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aprast Purchased

Getting images directory is not authorized. I have added secure.php as an empty file, I have played with permissions, I have tried several directories, absolute path, relative path, you name it. No luck. What am I missing?


Hi Aprast,

Thanks for purchase. You probably have a path issue somewhere. No htaccess redirection?

Please send me your ftp, url and login credentials, I’ll see what happens.


Hi migli,

there seems to be a bug in your plugin. If you want use a table and edit the table properties and set cellspacing/cellpadding the attributes will be remove or not added to the table source-code. I tested this with the newest version of your script & tinymce. You can also check this on your live preview on codecanyon.

1. add a table 2. click in the table 3. use table properties from the toolbar 4. set cellspacing/padding to “0” 5. check source code, nothing added

Would be nice if you can fix this, because its important ;). Best Regards Tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks for purchase.

Interesting question, but indeed not a bug.

The plugin uses tinyMce’s valid_elements option to match HTML5 valid elements.

You can find this in your tinymce/plugins/bootstrap/plugin.js Line 967. This list comes from https://gist.github.com/veprbl/1136304

HTML5 specification doesn’t allow the old cellspacing and cellpadding attributes (https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_table.asp).

You have 2 ways to work around this:
  1. The dirty one:
    Init your tinyMce with a custom valid_elements option and add table[cellspacing|cellpadding]. This will overwrite the plugin’s options, and will work fine.
  2. Use recommended css properties:
    table { border-collapse: separate; border-spacing: 5px; }

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hey Gilles, thankyou that works perfect. Tom

Great, thanks to you Tom

The plugin does not work. Items do not display like they do in the demo. We get the following error when opening the Insert Bootstrap Template dialog:

jquery-2.1.1.min.js:2 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the ‘contentDocument’ property from ‘HTMLIFrameElement’: Blocked a frame with origin “http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com” from accessing a cross-origin frame. at contents (http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com/wp- content/plugins/tinymce- bootstrap-plugin/assets/js/ jquery-2.1.1.min.js:2:26312) at Function.map (http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com/wp- content/plugins/tinymce- bootstrap-plugin/assets/js/ jquery-2.1.1.min.js:2:3483) at n.fn.init.n.fn.(anonymous function) [as contents] (http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com/wp- content/plugins/tinymce- bootstrap-plugin/assets/js/ jquery-2.1.1.min.js:2:26401) at getBootstrapStyles (http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com/wp- content/plugins/tinymce- bootstrap-plugin/assets/js/ utils.min.js:1:196) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com/wp- content/plugins/tinymce- bootstrap-plugin/assets/ bootstrap-template.php? language=en&images_path=http:/ /mtroseskitahoe.staging. wpengine.com/wp-content/ uploads&bootstrap_css_path=& iconFont=fontawesome&& 1504801610989:83:9) at j (http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com/wp- content/plugins/tinymce- bootstrap-plugin/assets/js/ jquery-2.1.1.min.js:2:26860) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com/wp- content/plugins/tinymce- bootstrap-plugin/assets/js/ jquery-2.1.1.min.js:2:27673) at Function.ready (http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com/wp- content/plugins/tinymce- bootstrap-plugin/assets/js/ jquery-2.1.1.min.js:2:29467) at HTMLDocument.I (http://mtroseskitahoe. staging.wpengine.com/wp- content/plugins/tinymce- bootstrap-plugin/assets/js/ jquery-2.1.1.min.js:2:29658)


Your message seems a bit strange.

1/ I don’t see you purchased the plugin. Please give me your purchase code

2/ Please first say hello, it’s always welcome when you write any message

3/ Do you use the standalone plugin with Wordpress? The recommended plugin is the WP one

4/ Check your error message urls: you have spaces inside. That’s not normal. You probably have an error in your tinyMce.init()


Hi there, very sorry for not saying hello. I’m the person who purchased the plugin and the programmer sent me what to post. Sorry for appearing rude. Not our intent.

It’s a Wordpress site, so yes, I installed the WP plugin.

As for purchase code I found this on the email from Envato after purchase. 326af942-e21f-4ff3-b68b-e62542eb8a73

Thank you again for you help,

You’re welcome, no problem, I’ll do my best to help.

Your purchase code doesn’t appear because you’re not on the wp plugin comments, that’s the reason.

Can you please contact me using my contact form and send me your WP login and url this way?

I’ll have a look and make it work.


Hello There! I am looking to integrate TinyMCE bootstrap plugin in a jquery component. What kind of license should i purchase for this integration? Also, I need standalone plugin which does not make any external calls to get required output. Can you please guide.

Hi Harpkaur,

To integrate TinyMCE bootstrap plugin in your component you need the extended license and the author agreement.

Can you please tell me a bit more about your jQuery component? (you can contact me using my contact form)

The plugin is standalone and makes no external call, but you need a PHP server running.



