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Does amazon S3 store data is coming soon? How fare?

Not yet, we’re working on this as part of the core script at the moment. Sorry I don’t have any information on how long it’ll be at the moment.


we like your scripts demo and are interested in buying it…the only issue we have is that we want an option where the admin can define access to folders for specific users…is that possible. if yes then we would surely like to buy it.

Hi, the closest is that you can share folders with other users. So you could, as another user, create a folder (or subfolder) and share that with another user. They can then upload files into the folder.

Hello, can I share files for only registered users? Do they have access to files that the Administrator uploads?

Yes, you can setup shared internal folders that only other registered users can access.

Hello. When I install your theme, I get this messag; FTP support is required in PHP for remote file server support. What to do? Regards

You will need to contact your web host and request that the module is enabled.

The files I uploaded do not appear

What is your site url?


aungpdx Purchased

Hi, This looks really cool and efficient. I need a file manager for organizational use. I need to create multiple admins and users that some restriction to folders need to apply. I checked your demo and didn’t see that option. Is it available? Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes you can create internal shared folders that other users can upload files to. It’s not an admin feature though, any user can share their own folders with other users.


Is it possible to clear the cache ?

Kind regards :)

Hi, sure clear anything from the \core\cache\ folder. If you see a folder called \core\cache\perm_cache you might want to keep that. It’s a medium sized image cache of really large images to make creating thumbnails quicker.

Thank you :)

Pre-Sales Questions: hi is it possible to create a Ability to set link expiration on files individually. Thx

Hi, thanks for your comment. Not at the moment. The only thing close is an option to automatically remove files which haven’t been accessed (downloaded) in the certain period of time.

i would like to put my analytics code but where?


SDUS Purchased

Dear team, please add FTPS / SFTP instead of FTP for the second server, because FTP is unsecure. Nice tool, good work!


I try to add FTP and remote direct server. It doesn’t work. Must we upload some script files for successful transfer?

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