Discussion on Tinymce Bootstrap Plugin

Discussion on Tinymce Bootstrap Plugin

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weszy Purchased


In January I bought this plugin. Everything works well, but I can not edit the inserted cards. I insert the card with the “Insert/edit bootstrap card” button, but later I can not modify it. How is it possible to edit an inserted bootstrap modal?

Thank you


I just tested with the online demo and I can insert/edit everything: the cards and the modals.

When you insert a modal with the Snippets tool (the star icon, then “modal” tab) you can then click on the button, a dropdown shows with the text “show modal”.

You can click it, the modal shows and you can edit its content.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi, i have purchase. now i have register on localhost. so, i need to upload to live production also to the key for production?

ok. tqvm

i have generate both local and production key.

const LOCAL_DOMAINS = [“localhost”, “”, ‘tinymce-bootstrap-plugin’]; if (LOCAL_DOMAINS.includes(window.location.hostname)) { var tbpKey = ‘my-local-key’; } else { var tbpKey = ‘my-prod-key’; // var tbpKey = ‘production-key-here’; }

still yell to me Your Bootstrap plugin is not registered.

Open your registration file and enter your purchase code, then paste the key in tinymce.init({bootstrapConfig {key}}) to make it work properly.

Hi Norman,

Please first make sure that you generated the key from the same domain where you’re using the plugin.

You can add an alert to make sure the correct key is used (in JS: alert(tbpKey))

If you need more help please email me your url, purchase code and ftp access.



Sauer Purchased

Hello sir, I’m interessted in buying this Plugin.

Before I buy, I just want do know if there is the possibility to ass this plugin to the tinymce (free version) editor – witch I use in my Joomla 4 (Php8)

When this is possible, is there a Guide how I can include your plugin in my Joomla 4 installation please?


The requirements are available here:

You need Tinymce 6 with Bootstrap 5, or Tinymce 5 with Bootstrap 4.

I don’t know which versions Joomla uses, and I’m sorry but I prefer to say you before you buy that I won’t provide any help for Joomla integration.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Ok so i’m new to bootstrap haven’t used it much but i needed a html code editor that i can use to test coding when away from home. This i think would work for it, but i’m not sure if ive done it right or not.

When i try going to the snippets manager and the templates manager neither seem to be going to it… plus isn’t there a way to view code on this? I for some reason can’t find it.


Thanks for purchase.

First of all, if you need my help to make it work you can email me your FTP access, the URL where the Tinymce editor is and your purchase code.

The snippets manager and the templates manager are just html files, you just have to open the right URL in your browser to access to them.

Then you can click the right arrows to open the collapsible parts and view/edit the codes.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


I bought this plugin today. After installing locally, I get an error as follows. But I entered the key. ALso I am seeing all bootstrap elements. My code is below. What is the wrong? I got this code with registration file.

Your Bootstrap plugin is not registered. Open your registration file and enter your purchase code, then paste the key in tinymce.init({bootstrapConfig {key}}) to make it work properly.

bootstrapConfig: {
           url: base_url + 'adminpage/tinymce/plugins/bootstrap5/plugin/',
           //iconFont: 'fontawesome5',
           imagesPath: '/images',
           editorStyleFormats: {
               textStyles: true,
               blockStyles: true,
               containerStyles: true,
               responsive: ['xs', 'sm', 'md', 'lg'], // all the responsive options enabled
               spacing: ['all', 'x', 'y', 'top', 'right', 'bottom', 'left']
           key: 'My key here.If you want I can send you.'


Thank you for your patience and I apologize for the delay in responding. I had to put all my activities on hold due to a family emergency.

Please first make sure that you registered the same hostname you’re using now: www or no www, http or https

Then if you still need my help please email me your purchase code, the URL where I can find the plugin and your FTP access, I’ll take a look and solve the problem for you (will do it in brief delay, not like this answer)



mrx02de Purchased

Hi migli, I bought it today, but I can not register it. I uploaded the register.html file to my server and I get the following error message. Wrong host (#0.1)

I think your register.html should be checked for errors.


Thanks for purchase.

The problem comes from your server settings, not from the registration.

When you send the registration data the registration system doesn’t receive your hostname ($_SERVER[‘http_referer’]).

I think it might be because your registration url is an IP address or an invalid hostname.

If you register from a valid hostname it should work.

If you need more help please email me your FTP access, your URL and purchase code, then I’ll have a look.


lampelk Purchased

I am trying to integrate this with TinyMCE v6.3.2, however I am getting an error: “tinymce.js:18971 Failed to load plugin: bootstrap from url plugins/bootstrap/plugin.js”.

It appears to be conflicting with the Premium Bootstrap plugin?


Thanks for purchase.

With Tinymce 6 please ensure you’re using the Bootstrap 5 version of the plugin.