Thanks Gilles. I have sent you details on my contact form. Could you pls respond to it. Best, Harpreet

I replied you about one hour ago


kyzer Purchased


I’m having some troubles.

The icons are not showing on the website, I did everything as you instructed, but it’s not showing. And on administration on the buttons the icons show, but not the icons alone where the icon of an heart is.

And on the images, it doesn’t stay a circle, it shows like an egg. :D

Great plugin ;)

best regards

Hi Kyzer,

Thanks for purchase.

About the egg it’s normal. That’s the way Bootstrap makes its circle images: it adds a 50% rounded border, so your image has to be a square to display a real circle.

About your icons, I can’t help without ftp and url. Would you like to send them to me?

Hi Gilles, I manage to use Tiny MCE Bootstap for Joomla. I installed well the plugin and modified the configutation of the l’editor. When i publish one article, this article is no correct. My site (test) www.joomla.microsann.net.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards Gilles



It seems your page doesn’t use Bootstrap ; you just have to add Bootstrap css to your template, and it will be ok.

You can customize according to your suits here: http://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/customize/

Or just use cdn: https://www.bootstrapcdn.com/legacy/

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi, I have no knowledge of the syntax to add the links towards the various files css, js… You can send me an example which leans on Template Beez3.

Best regards.


Hey, you’re French, I didn’t noticed!

Please email me your phone, I’ll call you & help. Or even better: install Teamviewer & send me your ID & pass.

Good Morning – A couple of questions…

Is there a way for the plugin to support icomoon or a custom icomoon subset for the icon font?

Are you working on Bootstrap 4 support now that it is in stable beta release?


Hi Ekklesia360,

Thanks for purchase.

The following icon fonts are supported: glyphicon – ionicon – fontawesome – weathericon – mapicon – octicon – typicon – elusiveicon – materialdesign

You can set your preferred icon font in the plugin’s config.

I plan to support Bootstrap 4, but I cannot find time to work on this. It will on the future, of course it would be a good thing, but I can’t say when it’ll be possible.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hello, Does this plugin use bootstrap 4?


Sorry no, it’s planned and it will, as soon as possible.

Please can you let me know how the snippets are stored, please?

I am hoping to be able to adapt this so that variables from a database can be inserted.



The snippets are stored in an xml file. You can access with php and SimpleXML.



aghaie Purchased

Hi I bought this plugin a few months ago. But it does not work now because the tinymce has been updated. I only managed to use this tool for a few months. Now it can not be used. Is it possible for you to send me a usable version of it or guide me with the way to solve it?

My Purchase code: 0e946d4d-8778-43f7-8b0a-9ec21892e4ae

Thank you in advance Aghaie

Hi Aghaie,

The plugin works perfectly with the latest tinyMce 4.7.2

Your problem probably comes from elsewhere. Have a look at your browser’s console, it’ll help.



tolinho Purchased

Hi, I need some help please. It seems there is something wrong in the examples and in the file I purchased. Example: http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/tinymce-bootstrap-plugin/full_screen_preview/10086522?_ga=2.89665119.576490586.1511262582-647750165.1504264644

When you change to french for example, the bootstrap toolbar is not translated and it would be expected. Only one element is translated “Insérer/Editer un Snippet” all the others remain in english.

I only noticed now has I translated everything to my language and the toolbar always remains in English.

How can I fix this?


If you save your content (validate your form) and open your page, you should have the & nbsp; preserved. I tested and it worked.

If not, please send me your access, I need to test with your own tinyMce.


tolinho Purchased

Hi. I’m still on local machine.

When I send it to a live domain I will contact you.

ok perfect.


tolinho Purchased

Hi, Really sorry to bother again, I’m not looking for bugs or issues but I keep finding them… Object attributes are not preserved.

For example, an image with attribute tilte=”Open Gallery” or style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” or id=”album-9” or data-gallery=”album-9” etc… once I hit bootstrap image and make the thumbnail round for axample and confirm, all these attributes are removed.

I need them for the page to work correctly.

So far I also noticed my buttons get messed up… and the same. Only title attribute is preserved. All the rest goes missing after making any change via plugin.

Tested on downloaded file and on your demo page.

Please advise!


tolinho Purchased

Hello. Well that is troubling news.

To me, it does not make any sense at all to buy a bootstrap plugin that I can not use to change my bootstrap elements.

I don’t consider “title” to be a custom attribute.

Anyway, your suggestion for adding elements and once I have placed the elements on the page and don’t update them with the plugin is besides the point of having such a plugin. For that I would have kept things has they were before using only tinymce and my html code would not get messed up.

I must say I’m a little socked with such a suggestion.

I understand that you can be disappointed by my answer, but this is the way it works for the moment.

I’ll think about the possibility to keep any attribute when editing the elements, but it can be difficult to achieve.

I’ll have to parse the elements codes, which can produce inconsistent results depending on the users’ code. I’m afraid it could be sometimes buggy.

