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aayoub Purchased

Can you please assist me that how to create my custom playlist in vimuse instead of youtube, vimeo etc. ? Here is an example of video I want to add And can we add direct link or have do download it first in a folder ?

Please go over the provided documentation where it has been explained in detail in how to create a playlist and initialize Vimuse. If your media files are not in the same server as the page in which the player is hosted then no media info can be extracted from it and you need to disabled the getId3Info setting.


aayoub Purchased

cosmocoder, @Zain_Khan is helping me with the setup the vimuse player. He’s going to ask questions directly from now on.

cosmocoder, How can we build a playlist with out Youtube, Vimeo or dailymotion and is it necessary to provide Youtube API key in general player ?

I’ve to make playlist of videos with html type files like You can visit this link. If I do convert it into mp4 type and then add to play list then it can’t perform it’s actual activity we need that is QUIZ at the end of each file.

A media player needs media files not html files. Create a playlist following the instructions given in the documentation as I have said before. A Youtube api key is needed only if your playlist has Youtube videos. You can use postroll feature of the player to show html content after a video finishes playing (see documentation).

Vimuse – HTML5 Media Player How to install localhost

Please go over the provided documentation that explains how to set up the player in detail.

Hello, I have a question. this script can play Google Video (from Google Drive)?

I haven’t tried it so can’t say for sure.

Greetings Cosmocoder. I am having an unusual issue with the player. Playlist with ‘cache’ disabled does not function at all. Certain Playlists with ‘cache’ enabled work while other do not. Playlist with ‘cache’ disabled:

Working Playlist with ‘cache’ enabled

Non-Working Playlist with ‘cache’ enabled

The player has been working flawlessly for over two years now, Please help! Thank you.

Prior to this issue I did update the player. My hosting company confirms that no permission restrictions are applied to any of my site’s folders and/or files. The interesting thing is that only the playlists with a cache file available in the cache folder are played. All others, even instances with ‘enableCache: false’ are not playing. The player is not scanning any folder at all. What am I to do? Please help. Thank you!

Great news. All is solved. The issue is with the media-info.php file. By default, its permissions are set to 666. It needs to be modified to 744. I hope this solution will help all other purchasers of this awesome player who are having similar issues with the player not playing instances with ‘enableCache: false’.

Good to know that you were able to solve it!


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I have an issue with just purchased Vimuse Player:

I use this with an Vimeo album and with auto-play enabled. Problem is that 2nd video skips to 4 and not to 3.

please see page here:


I see the issue in your linked page. I am currently away, but will try to get back to you as soon as possible next week.