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Hello, I want to change the text color of these wordpress tabs, where should I do it?


The pill color will automatically be changed as you change your apps theme and accent colours. It’s currently not possible to change the pill color invidually of the theme color


I’m having some difficulty setting the APIs for Youtube, Soundcloud etc… they are just not working.

Could you help me with any more detailed tutorial?

Very thank you

Could you please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/

when make 3 tabs every tab overview file online then go to this menu app stoped unfortunately, but when make 2 tab overview work good , did tabs didnt support 2 overview only ??

You can use unlimited overview items without problems. If your app crashes for an overview item, this is most likely because you are loading an invalid overview json file.

i test it . when put overview im amenu alone work good but when put overview together app crashed . can i send to u files or did any method to test overview file or any tools you know to show error log . as i used overview much !


I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. Please submit a ticket with the error log at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/


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Hi, there are any plan to make the changes for comply the EU ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?. I think there are something related with the Admob Consent from European Users.


Currently no, sorry! I’ll ask the team to look into this with future updates

Hi, How to stop reloading the page every time I change the phone direction. Its annoying and will also use up mobile data. Thanks

Hi! Thank you for your feedback. Currently, this is as expected because we want to reload the layout which currently has a as a side-effect that the content reloads. We hope to fix this with future updates!

For now, you may be able to lock the orientation of your app in Manifest.xml to prevent this issue.


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Thanks for your reply. What about disabling auto rotate option?

Add the

attribute to any activity in your Manifest.xml. I.e.
<activity android:name=".MyActivity" 
<activity android:name=".MyActivity" 

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Great template !! Thanks to the developers have made very useful template, I would like to give some suggestions to add some features in the next update:

1. Forum Modules, such as wordpress forum (bbpress), vbulletin, Phpbb, myBb, and others. Developers can use API Tapatalk, whisch provide for all types of forums, or create your own plugin API

2. Feed rss module with automatic sync and automatic saving to internal storage as in flym rss reader (https://github.com/FredJul/Flym) but rss source has been set by publisher (developer)

thank you

Hi! Great to hear you like the template.

Your feedback is noted!

Comments only in read-only please any support for wp native comment?

Currently, we don’t have any support for this. I’ve noted down your feature suggestion to look into with future releases.

and also if the push notification can open the exact post it will be nice too, instead of just opening the app

I want to redirect a link in a webview to any Tab of the app. For example. I have a web page, which I am showing in a webview. In that web page I made a button which say “News & Updates”. I made a “provider”: “wordpress”, with the “argument”: [“the url”]. I want, when I click on “News & Update” (in a webview) it should go to that that “provider”: “wordpress”. or any other in-app link which I made in config.json