For now, you still have the possibility to use the snippet plugin, which can store any reusable code. Or ask for a refund if the plugin is unuseful for you.



tolinho Purchased

Hi Gilles. I purchased this plugin, so I will stick with it. I will not ask for a refund besides the disappointment.

I’m not a programmer, but following the logic of the code I changed bootstrap-image.php added a field for title and now reads the attribute fine.

For it to completely work I also needed to change plugin.js to handle title attribute and jqueryHtmlClean.js

Not sure if in utils.js this: var allowedAttrs = new Array([‘class’]); – needs changing but I got it working (Editing/Saving) without changing this last one.

Anyway, I should manage to add style and other important missing attributes, but an update with these changes would be nice.


howm Purchased

Hello, I have a problem getting the “Use Wordpress Theme css in Admin Editor” option to work. The editor tool bar dialog does not respond to this option.

Seems like it won’t read in CSS from my Bootstrap theme ( Bootswatch among others ), all styling in button, icon, label …. dialog box are gone.

If I select one of the three default stylings provided by your plugin ( for theme in lieu of Bootstrap ), everything in the dialog box is fine.

Problem is , it conflicts with Bootswatch Theme. It overrides my Bootswatch Theme selections for the site.

I am new to Wordpress & php and cannot sort this out.

Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you !

No please, I’ll not install a zip.

We can have a Teamviewer session if you send me a Teamviewer ID & pass I’ll try to connect.


howm Purchased

Teamviewer sounds good. Will contact you in the coming week to set up a session. Thanks Gilles !

That’s ok

Hi, i just bought your Bootstrap plugin for TinyMce but i made a mistake … I bought the JS version instead of WordPress one ….

Is it possible to cancel or change my order ?

Thanks a lot, Regards


Thanks for purchase. Please open a chat at https://www.phpformbuilder.pro, we’ll solve this together

Hello Migli, I get an error “Failed to load plugin url: ”.../media/editors/tinymce/plugins/bootstraplight/langs/nl.js” and the plugin is not working, all buttons open a white (empty) window. What to do? Thank you in advance, With kind regards, Agent MDM

btw I copied the en.js file, renamed the copy to nl.js (just to test if it works) but still every button of your plugin opens a white empty window and nothing seems to work in my case. I’m interested to know what’s happening…


Translations are in tinymce/plugins/bootstrap/langs/ directory.

1. Copy the 2 files named fr_FR.js and fr_FR.php (adapt their name to your language) 2. Change the translations into these files 3. Init tinyMce with your language :

    language: "nl_NL" 


I need to implent http://jbutz.github.io/bootstrap-lightbox within a Symfony 3.4 project. I am having trouble to arrange rounting and path. Could your plugin help me out of the box? Please, let me know. Thanks mario


The plugin works inside tinyMce, you can store snippets to get them inside the editor. That’s all I can say: I’ve got no more idea about how it can help with your project.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Thanks for your reply.

Question is: if I use TinyMCE plus your plugin, when a picture is inserted say within a RTE textarea, does it render a lightbox effect. I mean, do I get the needed html code wrapping the tag, maybe by some config options?

best wishes mario

Hi Mario,

That’s clearer now. I see 2 different ways to achieve this:

  1. Create a snippet with a placeholder image. The inserts the lightbox with the snippet, then change the image inside
  2. Edit the plugin image code itself to add a lightbox option in image styles

Both should work. The 2nd solution is better but needs programing knowledge.

I answer by advance the question you didn’t ask me yet: I’m sorry, but can’t work on this for now, I’ve got too much to do.


Hi, Gilles! Could you please add support for FontAwesome5? I would gladly pay for the plugin again to get this.

Best Regards

I know this, that’s the challenge!

It requires a closer look to the source code & tests to make it work. Or you can just keep fas and ignore the other prefixes (quick & dirty solution)

thank you! Ok, I will stick with fas for now. Seems to have most of the icons I need. Maybe I’ll try to use the v4-shims provided by FA.

Best Regards

Good luck with your project

Hi, I am using the accordion snippet field and typed “utf-8” (Turkish characters: i, ğ, ç, ö, ü etc) in the “edit” section. character. For example; i’m writing to code area ”< p >şşşş< / p >” But snippet show to me ”< p >????< / p >”

So you should try to have a look to your php.ini:


default_charset is already utf-8, do you have another suggest? this is a strange situation and my customer does not accept it. I must be to resolve this :) Please help me migli

My 1st suggestions were the easiest – now I need:
- your ftp access
- your url
- a lot of imagination

Please send me and I’ll do my best to help.

Greetings, are there any planned updates for either Bootstrap 4 or FontAwesome 5? I saw a comment from 5 months ago that you were going to update asap… Maybe the new version you can choose which bootstrap and fontawesome to use?


Thanks for purchase.

I’d love to work on Bootstrap 4 + FA5 update – for the moment It’s really impossible, no free time, but I’ll make it as soon as possible.

Sorry for this, I do my best.