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Hi i think it will be great and i will purchase the app if you make the post in grid just like..when you visit facebook inside the app and more if you can make admob display in native or add facebook Audience Network.

Just like this app here https://codecanyon.net/item/news-app-material-design-firebase-notification-social-login-/19605181

With the next update we will at least offer a post layout that covers full width. https://twitter.com/Sherdle/status/895641065461383171

We have no plans on supporting Facebook Audience or Admob native, but we do support Admob Banner & Interstitial ads.

oky i think for now that’s fine..keep up the good work i will buy it after the update please ping me as soon as the update is live here in codecanyon.


azinux Purchased

hi the status for youtube streaming is ” on a break” then i’m starting live streaming to youtube , but there is nothing happened, status is stil on a break. im really sure i’ve following your documentation well, please respond this

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. Could you please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket describing this? Perhaps you can include screenshots and the log to extend on this problem?


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Hello. Great, great, great app! :)

Question… I use wp json api and everything works properly. However, when I publish a new article on the site, it does not appear on the application. Even when I do refresh on the application.

I believe the problem is in the JSON cache. Does the app load new JSON or withdraw from app cache, every time I click refresh?

If I turn off the application and restart it all it works properly. Pulls new JSON from website.


vdjuric Purchased

Thanks for the quick answer!

I made the following tests:

Test 1. I turned off cellular data and wifi on my phone. When I click refresh, the app still displays the old content. Do not even report that there is no connection.

Test 2: I turned off my server :) (dedicated server). And the same thing happens. When I click on refresh … the content is displayed. Even when I click on an article I previously opened – The article opens again.

I can send you a video from a phone on which I turn off the internet, and the application displays the old content.

Question: Is it possible (and how if it is) that the app sends an API request: www.example.com/api/?standard_variables&currenttimestamp (or something similar).


Remarkable, I’ve just tried and I am unable to reproduce this behaviour (disconnecting from the internet and then pressing ‘refresh’ gives a ‘no connection’ error for the WP content provider). Perhaps this caching is done in your OS?

Have you tried this on other devices as well? Does this behaviour occur on the demo app also?


vdjuric Purchased

Thanks for your reply. I’ll do some more tests tomorrow. I’ll try with several devices. I will also try demo application. We’ll solve the problem, I’m sure :)


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Hello Sherdle :grin:

I wish to make a news cum browser app. Will this work?

Additionally: I don’t have any coding skill or android app making skill. But i can do it myself if all instruction given somewhere. I can pay extra if u can guide me, or provide necessary links to do it.

U can say will be in learning phase. I don’t have much to give to app makers. They are charging beyond my limits. So i am eager to make it myself. Will you provide some help?

I will buy Extended License + Extra for your guidance.

Please reply.

I’m not familiar with the term “News Cum Browser”. But you will be able to create a news application. You can see our demo & description to get an idea of what’s possible with Universal and how you can add content.

If you are interested in making a news app, also check out Modulio, another template of us that might also be suitable: https://codecanyon.net/item/modulio-for-android-contentfirst-template-for-distributers/18650941

All our templates include step by step documentation on how to configure and use it. Some steps with video tutorials. Absolutely no coding knowledge is required.

Support with questions and errors is of course included in your license, but please note that your purchase does not include installation services or customisation/configuration.


1) Can I paid a membership by IAP (from the app feature, not wp plugin)?

2) About Android and iOS, Can I set the apps for 2 platforms using windows? I mean am I need to be Mac user to create iOS app by Universal?

Thanks, Tamer

Hi! I am happy to answer your questions:
1) While we do not allow subscriptions, we do offer one time IAP’s to unlock in app menu items (and remove ads).
2) Compiling the template for IOS requires XCode, which can only run on OSX. However, you can install OSX on your machine as a dual boot or in a virtual machine. Alternative, you can use a service like like MacInCloud to run OSX and Xcode from the cloud. And finally, you can consider hiring to compile the template for you, you can hire us or hire someone elsewhere.

