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Hi, I’ve a problem using this plugin. When I try to set up the map settings “Save changes” button doesn’t work, so I can’t use it because I can save not even the API Key. Thank you.

I can not able to set my password.

Can you contact me to my personal email?


Hi, after your last configuration the plugin was working but some days ago stopped working again. “Save changes” still not working so I can’t do tests to solve the problem.

Can you help me?

Send me all details at again so I can check.

Thanks :)

Hello @SBThemes,

I would like to use multiple maps on one page, but the plug-in only loads one map instead of 4. Can you help?

Kind regards, Boaz

yes sure, I will reply to personal email.

Thanks :)

Hello SBthemes,

Did you have any time to check, yet?

Kind regards, Boaz

Hey sorry for delay. I am checking and will reply :)



I am trying to use your plugin with address input rather than Lat Lon. All adresses are located in France and in order to get the address, I copy from Google. ex: 1 Avenue de l’Impératrice, 64200 Biarritz, France

However, It never works. Only if I change for Lat Long which I would like to avoid…

Could you let me know if there is a specific format for the Addresses in order to work correctly?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Philippe M

There is no format for address.

Map only works based on lat, lng so when you use address then server need to make extra call per marker to get lat, lng for that address.

And with more markers so many requests sent to google together and from that too many requests google blocking requests and thats why sometimes with addresses markers are not visible.

So better you use lat, lng as its fast and perfect and avoids so many extra calls.

Thanks :)


Wacomka Purchased

Hi, I’ve a problem using this plugin. When I try to set up the map settings “Save changes” button doesn’t work, so I can’t use it because I can save not even the API Key. Here the preview:

Thank you.


Please send me details at so I can check.

Thanks :)


Wacomka Purchased

Hi. Have the same problem. Plugin dont works. Save button dont works. Preview:


Please send me admin login details at, so I can check.

Thanks :)

Hi. I install this plugin but have error.

You have see this error, not load.



I checked on that page and its working for me.

Can you give me exact details what is error?

Thanks :)


novit1 Purchased

Hello, I’ve just installed the Visual Composer Responsive Google Maps plugin and inserted 35 markers. Everything looks fine from the backend, but when I check the frontend – the number of markers changes randomly with every refresh. You can see it here: Sometimes it shows 10, sometimes 21. However total number of markers is 35. Do you know how can I fix this?

Best regards, Pavel


I think its because your server sending to many request to google and they skip some requests.

One solution is use latitude, longitude instead of address and it will decrease request to google and it will work.

if still not work then send me login details at

Thanks :)


cnicolot Purchased


I have just purchased your google maps plugin and installed it on my wordpress site. I have an unexpected issue: the user can’t drag the map, zoom or anything else. Moreover, the markers are not visible. Could you help me please ? cf. my site: Regards


Please send me admin details at so I can check.

Thanks :)

How do I set the “maxZoom” property of this map?

It looks like this is possible in the Maps API, according to this:

I would prefer not to go above level 2 Zoom. I am happy to modify the plugin myself if need be to accomplish this.


Ah, yes I got it.

Let me explain how its working.

When you set address then first we request latitude, longitude via google API and map only works based on latitude, longitude.

So when you set more markers together then it send separate request to google for every marker and too many request together requests blocked by google sometimes.

So try to add direct latitude, longitude instead of address and it will work.

Let me know.

Thanks :)

I can see how that would be better, but the challenge that I have is that editing these markers in the map in Visual Composer in the admin panel is not going to be easy with that change.

Right now I have a list of addresses:

Map Marker Ebisu-1-Chome, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Map Marker Ethan Allen Hwy, Ridgefield, CT 06877, United States

It is easy for me to see which marker I need to change if any of the descriptions need to be edited. I select the right address, click the pencil icon on the marker, and edit it.

If I change from using addresses to latitude and longitude to latitude or longitude as you suggest, my list of markers will be:

Map Marker (45.23423432,234.34324)

Map Marker (23.3442,320.234)

It will not be easy for me to know which marker is which! :)

Is there a way that I can change what is displayed under a map marker in Visual Composer in the admin panel to a title or the description or something that is not the latitude or longitude so I can easily edit 50 markers?

I’m happy to edit code if I need to on the plugin. I already added minZoom and it is working wonderfully!


Can you wait for couple of days? I am going to launch new version. in which I will try to resolve this issue. I will generate latitude, longitude when you add address in field and will save it in hidden field so we dont have to add it manually. Also I will add maxZoom property so you can use it.

Thanks :)

Hi, I would like to add Location List in my map. I tried to add in HTML elements of Visual Composer (as you wrote some comments ago):

London New York

But it doesn’t work. Could you help me please? Thanks!