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I’m using your plugin (Visual Composer Responsive Google Maps), especially the map with clusters, but every time I reload the page you see a different number of clusters.

The page in question is this ->

Is there a problem with your plugin and clusters?

Thank you


I think try to use latitude, longitude instead of address. When you use address it call google api to fetch its lat, lng and sometimes too many requests blocked by google so some request may blocking in your case.

So using latitude, longitude will solve this issue.

if still not works then contact me at with login details and I will check.

Thanks :)

Hello, I use the Advanced Google Map (Settings), it’s great but I need to display the map in french. How to do that? I use this Json script, is there a way to add it to this part:


Hi, See this screenshot.

Second field is for language. You can change language

let me know. Thanks

Hi, I have purchased and installed the plugin and i have some fields inside that doesn´t appears. Whats the way to receive support?

Please see the attachments:

I cant create or show any map and info points.


Please send me admin details at so I can check.

Thanks :)


Ok, you will get reply soon.

Thanks :)

I like to have the feature (from the example link) when you click the link from the left, not just show the comments but also positions the location on the map in the center.

Check this example link:

And this is our map with your plugin:

Please advice, thanks!

We got it now, we will upload this later after we fix the issue we talk about in the last comment.

Works like a charm! Thanks!

Great :)

I did purchase this plugin about 2 years ago, everything’s right, but since about a month when you click a link-marker outside the map: - zoom ok - marker overview open ok map position NO GOOD, the marker often go outside the map-screen and you have to find it draggin and zommin around. I tried everything: disable plugins, disable javascript, ... but with no luck. Any suggestion? thanks then click “Almisano” in order to open content tab -> “visualizza sulla mappa” white button thanks in advance


I checked but dont get it. I actually cant find link you talking about.

Can you contact me at with screenshot?

Thanks :)

hi, i did contact you at your email, two times, but didn’t get any answer yet. could you please check spam folder? riccardo.bonuzzi thanks

You will get reply soon.

Thanks :)

Hello there,

I’m having this problem now… I have the Google API setup on my theme and still having this error. Can this be a problem with your addon?

Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Let me know please.

Never mind. I forgot that there was a option for this.



Yes it has option for API key. if you have still issue, send me email at and I will setup.

Thanks :)

The plugin is not working :-( I cannot set height, with and nothing is showing at the front-end. Please help!


Please send me admin details at so I can check.

Thanks :)

Please help! I cannot get the plugin working. I already use WP Backery page building but the plugins looks strange. I cannot set height and with for example.

Already disables other plugins but that didnot solved the problem. Can you help?


Please send admin login details to

Thanks :)

Hi, I installed your Map marker. All in all a good work. But i have an bug. When i Duplicate an entry then this don’t work? I have to create every style every text again manual then it work. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

So when i just duplicate an marker and change the town, for example munich to hamburg in location, then it will not displayed. When i make it without duplicate function then it work.

I get also no autocomplete like on an other page?! Really strange.

Do you have an idea how to fix this? Can i provide wp data so that you can check?