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Hi, DHL is not working anymore. it doesnt put the tracking number on the link at all. please check

It is quite strange. As you can see the demo site, order #858 the generated link properly embeds the code. Can you try doing a test in the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
using the DHL company and a tracking code that you are actually using for which embed doesn’t not work? Once done please report me back if it is working and which order you have used to perform the tests.I need to reproduce the bug in order to fix it.

If in the demo site test works, it means then that it is issue related to your specific installation. In this case I will need an admin access (that you can send me via private message: click on my name then use the low-rihg box) in order to do some live debug to my plugin and trying to figure out whats wrong in your installation.

We found out that an other plugin was the problem. Now it is working great. Thank You for the fast support. 5stars

Very glad to hear that! :) Thank you for the rating, I really appreciate! Have a nice day!! :)

Hi for the Bulk Import, possible to use the Order number instead of order ID?

Order id usually is the order number. Are you using any plugin to alter order Id? In case which is?

Is it posible (and how) to the dispatch_date always be the wordpress-date (today) ? automatically, instead of filling the calendar?

I can add an option for that and release a new plugin version. If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting you email, I can send you without wait CodeCanyon to plubish the new update (that usually takes 4 – 5 days) :)


I’m very interested in your plugin but I’m going to be mainly using it for estimated delivery date of the products depending on category.

My issue is the settings for this are quite limited, they only allow for the estimated date to be shown on the product page not in the cart or checkout. (I appreciate it’s because of the shipping rate dates but I only want to use the estimated date by category).

Is there an easy way to show the estimated delivery dates on the cart or checkout pages?



no unfortunately the plugin hasn’t any feature and there isn’t a easy workaroung to obtain it.

However I will try to add it in the new plugin version. I can show in the cart/checkout items table, each under item, its estimated shipping date (that you can eventually use as delivery date). Would it helpful?

We purchased WooCommerce Shipping Tracking on 8 Mar 2016

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How do we receive updates?

you will receive a notification email from CodeCanyon when a major release has been released.

Hi, I have a pre-sales question; I want to show a few shipping companies list as drop down at checkout page, then user can select any company according to his choose. Is it possible it with your plugin? Regards

no the pugin hasn’t suche a feature because for this kind of purpose you should use the native WooCommerce Shipping methods feature.

To do that: you have first to create some Shipping zones (according to the world areas where you want to ship) by accessing the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shpping tab -> Shipping zones menu. Then for each created shipping zone you have to associate some shipping methods. Each shipping methods rapresent a shipping company that your customer could select during the checkout process.

Hi Vanquish, Thanks for reply. I am going to purchased your plugin. Regards

Very glad to hear. That you :)

Presales question: I am using a belgium post plugin to create printable labels. My question is, will your plugin work with this one so that the tracking URL’s get sent automatically to the customer?

Regards Fadil

no unfortunately the plugin hasn’t any particular support for that plugin and it will not send automatically the url to customer on label creation.

Is this plugin compatible with PHP 7.1?

yes it is compatible with latest 7.1.1 PHP version :)


vidkl Purchased

Hello! Really like your plugin. Just started testing bulk import, but its not working. When im testing on your demo site it works great. I Realy dont know what the problem is. I got this message after the import [object Object]. Also, im using WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers. Can you please help?

I think the issue is related to the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers. In the CSV you are using to import, Order ID are the default ones or the ones assigned by WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers? If so, are you using the Free or the Pro version of that plugin? Let me know! :)

If you are using the Free version, please try insalling this addon: and let me know it if working

Did it work? :)

We’re using WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro and your additional plugin (wcst-bulk-import-sequential-order-number-pro) fixed bulk uploads for us. Quick Assign is still using the original order ID, is there a fix for that too?

yes it uses the original order ID. Is the quick assign working for you or are you experiencing any functional issue? Or you just want to display the Sequential id instead of the original one in the orders list? :)

It’s technically working, we just want to display the Sequential id instead of the original one in the orders list

Ok, got it. I think that I can enhance that list. Can you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email? I can send you a new version that should display the sequential order id along the original.


Hareeshguy Purchased

Dear Support,

After i track an order. Nothing happens. I generated the tracking code but when i input in the tracking field. it loads and nothings shows.

Thank you.

Ref –

Active tracking code – 265

As you see from the demo site: selecting a shipping company and then entering a tracking code, should redirect you in the shipping company page.

Few questions:
  1. Which plugin version are you running? is the latest 11.3 version? If not, could you update the plugin (you can download the latest version from its codecanyon page) and retry doing a test?
  2. Have you properly configured the tracking url for that company? It Can you report it to me? It seems that the tracking code is your site url or an empty url.
  3. Can you try to configure that custom company using the demo site: (user: demo, pass: demo) and report me if is still not working?
Thank you.

Hi! I just purchased your plugin yesterday and updated old orders with tracking numbers (and resent emails to customers) but it doesn’t seem to be adding the tracking automatically to the new emails that are being sent once an order is complete. Would you be able to assist, please? Thank you!

Yes, the plugin hasn’t any particular support for 3rd party services. You have to manually enter the tracking codes by editing the order, or usign the Quick assign menu or by importing using the bulk import feature.

Oh. Yeah, I don’t have the time to do all of this manually. Your description was a bit confusing and I thought it would pull in the tracking number since it said it would include it in completed order emails. How may I request a refund? Thank you.

The description doesn’t report any feature that allows you to automatically assign order tracking infro from or any other 3rd party service.
The plugin also have a full demo site that the customer has to use to test the plugin to see if it actually fits his need and expectations. In case of any further doubt he has to ask presale questions.

However to request refound, the link is: