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Hello, I have just installed your plugin and I can´t get it to work properly. When the user try to select the delivery time, (no matter what time is selected) the plugin shows a message “Pickup is not available for this time. Pleas select different option”.

I think there is a problem with the time format: it shows the hour, a letter i and the minutes, like this: 19:i:27. Can you help me? Thanks in advance, Felipe Miguelello,


Can you please give me access so I can check. Thanks


dsylvia Purchased

Hi Bought the plugin and it is great, however when I see the order after submission it gives “Pickup Location” as 10855 not the name of the location. I need some help. Thanks Don


you mean it is storing the ID of pickup location instead of name? I have checked few mins ago and it was showing pickup location name. If you can give me access, I can check. Thanks

How do I go about giving you access isn’t this a public forum?

Hi, you can contact me through my profile page. thanks

I have emailed you on this can you please help me. When product details comes up as well order email to customer. it shows Pick up location as a #


hi, I have replied to your other message. thanks

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I have asked to contact via my profile page i.e. https://codecanyon.net/user/ddeveloper this page. There is option to send email from there. Thanks

can i display the pickup time and date ? if i display it with css rule the customer can’t checkout…


In settings page of plugin menu in wordpress admin.


There is no option for display or not the date picker in the setting page… Or it’s not explicit…


can you send me details via my profile so we can check it faster.

Please send me access details via profile. I will check and let you know. Thanks

I have installed the latest version and am still seeing issues…

1) Select Location Issue Need to remove the additional :00 from end of the times… wasnt like this in original release See screenshot https://www.screencast.com/t/DwUTDYOkxE

2) Pickup Date Issue Popup Calendar not working – (never been able to get this working) – need to disable popup option and allow date to be manually entered with a seperator – currently restricted to numbers only… ie cant enter 01/17/2017

See screenshot https://www.screencast.com/t/mvDzSUVGyqq4

3) Pickup Time Issue Popup not working – same as above need to be able to disable popup option and manually enter time – currently wont let you a time just gives error…

Please advise thanks

hey its been two weeks since you said the new update would be ready? any closer? i said i would help you test? am having to pass the orders on manually for over two months now… thanks


tomorrow, I am going to upload it for approval. Thanks

any luck with the update? any chance you can just email it to me direct?

I bought the plugin, but I would like to know if it is possible, when I search for the location, to search starting from the first letter, not from every word!

Thank you!


This is google map search and it’s depend on how google wants to perform this search so we can’t change it. Thanks

Hello, i would also like to be able to disable the date and time. I can’t find the option in the settings page? Also seeing some errors in the checkout page. google is not defined Cannot read property ‘SearchBox’ of undefined


can you send me access information so that I can check. Thanks

Hi! I love your plugin, but i have three issues:

1- Maps doesn’t show. No one. 2- I try to choose a pickup point from the checkout page, it makes like its loading but then it turns to the default pick up location. 3- The checkout button is always like “loading”, so can not buy. 4- How could i quit the “pick up date” “pick up time” from the checkout page?

Lot of thanks in advance.


Can you send me access details. Some other plugin must be conflicting it. Thanks

how did you get on with the update this weekend? let me know if i can help! thanks


Yes, working on same.I will let you know. Thanks

Hi friend.

Im having some troubles with your plugin.

I can not let you my credentials because i have the website in development mode in localhost. Sorry and thanks.

1.- When I select a pickup location in the pickup location options menu, in the checkout page, it doesn’t update in the bottom field of the “pickup location selected”. It is showing always the same pickup location selected by default.

2.- In the thankyou page, when showing the order information, in the pickup location there is no name. There is a 4 digits code number of the pickup location. How to do to show the pickup name and not the code number.

3.- Could it be posible to change the fields of the plugin in to spanish? I would love if instead of “pick up location” it show “Punto de recogida”, and the same with the pick up date and time.

I would like to send you screenshots from the issues, but i can’t attach nothing from this codecanyon contact developer page.

Thank you in advance for you response.


Sorry for delayed response.

1. It changes properly as can see it in demo also that it does changes. It’s difficult to check without server access. You can check for js errors. 2. It shows code-pickupname both. Please check same in demo also. 3. You need to create language file and required translation.


Hi, Is it possible to display only pickup locations that are within a certain proximity of the billing/shipping address entered by the customer? Thanks in advance for your help.

Another quick pre purchase question – can the plugin be set up to have cut off points that you need to order by for certain locations. Thanks again for your help.

Hi, this feature is not available. Thanks

been two weeks now since you said you were uploading the updated version that would fix these bugs? any luck? thanks


Sorry for delay. My hosting caused issue so few days wasted in that. I will do it asap. Thanks

thanks appreciate the update – if I can test or help out please don’t hesitate to ask!