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Does it provide support S3 compatible api from non amazon services like minio

Sorry not at the moment.

When i add a file server with Amazon S3 and test it, it gives me InvalidAccessKeyId. I would like to know if S3 support non Amazon host. Thank you

How did you get the script?

Just i work on this script but it is not mine

If that’s the case, you can’t raise support issues. You need the purchaser to do it.

hi there on this script when you go to the Image Page Link there is no download button on the files is this just a restriction on the demo to same bandwidth or is there no download function thanks

Yes you could probably do this at a server level, you shouldn’t need to allow for anything within the code.

ok thanks so where is the Account avatar. uploaded to when using s3 bucket

It’s locally. I’d imagine you’d have to set this path as a shared location over your load balanced servers.

Just installed and this is very nice cloud solution, meet my expectation, plus the ability to share to social media, five star for the developer, just a small question how to move few files all together? I saw on the edit area we can do that, but one file at a time , Thanks

Hi, thanks for your feedback, really appreciated. If you’d like to leave a rating you can do it via this page

You should be able to move files together by selecting more than 1 and dragging them into the treeview icons on the left. To select more than 1 hold down your ctrl key and left click on each file.


weboox Purchased

Friend, can you help me? Where do I change these words? What file are they in? Well in the translation panel they do not appear, can you tell me which file I change them?


weboox Purchased I also can not find which script file I edit?

ylqh Purchased

Can multiple domains be accessed at the same time? My present situation is that the LAN site can only be accessed within the intranet, and the Internet bound domain name cannot be accessed. Please advise how to implement this function. Thank you!

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. Not at the moment, there’s no option in the script to support more than 1 domain on the same install.

After buying the script. Can I hire the service to customize other options?

It depends what you need customising exactly. We’re very limited on resources and don’t take on theme changes. If you want to discuss further please raise a ticket using the ‘support’ tab above.


jalis Purchased

hi, someone know how load pdf on jspdf, it doesn’t work with ”$file->generateDirectDownloadUrlForMedia()” thanks

Sorry I’ve not done any work with jspdf.

Hi, Can I search for files across all the available files? Mine and other users shared files?

Only via the admin area, or via the front-end with any shared files.

any updates coming soon?

Probably in 2-3 months there’ll be another release.

I want to buy the script. Does the license allow me to install it on my server and sell file hosting services to my clients?

Thank you!

Yes you can do this, you just can’t resell the script in any way. Amending it to offer paid file hosting is fine. You might also want to check out our other file hosting script with premium accounts built in, search Google for YetiShare to find it.

I have a few questions and I would appreciate if you could clarify:

1- Does it support RTL?

2- How easy is to create a new language?

3- What are the minimum server requirements?

4- What are the best server resources suggestions?

5- Can you do any sort customizations if required?

Thanks for reply. Regarding RTL, when are you planning to add it?

There’s no plans at the moment. If enough people request it I’ll add it to the list of items for the next release though.

Just to add, it is kind of half way there so you may be able to tweak it yourself. You can test by going to the script demo, login, right-click and select ‘inspect’, look at the first line – <html lang=”en” dir=”RTL” class=”directionRtl ”> – Change this within the console to <html lang=”en” dir=”LTR” class=”directionLtr ”> – you’ll see the page update. This can be set automatically via the translations section in the admin area.

It’s not an issue, they don’t know them urls until they are authorised to see the file. Thanks anyway for your feedback.

Hellow ! I a issue with uCloud. When I entry in second subfolder, He does not appear in the left box. I Can’t also click the arrow to expand the list.

Try double clicking the folder icon on the left rather than the arrow.

Thank you ! :)

You can not download anything from the demo, any kind of file.

This is working fine for me –

Well, now it can be downloaded, but other files can not, those are the permissions that only the administrator controls?

Does it work with https or does it need to be modified so warnings do not come out?

There is a permission on the folder itself which controls whether the file can be downloaded. Yes it works with https.

Hello, I can see there is free theme at Reservo and Flow Theme. How to get that? I try to download, but seems like I need to pay. Please advice..

Ok. :) May I know how to add price package for registered user on uCloud? I try to add the package, but its not working.

Ah I’ve just re-read, ‘price’ package. The theme doesn’t support paid account upgrades. It’s in the admin area if you want to add it to your own theme, but we have YetiShare for paid account upgrades.

please i wander how can i upload bulk file and folder together ?

thank you, do you, do you think with the next update can upload folders !

I’ll look into it but not all browsers support it yet. I don’t really want to build something in which isn’t widely in use yet. I will check though.

I hope so