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Hi, I just found an issue with Ultimate Add-ons plugin. If you use VC frontend editor and turn “Easy Parallax” ON under Row settings > Effect -section, you can’t edit that row or column again on frontend editor after refreshing the page. The edit buttons are gone.


WP-Deepak Author Team

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

how did you get the background picture as seen here

looked at the page edit and just cannot see how you added just one picture for the full screen



WP-Deepak Author Team

You just need to select the browser full-width option from the background tab, here is the screenshot for your help:

Hi many thanks. 

I got that part, I just couldn’t work out where you have put the picture when building the page. 

Everytime I do it it, the picture is in the row only and not the full page. 

I.e did you add the picture to the first row?. 

Thanks, I just love this design. 



WP-Deepak Author Team

Hi Kevin,

We have added the same image to each row and set the scroll effect to fixed.

Here is the screenshot for your reference:

Further, you can also dig in the settings through our test drive to see how things are done.


WP-Deepak Author Team


We’re glad to be able to present Ultimate Addons with top notch customer service. If you have already purchased Ultimate & looking for some help, please sign up at our support center, post your question and our developers will be happy to help. We have awesome Video Tutorial Series you should check out as well. If you are here to purchase Ultimate Addons and have pre-sale questions, please feel free to drop a comment.

Cheers! We look forward to serve you.
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Hi Guys,

Is it possible to set a high-quality YouTube video as a background? At the moment it takes some default low-res video.

Thanks in advance!


WP-Deepak Author Team

The resolution of a YouTube video is auto adjusted depending upon the internet speed. I would suggest you to select the hosted video option instead. In this case, you only need to make sure that the video size should not be more than 1MB.

Thanks for the info!

You are welcome :).

Hi, I have the latest UAVC Version 3.16.20 and the latest WPBakery Page Builder v.5.4.4 – My problem is with the Info Box element – Insert/edit link from UAVC. It does not let me add a link anymore and when I click SET LINK (which is the only button it lets me press to move on as cancel does not work anymore), it reverts me to the POSTS overview, even though I was editing a PAGE… any ideas with this conflict as both plugins have recently been updated along with WP????? Please could you check and advise. thanks.


WP-Deepak Author Team

We have tested our plugin and we couldn’t come across an issue like the one you’ve just mentioned.

Could you please open up a ticket at our support center, so that we can take a closer look at it?

Psst!-Please upgrade your support period for instant reply. :)

Pre-sale question: I found your full page demos has some errors in layout, notably on testimonial module when viewed on mobile. This is how it looks on Chrome for Android:

Is it fixable?

Thank you for your reply, is the text size responsive though?

Also how about the testimonial boxes itself, it looks like it will be better if it’s properly centered on mobile.

I see that you silently fixed the site anyway, thank you to clear up my doubt :)

Yup, thanks for reporting! WordPress 4.9 had caused the issue.


blackfish Purchased

Hi there. I have a youtube video background using Total theme and the same video background using Zephyr theme. I noticed that you said video backgrounds are auto adjusted based on internet speed. But if I load both pages side by side, the video on the Total themed page is always HD and the video using Zephyr themed page is always low res. Is there a setting to make the video high res? If not, why does Total theme always load high res?

That’s strange! This shows that there might be some theme dependencies or the overall page size which might be taking time to load, and as a result the video resolution is being adjusted.


Question before purchase

I am interested by the plugin, but we did not find the addons:

A modal pop-up box, Fantasy Box Image Message, A Fancy Box Online, A Fancy Box Iframe, A Fancy Box Page, A Fancy SWF Box,

Row Separators Diagonal,

Boxes with icons: for example

Content Boxes: for example

Posts News like on the plugin here


Thank you


Thank you for your interest in our plugin. Just to let you know, we already have elements like the modal popup box, the info box and the content box. The others are in our to-do list and we’ll be implementing them in our future updates.

Hello, anyone available that answers my support ticket?

Could you please share your ticket ID, so that I can take a look at it personally?

same issue as chopper1972, trying to edit url / set link on advanced button just redirects to posts page.

the issue comes out when editing in backend

no issues with the frontend editor

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

Just for your information when using the Content Box Element the Content Box Link is producing the following

it missing spaces, it should be as below