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Hello, I am trying to set up a section of profiles that only has two people. Is there a way to make it so it’s centered? Right now they show left aligned, so it looks very odd, but I don’t have a third person to add to it.

I hadn’t seen that you replied, thanks so much for responding. This is the page:

They want the top showcase to only have two people in it so they are over everyone else, but it would look so much better if I could center those. Thanks!

Thank you for sharing the URL. But unfortunately I can’t help much because it’s not my plugin that is being used. Maybe it’s a plugin with a similar name? Check your downloads section at codecanyon, it should have a link to the correct plugin being used. In your plugins page in WordPress you should also have a link to the author page. Hope the info helps and I’m sorry that I can’t help. Greetings, Carlos

Oh goodness, it was a different one with almost the same name. Thank you for your help anyway!

Hi – I was wondering if it is possible to link back to the main team page from a single team member page? For example – I would like to link to this page from any of the single member pages with a link that reads “Back to Our Team” so a viewer can easily go back. Any suggestions?

Hi! Yes, we can add a link before or after the content. We can add a javascript snippet or hardcode it in the code with a small php function. Write me a message via the contact form on the support tab and I’ll provide instructions. Greetings, Carlos

I just tried filtering the table layout, which isn’t documented but works. Later I read here that this is indeed undocumented and it’s just animations that aren’t ready. I’m okay with how it’s displayed.

But can I rely on that to work in the future? You’re not going to remove that, right :) I mean, I doubt it, seeing as it’s been usable for quite a while.

Hi! No, I won’t remove that feature. I’ll probably just improve it :) You can keep using it. Cheers, Carlos

Awesome! :) Also good that I had to ask that because I just saw the renewal notice!


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FYI: Your latest update is not showing up in the Envato Market plugin. It only shows 1.7.7. But your update notes at the bottom of the page show 1.8 released in April.

And the right hand side bar shows the last update as January. Sorta confusing. Hope you can sort it out.

Hi! Thank you for the feedback. Indeed it seems the latest update submission was reverted or didn’t go through. Will submit the update again this week. Greetings, Carlos

Hi. Maybe I am missing something silly. I brought the pro version But my settings option only shows CSS and not the options I saw on some screenshots. In adition, i dont find the shortcodes generator that i saw on other screenshots. What am I doing wrong? I really need to make the images small. Tks for ur help in advance

Hi! Seems you might have purchased a different plugin and not this one. My plugin only has this version, it doesn’t have free/pro version. It also doesn’t seem you have a ‘purchase’ history of my plugin with your username. Maybe you’re using a different plugin? There are several plugin that are using a similar name to mine. Greetings, Carlos

Hi I am having a problem when I click on a single team member. In Chrome it works properly and the link displayed is /team/team-member-name. In other browsers it’s /team/name/?team_cpt=IMT_PAGE_TEMPLATE This is not displaying I either get a white screen or a HTTP 500 error. Please help me fix this issue

My plugin support is said has expired. I don’t want to pay $16 just to be told it’s a 3 party problem.

Hi! There isn’t a record of purchase with your username of my plugin, is it possible you’re using a different plugin with a similar name? But the problem you describe seems it could be a permalinks or cache issue. Double check which plugin you’re using and if it’s my plugin write me a message via the support tab with the purchase code of the plugin and the link to your website and I’ll check what could be wrong. Greetings, Carlos

Hi there – how do I specify the order in which the members appear on a page?

Hi! In the shortcode generator, there’s a ‘Order By’ option, that you can use to choose the order you want to use. The default order will be the one specified in the ‘order’ field of each team member entry. You can also use the ‘drag&drop’ ordering when viewing the members archive in the administration. Hope the info helps. Greetings, Carlos

I am trying this but its not showing any effect, any ideas? :

.ts-rounded img:hover, #tshowcase-hover-wrap .ts-rounded img:hover { transform: scale(1.3) !important; }

Hi! Send me a message via the contact form on the support tab with a link to your site and I can check which CSS will work better to achieve that effect. Cheers, Carlos

is there a way to incorporate anchor tags with each team member? I am trying to access a specific team member with a link from another page

Hi! Would this be for the pager layout? The latest versions allow you to add an hashtag like yourpage/#t=1 to set the initial entry when the page is loaded. You can also link to individual page that is automatically created for each member. Check if the hashtag works. If it doesn’t, write me via the contact form on the support tab sharing the link to your page. Greetings, Carlos