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JaPeMo Purchased


Recently I purchased your addon and I’m tryng create a multiple answer with select custom fiel but I can’t do.

Poll name: ¿what do you prefer? https://gyazo.com/6bff54b8adf4df2ab6cd9386fbe2de74

I would to do (/ is a breakline options):

1st. select box: Name: format Tag: Program format Options: Audio / Video https://gyazo.com/e0dd05f95225577d1b27910b777c3220 2nd select box: name: section tag: Number of sections Options: only news / more sections https://gyazo.com/4e2ec6b0ed251ad650c4818445ff085b 3rd select box: name: timing tag: Time of program options; less than 30 min / between 30 & 60 / more 1 hour https://gyazo.com/22d9f44d47d2bab7b1b95b272277f4bc 4th Text name: name tag: Name of program https://gyazo.com/904ae667ce33fe8cf96296bcc908736a

Well If I do this, when I try to do poll and select one option of select options I have this error: The Program Format field does not contain a valid value and You must have to vote for at least one option.

Before select options… https://gyazo.com/ccccc8d413c4eb8c175c1301df4d333e After select option… https://gyazo.com/0b3a3cf8192296562ed347336fca0203

Could you help me? Thanks anticipated

Regards, JaPeMo

Hi JaPeMo,

Thank you for contacting us.

That’s correct. The poll must have atleast one choice (selection). The addition custom fields available if you want to collect extra data from the user only. But they are not made to be used as a form instead of a poll.

To get rid of the “You must have to vote for at least one option”, you should add some choices to your poll.

And the other error was “The Program Format field does not contain a valid value” is because you didnt enter the values in the correct format. You should enter the values as the following:

item1_key : Item 1 value
item2_key : Item 2 value
item3_key : Item 3 value

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Hi !

Just bought the plugin and really loving it so far. I have some questions about possible new features in the future:

- Will there be an option to bulk add / edit other types then text? I’m working on a video poll that has +- 200-300 options. - Are you planning to add any filter options in the near future? Say like a text field where you can type and list adapts to what you type?

Fantastic work so far. Just some things I think would make it even better :)

Kind regards


Hi lucaspoignonnec,

Thank you for purchasing TotalPoll Pro! My apologies for the late reply.

We’re glad to know that you liked the plugin :)

I’m going to add your suggestion to our suggestion list, and we will study whether we can add this in the next versions.

Best Regards,

Hi, i sent you more than week ago some questions about some issues about RTL compatibility and i still waiting for the solution… Plz answer me… i have a ticket support !!

Hi makaynbass,

Very sorry. We have replied to your ticket but I believe you didn’t receive it. I will resend our reply to you now. Please check your inbox.

Best Regards,

Is there any way to let user submit images instead of only text? I would like to let user submit images and have others vote on them.

Hi jplambeck,

Thank you for your interest.

Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t support that. It’s a poll plugin. However, we have another plugin called TotalContest and it’s made for such purpose. Please give it a shot.

Best Regards,

Hi, If I buy this plugin it is posible to use the version 2.0 ¿? I check it out some screenshots of previous version and I like that style more

Hi David,

Thank you for your interest.

May you please provide us with the design you were interested in?

Best Regards,

Hello when i enter my license key to receive automatic updates, it says my license key is not valid…

Hi bigdreamstheory,

The envato API sometimes fails and doesn’t respond positively. Please try after a while. If that didnt work, please let us know.

Best Regards,

Hi, where can I find hooks documentation?

Found it online on your website. In the downloaded docs the developers documentation is missing.

User submitted polls in frontend have been asked many time since 3 years ago. Any news on this?

Is it possible to add more than one question per poll? Like there is question 1 with radio buttons, question two with checkboxes and question 3 with a free field?

Hi developerATworx,

Thank you for your interest in TotalPoll!

Kind of. You can have a main poll along with any number of extra fields like radio, checkboxes, text fields… etc.

Best Regards,

Hi, I like to use custom field to collect emails. Do you have integration with mailchimp already? If not, can you work on it right now as a custom work for me?

(I don’t want to add emails to mailchimp manually) It needs to add to mailchimp via API so that mailchimp will send confirmation emails to that user ( I use double optin) .


Hello, for the audio polls. When I click play it takes me to another page to play the audio, is there a way to play the audio from the poll page without having to go to a separate page?

Are users able to submit entries to the polls on their own?

Hi, I’d like to integrate to Facebook API, so after user vote, before it shows the result it asks for allow the site to post in user’s facebook and automatically post user vote result in facebook, calling others to vote also. Is it possible? If its not default how much it will cost to be implemented?