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Will this work on any page? Can you choose different background for each section? Im looking to use this to build a homepage that is simple and elegant.

Final question, is this supposed to work similar to Visual Composer? Thanks for your support.

Im trying to build something like this homepage http://www.bluefountainmedia.com/ . Think its achievable?


The WP Text Editor is just the default editor ( not the visual editor )

This is not like visual composer, this can create layouts like this

It can work in synergy with Visual Composer to create a page like that though

is it possible to re-position the image “crop” (modify what is displayed) of each and every cell/photo?

is it possible to disable the zoomlightbox? i want to use magnificent or fancybox instead.

Purchased. Will PM you on how to disable.

please consider adding drag and drop for re-ordering display order function in a future update.



Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Looks great but if I scroll down the page (and the mega page) , I get horizontal lines (only when I move). Tested on 2 pc’s. All the same. Is it a glitch?


What browser ? Chrome has some bugs but I think they are fixed in latest version..

Anyway, if there are some glitches, they are not from Layouter, they are from Parallaxer ( the effect used in preview for preview purposes ) and are there only in the preview

Hi, It wasn’t to have remarks on your product, it’s really cool. But indeed, like you said. It is on Chrome AND on PC (win7). I tested it now on mac os, also chrome and it runs perfectly. Maybe I will buy it :) Cheers

Tested on my Chrome Win 8.1 and works fine. Weird


can you please put in this layout by default in a future update?

(by this I mean the FB layout as you can see in the screenshot)


I attempted to recreate it but it did not work out as I wanted.


Send me a PM I’ll send you the layout


PM sent

Does this work with posts as well, or just images? I want to be able to select a category and display those posts in a dynamic non-static way (new posts automatically are added when published). Is this possible?


It works with posts as well ( the featured image of posts )

Yes, you can select category and new posts are added automatically

Hello there,

How do I get the parallax feature to work? I do have both this and the parallaxer plugin if I need that.



You just input The Layouter shortcode in the Parallaxer shortcode generator Custom Content

Hello, How can restrict to display a specific category of my custom post type ? tried this custom_query_args=”taxonomy=portfolio_category&tag_ID=36&post_type=portfolio_page” but not working ! Thank you


I confused the plugins

This is the shortcode

[dzs_layouter preffered_class="default" hover="none" sw_display_posts="on" custom_query_args="tax_query%5B0%5D%5Btaxonomy%5D=dzsvideo_category&tax_query%5B0%5D%5Bfield%5D=tag_id&tax_query%5B0%5D%5Bterms%5D%5B0%5D=11&post_type=dzsvideo"][/dzs_layouter]

Send me a PM via my profile and I’ll send you latest update




Is it possible to create a photo grid and make it scrollable horizontal?


Just place it in a div like so ( use Text Editor not Visual Editor )

<div style="width:100%;">
<div style="width:2000px;">
[dzs_layouter shortcode... ]

Can I trust this source ? One of your sample was gone – demo, doc and others not work.

The Wall – Media Gallery – jQuery Powered

I want to buy, but I hesitate to buy because you could exterminate this also.



Yes, this item is supported.

We’ll reinitiate The Wall too


great plugin, beautiful style, but I am concerned about the load time. It seems to be slowing down all the page load times a lot. Can you advise how to optimise? For instance, it looks like each image block is loading the full sized featured image and resizing in the borwser… is this necessary, can it load a resized version by default? Each post uses a 1200×800 image, so a block of 6 posts is a massive page load.

I can add a quality selector in the shortcode generator ( so small quality ( about 300×300 images ) medium quality ( about 500×500 thumbnails ) )

Would that be ok ?