Discussion on Team Showcase - Wordpress Plugin

Discussion on Team Showcase - Wordpress Plugin

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I’m not quite grasping the method to wrap the result of a custom information field as shown on this page –

I am using this as my custom setting:
memberid,Member ID,The ID of the member,text,fas fa-user,<div class="ts-user"><a href="/id=%s">View More</a></div>,memberID;

and it’s outputting memberID. I’ve tried a dozen or so variations of splitting up the ‘wrapper’ between the last two vars but it seems to break whenever I add an href. The status bar converts it to an < i for some reason.

Clearly, I do not understand how this works. Does the demo on the support page need to be updated?


It turns out – if you have the icons turned on and then try to wrap your variable with html, some tags will break. If you turn off icons it works fine but then you have to create an entry for each item that you want to have shown in the team card where you want an icon to be present.

Hi! I think it breaks because you’re using the placeholder for the wrapper in the link, which will have the icon code. Currently the icon is added before the meta value and wrapped in the end with the custom html. So the html might end up broken indeed, with your wrapper including the placeholder as a URL. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and I’ll send you a new version where I change this order to workaround this, so you can test. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, Great work, it looks pretty cool I appreciate your effort can I get the demo of this I want to add this on my website dubaitraveltourism but first I want to get the demo of this. Need help regarding this. How can I get demo.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Write us using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab asking for a demo. Greetings, Carlos

Hi thanks for the plugin. Please help, So the team profile info are showing on a popup modal when I click the member, thats good. But I do not want the team profile pages/post to be available on the front end, I only want the team info to be in the popup not indexed as post pages, how can I achieve this.

I dont want users to visit the profile pages without going to the filter page and using the popup..

Hi! Unfortunately the lightbox feature is connected to the single pages being available, so we can’t disable them. However, if you don’t include them in your sitemap (if you’re using a seo plugin you can exclude them) they shouldn’t be indexed and normal users would only link to the lightbox, not the single pages, if you don’t link to them anywhere else. Hope it helps and I’m sorry for the limitation. Greetings, Carlos

Thanks for he answer. I have adjusted Yoast.

Hi my client is using free version of Team Showcase. If I buy the paid version will data from free plugin gets transferred to the paid one automatically?

Hi! Thank you for reaching out, but my plugin does not have a free version, so you might be using a plugin with a similar name to this one. Check in the plugin information the link to the site of their developer to check if they gave their own paid version. Greetings, Carlos


1.Could we transfer files?

2.Does it work with any theme


4.Any update soon

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin.

Not sure what you mean by ‘transfer files’, but you can export/import the team member entries, using the normal Export feature from WordPress.

It should work with any theme that allows you to render shortcodes (almost all).

Yes, it’s responsive, the columns will adapt to the screen size.

There will be a small maintenance update soon.

If you have any other questions let me know.

Greetings, Carlos

Can this work for multi-author blogs by listing contributors and authors as part of the team?

Hi! The plugin is not able to build layouts from the user entries, they need to be added as a team member entry. The team member entries can be linked to specific authors and link to that author’s page, but they need to be added manually first. Greetings, Carlos

Hey Carlos. I think I remember that in the past you had fixed the issue of your plugin being updated to one from the WordPress repo. It prompts to do the same again. Just wanted to drop a line about that :)

Hi! Thank you for the heads-up! Can you confirm which version of the plugin you currently have installed? Greetings, Carlos

Oh my… I should really update the plugin… it’s on 1.8.6 and I see the actual recent version is 2.2.4. So I know what to do. Out of curiosity: Your plugin being updated to the one from the repo is prevented by your plugin having a higher version, no other means, right?

Having an higher version is one of the ways the plugin does it. At one point I also introduced some code to ‘hijack’ the update available checks for the plugin, but it didn’t seem to work consistently. So having the higher version is one of the best ways to do it. Might intentionally set future versions to have a different format, like
to make sure it won’t happen. To have auto updates consider using

What is your timeline for a new release for PHP 8.0 and WP 5.8? I get same error as chrisscottuk…

Update will come some time this month. You can write us using the ‘contact author’ option and we can already send a copy of the new version before the official update. Greetings, Carlos

Hi there, is there any update on when this will be PHP 8 compatible, I just tested it , and got the below error. I’m on the latest version of teamshowcase 2.2.4 on WP 5.8.

“Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in “*//*/team-showcase/tshowcase.php on line 96”

Hi! Compatibility with PHP8 will come in one of the future releases. Currently it’s still not compatible, sorry for the limitation.

I had this problem and as soon as I re-downloaded the plugin from Envato and deleted the Themepoints dreadful ripoff, all was fine again. It only cost me a day trying to figure out what was going on and the updating my sites! Is Themepoint copying your code, name actually legal? I think its called passing off!

