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Goomusic Purchased

Hello, just bought the plugin, but i am unable to find the order id (only order number is shown) in my woocommerce orders, please advise.

could you give me some more clues about the issue you are experiencing? What do you mean you are not able to find the order id and that only the order nubmer is shown? Actually order number is the order id.

In which page are trying to retrieve order ids? Which plugin feature are you using when you experiencing the issue ?

Please report me step by step the actions you are doing when you get the issue.
Thank you.

Thanks for the plugin. FYI you have a small bug on line 63 of WCSt_AdminMenu.php. The closing if_has_tracking_url tag is missing the slash, should read:

$default_message .=    '[if_has_tracking_url]CLICK HERE to track your shipment.[/if_has_tracking_url]


Thank you very much for reporting the bug, I’ve just released an update fixing it :)
It will be available to download in 2 or 3 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile ti publish new updates).

If you have enjoyed my plugin please consider to leave the 5 stars :) I would really appreciate! (to leave a rating, go to your profile then click on “Download” tab and from there you can leave ratings to all your purchases)

Have a nice day! :)

Hi there,

I’m looking to see if it’s possible to have this customised to allow us to display an estimated delivery date under each shipping option on the shopping cart page and checkout rather than on products?

I have our site setup to disable express shipping options when a product is not in stock. I don’t need the estimated delivery date to appear on a product, nor do I want to have to set delivery times for every single product.

I’m hoping it might be possible to allow us to setup rules for different shipping options rather than different products?

Many thanks, Gordon

for now the plugin hasn’t that feature, however it is a nice sugestion and an intersting enhancement.
It requires some sub-components of the plugin to be redesigned but I’ll see what I can do to implement it.

I cannot promise you anything and give you an ETA, I’ll let you know by repling here! Thank you for contributing!

That would be great! Many thanks. If it was also possible to disable the estimated shipping date on the product page for out of stock products that can be bought on backorder that would be awesome :-)

I’ve included this enhancement in the 9.1 update that I’ve released today!
It will be available to download in 3 – 4 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to approve new updates), However if you send me a private message (click on my nae then use the low-right box) reporting your email address I can send you the update!

Hello, I would like to ask you something before buying. I am currently override every stock e-mail in woocommerce with my own custom html e-mails. Will your plugin work with my custom html code?

Thank you in advance.

the plugin simply injects the custom email text message (that you can customize via the special plugin option menu) in any outgoing woocommerce email by hooking to the woocommerce_email_before_order_table action.

If you are simply customizing the template wihout altering the normal WooCommerce action triggering flow my plugin will be able to inject the shipping info into the WooCommerce emails without problems.

That is great, thank you very much :)

you’re welcome :)


evd88 Purchased

Hi there, I’ve made changes to the my_account_orders_table.php to change the track shipment text, just wondering what directory I should put this in within my child theme so that it doesn’t get overwritten when the plugin is updated?

the plugin doesn’t have any child-system for its templates. You have to manually restore the customization you have made in the new plugin version when updating it (orverwriting the template or if it has changhed, rewriting the custom code in it).


very good plugin, you ‘ve done excelent job. Just an idea, I believe the plugin’s option should in the woocommerce settings tabs since the most option in the plugins menu is to just configure it. The only think I believe it could be in the Woocommerce menu (on the side) would the Quick Assign. In this way the interface would be more simplier and user friendly.

thank you for your appreciation and for contributing. Actually it would be a nice enanchement because it would be seamlessly integrated into WooCommerce.
Thank you for suggestion, I’ll try to redesign menus in that way in a future version of the plugin :)

If you have enjoyed my plugin please consider to leave the 5 stars, I would really really appreciate! :)
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presales question: I need a system that will allow us to sent multiple emails with separate tracking numbers. We typically have orders that ship out from several vendors. Is that possible with this plug in? thank you!

The plugin doesn’t directly manages emails. It only hooks into the standard Woocommerce outgoing emails injecting the order tracking info.

Hi, I test the plugin with providing tracking no: 11111 to one of my product. You can try it here

The tracking didn’t work and only redirect to my homepage. Please advice

Thank you for disabling the maintenance mode.
So you are using your own site to track the shipping? Infract I see that the url you are using is a relative one and is ?tracking=%25%3F

The plugin allows you to use a generic url (that can be even your own site url) in which it will inject the tracking code. Generally this url is the shipping company website url (like DHL, or UPS) which will allow the user to track his shipping. In your case it could be something that will redirect in any other page of yours that will allow tracking.

NOTE If you use your own site to track shipping, you have to manage that page in order to display tracking info according the tracking code passed as parameter.

To properly add a custom company url:

  1. Shipping tracking -> Add custom company, Add title and shipping company url (in your case for example )
  2. Go to the Shipping companies menu, enable the just added company and note the id
  3. When using the shortcode [ wcst_tracking_form company_id=”comapany_id” ] replace the company_id with the id of the custm company

To send me login data, send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box)

Thank you for fast response.
I tried as mention above, but the result is same as before.
It redirect me to the homepage. I send you my login details.
Please help on this. Thank you.

Which is the page url you are using? Have you configured an existing page url?
However I’ve received your message. I’ll reply directly there!


I tried to translate the Track Shipment button with loco translate. But when I found the string and translated nothing changed in the front end.

I think you are missing something, but I’m not able to say what. Is your installation just one language? is it el_GR your language code? Are you running the latest 9.1 plugin version? if so, can you try to use this .po file: ? I’ve updated it (maybe I forgot to do that in the latest plugin release).

Oh hey, I fixed the problem. I checked the language code my theme has and as it turns out it is just el not el_GR. I renamed the .po and .mo files and it worked. Thank you :)

very glad to hear that :) :)

P. S.
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Hi! I just spent 40 minutes trying your plugin. My one question is:

1. Can we hide the tracking info on the orders page if desired?

My one suggestion (which I really wish you consider changing) is:

1. For bulk import, please consider separating company_id and tracking_code into two columns. I receive CSV files with shipped orders every day and was planning to just copy the order number column and tracking number column to the CSV I would import into your plugin. Since I need to append the company_id before the tracking_code in the tracking_info column when uploading the CSV to your plugin, it takes a lot of extra time. If I could just add company_id in a separate column it would be much faster, especially since most orders use the same provider and I could just copy the same number across all rows.

If the suggestion above is not possible, could you suggest a workaround? I believe using an excel formula to append company_id and tracking_code might break the CSV when importing into your plugin.

Glad to hear that :)
The plugin has that weight to to its code and libraries.

Ok. Where are the CSV files stored on the server that we use for bulk upload? And where are the tracking numbers stored in the database? Are they lost if the plugin is uninstalled?

CSV are not stored in the server. The plugin reads chuck by chuck the file data performing the import.
Tracking number are stored as order metadata and are deleted only if the order is deleted.