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Do you have react native version?

Hi! We offer Universal exclusively as a fully native Android app and fully native IOS app, so you can cover both platforms!

We don’t offer a react native (in fact web based) version of Universal.


einvato Purchased

I have questions how to remove “purchase with confidence”? and SKU based on product id? not SKU in woocommerce product setting?


Hi! You can modify WooCommerceProductActivity to fit your needs.


kunal1123 Purchased

woocommerce section is showing the symbols ,- after the price for eg: $35,- and so on. How can this issue be fixed?

Hi! This is intentional. But you’re free to make any customisations in the code as you’d like.


kunal1123 Purchased

can you tell me in which file these symbols can be edited?

You’re probably looking for PriceFormat.java.

How to Comment in Blog?

Hi! With Universal, comments are currently read-only. That means users cannot comment from within the app.

hello, pre-purchase question, can the read more link be transformed into a button in the RSS feed, and this for all the fetched feeds. The goal is using the app as news feed app, is it doable? thank you.

Hi! Could you clarify what ‘read more link’ you mean exactly? This way I can assist you with a better answer :)

Hi, The app is just great but there seems to be a problem with the woocommerce currency symbol. I am trying to integrate to an Indian website where the currency is Indian Rupee. The Woocommerce web version supports the Rupee Symbol. But your app is showing the currency symbol in Dollar. But $1 = 65 rupees :). Kindly suggest a way out. And for your future releases, please make a note of it.


Hi! You can change the currency in RestAPI.java in the WooCommerce package :)

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When Facebook comments click no result why?

Could you please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/ with the details?


kunal1123 Purchased

I am curious – Could you please tell me of any future updates or features planned/under progress, especially on the woocommerce part?

Hi! At this time I can’t disclose about future updates and/or ETAs of these updates.


adewoye Purchased

I having issues with onesignal setup. Google project number and OneSignal App ID start with numbers. So I am getting this error Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:mergeDebugResources’. > C:\Users\banji\AndroidStudioProjects\Template\app\src\main\res\values\strings.xml: Error: The resource name must start with a letter

Hi! I’ve replied to your ticket.