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Is there a video guide explains all the functions of plugin?

Hi yehudamor,
We do not have a full video guide but you can use the documentation: http://docs.aa-team.com/products/wooaffiliates/

Best regards

Is there a video guide explains all the functions of plugin?

See the answer above :)

hi, is it possible to import other xml via this add as well?

of course, i understand that this tool is designed to import affiliate tags from various sources. still, i’m wondering whether it is possible to i port products from other sources via xml? (as not all of the service providers using affiliate marketing tools as effective as amazon, i need also import via xml)

With this plugin you can import products only from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and Envato. If you have a list of ASIN codes you can import that list usually using CSV. We do not have an XML import module.

Best regards

Thank you very much for your prompt support.

Aliexpress is not working it says unsupported api

Make sure you have inserted the right API Keys. Open a ticket if you need more details. support.aa-team.com

Hello.. Can you give us more information About the new update thank you

Hi neometal,
Sure, there were some bug fixes regarding the Amazon images requests and other small fixes.

Best regards

I downloaded the Plugin, but there is no “wooaffiliates.zip file” in it. Please send me the file, so i can upload the plugin to WP

The wooaffiliates.zip file is inside the archive that you download from Codecanyon. If you need assistance in finding it you can open a ticket at support.aa-team.com and we will help you there.

Best regards

Hi There,

Is it possible to have “add to cart” option with this plug-in just like in your “Amazon Affiliate” plug in?

Hi sarafinchardonnay,
Unfortunately that is not possible since this plugin deals with 4 different affiliate programs and it would be a strange checkout process.

Best regards

hi! thank you very much for your prompt and lovely support =) honestly, it made me smile. you’ve right, it would be weird. thank you. i preferred woozone for the beginning and keep follow you up. it’s great by the way!

1. Can you select what information you import within a feed? For example is it possible to NOT import changelogs if you import an Envato feed?

2. Is it possible to use filters, subcategories and search on the frontend? It’s rather pointless to have a shop without the possibility for visitors to select and finetune what they are interested in.

Hi argosmedia,
Unfortunately we do not have this options. This plugin was created to import the product you want and display them on your website, not really as a plugin that allows your visitors to search for products on different affiliate websites as they can do that directly on that website, Amazon, eBay etc.

Best regards

Tried out WooExpress first but Descriptions and attributes weren’t getting imported for AliExpress Products.

I then purchased WooAffiliates which does have a lot more features but still Descriptions and Attributes won’t get imported for AliExpress products.

Free Shipping is not being shown either.

I do have products setup as an external affiliate link instead of simple products if that makes any difference.

Also is it possible to import AliExpress reviews for each product?

Hi davetanguay,
The AliExpress API doesn’t offer all the data that you can find on their website, so that is why you might have issues with missing data.

Best regards

I understand AliExpress API only has certain data available but your competitor’s plugin WooImporter imports the AliExpress Description, Additional Info & all images for AliExpress products.

Here’s an example I imported at https://scissorliftoutlet.com/scissor-lift-for-sale/static-scissor-lift-table-platform/ using WooImporter. Notice it has all images, full description and an Additional Info tab… all of which was imported from AliExpress using WooImporter.

WooAffiliate does not import all images, the description nor additional info for AliExpress products. This doesn’t appear to be a limitation in the AliExpress API.

WooImporter also offer addons I can purchase (which I haven’t yet) that can import AliExpress Reviews, Free Shipping info and Variations. See http://gmetrixteam.com/plugins/ebay_aliexpress_woocommerce_importer/

You will need to set the plugin to import all images and data. Open a ticket so we can see if you have set that on the Import page.

Best regards

Hi, i am looking for a plugin to import product from mainly from ebay AND be able to daily update the products, deleting the ones no more available and adding the new ones (datafeed).

The products automated update is a feature of your plugin?

Thanks, Luca

Hi Luca,
This plugin doesn’t but checkout our eBay affiliate plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/wooebay-affiliates-wordpress-plugin/14122142?ref=AA-Team

Best regards

Does this plugin allow possibility to search and import products directly from AliExpress through my WP admin panel automatically? And set my own prices? I believe the term is “AliExpress dropshippers”. And also, does the plugin have ability to import only products that participate in AliExpress affiliate program

Hi johneaglez,
Check the answer on the AliExress affiliate plugin.

Best regards


Im trying to search and import from ‘Phones & Telecommunications’ category (aliexpress) but seems nothing shows up? Can you check on this?


Hi kadsy,
Try to import using the product number and see if that works.

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kadsy Purchased

sorry but where do i find the product number?

Hi, what is the difference between wooaffiliate & woozone?

Hi mik3rul3z,
You can read more about the differences here: http://support.aa-team.com/knowledgebase-details/165

Best regards

I see you support Multisite. If I’m using multiple subdomains for different shopping areas, is that considered one site so I only need one license?

Hi maddogprod,
As long as the main domain is the same it’s ok.

Best regards

I have a pre-purchase question:

I want to make a normal post (not product page) which has a review about a product, the question is: Can I inject the auto-updated price of the product of each platform (Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Envato) into a normal post wherever I want?

Hi themedleb,
Unfortunately we do not have the sync option for this plugin and you can only update prices manually.

Best regards

can you tell me how the geo location works please – i click on the test site and all amazon links go to .com when im in the uk

thanks – can i get the manual anywhere

Hi clear_wells,
If you have set multiple Affiliate IDs the plugin can check the country the user visits and redirect him to the Amazon websites of his country. If there is no Amazon website for the country the visitor is in, it will default to the main affiliate id country.

Best regards

could this importer works fine in (frontend) ?

Unfortunately you can only use the importer in the back-end.