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I’m planning to buy this and I need to know following.

I want to depend on the S3 for storage.

1. Does all the features works with s3? 2. Can I extend the user roles which have different permissions? (I can do PHP coding) 3. Is this developed using any PHP framework like Laravel?



1) Yes, there’s no restrictions on using s3 with storage. If you want to allow for large files uploads (>1GB) you sometimes have to add something to the script config for memory usage, but I can provide this.

2) The user roles are really the account packages. There’s no permissions in as much as “role x” can access this page, “role y” can’t. The packages are more about limits like upload sizes, max uploads per day etc. With some PHP work you could probably extend it though.

3) It’s using our own internal framework. So separate themes, core includes, db layer, it’s fairly straight forward.

Thanks, Adam.

Hello! New update or sale please. This is very old version. What do u think?

Hello! New update or discount sale please. This is very old version. What do u think?

Coming soon, thanks for your feedback.

Hello, greatwork. I this plugin also for 2 Websites???

Hi, thanks for your feedback. The license covers use on 1 domain at a time.

Powered by uCloud MSFSCRIPTS…please assist Thank you

Hi, your 6 months support period for this item expired in December 2018. You can either renew access to direct support with us via CodeCanyon or post on our forums ( for free community based support. Many thanks, Adam.

hello, your demo url isn;t working. can you share a working demo url?

Hi, I can see it fine at the moment. Maybe there was a temporary issue with the host, can you try again?

Hello, Can i browse as admin the files of the other to add files in their own space? As well as when I initiat a new accout, can i creat some folder where they only have a read access? Thanks a lot


Yes, via the user manager in the admin area there’s an ‘impersonate user’ option. This will log you in as the user and give you the same access permissions. Logging out should return you to the admin account.

Thanks, Adam.


dg9ban Purchased

Can I use the software in 2020?? Thank you !!

Not until after the 31st December! ;)


dude1977 Purchased

hi admin, what you think wehen releasing update.. and please add working wasabi support :) thanx and have a great day!

There’s no confirmed date at the moment as we’re working on some core changes. Hopefully very soon.

Hello, word format plugin is not working. Could not see after select the file, seen the HTML code. Need to update me.

Please can you raise a ticket with script /admin access via our support system –


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Hi, love the script, was wondering if you can add more storage options. We personally use Backblaze B2 for backup and storage and it is a MUCH cheaper options then S3. We would love to be able to use our Backblaze account with this.


Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into this for the next release, the API is very similar to S3 so should be possible. Also, the script uses a file storage API called FlySystem. It should be possible to support any of the Flysystem modules with some minor code changes –

Thanks, Adam.

I’m planning to buy this and I need to know following also…

1.How can user share there video file using embed code? 2.As a admin. Can i change the default player to other player like videojs or fluid player?

Thank you…..


1) There’s no embed code at the moment, although it’s coming in a later release.

2) Not at the moment, only the bundled player is supported.

Thanks, Adam.


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There was no .htaccess file within the download? (this broke the system)

There is indeed a .htaccess file in the download, your OS is likely hiding it. See here for more info and access to download another copy directly –

Please my hosting company told me that their SharedServers does not have PHP MCrypt Extension. Will this affect UCloud Functionality ?

It’ll work fine without mcrypt, we removed the dependency in a previous release.

how to remove your copy rights? at the login?

You can remove this in /themes/cloudable/templates/login.html

Password must be less than 8 characters long

and then Password must be more than 8 characters long

when creating a new user

Via the script /admin area, find the password policy settings in the ‘site settings’. (here on our demo site Set the min length to 6 and max to say 20.