I don’t know what is the plugin you call “Premium Bootstrap plugin”

If you need more help please email me your FTP access and URL then I’ll have a look.

Ahhh – the description works with the Bootstrap 4 plugin, but not the Bootstrp 5 plugin allthough Joomla supports Joomla 5 ??

This does not seem to work any more in Joomla 4.2.5 !!

I need you to fix this or I will need a refund.


Thanks for purchase.

This tutorial was for the Tinymce Bootstrap plugin V3, which is now available for free on Github

The current version is now V4.

You need Tinymce 5+ with Bootstrap 4 OR Tinymce 6+ with Bootstrap 5. I don’t know which version of Tinymce is provided with Joomla.

If you want a refund I understand it, please ask here and I’ll accept it:



Djive Purchased

Can you replicate in TinyMCE this GRID workflow..


Thanks for purchase.

Yes, it’s easy with the templates. Just add rows and columns with your content inside.

Hi Migli does plugin works with Tinymce for Joomla 3? If yes is same procedure on this tutorial?


The plugin works with Tinymce 6 + Bootstrap 5 or Tinymce 5 + Bootstrap 4

I don’t know which Tinymce version is given with Joomla 3 (I’m afraid they’re stuck at version 4, but I’m not sure. You’d have to dig into the Joomla sources)

Thnx it is ver 4.5.12. Not work with it?

Sorry no. No way, the Tinymce API has evolved but Joomla (and WP) has not unfortunately.

Hi, register.html did not work.Could you please send me video regarding to installation as explainer? Thank You


Thanks for purchase.

A video will not help.

You have to open register.html from a web server: upload it on your hosting service via FTP, or open it from a local server like MAMP.

Then it’ll work.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



Is it possible to edit the HTML code directly? Because I don’t see this function in the demo.



This can be done with the Tinymce Code plugin, no need to add the same feature to mine:

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Good afternoon. I would like some help. when I paste a text in the editor with strikethrough the editor removes it. Is there any solution for this? Awaiting return thanks

I did what you suggested but still the problem :(

Try using this strikethrough text:

I solved the problem like this:

tinymce.init({ // ... extended_valid_elements: ’s,strike’, formats: { //... strikethrough: {inline : ‘strike’} } });

thank you very much for your attention

You’re welcome

Hi. I have a problem: how to remove the Live Template Editing markup from the editor on submit?

Thank you

Plugin updated to new version bootstrap 5. congrats, i just bought it yesterday ;)


Thanks for reporting, this was a bug due to the changes in the latest Tinymce API.

I solved it and released a new version 4.0.1, please download it and replace your files, don’t forget to refresh your browser cache and it’ll work as it’s supposed to.

Wonderful. thank you so much ;) ;) ;) ;)

Thanks to you ; please if you like it don’t forget to rate it

No bootstrap 5 support yet?

Yes, it is!

I just released the version 4 for Bootstrap 5 and Tinymce 6 (it still accepts Bootstrap 4 and Tinymce 5).

The plugin now is provided with these 2 versions.

This is our config

bootstrapConfig: { url: ’/assets/tinymce/tinymce-bootstrap-plugin/’, iconFont: ‘fontawesome5’, imagesPath: ’/assets/tinymce/tinymce-bootstrap-plugin/demo/demo-images’, key: ‘MDhda5Cmwd/vyjKRpxd5KwxRXDM/w1PhhB3QBIiTTMUiLUYWh09EqL2reEFwAZdSutwudUb7Ew/8cqGukNF01QtchW4XL84H2DqgXYvYHuI=’ }

This is the error we get

Failed to initialize plugin: bootstrap TypeError: t.settings is undefined i GE GE $ GE GE o promise callback*JE render render s s Ee s executeHandlers f s Es As bind G init <anonymous> tinymce.min.js:4:225867

​If you can help us weite directly to aldo [AT] to understand what we do wrong and start to use the plugin.

Thank you. Aldo Prinzi Milleisole SRL Italy

Please email me your ftp access and url, I’ll see what’s wrong


Can you send me list of all my codes and domain names related to each code?



please email me your purchase codes then I’ll send you the list


And do you offer some kind of discount in return of a complete translation ?

Ok – got it to work – but many strings are missing in the english file it seems ?? Eg Card Deck, Card Group – and many others ??

Another thing – If i add the translation of the bootstrap plugin, then the other buttons in the toolbar of tineMCE are not translated to danish anymore ???

  1. Card Deck, Card Group, etc. are Snippets. Use the Snippets & Templates manager to translate them.
  2. Add the translations of media/vendor/tinymce/langs/da.js to media/vendor/tinymce/plugins/bootstrap/langs/da_DA.js

It’s a bit tricky, but not my fault, I don’t know exactly if it comes from Tinymce or Joomla, but you have to do this.


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