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PRE-SALE Question

Will this do EVERYTHING WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – Wordpress Plugin can do?

or would it be better to purchase WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – Wordpress Plugin and then purchase separate eBay, Aliexpress plugins?

Hi gunzanrozes,
This plugin can not do everything that WZone can do. If you are only aiming for Amazon Affiliation then it’s best to get WZone as it has more features.

Best regards

Hello, Aliexpress not give us more API keys. Your script allow import using a “default” API keys? I want use my affiliate id only. Thanks!

Hi, the plugin manage also the eBay auctions end date? For example it turn off a product (both “buy now” than “auction”) when expires? Or check if a product is still available or not?

Solved myself checking out WooEbay:

Q. Also, if an eBay item is removed or listing expires, what happens to the item I imported, will it be deleted automatically or do I have to do it myself?

A. After the cron runs, the product will automatically moved to the trash.

and from description:

“Synchronisation Sync ebay products Using the Synchronisation module you can keep track if the eBay products were synced, and when. Simply Activate the Plugin Cronjobs, select what you wish to sync (title, prices & so on) and that’s it. Products will get synced automatically without any effort from your side.”

For my business will be based on eBay, I think it’s better for me to proceed with wooebay, please can you confirm me?

Hi robertomarghelli,
It depends what are your needs. WooAffiliate doesn’t have the sync feature.

Best regards

Why don’t you insert Flipkart in the Woozone Plugin or make a plugin for flipkart affiliation.

Hi videesh,
Will consider your request. Thank you.

Best regards

Pre sales question. I’m planning to use this plugin with the other WooCommerce theme. Which plugin features might not work?

And how do Aliexpress works with this plugin? It imports all necessary information (images, description, prices, shipping, etc.)?

Any reviews on Aliexpress?


ZfK Purchased

Are the Plugin PHP 7.x compatible??? Thxs!

Hi… I’ve got a question… Will you be adding Etsy to this plugin? That would be so great if you did :-)

Hi tennischick,
We do not have any plans for that in the near future but we will consider your request.

Best regards

How does this work? Do the big corporations the shipping handeling directly to the customer and everyting. And what about quaranty? Who is responsible?


You are just presenting the products on your website and the client will buy from the big retailers (Amazon, eBay etc.). They will handle the shipping, warranty etc.


I have few questions why have a lot of bad reviews? Is possible remove the banner show in the product: Product sold by? Can I change the text Buy it now?


You may hide it by CSS code (we can help on support.aa-team.com). Yes, you can change the text as a plugin option.


I’m trying to open a new ticket for the CSS code but I can’t please bring me light about this. I need to open a new account or I login with the envato account? I try with envato account but show me the password wrong.

Thank you

You will need to create a new account on our support system. The Envato account is not linked to the support account.

Best regards


rubarx Purchased

Hello, Importing products from Aliexpress in FR does not work, could you resolve this issue please ?

Bought the plugin for french Aliexpress :/



Can you please provide more details on support.aa-team.com?


Is possible remove the banner show in the product: Product sold by? Can I change the text Buy it now?

Please check the previous response to you, just up a little on this page.


If customers purchase products from both eBay and Amazon, how do they pay? Is there one cart?

EDIT: I just found the answer in an older post. They have to check out in both places :-)

does this package come with a emarket theme?


I understand that you have a chrome browser add on for picking items of amazon. Do you happen to have one for picking items of aliexpress?

Unfortunately we only have for Amazon.

this plugin have some limits about product posting how many? or ( no limits ?) ? it a dropship too ???

Hi ivandancom,
The plugin doesn’t have a limit but your server might. Depending on how many products you import, you will need a stronger server with more resources. As for dropshipping, the plugin doesn’t have a special function for that but after you import the products and deactivate the plugin, the products will work like any WooCommerce product would with the checkout on your website.

Best regards

can you tell me how to create account on your support site to create ticket?

Hi jGUveQby,
Sure, create an account here: http://support.aa-team.com/register/

Best regards

Hi, Pre-sale question – is it possible to control the display (grid) and general CSS output of the Amazon products?

Ok, great! (1) If I don’t need envato or aliexpress, I can hide them on the front end? (2) If I the same product (book) is available on Amazon and Ebay, will it create 2 product entries or just one with links to both?

Oops! duplicate. please delete.

Hi Jack_dees,
1. If you don’t import product from those markets, the plugin will now show anything from there.
2. It will create 2 products. Since eBay and Amazon products have different product codes, the plugin can not know if the products are the same.

Best regards

How I can make sure the Amazon tracking ID is working properly with my account? I have a lot of visit but don’t register the click in my amazon affiliate account.

Another thing is Alibaba they dont want to give access to the secret key. Any another way to apply for alibaba???

Hi Einsoft_LLC,
You can test a link. Click on a product and see if you have the affiliate ID in the link. Those visits could also be just bots trying to access your website.

Best regards

Thank do you know why Alibaba don’t want to give the access key to transfer products??

Because is they are not allow people to add products the plug in don’t work for Aliababa

i start upload products from amazon in insane mode , after 3 to 4 product update is dont the plugin stop importing further i dont know why pls help me with that my id num #1038517

Hi vasanthnanthu,
That is not a valid ticket number in our support system. Are you sure you posted on the right page since it doesn’t look like you have the purchased badge? Our support page is at support.aa-team.com

Best regards