Can i use adsense in webview with admob ads in app?

Technically this is possible. It might be that Google has a policy against this (but no as I know), but you’d have to read the Google Play conditions on this.

“Please don’t use AdSense on apps since it is a clear violation. Also please be sure not to violate the following policies when using AdMob. The following policies should be considered for apps that work as browsers, or apps that try to frame external pages: AdMob and AdSense ads can’t be shown on the same screen. Publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages that frame content from other pages without permission from the owners of those pages.” This is the Adsense policy. They both cannot show together then what are alternates to show webview app.

Yes, oke. So in this case you should either not use Adsense in your pages, or not use Admob in your app.

Hi again, sherdleapps!

I just need a clear answer about this question, please:

Can I make in-app purchase on Universal (Android and iOS) to remove ads with monthly payment, not for one time?

If yes, I’ll buy the two versions of Universal with extended license today, but if the answer is no; then I need to confirm me first if you can add this way on the app without more costs after I buy it.

Thanks, Tamer

Another questions please:

2) I read that you can show extra content through in-app purchase feature, So can I do this with a monthly subscription too, not a one-time payment?

and Is this “show extra content” option on iOS version too?

3) can we use IAP to pay monthly subscriptions?

Thanks, Tamer

Hi, I am happy to answer your questions: On both Android and IOS, we do support IAP to unlock menu items and remove ads. We currently do not support re-occuring payments, all in-app purchases are one time and permanent. If you would like to have in-app subscriptions, this is something you would have to modify the template for (or hire someone to do for you).

Thanks, I’ll send you email about it.


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Hello, I get the error on my wordpress app with Server unreachable… I use for my wordpress site… 1 month before, working perfect, but today I check my app and not working! Can you help me, please? Thank you!

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. Please make sure your API is up & running, you can also try switching API plugins.

If the problem persists, please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket with the log.

Does it need privacy policy in playstore ?

Yes, like all apps with GCM we do require a privacy policy. Only if you strip your app’s permissions (and related functions) you can avoid having to provide a privacy policy.


I have a wordpress website with masonry layout.its a meme site so masonry layout is must . is it possible to achieve masonry layout with this android app.Please advise.Have a look on my website mobile view and advise.i need android app for my meme site.Please help http://malayalamtrolls.com/

am expecting full size picture what you seen in my website mobile layout

Hi! At this time we do no have a masonry layout. However, you can use WebView if you’d like to display your site, which will ensure that your site works and looks like in the mobile browser.

Hi, After sorting some comments and looking through the documentations for Universal for Android, I realized that I’ve purchased the wrong one. Look like all the functionalities I need to convert my web to an app is in the Web2App.
  1. Is it possible to remove the drawable, the top header, and make my app full screen so there will be just one sandwich menu? I am using a responsive WordPress theme for my website.
  2. I also want to sell products from my website. I tried to use the WordPress Categories from the drawable menu but no product categories shown in the app. I know something is wrong. I am new to this. "title":"Themes", "provider":"wordpress", "arguments":[ "mywebsite.com/shop", "product-category" ]
  3. Can I add icon tabs on the bottom of the screen?
  4. However, I also will add some youtube videos and would like to integrate my facebook page into the app in the future. So, if all of above question can be done in this app, it would be great. Is it possible to add my web pages links to the app as the menu?

With Universal, we do not have a fullscreen WebView (we need the toolbar for navigation and for the drawer).

If you’d like to switch to Web2App this is possible. 1) Buy Web2App for Android 2) Request a refund for Universal for Android, and provide you Web2App license code in your request.

Appreciate your response. Thanks

There one video called hello.mp4 in source file. Why this video and what for?

As far as I know we don not include any videos in our source files. So feel free to ignore this file.

After adding template into android studio, here is the video on source file > app\build\intermediates\res\merged\debug\raw

Even if i Unzip APK, there also an video named hello.mp4

Feel free to ignore or remove this file. I’ll ask our developers to look into this as well.