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turkvar Purchased

Hi a pre purchase question please:

Can I translate to a second language manually without using Google API ! Is it able to Use the script locally in my own local server and what I need to do so ! Is the theme RTL Ready or can modify it easily to Align from Right to Left For the Second Language ( Arabic In my Case ) ! Thanks

Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes you can use the admin tools to translate/edit text without using the translate api. It will work fine on localhost, only the document preview wont function. You will still be able to upload, download, view images etc. There is no template support for RTL yet.

Pre-sale question: I tested the registration and noticed that after I registered, I was immediately “active” in the system. Is there a way to control this in Admin to require “approval” first > then send auto email to tell the user they’re now approved to login? Oh, not sure if it’s a demo thing but… I never did get the email that was supposed to sent by admin after registering.


On a side note… If I were to use your other system Yetishar, would it have this feature?

Thanks for the feedback :) Sorry YetiShare doesn’t have it either at the moment.

Oh, darn… ok thanks for the quick response!

Pre-sale Questions: Is there anyway to integrate LDAP/AD authentication. Also, is there support for a Public for all users share to?

There’s no LDAP support at the moment, the same for a public area. We’ll consider them for a future release.


As your script is powerful, is it possible to have all the uploaded files be stored to my amazon s3 bucket?

Is there away to add subscription such that users pay for storage based on size of storage?

Otherwise i have liked the script especially the way it allows the preview of files

I wait for your reply

Thank you


Thanks for your comment and feedback. S3 storage a user subscriptions isn’t something which is part of uCloud yet. We’re hoping to add S3 support in the coming month but we won’t be added paid upgrade options, as it’s not that type of script.

These 2 features are available however in our YetiShare script. If you search Google for YetiShare you should find more information.

Hello MFScripts,

Is-it possible to edit entypo icons? Where is the files path?

Kind Regards


boxyfly Purchased

Hi, when I upload files to the serve, the file counter shows that the file has been uploaded alright but the file never shows up on the file browser. Here’s a screenshot of the problem

Hi, please raise a ticket via our support system, if you’ve not already.

Can you please explain to me how the ftp function works? I added it but how can I upload via ftp now? It does not state anything in your documentation…

FTP storage enables files to be stored on any ftp server. Once configured, anything uploaded on the site should appear on the ftp server.

Where can i see the difference between this and yetishare?

YetiShare is for webmasters wanting to run a service like dropbox, mega etc. i.e. a file hosting service. uCloud is a personal file manager.

Hi, Do you support google cloud storage or google drive

Pre-purchase questions:

1. Can users be blocked from uploading? We just want this to be downloadable files only for them.

2. Can file size and number of files being uploaded at once be overridden for admin? We currently have almost 80GB of files I would want to bring over in groups already separated by folders. But each folder could have 100+ images and 20MB in size

3. Can social media login be disabled? This is a closed group and no registration without permission

Thanks, this looks great so far!

i sent you a pm via you personal message panel but got no reply since 3 days ago..Just before i buy, i need to know the following. 1. can video files be watermarked just like photo file. 2 Can video file come in different quality categories just like photo files. I intend starting up a creative store like shutter stock, i will like to know if this product can be of great help to me. Thank

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