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Could you tell me where i can find the emails as a list that have subscribed to each product?? is this possible?

Go through the screenshots you can see where its available.


On mobile, the screen automatically scrolls down to the subscription email field. I’d rather this stay on the product image and not automatically scroll at all. It doesn’t happen on tablet or desktop. Thanks for your help!


Sorry but I am not really sure what’s the exact issue here. Can you please explain it.

When I load a Woo Coming Soon product page that enables subscription for that product – the browser auto scrolls past the product image down to the input subscription email field. I would rather no auto scrolling happen at all. It doesn’t happen on tablet or desktop. Maybe it’s a problem with the plugin and the Shopkeeper theme?


Seems to be a weird issue. I tested on our demo and it seems to be working fine. can you please check that with our demo and let us know.


BMacko Purchased

Looks like a great plugin. Is there any support to save or export the emails gathered from the plugin (in order to use them elsewhere) ? A bulk CSV option would be handy, as my client expects to gather hundreds of emails. Thanks!


Sorry but currently it’s not possible to export the users but yes the admin can see the list of users for each products and those users would automatically be sent a notification when you change the coming soon status of the product.


BMacko Purchased

Just purchased the plugin, looks good sofar. The plugin doesn’t look like it’s responding to color change modifications from the admin area. ( It can select between the Spiral or Normal counter display ok. ) Any suggestion on this?

Also, any option to remove the Add to Cart button once the plugin is active for a product? The Add to Cart button is still displaying, but non-functional.



Seems to be really weird issue. Can you please share your wordpress and woocommerce version and we will test it. If there is any issues then it would be squared away and you will receive an update.

Hi, After a first use in may, now it does not work. I insert the coming soon date but after saving the product page does not change.

Can you help me?

my purchase code here: e456d923-753a-4b5e-8bd5-6cf9d038548d – 4 May 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

Please share your site details on and we will have a look at it.

Hi, I fix the problem erasing the plug-in file via ftp and reinstalling. Thanks

That’s great. Let us know if you would have anything else.


I would like to know if it is possible to process a refund for the plugin purchased:

Code: 6c80ff4b-b484-490f-931c-11b4b511ecc5 – 2 Oct 2016

Unfortunately it is not compatible with my theme and the variation products css codes.

I have no use for it ;(

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

You can apply for a refund.

I bought this plugin yesterday. The countdown does not work on either option, the colour selection for badges do not show up on the front end and the text does not fit the badges. Regardless of what adjustments I make in the settings. I have emailed with a detailed description and screenshots along with my purchase code. But I have yet to have a reply. Please advise.


Thanks for mailing the details. We will get this addressed asap and let you know.

Thank you so much.


BMacko Purchased

I’m trying testing the plugin’s email sending function. When the product hit 0 on the countdown, no email was sent. I then took the product out of the Coming Soon moon and hit save; and no email was sent. Please advise.

That seems to be weird. Are other emails on your site is working ? Basically it uses wordpress email function to send mails, so it should be working fine. Also please try to setup smtp emails and see if that works for you.


sofas Purchased

Hi there! Any idea when this plugin is going to be updated for WC 2.6.x?


We are working on the update of the plugin.

874ddce4-979e-40c4-a3f5-019c112feaac – 3 Sep 2016

Hello. I have two problems. 1. The count down timer displays NUL on product single page.

2. The email sent to the client when the item is back in stock displays only the subject ( PRODUCT_NAME is available for sale.) and nothing else. eg the main body (Hi, Few days back you subscribed to get notification when PRODUCT_NAME is available for sale. The product is available now and you can purchase it by visiting product page. PRODUCT_IMAGE PRODUCT_LINK Cheers – SITE_NAME )

We run woocommerce latest edition and royal theme from 8themes.

Please advice, Pavlos


Can you disable other plugins and recheck? I think there is some conflict with other plugin what have you installed.

Unfortunately we need every plugin including yours of course. Ahhhhh !

Can you send us your site login details at so that we can check the issue.

Hi, We seem to have problems with the subscription E-mail: It is not sending out the custom content that we have created in the Woocommerce settings. Instead it just sends an email with the default text ‘Product coming soon is available for sale.’

Are we doing something wrong?

Yeah, got it.

For all readers of this topic: It got fixed by MagniGenie. THNX!!!!

Thanks, Please leave a review it would keep us motivated to keep up the good work :)

hello i need urgent support. this plugin seems to countdown to different times depending on the users timezone. How do you change that?? needs to be counting down to the website owners timezone. users are being shown the timer with 0 to go.. but its really still another 2 hours.


I guess you need to set timezone on your php configuration. That would fix the issue.

Hi, I just purchased your plugin. It seems not to be compatible with my theme (atelier). The sold out badge keep showing when stock = 0 And the add to add to cart button is still here too (but inactive even if there is stock). Can you help or refund please ? test product here :



When you will make a product as coming soon then it would automatically hide add to cart button.


That’s what I told you on my first post. This feature doesn’t work on my website, maybe because of an incompatibility with my theme (atelier)... I have to use an other plugin to hide the add to cart button.

And the mails are not sent. But I don’t need this.

Okay we got you. Will you be able to create an account and send it to So that we can debug the issue and provide you necessary fixes.


I am also having a problem with emails that are being sent. “The email sent to the client when the item is back in stock displays only the subject ( PRODUCT_NAME is available for sale.) and nothing else. eg the main body (Hi, Few days back you subscribed to get notification when PRODUCT_NAME is available for sale. The product is available now and you can purchase it by visiting product page. PRODUCT_IMAGE PRODUCT_LINK Cheers – SITE_NAME )”

So the body of email is empty. What can I do to solve this problem? This is the email body text in the settings of your plugin: Hi,

Few days back you subscribed to get notification when PRODUCT_NAME is available for sale. The product is available now and you can purchase it by visiting product page.


Cheers - SITE_NAME

Thank you,



We have released an update for this. Can you download the latest version of the plugin and try that.

Also when I use the datepicker to choose coming soon date it reverses the date and month. For example when I choose 6 January from the date picker it enters 06-01-2017 17:48 and somehow this is interpreted as 1st of june by the server. Do you have a suggestions how I can correct this?

Thank you


Can you create a temporary login for us and send those details to So that we can check and let you know what is the exact issue.


Love the plugin, however:

1) When you successfully subscribe to a product, the confirmation message is prefixed with “Sucess” which is spelt incorrectly – it should be “Success”. Where can I locate the file to change this?

2) Where can I see a list of emails that have subscribed to a product?

3) The email body is blank for the email that is generated informing that the product is back in stock.


Hi, thanks for your update and the information provided.

I have updated the plugin by:

1) re-downloading the plugin 2) deleting the old plugin folders 3) installing new plugin

However, now, the plugin does not seem to generate any emails at all. Am I right in thinking that as soon as a product that is out of stock & has subscribed users gets updated with inventory, that it should trigger an email? I do not see any emails.

Currently running wordpress 4.5.5 and WooCommerce 2.6.11. Any help would be great!


Hi – I have resolved the issues – my mistake. All is working perfectly! Thanks.

Thanks, that’s great. Let us know if you need any other help. Also, share your review and rating about your experience with the plugin, It would keep us motivated to provide regular updates to the plugin.



we are using your plugin atm. When we set a countdown timer to for example 00:01am The timer shows the time of the country the people come from.

When its 11pm in Germany timer shows 1 hour to go. In a timezone where its 12pm the timer shows 0. but the product isn’t available.

I need the timer to show the same time all over the world!

regards, Josh