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Hi, Great plugin overall but I have a problem. When I try the “search shortcode” or via the widget, the search result is not displaying the team members but my posts.

Is there a way to simply add a search field on the team page (in the same way as the dropdown filter) and not by reloading the page itself? If not, that would be an awesome future update to bring to your plugin ;)


Hi! Thank you for using the plugin and for the positive feedback! If it’s displaying the posts, maybe the ‘URL’ is not set? Make sure the URL with the team layout is set in the shortcode or widget. It could also be that there’s something interfeering with the search and redirecting the page to the normal search results page. If you share the link to your page I can check what could be missing (you can write me via the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab). Currently it’s not possible to have the page not refresh in order to submit the search, but hopefully in the feature I’ll be able to implement an ajax search :) Cheers, Carlos

Sorry, I can’t give you any link/access, the website is an intranet..

I’ll doublecheck if something is interfeering with the search.. and yes, the URL was set ;)


Check what is the URL after you submit the search and if it’s similar to this one: If there’s any other parameter, if could be something interfeering. You can write me via the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab if you have any further question. Cheers, Carlos


On this page for the 2nd image I have a lightbox popping up but the image does not come up. Would you know why?

Also the email looks to much to the right.

Thanks Jen

Hi Jen You’re site has a ‘lazy-loading’ feature, to delay the loading of the images and that’s why that image is not loading. You can try to disable the lazy-loading effect or try the following css:
#tshowcase-single-wrap .ts-circle {
width:160px !important;
height:160px !important;
Check if it works. Greetings, Carlos

Hi Community,

Suddenly – the size of the picture as changed – why? In addition, what would be the “Query” panel to order by the given individual member file name?

Thank you. – section our experts.

Hi! Thank you for your contact. Unfortunately I can’t help since it’s not my plugin you’re using. Maybe a plugin with a similar name? Check your downloads section, you should have a link to the correct plugin page there. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, Your plugin looks perfect for the project I have. I have just a couple pre-sales questions. I need a solution for the intranet. That means that every user, should have an option to have a more than one telephone number. Let’s say that he needs a mobile phone number, stationary number and internal number like 187 In addition, is it possible to disable links for the team member? When you look at the members, you can click on a member and see his description… Well, I would like to disable that if there is an option…

Thanks for your answers.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin!

- You can add more fields to the users, following this instructions: This way you can add the extra phone number fields easily.

- Yes, it’s possible to disable the links. The layouts don’t need to have the links active.

If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

Pre-Sale Question: I would like to use this plugin alongside plugin…

The plugin allows to create events and for each event I can set “organizers” and “places”. The “organizer” acts more or less as the team member in your plugin, at least I think… But the “organizer” in has very poor features, so I would like to use your plugin instead.

Do you think can be any way to substitute the “organizer” in with a team member of your plugin?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Out of the box, the plugin is not capable of integrating itself into the calendarize it plugin. It would need some custom work. Depending on what you need, it could be more difficult or easy. The organizers in are stored as a custom post type (I think) and so are the team member entries. One possible ‘simple’ approach would be to have a custom field in the team member entries, where you would associate that member with an existing organizer. Then when you open a page for that organizer, it would be redirected to the team member page, for example. In the single member page you could also list the events associated with that organizer (assuming there’s a shortcode for that). More advanced integration would need more custom work. You can write me via the ‘contact author’ link in the support tab describing how you would like to integrate it, and I’ll let you know how hard it would be. Cheers, Carlos

Hello Carlos and thanks for your kind reply… I will contact you as suggested…


Thank for such a great plugin. One of my client uses on her website (She bought it herself). She wants to create and populate bio pages via a from created in Contact Form 7.

Is it possible to submit a data of profile via form and profile is created automatically in your plugin?

Any help or hint would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Hi! This is possible, but you’ll need a more advanced plugin than ‘contact form 7’. You’ll need a form builder that allows you to submit data to custom post types. Gravity Forms is the most popular one. Then you’ll just need to have the data submitted populate the ‘tshowcase’ custom post type. The ids of custom meta fields that need to be populated is listed here: Hope it helps! Greetings, Carlos

Hello, I really like the plugin and am overall pretty happy with the purchase, but I am having trouble with using the import plugin you have suggested to several other buyers. Can you please give me an example of the csv to upload, or tell me how to download one that will show one of the members I have already uploaded? Thanks!

