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Hi – I was wondering if it is possible to link back to the main team page from a single team member page? For example – I would like to link to this page from any of the single member pages with a link that reads “Back to Our Team” so a viewer can easily go back. Any suggestions?

Hi! Yes, we can add a link before or after the content. We can add a javascript snippet or hardcode it in the code with a small php function. Write me a message via the contact form on the support tab and I’ll provide instructions. Greetings, Carlos

I just tried filtering the table layout, which isn’t documented but works. Later I read here that this is indeed undocumented and it’s just animations that aren’t ready. I’m okay with how it’s displayed.

But can I rely on that to work in the future? You’re not going to remove that, right :) I mean, I doubt it, seeing as it’s been usable for quite a while.

Hi! No, I won’t remove that feature. I’ll probably just improve it :) You can keep using it. Cheers, Carlos

Awesome! :) Also good that I had to ask that because I just saw the renewal notice!


aksteve Purchased

FYI: Your latest update is not showing up in the Envato Market plugin. It only shows 1.7.7. But your update notes at the bottom of the page show 1.8 released in April.

And the right hand side bar shows the last update as January. Sorta confusing. Hope you can sort it out.

Hi! Thank you for the feedback. Indeed it seems the latest update submission was reverted or didn’t go through. Will submit the update again this week. Greetings, Carlos

Hi. Maybe I am missing something silly. I brought the pro version But my settings option only shows CSS and not the options I saw on some screenshots. In adition, i dont find the shortcodes generator that i saw on other screenshots. What am I doing wrong? I really need to make the images small. Tks for ur help in advance

Hi! Seems you might have purchased a different plugin and not this one. My plugin only has this version, it doesn’t have free/pro version. It also doesn’t seem you have a ‘purchase’ history of my plugin with your username. Maybe you’re using a different plugin? There are several plugin that are using a similar name to mine. Greetings, Carlos

Hi I am having a problem when I click on a single team member. In Chrome it works properly and the link displayed is /team/team-member-name. In other browsers it’s /team/name/?team_cpt=IMT_PAGE_TEMPLATE This is not displaying I either get a white screen or a HTTP 500 error. Please help me fix this issue

My plugin support is said has expired. I don’t want to pay $16 just to be told it’s a 3 party problem.

Hi! There isn’t a record of purchase with your username of my plugin, is it possible you’re using a different plugin with a similar name? But the problem you describe seems it could be a permalinks or cache issue. Double check which plugin you’re using and if it’s my plugin write me a message via the support tab with the purchase code of the plugin and the link to your website and I’ll check what could be wrong. Greetings, Carlos

Hi there – how do I specify the order in which the members appear on a page?

Hi! In the shortcode generator, there’s a ‘Order By’ option, that you can use to choose the order you want to use. The default order will be the one specified in the ‘order’ field of each team member entry. You can also use the ‘drag&drop’ ordering when viewing the members archive in the administration. Hope the info helps. Greetings, Carlos

I am trying this but its not showing any effect, any ideas? :

.ts-rounded img:hover, #tshowcase-hover-wrap .ts-rounded img:hover { transform: scale(1.3) !important; }

Hi! Send me a message via the contact form on the support tab with a link to your site and I can check which CSS will work better to achieve that effect. Cheers, Carlos

is there a way to incorporate anchor tags with each team member? I am trying to access a specific team member with a link from another page

Hi! Would this be for the pager layout? The latest versions allow you to add an hashtag like yourpage/#t=1 to set the initial entry when the page is loaded. You can also link to individual page that is automatically created for each member. Check if the hashtag works. If it doesn’t, write me via the contact form on the support tab sharing the link to your page. Greetings, Carlos

I need to display a team (in a table) but without job description. That seems to be mandatory. Am I overlooking something or is it just not possible?

Hi! You just need to disable the ‘Job title’ field when using the shortcode generator to get the table layout. None of the fields are mandatory to display. Greetings, Carlos

Never had a problem until recently, updated to latest version and now every time a plugin is installed I get this error: Warning: Parameter 2 to tshowcase_search_by_title_only() expected to be a reference, value given in /home/blackt47/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 298

Hi! I couldn’t replicate the issue, but I’ll investigate, thank you for reporting this. Write me a message via the contact form on the support tab and we can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

Thanks Carlos. I would be my support ran out :(

You can still message me. If it’s a plugin bug in the latest version you won’t need to renew the support.

Hey Mate, for some reason team showcases are not displaying from shortcode, any diagnosis ideas. link:

Mate I have to pay extra to do this.. sorry, i cant upgrade at the moment, what other options? the grid is the only one that had problems, other layouts seemed to showcase the profiles just fine but not grid.

