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Hi, I just bought the plugin and really like it, I have a slight extra requirement. I want to send a ‘shipped’ email to each customer as it is sent, but 99% of my shipments domestically are not tracked only Europe is, but I want to use the templates for extra messages, such as embedding special offer banners and other marketing ideas.

This is working great for tracked orders, however, the non-tracked orders, the template with the banner code is removed when ‘no-tracking’ is selected because there is no tracking for the shipment.

Suggestion: It would be great if the plugin gave the option to use the email send facility and only removed this below code (when a tick box is selected in the order preview) Tracking #[tracking_number] CLICK HERE to track your shipment.

and not remove other data or images which might be inputted into the Email message.

OR if there was another email message template which could be setup and selected for none-tracked shipments? Would this be possible?

Many thanks!

the version that can be now downloaded from the CodeCanyon it’s the 8.4 version that implements the new feature :)
To check the plugin version, once installed, just go il the plugins page and under the WooCommerce Shipping Tracking you will find its version.

However if you send me a private message (click me on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you the new version directly via email!

Hi Lagudi, I’ve been testing it, the first time i tried it it didn’t work, it stripped the tracking and the text from outside of the exclusion brackets: ‘if_has_tracking_url’ ,

then it started to work after more tweaking, however, I think I’ve found a small bug which was why it didn’t work on my first try.

The exclusion brackets only work right when there is some text in the Tracking Number: field in the customer’s order page, I’ve found this to be repeatable. This is also with the ‘Disable tracking url’ tick enabled in the custom company shipping which I am using or non tracked shipments, here is the email template too:

Your Order has been shipped via [shipping_company_name].

[if_has_tracking_url] Tracking #[tracking_number] CLICK HERE to track your shipment.[/if_has_tracking_url] Date Sent: dispatch_date

however, the little bug doesn’t stop me using it for now, this will help me send other notifications with shipping messages, fantastic work!

Thank you for your works and for reporting the issue, I’ll fix in the next release! :)

Plese also to leave the 5 stars, I would really really appreciate! :)
Meanwhile, have a nice weekend! :)

Quick pre-purchase question…Can I remove other shipping companies and just keep only few I’m using ?

yes you can do something similar. You can activate just the ones you need. As you can see in the demo ste:
user: demo
pass: demo

by clicking in the Shipping companies menu, you can check only the shipping companies you need. In this way in the order edit page will be listed only the ones you need.



I installed the plugin on my site and activated it successfully. But no new tab showed up on the left side bar for me. Is the settings hidden under somewhere in the menus?

I have installed it through a multi-site but only activated it on one single site that is needed.

Because the plugin has no support for multisite installation. It has to be used in standard woocommerce single istallations.

Ciao Domenico, uso il tuo plugin su un installazione di Wordpress 4.7 insieme ad ACF Pro 5.5.3.

Pare che il plugin per il tracciamento delle spedizioni vada in conflitto con ACF.

Di fatto ottengo il seguente errore nell’admin che impedisce il corretto funzionamento di ACF come ad esempio l’upgrade del db dopo un aggiornamento o la semplice consultazione del changelog come in questo caso.

Warning: file_get_contents(/var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-shipping-tracking//classes/acf/readme.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-shipping-tracking/classes/acf/admin/views/settings-info.php on line 169

Sai da cosa può dipendere?

Attendo un tuo gentile riscontro. Non esitare a contattarmi per ulteriori informazioni.

Grazie, Marco.

Potresti mandarmi un messaggio privato? (clicca sul mio nome è più usai box in basso a sinistra) disse ho una verifica che risolve quel problema.


Is it possible to add something like a choose date format panel for the estimated shipping rules? Currently they will appeared like this DD/MM/YYYY. It would be great if you could build it up for other formats like i.e. DD.MM.YY or so on. Thanks in advance :) have a nice Christmas time

yes a similar feature has already been implemented. Just download the latest version on the plugin page, then on the General optons, under the Date format section, select the date format you need.
In this way, the estinated shipping date will be formatted according the choosen format.

I hope you enjoy if so… please consider to leave the 5 stars :) (to leave a rating, go to your profile then click on “Download” tab and from there you can leave ratings to all your purchases)

Have a nice day and Merry Christmas !

I see. Great – thanks :)

you’re welcome :)


evd88 Purchased

Hi there,

Just been configuring this plugin and I noticed that in the “Edit email and “Order details” page messages” section, the additional order detail page snippet message overrides the additional email message snippet, meaning that the emails received are styled like the order page, not the styling I enter for the email.

What might you suggest? Obviously the styling for the additional order detail page isn’t meant to override the styling for the additional email snippet.

What might you also suggest for decreasing the gap between lines in the email, e.g – beneath the header there is a massive gap before the tracking # etc.


thank you very much for reporting the issue. I’ve just released the 8.7 version that addresses it. It will be available to download in 2 – 3 days (CodeCanyon takes awhile to publish updates).
However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you the update directly via email! :)


evd88 Purchased

Thanks, I also don’t seem to have the server time display widget on my dashboard? Are you aware of that being an issue as well? I think it might be causing problems with the estimated dispatch functionality as when I put in 15 (for 15:00 hours) for cut off hour, the dispatch of an item defaults to the day after even though I’ve put 0 days dispatch delay. I’ll send you a private message thanks!

I’ll answer via email. However the widget is no longer displayed because the plugin will syncronize its time using the WordPress time zone you have configured for your site.


