing the custom text but not the tracking number?
If you have customized the email text, you have to assure that you have inserted the [tracking_number] shorcode in your custom text, otherwise no tracking number is displayed.

If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) with an admin access, I can login and perform some test to figure out if possible what’s wrong in your installation.

I have pre-sales questions. Will your plugin be working with the new Woocommerce Update coming next month? I have the order completed email turned off, because I deliver a lot of orders personally. Now I’m thinking about adding the tracking info to the invoice email. In your demo I saw I can include the tracking in other emails, too. But I just wanted to know, when I assign the tracking to be part of the invoice email will the custom tracking message ONLY appear in that email, if I added a tracking to the order. Is that correct? So if I deliver in person and do not assign a tracking code to that particular order, the tracking message won’t show in my invoice email. Could you please confirm? Thank you very much. Kind regards Daniela

yes the plugin has been tested with the new upcoming WooCommerce 3.0 and it is fully working. I’ve also just released the 10.1 version (that will be available to download in 2 – 3 days) that fixes a small issue with the new 3.0 version.

By default, the plugin injects tracking info only when the order is maked as “completed” to any outgoing email. Optionally you can enable tracking info injection also for the other order statuses by just going into the plugin options menu.

In your case then, if you have already disabled the compelted order emails, default setting should be ok. You have just to mark the order as completed and then send the invoice email. The plugin will embed the tracking info (if any) into the email.
If you do not set any tracking info, no extra info will be displayed in the invoce (or any other email).

If you need any other info, feel free to ask.

Thanks. Just bought your plugin. :)

Glad to hear that! :) Thank you :)

P. S.
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