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How to add intent for whatsapp link e.g: whatsapp://send?text=hello

Solved in file webviewfragment.java line 130, excelent documentation.

Great to hear! Have a nice day

Could I embed a Youtube channel in this template?

Yes certainly! You can show channels & playlist of Youtube in Universal.


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I have a channel with about five playlist and I don’t want to show all the videos of the channel but a certain playlist of the channel how do I acheive this? The document only show how to retreive all the uploaded videos on a channel.

First of all thank you for your purchase! It’s either possible to show all videos of a channel, or to show a playlist. Perhaps the latter is what might suit you? You can find instructions on how to add a Youtube Playlist to your app in the docs as wel.


New online configurator not loading local languages. It was working earlier for e.g. Hindi (India) but since you updated the online configurator its not working

Yes that’s correct. We found that users mostly preferred a only configurator over a translateable configuration.

You can still downgrade to 2.6 to use translations, or hardcode your configuration in config.java


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a very small query: how to change Search Box Content Color in TOP, at this time show Black color

Webview not work with tabs? Whenever I put tabs it works perfectly with 2 tabs, but hangs if I put 3 tabs, usually in the middle tab the locking happens, message> “app stopped working” and then it closes.

I’m sorry, but I’m unable to verify your purchase. Could you submit a ticket with me at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/

my account is nandotuc17


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webview play video fullscreen ??

Great question. Yes, we do support HTML5 video fullscreen in WebView (only for WebView content providers, not embedded in posts).


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in “web2app” the WebView fullscreen enabled in embedded video (youtube video in post)

Web2App offers several WebView related features that you won’t find in Universal. But of course, Universal also offers features (like native WP support) that Web2App doesn’t offer. Therefore, these are two distinct products.

I am, suportjb -> Webview not work with tabs? Whenever I put tabs it works perfectly with 2 tabs, but hangs if I put 3 tabs, usually in the middle tab the locking happens, message> “app stopped working” and then it closes.

Message show to me “You do not appear to have any purchases with us. Please sign in using with same account you have made your purchase with”.

I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble submitting a ticket. You can also press the “Ask Question” button under “I’m not a customer yet”. Then, you can manually enter your license code and submit a ticket.


Because radio stop audio o swiping app?

This actually works?

“Video Stream Want to show your users a live stream, a TV channel or a movie from within your app? Supports hls,rtsp,m3u8 streams and the default streams supported by Android out of the box. “

My flow is

rtsp://link.com:1325/tvbix/definst/tvbix or http://link.com:1325/tvbix/_definst_/tvbix/playlist.m3u8

Yes, m3u8 urls like the one stated above should work in Universal.


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I am trying to add some youtube playlist to my app but i have issues with playing the videos.

I can see the videos list in the app, i can click on a video and see description and everything… but when i try to play it i get a blank screen with an error that says “An error occurred while initializing the YouTube Player”.

I am testing the app on a real device with Android 5.1.

Could you submit a ticket at: http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/ with the error/crash log? It should provide me with additional details on why YouTube isn’t working.


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I can submit a ticket but there is no crash log. The app does not crashes, just outputs an error message on a blank screen and a toast message that say “There was an error initializing the YouTubePlayer. ERROR_CONNECTING_TO_SERVICE”

Error Connecting to service might indicate a incorrect API key. Make sure to have entered your Google API keys (both a server and android key) as is described in your documentation.

Can I download image from webview? If not how I can add this?

At this time, we don’t offer the option to download images. But you can set the option to open certain urls (i.e. urls that point to images): https://sherdle.com/help/can-i-determine-what-links-open-outside-the-webview/

Webview not work with tabs 3 more , i also submited a ticket but naver get replay

Could you let me know your ticket id?