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Looks like a well layed out plug in but unfortunately cannot use it since I'm not hosting my site on php. I have a separate php server but that doesnt work either due to browser security, since the plugin loads the php as an iframe.

for Flexibility

Took me 10 min to add this plugin to my CMS. Great job!!
Only two things that could be better: image connecting with default uploader/TinyMCE image and same for a table.

for Flexibility

tinyMce Bootstrap Plugin bad codeing and not flexibitiy


Author response


I answer you but I already know that 1 star people NEVER get in touch and are ALWAYS anonymous.

2 points :

1/ If you don't like plugin you can ask for refund and I'll accept

2/ Bad coding is always easy to say, but I don't know why, NEVER explained. If you think plugin has to be improved, well, why not trying to be more constructive and explain what you mean ?

Best regards.


for Feature Availability

Very nice TinyMCE plugin for Bootstrap; I immediately translated it to German and will most probably purchase additional licenses for some of my customers' projects. I think it will be a great help for content editors who aren't tech-savvy.

for Customer Support

To start off, this project is terrific. My clients now have a way to use basic bootstrap elements right in the CMS that I build.
Beyond that, the code was very easy to follow and make adjustments to, for my own unique uses.
And further than that, Gilles is awesome to work work. He responds very promptly, is open to suggestions, and very helpful overall.
Great work Gilles - keep it up!

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