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Hello, Great work I have a presales question is there a way to monetize? i.e charge for storage space or membership?

Hi, thanks for your comment. Not with uCloud, we have another similar script called YetiShare which provides premium account upgrades along with other options. It’s not on CodeCanyon however if you search YetiShare in Google you’ll see it.

Hi i want to make a movies website so i have few questions, if i will buy 1 vps and 1 dedicated server , so is it possible i host script on vps and all files uploaded at dedicated server, and all download and upload load in in dedicated server not on VPS, so in future i will add more dedicated servers. I already have big websites so i have lots of traffic.

Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes you can split the file storage on 1 server and the main site on the other. Both will need to be setup with PHP, Apache/Nginx etc. The script is built so you can scale out the file servers as you need.

hello! do you have any plans to include a comment function for files in your next releases? i have a design agency and would like to use your script for my clients for online approval / proofing. i searched the whole internet and there are no simple scripts for self-hosting. i only found but i has no pdf function included. maybe you can have a look on it and tell me if i can do this with your script. i think there would be a big sales market for this solution. just a simple comment function beside files and maybe a approval button would be great.

can you also tell me which server and hosting provider you use, because your script is very fast.

Hi, thanks for your comment. No there’s no plans for a comment function at the moment, I’ll keep it in mind though for a future release. We use digital ocean for our servers with Nginx running on CentOS 7

Hello, good job for all this wok.. Two questions before purchase. 1) We could like to know if admin can setup the default size-limit of user’s accounts. Meaning that every user that create an account by default can be reached only the setup limitation of, GBs that admin have been setup, available for using it. Is something like that capable of by this script, or we need to buy another script-plugin-addon? 2) Does the script includes, on it after the purchase is done, “siteadmin” panel?. Thank you in advance, looking forward for your reply, best regards!

Hi, thanks for your comment. 1) Yes you set a storage space limit on each user. If you add a user on the demo you’ll see the option to set the value. 2) Yes the admin panel is included i.e. (login: admin/password)

Hello, thanks for the reply. The first question was not exactly what we wanted to hear, probably we didn’t explain it well. We want to set space limit for specific group or massive registration as default. This means each client will have by default, that we decided to, an amount of specific GB, without someone of us changing that for every registration client. Or in case we can create groups and set for client i.e. 1GB and for partners 5GB amount of free space!

Hi, thanks for your comment. Apologies for the misunderstanding in your original question. Yes you can also do this. Each user has an ‘account type’. Each ‘account type’ has an option to set the storage allowance. You can see it by logging into our demo site, going to the admin area, clicking on the ‘configuration’ menu, then ‘settings’. On the middle-left click on an account package. Click ‘edit’ on any of the packages. You’ll see the various options. All users are assigned one of these packages.

Hi, me again. I need to know when or wheater you will add additional field/s to add some notes and/or messages to uploaded files ?! I red you comment about YetiShare, it looks very similar, will you do there ?! Thanks

Sorry no – that´s a request and NEED from many others here too ! I think such a note or message field is a MUST for this script ;)

You’re the first to ask for it… ;) I’ll note it for future releases.

you forgot, about 2 or 3 month ago I wrote here, and some other guys wanted it too – you told us the same that you will try to add this in some future release ;) that´s why am asking you today again, ;P

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Hi sir, I am impressed with this script. I just want to share zip files to the public. I will upload them via Admin Panel but the user does not need to login for a front end to download the files. Please let me know if this is possible or is there anything I need to modify the code to do this? Because I can see the user need to login for download/upload the items. While I just need to give access to everyone without login for just to download only. And the upload feature should be on Admin Panel only.

Dear Author! Thanks for your fast reply. But I need to share multiple folders and I would like to have the same format as Is it possible to get into index.html page without login? No need for file upload but I need the rest of options same as it is now.

No you need to login. You can also see sub-folders in publicly shared folders. The example I showed above just didn’t have any.

Hi sir, I tried to search in your demo but it is not showing any result while the file exists on the same page. I just uploaded a file from my PC and tried to search for this but it didn’t found until I press enter. I tried the Veno File Manager and found it very fast about it. Please tell me if it is a bug or is it a normal?

Hi I paid this item but I don’t see download it

can you cheack it please


Hi, your status is showing as unpaid. Unfortunately I can’t see any more information than that, you would need to speak with CodeCanyon directly for more information.

Do you currently have Amazon S3 built into your script?

I uploaded a file as admin. Accessed the URL of the file as non-registered user. Says Downloading restricted. I hover to admin area and set the min user level as “any user type can download this file”. Accessed the url of the file again in incognito (non-registered user) and i still cannot download the file… What was wrong? thanks

You raised a ticket 20 hours ago, on a Sunday. We don’t work weekends as is clearly shown on our support system. You can either seek a refund if you wish via CodeCanyon or wait for a response today.

I have requested the above comment from you to be removed as you posted a private link to your support ticket. Anyone can view and respond it with that link.

cool… glad you responded. you may solve may issue. thanks


How can I force ssl? I have the SSL certified but I want to force it the SSL through all file manager

you have a file for translation Italian language?

Sorry we don’t supply the translations yet.

Thanks you for the amazing script. And I have two questions: 1. Does it fully support the ARABIC language (RTL)? 2. Is it possible to make public files, without registration?

Hi, the support for RTL/Arabic is 90% done. You can see what it looks like here You can share files and see them without an account however there’s no search functionality.

Hi, the support for RTL/Arabic is 90% done. You can see what it looks like here You can share files and see them without an account however there’s no search functionality.

how to ads on the file download page?

Hi, you would need to edit the code to add these. All the template code can be found in /themes/cloudable/templates/


mikmars79 Purchased

hi, for some reason the uploads are not being displayed…. its like broken images…

Hi, it may be a permissions issue. If you raise a support request I’ll take a look for you.

Hello there i just bought your script. Everything works fine the server is compatible with the script and the requirements also. I would like to ask you how is possible the admin area be accessed and the rest of the website is not.This means that when i try to visit the website-script there is no homepage with login or register.I think that the template (including config files) are damaged or something is wrong. Thank you in advance and looking forward for the solution.

Hi, thanks for your comment. Please see here –

Hello, might be interested in purchasing. Is there any option for paid membership? And if yes, is customizable per user and package? Of course, payment method as well (paypal as default).

Hi, thanks for your comment. No there’s no paid upgrades built into the script, it’s designed as a personal/business file manager. We have another script you might want to look at called YetiShare, it has paid upgrade options and a lot more. You can find it via Google as I can’t link it here.