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New Feature -> Hi , Can you please Add Facebook Audience Network. , .

I’d like to thank you for your feedback

Please feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions


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getting this error on woocommerce my api is working fine but still https://i.imgur.com/h8a8wGr.png

Please make sure to first read this document; https://sherdle.com/help/woocommerce-doesnt-work/

If your API is working, but products still aren’t showing up in Universal, please collect the log on your device, collect a screenshot of your PostMan request and response (and collect any other data that might be relevant) and file a ticket with us. We’re happy to help.


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I have a question about the youtube api. With the my channel id I get all my videos in a list. Then I can tap on a video and it starts. But there is no play icon. If people who are not technically gifted use the app it could be complicated.

Can I put a play icon in the centor of a video in the list?

How do you mean exactly? When you select a video, a detail screen will be shown. This detail screens should have a clearly visible FAB button with a play icon that should intuitively be used to play the video. This is similar to design patterns used in other apps.


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When you use the type: “channel” then there is a playbutton. But when you use the type: “live” then there is no play button. You just tap on a live stream and its starts.

Okay, but in both scenarios the steps to follow the video are reasonable clear, or am I missing something?
  • The user clicks the video and it starts playing
  • The user clicks the video, a detail screen is shown with a “play” button, he clicks it and the video starts playing.

In both scenarios the user should be able to play the video without trouble.


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What happens with the facebook comments?

I can’t see any facebook comments in my app or in your demo app.


If you don’t know java, it may be best to simply wait for the update. We will publish this fix among other fixes sometime in the future


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I’ve got it working and it works better than I thought!

I thought the whole comment would disappear but it’s just the picture and the name of the one who left the comment, which is now gone, which is good!


Great to hear! Have a nice day!


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I have my config.json file in my hosting. I update it and upload, but in the App menu is not updated. Any problem? In my .APK, CONFIG_URL is well placed. Thanks.

Configurations are cached for up to 48 hours. So waiting a few days will resolve this issue.


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facebook Api comment does not work

It appears that Facebook has made changes to their API prohibiting displaying comments if you are not the owner of the account:

Since v2.11 of the Graph API, you need a Page Token to get user data of comments: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/changelog/version2.11#gapi-90 User information will not be included in GET responses for any objects owned by (on) a Page unless the request is made with a Page access token. This affects all nodes and edges that return data for objects owned by a Page.

We will update Universal to support this (i.e. hiding comments if you are not the page owner).

Hello .. Can i use RTL language as arabic and so on .. , then how i can add google adsense adv on it ? it’s their easy way to make it ?

Hi! You can certainly use RTL and Arabic. See our KB on using RTL languages and translate your app in Strings.xml

We currently don’t offer Google Adsense however.

Please feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

I need to know about this product. Q1:- Is this product use as drag and drop like ready made script ?

Q2:- By using your this product how many apps can i make? (I means For one time paying like 26$)

Hi! I’m happy to answer your questions:

1) Universal is very easy to use, and it requires no coding. It isn’t drag + drop only though, we provide a web tool for configuring your app visually but you need to compile your template in Android Studio (we provide full step-by-step video instructions for this ofcourse).

2) Per CodeCanyon License Terms, you can create 1 app (end product) per license (26$). For each app you create, you’d have to purchase an additional license.

Please feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

Thanks for your response, what is the function of extended license means, is it means that I can create many apps with it if I buy extended license for one time?

Both the extended and the regular license allow for 1 end product to be created. The difference between the extended and the regular license is that the extended license allows charging end users for your product (i.e. paid apps, in app purchases)

Hello, how hard can it be to integrate WP pages, or for ex. contact form, or some other simple form? Both for android and ios version. Thank you!

Hi! With Universal (on Android and IOS) we provide WebView support, so you can show any webpage you like. Including all kinds of Wordpress Pages, like contact forms.


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Is it possible to change the database that stores the favorties to firestore?

Yes certainly, you’re free to make any modifications you like to the template.

in WebChromeClient supports multi select files?

It does not work for me!

my web. <form method="post" action="/save/images" name="send" id="send" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input type="file" name="data[]" id="camera" multiple=""> <input type="submit" name="send"> </form>

Hi! We currently don’t support multiple file select with Universal (due to limitations in WebView and device support). You might try a single file upload form instead.


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[ ”?#Brexit” ]

Please confirm if this ‘argument’ format in Twitter provider is working well in the new update, its showing blank in new update but works well in old.

It should still be accurate, giving that you only enter ?#Brexit (without “). If you experience any further trouble with this, please submit a ticket at sherdle.com/help/ticket with the log.

please send documentation of app

Our documentation is exclusively available for our buyers, so I unfortunately can’t share it with you. But if you have any questions about the documentation I’m happy to answer them for you!

Hello .. thanks for awesome apps

Now i want to ask you

1)about how i can edit that app data (view) ? i which root file ?

2) how i can run that script in androind studio cause i try alot and it not , what is the right way ?

3) should i download the marshmello android to use it , or android preview one is enough to run and use your script ?

Regards thanks

1) You’re looking for Config.java, Strings.xml and Config.json. I’d strongly recommend visiting our documentation at http://sherdle.com/help/documentation/ to learn more about what to enter in these files, and how to edit them. 2) We have full step-by-step documentation and videos on importing your template at: http://sherdle.com/help/documentation/ 3) You’d need to Android 8.0/8.1 SDK. You can test your app on Android 4.2 to Android 8.1

Configurations of the config.json are now cached for up to 48 hours in the app before any changes can appear It wasn’t s so in the previous versions released. This is not suitable for me please How can I reduce this cache duration in the app?

You can change this easily in ConfigParser.java