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Millennyum Purchased

Finally a plugin that seems to do what I need it to do!

One more pre-sale question though: I am using Google Tag Manager to insert the Google Analytics script. This can be either the basic (anonymized) script or the extended script with DoubleClick cookie support. How will this work with your plugin? Ideally I would want to load the basic script until permission is given, and if that is the case, load the extended script.

I could read a variable from the consent cookie, if your plugin sets one, to determine which version to load. But perhaps your plugin handles this in another way? I saw that it is possible to load an anonimized Google Analytics script before permission, but I don’t fully understand how this plugin works in that regard. Can you explain that in more detail?


I see you already bought our plugin, great! Please let us know through email at weepie-plugins@outlook.com if you need any help if it doesn’t do what you would like it to do so we can try to help you out.

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1/ compatibility with buddypress? Can you detailed? adds a checkbox to the registration form? and after ?
2/ Integrates with the wordpress 4.9.6 privacy page?
3/ plugin translation (front-end and back office in French)?


1/ We don’t know. We don’t add a checkbox to the registration form 2/ Not yet, but we try to investigate the possibilities to do so soon (already noted on our improvement list) 3/ Only in English

I hope this answers your questions.

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italweb Purchased

i have installed on my domain but i doesnt work… how can i revoke validation and install to another domain to try?

Hi, i purchased this plugin but i think it is still missing 1 thing:

- It can block scripts before you accept the cookies - it allows users to reset the cookies


- when an user clicks “Accept” it should also “store” the information somewhere. Because the law says that you have to be able to demonstrate that an user clicked on Accept. It needs a sort of “logs” i think or it will be incomplete


chemaweb Purchased

Doesnt work when click on “content”. General and style work correctly, but content doesn’t work. Please help!

Hi, when I click Accept on my tablet the box keeps coming back, can;’t get it away! It dissapears when ik click decline.. Works fine on a desktop! what’s wrong?? https://www.studioretouched.nl/

Hi, i can only expect this to be a great plugin, however i need to be able to activate the plugin for my domain which i currently cannot do, i have emailed twice to your email address and had no response.

the GDPR went live today and this is the only thing holding me back now.

1. Possible to detect ip address and change language? 2. Possible to show only if the user is in Europe?

When a user selects the ‘DECLINE’ option, a weePie cookie is still set, to remember that choice. I’d be interested to know how this can be explained in our Privacy Policy?

For us this doesn’t show any box or bar. Cookies are blocked correctly, styles and js get injected into template, but not the html of the box/bar. Running wordpress 4.9.6, tried many possible settings of this plugin, disabling all plugins except “weepie framework” and “weepie cookie allow” to no success. Any suggestions?

Hi, is it possible to know when you will release another update? I ask you that for the issues of cookie categories and consents logging. Thanks a lot.

Hi, Can i block cookies AUTOMATICALLY with this plugin? I mean without the user has to click a button?

The plugin does work. But in the end I had to switch it off. For a site that receives 10,000 visits per day – the plugin is just too resource intensive. It gradually increases server load – in a few hours I had to switch it off to avoid a server crash. Not sure why this is the case – all other cookie plugins use hardly any server resource.

pre-purchase question: - this plug-in is one-time-payment or annual subscription?

Can we block Facebook Pixel with this plugin?