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Hi, what is causing the staff image on the staff page to load really big and then get reduced in size. For example, viewing the page source code, I show there is an image being loaded that is sized with width=1080px:

Take a look at this screencast video to see the issue which is happening on all staff:

And here is an example staff page:

The bigger image is the featured image added automatically by your theme in the single pages. It’s being hidden with css, that load in the footer, so that’s why the image is seen for a split second. In the plugin settings you can try changing the ‘page template’ from post to page, which might remove the featured image from the top, depending on your theme settings. I see you’re using Divi, which has the option to remove the image from the single pages in the settings. If you go to ‘Options > Layout’ you can also disable the image from there. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos

thank you that fixed our issue!

hello in new versions is it possible for members to register and the administrator authorize them?

thank you marcello

Hi Marcello! The plugin doesn’t have a frontend member register option, sorry. Greetings, Carlos

Hello. I’m on V 1.6.2. I have a place to enter the link to the vcard, but I can’t get it to show up on the profile or the team showcase page. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi! Make sure you have the option to display the personal url activated in the shortcode generator and settings page. If the problem persists, write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab, sharing the url to your page and purchase code for the plugin. Greetings, Carlos


Novun Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to use a different image for the custom post image and the thumbnail? (found this by googling: Also, it seems the image is used twice in the custom post. Thanks.


Novun Purchased

“Also, it seems the image is used twice in the custom post.” Never mind this I found the option. I have an additional question: Is it possible for the Groups to be displayed under each other? So that, not all team members are listed next to each other even though they are in different groups. So group A would be at the top of the page then team members in group B would be under them. Then group C would be under group B. etc…

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin! The plugin is not ready have have multiple featured images and there isn’t an easy way to implement it. You can write me using the contact author form on the support tab explaining better your needs and I can check if there’s a workaround. As for the groups, one simple solution could be to have one shortcode for each group and stack the shortcodes, maybe even with a title for each group. This way you would have more control. Hope the info helps. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, I was wondering why I can’t find “Round Icons” from the dropdown list on the settings page?

Apologies, the comment seems to have been posted twice.

Hi! No problem. I answered to the question in the other comment. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, I was wondering why I can’t find “Round Icons” from the dropdown list on the settings page?

Apologies, the comment seems to have been posted twice.

Hi! Earlier versions of the plugin had the social icons as images and there was the option to have them squared or rounded indeed. However to make the icons work better across all devices, including retina screens, in recent versions I left only the vector icons option, which use the fontawesome icon set with the rounded corners squared icons. Hopefully in future versions I’ll include an option for vector round icons. In the current version, if you want to force the round icons, we can do it with some custom css. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and we can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

Hello—Pre Sales? Can members login and create/edit their own profile?

Is there a way to prevent users from being able to create unlimited users? They should only be able to edit their own info, not add other users or have access to other users info. Please advise. Thx

The option to add/edit team members will not be in the profile, they will be in a separate menu entry. You should see the ‘Team’ menu entry. The entries work as posts. If a user has enough capabilities to create posts, they will be able to create team entries. User roles that have access to other users posts will also be able to edit team member entries form other users. Usually the ‘Author’ role can create and edit only the entries they created for example. The dynamic will depend on the capabilities like I mentioned initially. There are ways to limit the users to only be able to create one entry. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and we can follow up via email. Like I mentioned initially, the plugin is not a user/profile management system, it has limitations, but there are workarounds and things that can be improved. Greetings, Carlos

Hi! Your questions prompted me to develop some small additional features to make this process a bit easier. If you want to try the new version with these new small features send me a message using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and I’ll send you this new version. I added an option to only allow users with lower capabilities to only add and edit one entry associated with them. Greetings, Carlos

Can I add a custom link so when someone clicks a headshot it goes to a custom link rather than their profile?

Hi! Yes, this is possible. There a field to add a URL to the profile and you can set that URL to open when you click an entry, instead of opening the default single page. Greetings, Carlos

is there a way to reorder the information under the name and photo?

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Currently there isn’t a way to reorder the information from within the plugin options. In future versions I’m going to implement something to help with this, probably it will follow the order of how they are added in the shortcode parameter. But until that option is available, there’s a simple code snippet you can apply. Write me using the ‘contact author’ in the support tab with more details on how you want to order the information and I can provide more instructions. Greetings, Carlos

Hi! we found out that one of your media query is never closed and it was causing an error when generating critical css :

can you fix this?

Great catch. Thank you for reporting this. Will update the plugin soon. If you want the fixed version straight away, write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and I’ll send you the updated version. Greetings, Carlos

Can you auto assign members to a team or designate them? I want to use wp all import with this plugin and automatically put new members into one team. I just want one staff page that auto updates when I import new data

Hi! If I understood correctly your question, yes, this is possible. If you only need to have one team page, then you won’t need to use groups to separate the different members. This way, when you import new entries, they will automatically display in the team page yes. The team entries are stored as a custom post type, so it should be easy to import new entries with an import plugin. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

I use your plugin on this page , it is online since about 1 month and since a little time ago without any reason it has shown this error message: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /var/www/clients/client0/web179/web/wp-content/plugins/team-showcase/tshowcase.php on line 3570 How can I solve this bug? Thank you

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Can you check if in your shortcode do you have a category filter for a category that doesn’t exist anymore or changed name/slug? Anyway, I’ve implemented some extra code to prevent this from happening. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option form on the support tab and I’ll send you this new version, if you can’t find any issue with the shortcode. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, I solve checking the category in the shortcode, thank you.

Can you tell me if you have any plans to update the Table format to have column headings? I’m asking because we love this plugin, but with rebuilding our websites and staying within Accessibility guidelines, we want to move to a table style format rather than having images and other layouts. But the table doesn’t have column headings that a screen reader or other assistive technology can properly read which results in a fail. So having a listing with headings such as Name, Department, Email, Phone Number or Extension, etc. Thanks!

Hi! Yes, I plan to implement table headers in the next update. If you want to try it now, write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and I’ll send you the version with this feature. Greetings, Carlos

Tonight I asked that all pictures of players, leaders and others in the association that they disappeared and when I went in to watch so your plugin was deactivated and when I turned it on again it was updated and everything has disappeared 172 is this a damn joke. I went into a company I have and exactly the same mistake where all employees are gone as I added what fan have you found for fucking jokes !!!!!!

I understand. Can I ask you to contact me using the ‘contact author’ option in that plugin’s support tab? That way i’ll have the data that confirms the purchase and open a proper support ticket. I’ll ask you to still confirm if you have the correct plugin installed in your wordpress site and what version you currently have installed. We can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

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Thank you, we can follow up with email. I will have to hide your last comment, since you shouldn’t share your purchase code publicly. Greetings, Carlos

We noticed from the last update that our envelope icon disappeared. We noticed it was coded as fa-envelope-o but that does not pull the envelope icon in. When we went through the CSS for font-awesome in the plugin, we removed the -o from the envelope code and now our icons are showing. Not sure if this needs to be fixed in the plugin’s CSS or not, but when we visited Font Awesome’s website, there is no icon that is coded with just the -o ( Thanks.

Hi! Thank you for pointing it out. It’s actually related with different fontawesome versions. The plugin is/was still using fontawesome 4, which uses fa-envelope-o. But it’s possible your theme or another plugin is already loading fontawesome 5 and there’s some issues. I’ll release an update this week where I’ve updated the icons to use fontawesome 5. The update should be released in the next couple of days. Greetings, Carlos