Discussion on WPBakery Responsive Google Maps Addon

Discussion on WPBakery Responsive Google Maps Addon

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I’d just like to confirm pre-purchase, is it possible to add as many locations to the map as possible? If we wanted to add 50-100, can that be done?

Yes you can add.

There is no limit in for no of locations.


Hello, does it work with Visual Composer embedded in a theme? Does it need the API key? Thanks

It doesnt need API key but without key there is limit from Google for APi request per day. So you can use without key for low traffic or you can provide API key which will manage more requests.

Good luck with your sales

Hi. In features stands that “no API key required” but on site pops up standard massage “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.” In my project i need multiple markers map with no lmits.

Well its super easy to create API key and its policy change from google maps. Can you please try with API key?

Creating API key is not a problem. Terms of the project are blocking us. We can’t use plugins and scripts even with small chance of extra payments.

You can generate refund request and I will approve it.


I’ve been using your plugin for years. Works great! I have a new need for it though and it requires plotting 900 locations on a map. Is there any way to upload a spreadsheet of locations (address or coordinates)?

Sorry but there is no way to import any type of file to generate location. Its WPBakery addon means all those data not stored in separate table in datatabse but all are as shortcode in editor..


Hello! I installed the plugin and put in the cordinates: 27.0952267,-82.4354628,17z

It doesn’t show the location in Florida, but the ocean

please check. thanks!

Sent! Thank you

Ok you will get reply soon.

Thank You.

HI, Mao you are using is not from my plugin, I removed it and added from my plugin and now its working but you need to set google map API key which is required.

So once you add that it will work perfectly.


Is it possible to toggle on/off different categories of map pins? Eg. All hotels

No, There is no such feature right now.



Where can I put google api key which is need for google map in footer

BR, Gabor

Plugin has already option to add API key when you add map.

So you should add in plugin settings.

If not works then send me your admin login details at so I can check.


Hi there, I have recently noticed that all of the maps icons have shifted to the left. I have tried updating everything and repositioning the icons but nothing is working. - C

Send me admin login details at so I can check.


You have mentioned in previous comments that you can use custom images as map markers. I am just wondering if you can control the size of these markers? For example I might want to upload an image that is 160×180px and set the marker dimension to be 80×80px so that it looks good on high dpi screens.


Sorry we can’t handle size inside map, so you have to upload correct size. It’s not possible to handle marker size in google map API.

Thanks :)

Hello, the wordpress gallery doesn’t work fine inside the popup.

Can you send me admin login details at so I can check.

Remember if your gallery using javascript code then it need to reinitialise after google map loads.


Hi, I sent you an email yesterday. Thanks

Ok you will get reply soon.


I have a problem with your plug in link page link. It does not make me move the button for the fullscreen!, It is stopped in the upper right corner how can I move it I tried with the options of the plug in but nothing to do, you can help me page:

Please send me your admin login details at, that button is from new API of google, and my plugin has custom button, which will be removed in next version as now google has inbuilt button.

Send me login details and explain where you want to move so I will look into google API and will do changes durect in your plugin.

Thanks :)

The google map isn’t working. I’ve gotten an API key but I can’t locate where to put the key to get it working. How do I locate this?

Hi, make sure you have latest version of plugin and in settings General tab see last field for API key.

Thanks :)


Does this plugin work with KMZ files?

Specifically, I’m looking to create a series of maps, each with its own KMZ file. Thx!

Sorry but it not works with KMZ file.


Hi There,

We made a map with some custom pins. The map is full of POI’s which Google inserts (cafes. restaurants, etc). How can we remove these? Our map is in the center of Amsterdam so it is a lot and very unwanted…

Hope you can help out, Thanks Paul

Can you send me your website link at so I can check.


Hi, I am having a wordpress woocommerce website. My website is a e-commerce website. I am searching for a google map plugin which would ease in delivering my product by our delivery boy. Requirement: 1. The google map plugin should have the feature of enabling the customer to mark his/her home address or shipping address in google map, while filling up address. 2. The google map plugin should have feature to enable the customer to mark his current position (geo-position), if the customer desire to receive the product at his/her current position. 3. The plugin should provide such inputs while the order is being placed to me (admin) whereby the delivery boy could be able to route/trace the customer location on google map (may be customer mobile phone) 4. The Plugin should have feature to trace my delivery service area in google map plugin. 5. The plugin should automatically give a message to the customer that the shipping address he provided is beyond the delivery service area hence not accepted. 6. The shipping address or marked by customer is accepted only when it is within the service area. 7. The plugin should have feature of locating real time position of the customer by our delivery boys.

If your google map plugin does have features mentioned above, kindly let me know.



Sorry this plugin does not meet your requirement in fact it has nothing to do with woocommerce.

Thank You.

Hi, Nice plugin, thanks for releasing it, much appreciated.

Just wonder how I go about creating my own map style and add it to the plugin?

you have lots of styles but I want my own.

Sorry but right now dont have that option available, we are updating all plugins and I think we will add this feature in our next version, meanwhile if you still need it then send me your style and admin login details and I can set direct in code for you.


all good, I dont expect you to mess around for hours making a map theme for me. I might had a tinkle inside the plugin to see what is going on.

it is a nice plugin so I will have a play with it.

any idea where to start for custom style in your code, I will be generating json from snazzymaps.

thanks for the release and your time

In plugin folder assets/script.js file.

Find javascript function “sbvcgmap_get_map_style” on line no : 104

all the styles listed there, you can add more there or replace any existing.

Thanks :)

Hi! Is it possible to have a lot of markers and refresh automaticaly?

WHat you mean by refresh automatically? can you explain more?

Hi, the map section in my website is grayed out with a watermarked “for development purposes only”

Please help this error came from nothing!!!!

I think you have to set API key which is made mandatory by google recently, if you are not able to setup then send me admin logind etails at and also send me API key.

Thank You.

Hi, do you plan any updates of this software to accomodate current versions of WP ? thanks, alexander

Hi, Its already working with latest version of WP.


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