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I have autoplay and autoplayOnPlayerLoad set to true, and it auto starts playing my playlist on Firefox/Chrome, but doesn’t start autoplaying on Safari, either on the Mac or on an iOS device. Any reason why it works in some browsers and not in others, and any ideas for work arounds?

Thanks for the information. Does this include items in the playlist going from one item to the next?

You mean for desktop Safari? If so then I expect it to work like that.

Thank you. I meant for mobile. It wasn’t auto-playing the next item either, even after clicking to start the first item. I’d like it to keep playing the audio.

I believe it wouldn’t work because the code destroys the media tag and recreates it with every new item in the playlist. I am only using it for audio in my project, so I hacked it to give the audio tag an ID and just update that audio tag with the source of the clicked playlist item. It seems to be working now. It’s a pretty messy hack and it wouldn’t work across all media types as written. But perhaps an update to the original code to update the media tag source (audio or video) would allow playing of subsequent playlist items.

First of all…. KUDOS for creating Vimuse player. It’s a fine piece of software.

I purchased Vimuse to replace the current audio player on my website. (Amazing Audio Player v3.5)

I needed to add video to my site and I thought Vimuse would be the ticket.

I didn’t know until after I purchased Vimuse that autoplay doesn’t work on mobile devices. Autoplay does work on mobile devices with my current audio player. So… with that being said…. I’m using both the old audio player for audio and Vimuse for video. I’d really rather just use Vimuse for both audio and video. If the makers of the old audio player can make autoplay work on mobile devices…. it should be possible to get Vimuse to do it, too.

Any chance you’ll get autoplay working on mobile devices in a future release?

Here’s a link to my site. The players are on my demo page…

Regards, Marty

The autoplay feature is disabled by the mobile OS (and has been mentioned in the item description also) and you will always need to manually start the playback.

The creators of Amazing Audio Player have autoplay working on Android and IOS which is why I’m still using it for audio. I’m only using Vimuse for video. I guess I’ll continue my search for a product that will play both.