Reviews for Woocommerce Pickup Locations (Local Pickup) wordpress plugin

Reviews for Woocommerce Pickup Locations (Local Pickup) wordpress plugin

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Having lotsss of bugs. But with some modification it is working perfectly.

Support is worst till now. May be will improve in future.

Plugin recommended if you know some code and can fix the bug by yourself.

Plugin not recommended because normally once you buy, this author never gonna reply if there is any bug. So support is 0 till now.

Hopping improvement in future.

for Customer Support

I bought the plugin plus extra support. I have to say that support is really poor. I and other users found three important bugs that interact with actual WP versions causing CRITICAL ERROR in Health Status. I reported them to the developer and NO ANSWERS IN MONTHS. The issues are the following:

"Just letting you know that your plugin is causing an issue with the most recent version of wp. When plugin enabled you get the errors: A PHP session was created by a session_start() function call. This interferes with REST API and loopback requests. The session should be closed by session_write_close() before making any HTTP requests.

and a second error: The REST API request failed due to an error. Error: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received (http_request_failed)

and a third error: The loopback request to your site failed, this means features relying on them are not currently working as expected. Error: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received (http_request_failed)"

I will appreciate better Customer Support. Otherwise do not offer that service to your customers.

Regards, Luis Benítez

for Customer Support

Poor customer support :( About 10 days and still no answer...

for Design Quality

Works great, has some details that can be improved on design quality (Im using Elementor) but can be overrided by CSS without problem.

for Customer Support

Absolutely fantastic customer service my tec knowledge is very limited and they were so helpful in getting me started, quick replies and helped me at every stage. I highly recommend

for Other

If the customer is picking up an item at the store, the correct tax rate should be the tax rate of the store location, not the customer address. We are using this plug-in but always need to adjust tax for every pick-up order because of this annoying bug. The author claims no responsibility for tax calculation which is ridiculous. If you pick up in store, the tax is different than if you ship, yet this plugin does not account for that.

The Google Maps feature is nice, but we haven't been able to make it work properly.

If I can find a way to make this work correctly (IE charge the correct tax rate) with our ecommerce site, I would happily raise the rating.

for Bugs

Super plugin to display local pickup on a map during woocommerce checkout ! Customers are happy, support is great and fast and can resolv bug quickly !

Keep up the good work man :)

for Customer Support

We have been looking for a local pickup plugin for a German high end customer.

We first purchased the official Wordpress pickup plugin but it did not have the customizing options we needed.

We ended up buying this plugin and it basically helped us to have a fully functional local pickup for over 400 stores with a functional search map.

When we ran into difficulties the awesome customer support helped us with fantastic support.

The page is up and running and we heard back from the customers that they love the map feature and the optional pick up option.

I read before about bugs, we encountered none and have autoptimise and cache plugin running parallel with it. Works like a charm.

I know how complicated a local pickup can be, so I can advise all who ran into problems to purchase this plugin with customer support and you will get all you need.

This all sounds like I was paid by the developers to write this, but I am just happy after all the search to have found the perfect pickup plugin! :)

Thanks again to the developerst!!

Many bugs in this plugin and the support does not respond, does not feel concerned. I don't recommend this plugin for serious use! I had to call a developer to fix the bugs and I know that the updates will be problematic ... not serious at all!

Author response


You have mentioned a single bug that marker is showing at different location but on checking we found that it is showing at correct location and it was only zoomed out. We have replied to your comment as well as email. If it's still not useful for you, you can ask for refund. This is the best we can do. let us know. Thanks

for Customer Support

The developer was quick to respond to fix a few bugs that were discovered and seemed very willing to help with any other bugs that might pop up.

The plug in a great resource and after the fixes, I'm very happy with this function and purpose of the plugin for our woocommerce site.

for Other

great, that did the job, exactly like we want it to! Support is only by comment (don't use the mailadres in the docs), but they helped good and fast

for Feature Availability

I don't think there is another plugin that does this type of pickup location style checkout as well. Pickup Location Plugin has got all the features you'd need and it works pretty well. I wouldn't say its perfect, I've had a few glitches but, this is ok if there is help at hand and I'm glad to say there support has been there for me - they've ironed out a few things and I'm happy with the result.

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A unique plugin well worthy the purchase. It did need some tweaking and tuning, but customer support was there to help out.