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I have autoplay and autoplayOnPlayerLoad set to true, and it auto starts playing my playlist on Firefox/Chrome, but doesn’t start autoplaying on Safari, either on the Mac or on an iOS device. Any reason why it works in some browsers and not in others, and any ideas for work arounds?

You mean for desktop Safari? If so then I expect it to work like that.

Thank you. I meant for mobile. It wasn’t auto-playing the next item either, even after clicking to start the first item. I’d like it to keep playing the audio.

I believe it wouldn’t work because the code destroys the media tag and recreates it with every new item in the playlist. I am only using it for audio in my project, so I hacked it to give the audio tag an ID and just update that audio tag with the source of the clicked playlist item. It seems to be working now. It’s a pretty messy hack and it wouldn’t work across all media types as written. But perhaps an update to the original code to update the media tag source (audio or video) would allow playing of subsequent playlist items.

That hack may work if you assume that your playlist contains only audio files or only video files, but Vimuse supports multiple media types, even Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion videos, in the same playlist so that hack can’t be applied universally.

First of all…. KUDOS for creating Vimuse player. It’s a fine piece of software.

I purchased Vimuse to replace the current audio player on my website. (Amazing Audio Player v3.5)

I needed to add video to my site and I thought Vimuse would be the ticket.

I didn’t know until after I purchased Vimuse that autoplay doesn’t work on mobile devices. Autoplay does work on mobile devices with my current audio player. So… with that being said…. I’m using both the old audio player for audio and Vimuse for video. I’d really rather just use Vimuse for both audio and video. If the makers of the old audio player can make autoplay work on mobile devices…. it should be possible to get Vimuse to do it, too.

Any chance you’ll get autoplay working on mobile devices in a future release?

Here’s a link to my site. The players are on my demo page…

Regards, Marty

The autoplay feature is disabled by the mobile OS (and has been mentioned in the item description also) and you will always need to manually start the playback.

The creators of Amazing Audio Player have autoplay working on Android and IOS which is why I’m still using it for audio. I’m only using Vimuse for video. I guess I’ll continue my search for a product that will play both.

Is it possible to remove the “More Videos” from displaying when pausing the video (YouTube video playlist)? These are like suggested videos that show up only when someone pauses the video. We need to remove these.

You can try passing the query param rel=0 to the Youtube video url. If that doesn’t work then you will have to search online to see if Youtube has any other way to disable this.

The youtube playlist for your vimuse player does not use a url. It uses a playlist ID. I thought you were the developer for this player and knew this.

In addition to my previous question about removing the “More Videos” when paused for the YouTube player, I have another question/issue. I needed to increase the size of the video player, and I also wanted some spacing between the playlist (positioned left of player) and the player. So I added some left padding to the playlist and I resized the .vm-container with a max-width of 100% and the .vm-stage to 853px. It looks exactly how I want it to look however when a video from the playlist if first selected, it shows the video in the player at a smaller size (I think the original 640px width) for a couple seconds, then it resized to fit inside the player. I don’t like the way it shows it smaller, then resizes to fit. How can I make it to where the videos load inside the player at the correct size immediately, instead of showing it at a smaller size for a few seconds, then resizing it to fit? I took a screenshot I can share with you so you can see what I am referring to.

Thank you.

You may probably need to edit other css too. There is css code to handle video size also in the provided stylesheet.

Wow!! This is the type of support you include for your customers who purchase your items??!!

Thanks for nothing.

Is it possible to see your Help/Documentation before purchase?

I have already purchased the Progression Player Audio/Video Player and have spent the last 24 hours with their Support trying to configure it to display a standard, non-modified video player in the Anubis template without autostarting.

The vendor doesn’t seem to be able to troubleshoot the s/w without FTP access to my site and I will not do that.

All I want is a video player that can play locally hosted files mp4 files, have visible Stop/Start, Pause and Volume buttons without autoplaying and run in an iframe.

It would also be nice if it didn’t take 24 hours to configure it.

Can Vimuse do this?


Based on your requested features it seems Vimuse will satisfy those, but you can take a look at all the live demos of Vimuse that showcase its various features and see if it will suit you. The documentation however will only be available on purchase of the item.

I have been using vimuse for some years, but all the sudden, the audio player is not working well.. you can see it here: Do I need to update something in vimuse code? Thanks for your prompt support. By the way, I got your vimuse for WP in an atempt to move to WP, but it cannot scan hosted video folders.. so I am coming back to responsive html.

I checked your page and the audio player seemed to work fine. What is the problem you are seeing? Also try using the latest version of the player if you aren’t already.

I got Vimuse for Word press and I still have in use the vimuse for html, I know that the support for the html expired already..however, out of your kindness, I just would like to ask you a favor.. could you tell me why all the video series that use vimuse were working fine for years and now all the sudden notice that the audio doesn’t open well.. does it need to be updated.. I uploaded the latest release you have… please check it here: just click y any of the thumbnail and you will see what I mean. I appreciate your extra support.

I forgot to mention that this happens in Opera ver. 52.0.2871.64 as well as in Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 in Firefox ver. 59.0.2 almost displays well

I checked your page and the audio and video player there is working for me in Firefox and Chrome.

Vimuse is not working in Chrome but is fine in Firefox and Safari.

One of your media files is returning 404 error in Chrome. Check if all the paths are correct and if you have set everything up correctly. Also ensure that you are using the latest version of the plugin.

Yes. Everything is working fine in Firefox and Safari. Please help!

The issue could be because your videos do not have cover images.


telemovil Purchased

Hello, I was reading the documentation but I do not see the instructions to dynamically generate the json files for the player.

Can you send me the instructions please? I think those should be inside the help document.

Best Regards!

Replied to your email.

Do you have the possibility to tell me some functionnalities include into the code application package because I view just a picture of a disk turning into the video panel windows and not a video or audio player with some music or sound . I hope to have our reply about my question . Thanks .

Thanks for purchasing!

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Thanks for our reply; I’ve before to view all the folder and to make some test if isn’t possible to use the webapp; I’ll recontact you .