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I was not able to import the project so I updated android studio to 2.3.3

Now while building APK I am getting this error:

C:\Users\Prashant\Documents\envato\App\Template\app\src\main\java\com\sherdle\universal\billing\BillingProcessor.java Error:(28, 35) error: package com.android.vending.billing does not exist Error:(62, 10) error: cannot find symbol class IInAppBillingService Error:(77, 41) error: package IInAppBillingService does not exist Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac’. > Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details.

I am not a pro at this so please provide me steps to solve this issue.

I’ve replied to your ticket :)

Solved it.


shamilfm Purchased

Hi! The great app! How can I change wordpress screen view as Youtube screen view?

Hi! You can find an option to change row layout in Config.java

how to remove border on overview list

Hi! At this time we don’t have an option to customise the overview style.

You’re free to customise this layout style yourself, but please note that assistance with this is beyond the scope of our support.

Hello, I have two problems. I already sent an email and received no response, so I am commenting on my problems here.

1- No picture of my Tumblr user is appearing in the new version 4.0 of Universal android. The user “androidbackgrounds” provided as a demo works and displays the photos, but my tumblr user does not show any photos. In the previous version (v3.1.1) appears normally. I bought the code, but I can not display Tumblr photos. Help me!

2- Is it possible to hide the dates of the wordpress posts? In version 3.1.1 does not display the date on the homepage, only on the reading page. Is it possible to do it in version 4.0?

Thank you!

I’m sorry to hear you did not receive a reply to hear your email. To reply to your questions.

1) Please note that only tumblr posts of the type ‘image’ are supported. Tumblr blog posts, text & image posts, posts with multiple images or other media content are currently not support.

You can also view your app’s log to see additional info on why posts may not be shown.

2) Unfortunately, as of V4.0 this is default behaviour. If you’d like to restore the old behaviour you might need to downgrade to V3 or manually edit the source files.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.


einvato Purchased

Why my app always get force close even i not open it?

It show unfortunately app name has stopped

how to get an error log from my smartphone?

If you submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket the form will assist you with finding the log.

done please reply, thanks sir

Hi,I have a problem.It shows gradle dsl method not found how can i fix it?

I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble. Usually, this error occurs after you change your package name, but not manually in build.gradle file.

Also, this problem can occur when you import the template without waiting for the build to finish.

If the issue persists, please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/

I am facing an issue. After I tap the onesignal received after notification sent from from wordpres or onesignal custom messgae, the url is not opened when I tap the notification. It simply closes. Is there any thing I need to configure in App?

Have you read the following article: https://sherdle.com/help/pushing-an-url-to-your-users/

If your issue persists, please feel free to follow up with a ticket.


vrezerve Purchased

Hi, thanks for WooCommerce

can I include the catalog mode in the application? (no price, no basket)

Hi! At this time we don’t support a catalog mode. Sorry!

i have wordpress website with woocommerce. can this app integrated with my woocommerce product? im newbie

Hi! Yes, Universal has support for WooCommerce so you can link Universal to your WooCommerce API.

Hi i have 3 languages in my project – and how i can translate the menu?

2 i have my offline html file and i have smal menu and i have menu on the Wright side in the app so i need to goo from html file to Radio or. Twitter what its indegrate in the app how that ( html ) link need to look like ???

Thank you for your purchases, I’m happy to answer your questions: 1) We only support 1 language in the Config.json file at this moment. If you’d like to use a translatable menu, you’d have to use a hardcoded configuration in Config.java (but please note that we don’t provide official support for this). 2) It’s not possible to open other content providers from within a WebView item. Please use an Overview screen for this.

Can you show me what its Overview screen – link or screen ?

The OverView screen is the ‘category’ menu item in our demo. And you can configure it as documented.


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app loading slow

Loading speed depends fully on your internet connection and your servers. Optimizing your servers results in faster loading, changes in Universal won’t affect this.


96pgoel Purchased

using jetpack

Jetpack connects to your server. A slow survey will result in slow jetpack response times.


codeversal Purchased


just purchase your app, in the radio streaming section when visualizer is disabled, we find bugs for album art getter, when the value of artist and title song are null, if in the logcat information like this :

screenshots :


why the displayed image always this :


please help me asap to change to use image from drawable resource for default images ablum arts, this is very annoying if the default image is always that and I do not know how to change it, so, help me to fix this bugs.


Thank you for your purchase. I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble.

This could be a problem of your server, rather than passing no metadata, or empty metadata the metadata passed is the string “null” which is then used in Universal. Please ensure that your radio server is working properly and only passes true metadata, or nothing at all.

I’ll ask our developers to look into this as well, perhaps they can do a check to see if the string literal is ‘null’ as well.


thanks for your reply, yes, I make sure we use working radio server, not only one, but, I have try with some different radio server too, here examples of some radio streams url :

so, please help me to fix this problem and add conditions if the string literal is ‘null’, it will handle to use default image album arts from drawable resource rather than image in above. I will launch our app immediately, I hope will get answer and solution for this problem.



Thanks for the beautiful update :)

Juste missing or not find, how to get a page from wordpress ?

Thanks in advance

Great to hear your like the update! We don’t offer any native option to show wordpress pages, but you can always use WebView for this.

Hi, thanks for your support and updates. Please could you update the changelog for today release?. Thanks.

Hi! In the update from today, there are no new functionalities (only small fixes).

P.s. may I ask how you know there is an update? Did you get an email, or did you visit the item page yourself (perhaps I can then better fine tune when people get emails).

Thanks for the fast reply. No, not email today. (I have my own system for monitoring the update date in this case). This type of email normally going to my spam or not receive at all. But if you trigger that by yourself next time I will check my spam folder. I think the changelog was updated automatically when you post a new version, but if this is an separate process then next time I could wait for it. Regards.

Unfortunately, updating the change-log is a manual process. We’ll update the changelog within 24 hours of the actual update, and the download itself also contains a update log in Readme