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The shuffle feature isn’t working, do I need to do something else to make it work? everytime I load my page the same video plays and then it plays the rest of the playlist in the same order.

this is what I did: shuffle: true,

upon loading the player shows that the shuffle button is selected. so it should be shuffling.


I’ve clicked through all the videos twice and both times they were in sequential order. And yes, sorry, I just hid the playlist. I’m looking at it on Chrome and I’m on MacOs Sierra.

The shuffling works fine in Chrome for Mac too. Are you clicking on the “Next” button in the control bar? That will always select the next item in sequential order. You will see the shuffle feature in action when you let the player auto-progress through the playlist, i.e. let one video finish playing.

I am, thank you for clarifying! I see now that it is shuffling properly.

Also what happens if a video is taken down from Youtube? I’ve noticed that when there’s an issue with one video, the whole player doesn’t work which worries me. In the past I have posted a bunch of videos and for whatever reason, the person decided to take it down (so nothing I did). Do you know if this will affect player? I’m worried that the whole thing will stop working if this happens and then I’ll have to go through the Json file and test each video to see which one is messing it up. I am planning to have hundreds of videos which is why this would be a problem.

Yes, but I am not exactly sure if that will be possible to do. I need a link to a broken Youtube video from you to test this out.

I think I am now able to hide broken Youtube items from the playlist. Please contact me through the message box in my profile page –, so that I can give you the modified file to test on your site.

Is there a way to have large song names appear on 2 rows in the playlist?

I have just moved the playlist to the side instead of the bottom and the song title is getting chopped off.

Ah! Sorted just add a "<br />" in the “track” field of the json file.

Cool! :)

Good to know ;)

Though I’m now seeing that it can cause problems with positioning on mobile devices etc. Something to be aware of.

How easy would it be to monetize this app; like adding a buy button to the tracks in the playlist etc?

Could you please try to give a little detail in your answer so I can find it – you gave no descriptive answer.

I always search before I ask you. I had searched for buying and selling – got nothing.

Maybe you are frustrated that we ask simple/obvious questions but sometimes we cant find it in the documentation and need your help so it would nice it you could give a descriptive answer that would point to where the answer is.

Forgive the rant I pissed off that I cant find it and have to keep asking more questions when a descriptive answer would save me time.

You need to enable the showPurchaseLinks setting (described in the JavaScript Setup section of the documentation), and then provide url’s to purchase pages for each playlist item through the purchase tag (described in the JSON Setup section of the documentation). This feature has also been shown in the Regular Player demo, and also mentioned in the item description.

It may well have been but as I explained before; I asked you because I never found it and you offer support, And I hoped for a descriptive answer.

Hi, quick question. I’m trying to play a single youtube video and have it resize to the parent div size, but it never resizes beyond 640×360. Here’s an example:

Please advise,


I am assuming you are trying to increase the width. The player has been set a max-width of 640px in the css. If you need to increase it then you need to write some custom css. The elements you need to target for setting a larger max-width are .vm-stage and .vm-playlist.bottom

thanks for the tip!


It seems the player has stopped working on desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox).

It does work on phones & tablets.

What is the problem?

Thank you.


I checked the player and it seems that your Youtube playlist has some issues since Youtube is returning the following error message in its response:
Access Not Configured. YouTube Data API has not been used in project 418413949118 before or it is disabled. Enable it by visiting ?project=418413949118 then retry. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry.

OK the API was not enabled. I fixed that and now everything is OK.

I am using the CSS from the old player and it seems to be working OK. Also I don’t believe I need “reset.css” & certainly not “demo.css.”

Does all that sound right?

Thank you.

Right, those are not needed.

Is there a way to have Vimuse remember where a user left off playing their way though a playlist and a specific track so they can easily pickup where they left off?

Thank you

You can try to use localStorage to store the current playing item index, and then use the player api methods to play a specific item.

I will pay you to make that enhancement for me.

Please contact me through the message box in my profile page –


We have tinkered around with the audio/video player (we are using mp3 and mp4 files) to get the image full width and was successful at that, but we are trying to see if it is possible to have a play button generated on audio as well as the play bar to disappear when the user is not hovering on the player? There seems to be one on video on your live testing but we can’t get this to properly work…

Thanks, Sean

This is also for a client, they purchased the player.

Having such a button is not possible without editing the player’s source code. For future queries please ask your client to directly post a comment here, or send me a message through my profile page message box.

I’m working on a phonegap/cordova app. Will this player work inside of a phonegap application that’s packaged for the apple and google stores?

Thank you in advance!

You probably need to disable all features that require php, but other than that I am not sure what you need to do to make the player work in your phonegap app.


Can I get the un-minified versions of: mediaelement-and-player.min.js mediaelementplayer.min.css

I have tried using unminifying services online and though they do some parts of the documents quite well there are still large amounts that stretch up to about 10 times the width of the screen.

Thanks for your help.

Why do you need the unminified versions of these files? These are 3rd party files and if you need to customize the player then you need to work with jquery.vimuse.js

Just a general interest in looking deeper at the code. Thanks for the help, I will try them then.

Hi Is there any option get try version to see if player fits my website? For using on local host only

CodeCanyon does not have any option for providing items for trying before buying.

hi the vimuse html plugin that we downloaded the code is not working when i run offline gives javascript error – the code that is this plugin is different from the online demo version kindly assist because the downloaded one is not working. thanks metalface

Are you trying one of the provided demos? If so then you need to provide a Youtube API key if the playlist has Youtube videos.

i purcharshed this item vimuse html 5 player d3373a0f-3cfa-40d5-9069-b442a0f5bc8d – 20 Dec 2016 . I noticed it does not have any documentation at all . The code that is downloaded is different than the one you provided as your online demos i have checked and compared. As a result regular player as e.g Source/regular.html is not working at all the black spinning animation is all i get very annoying. when i look in the console this is the error jquery.js:9664XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///E:/LATEST%20VIMUSE/Source/demo-regular.json. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource. i think the player that we bought is full of jquery errors. Can you please sought this out i used money to buy your product i need to use the regular player becuase i am dealing with mp3 from database please contact me on this email i am currently working on the project and i am stuck

There is indeed a documentation provided, check the “readme” folder. And from your description it seems that you are trying to run the player from your local file system, so as has been explained at the beginning of the documentation, it won’t work in Chrome and IE since they don’t support local ajax requests. You need to use Firefox in such a case.

How can I change the background color from Gray to another color?


You need to write custom css to target the player background.

I have a playlist that contains 102 videos in the youtube what is the best practice to retrieve the videos?

I am sorry, but I am not available now to make such modifications to the plugin

Any Plan to add the pagination feature. I will pay for that if necessary.

e.g. Page1.html 1 – 50

Page2.html 51 – 100


Sorry that won’t be possible because it will require a large change to the codebase, and I am not willing or available to make a significant modification to the player code now.