WeePie Cookie Allow - Easy & Complete Cookie Consent Plugin

WeePie Cookie Allow - Easy & Complete Cookie Consent Plugin

An easy, complete and flexible cookie law implementation plugin for WordPress which makes it possible to fully comply with the cookie law of any country.

Choose your way of cookie consent in the style of your website!

Comply easily with i.a. the:

  • EU cookie law
  • UK cookie law
  • Dutch cookie law
  • Italian cookie law
  • German cookie law

Read this text in Dutch/ Lees deze tekst in het Nederlands

YES! If you have an European website or a website directed to an European audience, a website visitor has to be informed about and give consent for placing certain cookies on your website. Depending on which country, this consent may be implied or must be explicit. With our WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin for WordPress you can easily comply with the cookie law of your country on your own way:

  1. Compose your cookie consent manner:
    1. Choose what cookies should be placed before consent
    2. Choose your consent method: e.g. by scrolling the website or by clicking on the accept button
    3. Choose whether you want to use a layer on top of your website (cookie wall)
  2. Choose your consent style:
    1. Choose between a cookie bar or box
    2. Customize the front elements (e.g. the texts, colors, corners, positions)

You’re done!

  • Block all i-frames (optional)

  • Box shadows for bar and box (optional)

  • Close the bar and box with a (x) cross (optional)

  • Set a minimal amount of pixels before scrolling gives consent (optional)


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