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Write me via the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and we can follow up via email. If you already have an CSV file, you can then send it to me and I can check if there’s anything that needs to be changed. Cheers, Carlos

Hi.. we are using the team showcase plugin..but after the recent update we lost all the data. Could you please help us out?

Hi! The update shouldn’t affect the data. How did you perform the update? What data did you loose exactly? Greetings, Carlos

Thank you for the support. Issue was not from the plugin. Its a great plugin!

Glad the issue was solved. Happy to help. Greetings, Carlos

Presale Question: Is there carousel option to showcase team members?

Something like this?

Regards, Mazhar

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Current version doesn’t have a carousel layout, but it’s something I plan to implement. Greetings, Carlos

We’ve used this plugin for years with great results – but all of a sudden, it stopped working. It looks like maybe the name of the custom post type was changed – so the plugin doesn’t recognize the data we’re calling for with the shortcode. We’re just seeing shortcode now: Any tips on fixing this?

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin! If you download the latest version available on codecanyon and re-install the plugin, the problem should be fixed. Seems WordPress was automatically sending a false update notication on earlier versions of the plugin pushing a plugin from a different author but with the same name as mine! This shouldn’t happen o versions from the last few years, so maybe you had a very early version installed and did this update? Anyway, once you delete that plugin and install latest version of mine it should fix the problem. Let me know if you have any other issue. Greetings, Carlos


When using Team Showcase together with Yoast SEO, on the team member page there are 2 extra h1 being added to the body (above the menu). When deactivating Yoast, they disappear, but it’s only happening with Team Showcase … so there might be a combined issue.

Would be great, if you could have a look.

Thanks and best!

Hi! I use Yoast on my demo site for example and this doesn’t seem to happen. Can you share the link to your page so I can check what could be happening? Just to confirm, are you using this plugin or maybe one with a similar name? I ask because you don’t have the ‘purchased’ badge. Greetings, Carlos

Thanks for the quick reply!

We bought the plugin with the company account, this here is a personal one …

Edit: I just found the issue! It was something that we added in, using the_title() instead of get_the_title() ...

Thanks again for offering your help so quickly!

Glad you managed to solve the problem! Let me know if you come across any other issue. Always ready to help. Greetings, Carlos

Is it possible to make this stack the cards for responsive?

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. The ‘cards’ should already adapt according to the screen size. If you’re having issues we can improve the css to work better with your page. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support and share the link to your page and I can check how it can be improved. Greetings, Carlos

thanks very much :)

Hi, can the page be edited?

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. In the settings page there’s an option to add a redirect from that page to any URL – usually to the page where you place the team shortcode. You can also change the team slug in the settings, if you want to use the slug /team/ for a different page. That page itself is created automatically as an archive page and is controlled mostly by your theme. It is possible to edit it, but would require a custom template page in your theme, so it’s not so trivial. Hope the info helps. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, do you know why this page is not showing the pagination?

Screen Shot :

Page :

Short Code : [show-team pagination=’true’ category=’faculty,staff’ url=’active’ layout=’table’ style=’img-square,text-left,odd-colored’ display=’name,photo,groups,position,email,telephone’]

You’re using the ‘ids’ parameter which specifies which entries to display and this overrides the pagination parameter. The correct way to do it, would be to not use the ids parameter and set a ‘orderby’ parameter. If you want a specific order for the entries, use the ‘drag&drop’ in the administration archive and use the default order by. Otherwise use the orderby date or IDs so the plugin knows what order to follow for the pagination. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos

Thanks for the info but the reason we are using ‘ids’ parameter is we couldn’t get a way to show all “Faculty” plus only some “Staff” instead of all staff. Any suggestions on how to display 23 users and have it paginate 9/page that can display all faculty and just some staff?

In the settings page you can enable the second taxonomy and use it to create a new group to associate those entries and use it to filter them in the shortcode generator. This should work well. Let me know if something doesn’t work. Greetings, Carlos