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Woo Coming Soon

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Woocommerce Coming Soon allows you to mark any product as coming soon mode. If a product is marked coming soon then the product won’t be purchasable via the website. And you can specify a custom text which will be visible to the users when they see the product on your website.

You can display count down timer for each product you mark as coming soon. The count down would be displayed when you choose when the product would be available for sale. You can have 2 different types of count down timer styles. One is circular and another is default classic style.

You can easily customize the text that would be displayed for coming soon text from the admin and there are couple of different admin options which allows to hide price, hide reviews etc for the products which are marked as coming soon.

The users can also subscribe for coming soon products so that they can receive a notification when the product is available for sale.


  • Easy to integrate.
  • Admin options to customize the plugin.
  • Display count down timer when the product would be available sale.
  • Custom text for coming soon text.
  • Option to hide or display the price when the item is marked as coming soon.
  • Disable reviews on products having coming soon active.
  • Can use this plugin for couple of different options like call for price etc.
  • Allows users to subscribe for the coming soon products.
  • Easily customize subscription email subject and content from admin panel.


  • You can easily showcase the new products which you are going to sell in future.
  • Collect the list of subscribers for a product before launching the product on your store so that you can estimate the probable number of customers for the product.
  • You can also use this plugin as a back in stock notifier or waitlist.
  • You can also use this plugin to use as call for price.


Version: 2.4(14th Nov 20)
 - Fixed countdown
 - fixed sending email 
Version 2.3 (9th May 2020)
 -  Updated js for date time set
 -  Fixed css
Version 2.2 (19th Nov 2018)
 - Added coming soon option for variable product
 - Added subscription option for variable product
 - updated js for normal countdown timer
 - fixed css
Version 2.1 (5th Sep 2018)
 - Fixed issue removal of add to cart button for variable products 
Version 2.0 (3rd May 2018)
 - Fixed css issue for subscribe button
 - Optimized code
 - Made fix for the variable product issue
Version 1.8 (15th March 2017)
 - Fixed issue for remove coming soon on product
 - fixed issue for the woocommerce deprecated functions
Version 1.7 ( 9th Jan 2017 ) 
- Fixed issues with WooCommerce shipping settings
Version 1.6 ( 20th July 2016 ) 
- Added support for Woocommerce 2.6.2 and 2.6.3
-  shipping zone issue fixed
Version 1.5 ( 11th July 2016 ) 
- Added support for Woocommerce 2.6.2
-  changed css
Version 1.4 ( 19th February 2016 ) 
  - Added ability to automatically remove the products form coming soon list once the countdown reaches to zero.
  - Added support for woocommerce mailer for woocommerce 2.3 and higher.
  - Fixed hide description bug.
  - Compatibility check with latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress.
Version 1.3 ( 31st October 2015 ) 
  - Updated plugin to not use out of stock status.
  - Updated admin settings to be under woocommerce settings.
  - Added new admin option to hide product short description for coming soon products. 
  - Added new admin option to specify product available date and time and display countdown based on it.
  - Added option to manage different plugin texts.

Version 1.2 ( 20th December 2014 ) 
  - Fixed issue with variable products.
  - Added functionality to display badges on the coming soon products.

Version 1.1  ( 9th November 2014 )
 - Added option to subscribe for coming soon products.
 - Added admin setting to enable/disable subscriptions.
 - Added admin setting to customize the subscription email.
 - Added sortable product column to view subscribers list.

Version 1.0 ( 4th November 2014 ) 
  - Initial public release.