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Hello, I’m currently looking into different cookie plugins, including yours. I read about the licence verification before the plugin can be used – which is great. (I’m a theme developer myself and hate piracy!) Do I need one licence per domain or can I use the plugin on multiple domains?



Thanks for your interest in our plugin! You’ll need 1 license for each domain (according Envato’s license policy).

Kind regards,


Hi guys, I have some pre sales questions.

I have a website with another cookie plugin that is having some conflicts with W3Total cache. I would like to change it and I would like to know if your plugin is compatible with W3 Total cache, Autoptimized, Eww image optimizer and the WPtheme Minicorp. Is it an heavy plugin? I want to maintain a fast web site with Gt Metrix A/A as a result and Google Page Speed with good values. I see that is not updated from last year, is it compatible with the last version of wordpress? Any security problems?

Thankyou for your support. Good bye


Regarding W3Total cache: We did not have any conflicts or issues received from customers yet. Of course we will help you in solving issues you experience.

Autoptimized/Eww image optimizer: We haven’t tested this and can’t guarentee 100% compatibility yet. Allthough we expect it to work .

WPtheme Minicorp: Can’t guarentee and unfortunately no idea. We did not received any support requests for this Theme.

Is it an heavy plugin? We try not to be and keep on optimizing. For example our CSS (next release) and Scripts are minified.

Is it compatible with the last version of wordpress? Yes.

Any security problems? Not that we are aware of.

Hope this answers your questions.

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Hi There,

Looking at the new EU law, if correct, I must be able to show someone clicked my “Okay to place cookies” button on my website. Does your plugin log these kind of actions so that I have proof?

Thank you for answering.



Sorry for my late reply.

You’re welcome, thanks for the compliment and we’re looking forward to your purchase(s) :)

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


Hi Mariette,

I have one more question: Reset cookie consent button -> does this mean that a websitevisitor can ALWAYS (even after a couple of minutes) retract the cookie consent? Thanks again for your answer!

Regards, Richard

Hi Richard,

If you’ve choosen to show the Reset cookie button on your website and a website visitor clicks on it, the cookie consent will reset indeed.

I hope this answers your question.

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Hi there!
We are using your plugin since sometime now. I was just wondering if you will consider creating an additional module or extension to this plugin which may enable scanning the installed website for cookies and then list them in the admin area. This way the admin can categorise them to (1) strictly necessary cookies, (2) performance cookies, (3) functionality cookies and (4) targeting cookies or advertising cookies and then allow the visitor to choose what all she/he would accept.

Hey Josè,

Thanks for your suggestion!

Due to the EU GDPR, at this moment we are investigating a functionality like this.

Kind regards,