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hi. thanks for telling me about the update. and the fast response ofcourse. greetz edgar


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Just bought Vimuse and following the documentation, set up a simple test site with a minimal audio player at I only get an empty rectangle, no visible player. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for purchasing!

Your json has a dangling comma like this – }, and that is not allowed in json and the browser can’t parse it.


jpmg Purchased

Thank you very much!

Hello, I have problem. When testing in my local apache it show me this error.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined at Object.success (jquery.vimuse.min.js:5) at j (jquery.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.min.js:2) at x (jquery.min.js:5) at HTMLScriptElement.b.onload.b.onreadystatechange (jquery.min.js:5)

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

You have not provided a valid Youtube API key. Please see the documentation for more details.


How do I embed private vimeo videos into vimuse player? The player breaks when I add a private link to the JSON.

Have I missed anything?

Private Vimeo videos are not supported, you can only have public videos.

I have been trying to set this up and currently all i am getting is a medium sized black rectangle on screen with a spinning image of a Vinyl Record and that is with the examples that came with it.

Is this normal ?

If you are trying the included demos then you need to provide a valid Youtube API key for those that have Youtube video items in them. If your player does not have Youtube videos in them then I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

is posibbl se streaming video? i wait you answer

I tested your video url but this is not supported unfortunately.


Hello! Does it play AAC stream from Icecast?

No, only mp3 is supported.

is h264, is video.

HI I just purchased Vimuse tonight from Codecynon. I have spent so much money on code caynon trying to get anything working on my self host server, not using wordpress with no luck. I would greatly appreciate you helping me get this working. I live in LA and I am an independent music producer. i am not a programmer but have a little knowledge of html. SO I copied the Vimuse folder onto my server, shortened the name to just “vimuse. hope thats ok. I can access the index.html in the source folder, comes up pin my browser. I am on MAC desktop safari mostly, but I also nee it work on IOS and Android.I would like to have one “vimuse” directory to reference because I have may artist with their music in their respective folders by name.So like the URL would be www.mydomain/bbking/index.php (html) in there it calls the songs in a “media” folder, poster, video etc. to be in the playlist for this artist. But The vimuse directory lives in the root. For now I only need to scan a folder that all the song and videos are in and auto build a playlist based on those songs. I have been using JWplayer for many years and its been working but now many problems trying to upgrade for IOS use. SO can you send me the easiest way, code to implement on my own site has all the latest php and mySQL stuff going? I’ll just use my for now. I tend to like hard links better at least in JWp. usually I put in the header the script and the player code after</head>. How and where do I pint the code too find the folder with the media files in? The audio player only you have looks nice I can start with that and have a poster image that doesn’t change. I just need specific laymen instruction and where to put things. Since I already have several artist folders I would like for the media files to live in those directories. One of the JWp guys wrote me a playlist.php file that does just that, but it’s all broken on IOS.I have read you instructions but I still don’t get it. Pretend I know nothing how would I get this working? please send me a example code. thanks a lot, hope to hear from you soon as I need this asap for the people I work with. I last player I bought on CC I sent for help contact it’s been weeks and no one has contacted me .

Thanks for purchasing!

The documentation explains quite well what you need to do in order to setup the player for scanning files. If you haven’t changed the folder structure of the folders provided with the plugin then you only need to set the value for the scanMP3Folder or scanVideoFolder params when initializing the plugin.

However if you are not familiar with coding then I suggest that you hire a developer to help you set up things, as this plugin requires some coding knowledge.

hi, I can not find a live example of the scan folder example on your site anywhere. Can you please send me a link for that player? slso, where does the call player script go on my page. I have not changed any folder names or path to files in vimuse.

Please study the provided demos to see how to insert the required scripts and initialize them. There is no demo for scanning files, as it just requires you to set those params that I mentioned before. But I still suggest that you hire a developer for this as you won’t be able to proceed much if you are not familiar with coding.

me again….. Purchase codes

Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item. 5ae50c91-8244-4932-bf2c-f11d6ab6aa99 – 13 Jun 2017 REGULAR LICENSE


I think there is a problem displaying the players on my website. exemple:

The volume bar et timeline are not fully showing. I think this is a CSS problem ?

Also, can you please indicate me the line of code (and file) I need to modify to change the width of the player ?

Thanks, this is a great player !

I see that you did not purchase this item. Did you purchase the WordPress plugin version of Vimuse? If so then please post your comment in that item’s comments section.


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Are there any video tutorials that show how to implement the player?

The plugin has a detailed documentation provided with it that explains how to set it up. There are also demos included with the package.


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That’s helpful, and thanks for your prompt response. The demos are great….I’m assuming the reason that I get a continuous player loading wheel on some of the demos is because I need to implement an API key?

Yes, the demos that include Youtube videos will need a valid Youtube api key to work. You can remove the Youtube video items from them if you are not interested in having those items.

Hi. I’ve set up the API for YouTube, but I can’t get the Playlists to display. Is there any full documentation for this. Your example shows just connecting to the user and not a playlist.

Kindest regards Glynn

The provided documentation explains what you need to do in order to setup Youtube. For Youtube playlist you need to pass the playlist id.


Thanks for the reply. I have, yet the wheel still spins and spins. When using the playlist option, how many of the YouTube variables must I include? I have:

youtubeFeed: true, youtubeOptions: { source: ‘playlist’, playlistID: ‘PLzGBYeWulxQ51OQYX08HlnILEr1Gl2nTt’ }

The test page is

Full YouTube link:

Kindest regards Glynn

You forgot to provide the Youtube api key, which is needed when having Yotube videos in the Vimuse playlist. Please see the documentation for more details.

Dear Cosmocoder,

I have again an issue with chrome.

Please look at

i got the latest version of chrome and no strange addons orso.

I know i have to update the player but still this can’t be the issue right?

with regards,


You have to upgrade to the latest 4.1.4 version of Vimuse as that fixes the issue you are seeing in Chrome.

I accidentally purchased this under my ‘digitalmarketingrescue’ account, but the purchaser is my employer ‘California Chamber of Commerce’. This is to notify you that I am transferring the license to them.

Ok, but please contact Support at CodeCanyon, if you haven’t already, and ask them to do this license transfer so that your employer shows us as the buyer in all future correspondence.