WSF2012 Purchased

Hi All, how can I config a csv import of many tracking codes so that I can start import manually, columns for example Woocommerce-Order_ID,Tracking-No. so that al tracking codes are imported in orders/database and order satus woocommerce is set to completed so that confirmation email is send to customer.

or if this is not possible in plugin config

tell me what fields in mysql in what tables have to be updated with what values so that after import/update I can change status of order to “completed” and so the clients gets their orderconfirmation email incl. Tracking code

Thanks for advice Regards Carsten

for this you can use the bulk import feature. Update the plugin to the latest 8.6 version you can download from its CodeCanyon page and for further details on how to format the csv, read the Bulk import from CSV section in the plugin description page. There you will find also an example file.

First of all, I’m completely in love with your plugin! I’m contacting your support team because when I enable this plugin, for some reason my theme customize page (/wp-admin/customize.php) is not working. I’m currently using the theme Listify.

I would appreciate if you could please let me know what I can do to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your words :)
If you enjoyed my plugin please also consider to leave the 5 stars :) I would really really appreciate! (to leave a rating, go to your profile then click on “Download” tab and from there you can leave ratings to all your purchases)

For what concerns you issue, it sounds strange. I’ve tried the customize feature with other themes and it seems to properly work. Have you tried to update the theme to the latest version? are you using the latest WP version? have you also tried to deactivate other plugins to see if the interference is caused by others?

Could you send me a private message? (click on my name then use the low-right box). I’ll reply with my email where you can send me your theme so I can try to do some tests to try to figure out if it possible what’s wrong.
Thank you! :)


I’m loving the plugin so far -we actually deliver our own goods and I’ve been able to configure it to advise our customers where their deliveries are within our own system and thats aawesome!

One difficulty I am having is that I am wanting to have the “Track Shipment” button that appears in the Order table in the customers account redirect to the order page – or hide it entirely – any suggestions?

%s is the tracking number is there something similar I could use as a placeholder for the order number instead?

Glad to hear that :) if you enjoy it please consider to leave the 5 stars, I would really really appreciate :)
(to leave a rating, go to your profile then click on “Download” tab and from there you can leave ratings to all your purchases)

For what concerns the Track Shipment hiding/manipulation just edit the template\my_account_orders_table.php file you find inside the plugin folder. If you want to hide just empty the file deleting al the code inside of it.
If you want to edt the url, edi the line 34 at:

var button_element = jQuery('<a href="'+value+'" class="button wcst-myaccount-tracking-button" target="_blank"><?php _e('Track shipment', 'woocommerce-shipping-tracking');?></a>');
Edit the value according your needs.


I have been configuring the plugin, which on the face of it is straightforward, but any tracking links that I add to email or order pages are missing the : from the http://, so read http//. Obviously this makes this feature unusable and limits its use to my customers.

This sounds strange. As you can see in the demo site, this issue doesn’t happen. Which plugin version are you running? is the latest 8.7 version? (In case not, please update)

Most likely this issue is due to a 3rd party plugin interference or a plugin misconfiguration.
Can you report me which steps do you take when configuring a shipping companing and a tracking number? Are you using a custom shipping company or an embedded company url? Could you try to disabling one by one your 3rd party plugins to see if the issue still occurs?

Thank you.


ecerno Purchased

Hi, I don’t see the tracking code in the woocommerce complete order email styled with pretty emails. Do I manually change something in the code?

The plugin hasn’t any particular support for that plugin. Make sure that all the default WooCommerce actions are triggered when the email is rendered.

Make also sure that in the General options menu under the Email options section the Completed has been checked.

For further investigation, to try to figure out what’s wrong in your installation, I need a full backend access to do some live debugging.

The email its sending is not changing the date to my choice from the General Options. It still is dd/mm/yyyy when I want it to be mm/dd/yyyy it works on the estimated shipping date but not in the email.

Right, I’m saying the date not working on the email for my install.

I am running the latest version.

Can you share a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing and of the general options menu? Otherwise for me is quite impossible figure out what’s wrong in your installation.

Have you also properly configured the Date format in the options menu:

Can you also send me via private message a full admin access to your site in order to perform some live debug? (to send a private message click on my name the use the low-right box). As you can see even from the demo site, the date formatting is properly performed.
In your case it is not a plugin issue but it could depend on a plugin misconfiguration or due to 3rd party plugin so I need to perform some tests on your installation.


ramed12 Purchased

Hi, my name is Râmed. I would like to know how do I configure automatic emails for the client, when he makes the purchase, receive the email: processing, analysis, completed … etc

I did not find the tutorial showing this. Thanks

Hi Râmed,
The plugin hasn’t any automatic email sending feature. As reported in the description page and how can be tested in the demo site, It simply embeds tracking info on any WooCommerce outgoing email according the order status.
By default the plugin embends info only when the order hits the Completed status.

If you want the tracking info to be embedded for other statuses, go to the General otpions menu and under the Email options select the status you need.

My client is looking for solution to bulk upload tracking info into WooComm. And this plugin looks like it will do the job.

However, I have one question. Since the tracking info is sent when orders are marked Complete, can this be automated. Meaning, can we add something in the uploaded csv to mark orders Complete and automatically generate the email?

If this question has been answer, I apologize.

Thank you.

yes it can be done. Using the csv file (here an example: ) you can set the order status by specifing the value wc-completed for the column order_status.
In this way if the order is hitting the completed status for the first time, WooCommerce will send the completed status email with the tracking info embedded to it.

In case the order was already in the completed order status, you can specify the send_email_customer_completed_order for column force_email_notification. In this way the plugin will resend the Completed order email to the user.

If you want you can do some tests in the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
To see if it fits your needs and expectations! In case you need some more info feel free to ask!