Further, I understand it’s a namespace issue. The ripped-off plugin uses the same slug as the your original Team Showcase – and is available in the WordPress free repository. I use ManageWP to manage my sites. I think that ManageWP automatically checks for updates on and not Envato – This causes your version 2.4.4 to be overwritten by Themepoint’s version (with a big red buy pro button). This has happened twice. Surely they should be forced to change their name, it’s ridiculous! and has wasted a day of my time.

How do I stop this from happening again?



Hi Simon, sorry for the issue. Indeed it’s a bit annoying. I wanted to work with them to find a solution, but we weren’t able to. From my tests, the latest versions of my plugin won’t ping, but ManageWP might still do it. To workaround that you can maybe manually increase the version number of the plugin, to a huge number, so that the other version will never be bigger. So in the ‘tshowcase.php’ file, maybe change this line:
Version: 2.2.5
Version: 200.2.5
That should prevent the issue. If there are important updates from my plugin, there will be a warning email, if you have email notifications turned on, in the downloads page. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, we have purchased your product but we’re coming across an issue with the form itself it keeps saying that the form is not secure. Please advise.

Hi! Can you share the link to the page where this is happening? What version of the plugin do you currently have installed? Greetings, Carlos

Hi, I really like your plugin. I had my boss purchase it for our company website. I’m having one issue with ‘lightbox’. When I click on the image, all I get is “loading”. If I look at the code I realize that I’m getting a 404 error. It works fine if I post to a new tab without ‘lightbox’. I have tried all the suggestions but with no luck.

Here is the page  If you scroll down you will see the team members.  Any ideas?



Hi Ramon Please write us using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab, if possible sharing the purchase code for the plugin, so I can open a proper support ticket. Please mention also the version of the plugin you currently have installed. Greetings, Carlos

The issue got fixed. Thanks for your help!

Hi, I would like to be able to set some link text for the email. I have mailto:active checked.and set the bottom Email field to ‘Email Me’ but the email address is displayed as the link text. Is there something else I need to do ?

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. With the mailto activated, it should convert the email to a link, but it’s currently not possible to change the anchor text, if that’s what you mean. Contact me using the ‘contact author’ form in the support tab sharing the link to your page so I can check if there’s any workaround we can implement. Greetings, Carlos

hi guys, is it possible for team members to have a login and update their own bio/photo?

Hi! The plugin was not built to be a fully featured profile/user maintainer. But since each team entry works like a post, you could set the author of each entry to the proper user, so they could edit the entries associated with them. It won’t be like editing the profile information, but like editing a post. Greetings, Carlos

Hi There, I want to order my team viewer by date order. But is there away to do it in reverse? At the moment it lists them the newest first. Is it possible to do it so its the oldest first?

Hi In your shortcode, manually add the parameter ‘order’ and set it to ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’ according to your needs.
[show-team orderby='date' order='ASC' ...] 
Check if that works. Greetings, Carlos

That works perfect, thanks for the quick response Carlos

Hi There, I was wondering if there was away to have anchor links for the filtered groups. For example I have a page that shows all the staff and they can be filtered by job title. I want to create a link on another page that will link to the team page but only show directors and then create another that link that only shows the juniors etc etc…. Is there away to do that?

Hi! Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab sharing the link to your page. Some of the filter options include a hidden feature to read the url hash to simulate a click in one of the filters. Once I check your page I can check if we can implement that hack. Greetings, Carlos

Hello, is it possible to change the display of filter (Isotope Filter) for smartphones to a dropdown box? Thanks and greetings

Hi! At the moment that’s not possible out of the box, sorry for the limitations. Greetings, Carlos

Thanks anyway for the quick reply.

Is this compatible with WordPress 5.5.x? Having drag and drop sorting issues with the latest version and the team software?

Hi! Yes, plugin is compatible with WP 5.5.x Check if you have the latest version (2.2.4) and check your browser’s javascript console log, there might be errors coming from other plugins. Greetings, Carlos

Love this plug-in it seem to have lost all team members after latest wordpress upgrade. Any recommendations?

Hi! The last update I released was a few months ago. What happened most likely is that a free plugin with the same name as mine triggered an update notification on yours. Download the correct plugin again from your downloads section here on codecanyon and install it again, replacing the one you have now. It should recover the old entries. Greetings, Carlos


First I really love your plugin, like a lot.

As I’m not working only in English with it, I’m wondering how I could translate (or even hide) the “Loading” word at the loading. Is it possible? I didn’t find any strings available.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Would this be for the lightbox option? Or something else? For the lightbox, it’s hardcoded, but it’s possible to change it with a custom code snippet. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab sharing the link to the page where you have it displaying and I’ll check what’s the best way to workaround it. Greetings, Carlos

Hello Carlos, yes it is for this, I’m writing to you in a few minutes.

Thanks for the quick follow up.



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