Also, created a page for each individual profile and wanted to link these with other short codes placed on the site. For example if the grid shows the team, i created a page with more information such as bios, how do i add these pages ? kind regards

Post note: Updated the theme and it displayed the grid, thanks mate. Now, for the second part. My goal is for the groups of individual team members to have their own ‘profile page’ I created these ‘profile/bio’ pages and don’t know if I add a URL somewhere? kind regards mate

Hi! Theme updates should be free if you have a valid license. Glad you managed to update and the issue is solved. When you create a team member entry, a single page is automatically created. The members will link to that page when you have the ‘entry link’ option active in the shortcode. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos

Hi mate, i wanted to know if its possible to add an image within the team pictures, what settings for paddings would I have to have, i currently have 14 people screenshot >

Hi! This is not possible with my plugin, it would need some customizations that I can’t provide. What you can do is have 2 shortcodes of 5 columns and use them integrating with the images like you have in your example. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos


I upgraded to the latest version and am having some issues.

1. I do not see a preview when using the shortcode generator. 2. The shortcode generator does not update when I use individual ids 3. What used to be circles around headshots, are now ovals. 4. Pages that had one or 2 headshots only, now display ALL headshots.

Some screenshots:

1. Error in the console when selecting shortcode generator 2. Error in the console when then selecting an individual id 3. Selections made in left pane but not reflected in shortcode generator.

Hopefully if this is fixed, it also fixes the circle vs oval shapes…


Hi! Most likely your browser is still loading the older version of the shortcode generator javascript files. Try emptying the cache of your browser to see if it makes a difference. If the image shapes are oval, most likely the images are not squared. But it would be strange if before they where circular. Maybe some custom css where added? The layout only applies 50% border radius, so if the images are not squared, they won’t be circular. To make sure the images are squared, you should have the same value for width and height in the settings, with crop enabled, and re-upload the pictures. If the layouts are different make sure the shortcode parameters are correct, and to make sure generate the same shortcode again, and copy/paste it again. If any problem persists, write me via the contact form on the support tab. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, clearing my cache and restarting my browser did solve part of the problem. The rest was as a result of my theme’s margin settings. I solved this with some css changes. Thanks!

Glad the issue was solved! Thank you for the update. Greetings, Carlos

Hi Carlos. I’m not really after support right now. I just want to drop two suggestions :)

1. tel-Links for phone numbers… If those aren’t just entered as a continous stream (hard to read without grouping) the link will contain spaces, slashes, dashes, brackets – you name it. As a quick hack I changed lines 2322 and 2841 in tshowcase.php to strip everything except from numbers and the plus sign from the href’s value tel:'.$tstel.' to tel:'.preg_replace('/[^\+0-9]/','',$tstel).'. That probably could be done smarter but I think in the context of this plugin exotic edge cases are somewhat less relevant for the time being :)

2. Maybe that’s a German thing, but fax is still big here. I would love a fax field in Additional Information. Okay, that’s probably a suggestion AND kind of a request ;)

Hi! Great work, thank you for sharing the code! At the moment I am half-way into implementing a different approach, a modification that will make it easier to add custom fields. There will be an array with all the info for the custom fields that will populate the different files (shortcode generator, single page, settings page and layouts), so in the future to add a new field one can just do a add_filter(...) and a new file is added without any extra work (next step will be to add an interface in the settings to control this). For example, adding this to a child theme would automatically do everything:
function my_fax_field($fields){

    $extrafields = array(

        'fax' => array (
            'key' => '_tsfax',
            'label' => 'Fax',
            'description' => 'Fax number',
            'type' => 'text',
            'icon' => '<i class="fa fa-fax" />',

    $tshowcase_fields = array_merge($fields,$extrafields);

       return $fields;

I have this almost ready, just need to work on the Table layout which works a bit differently and make some proper tests. You can still use your modified version of the plugin, since it will work perfectly, I’m just trying to make everything more smooth and update proof :) Once again, thank you for the feedback and for sharing the ideas and files! Cheers, Carlos

Hi Carlos! Yeah, you said you might give it a shot in the summer. I kinda expected something like this to happen but thought “what the heck, it’ll be nice to dig around in the code, anyways” :) I started by trying to get a more universal approach going but deemed it to much stuff to assume you could actually use. Also I’m pretty sure you’re the better coder ^^

Looking at your code above… do I read that correct that if I use my approach now, and after the update put your example in the functions.php it would retain the saved options “my” version has saved?

May I ask when approximately you’re planning to release the update? Not because I want to rush you. I rather think I might have another idea for optimizing the phone links and could give it a shot :)

Best regards Floutsch (never included my name, sorry – motivmedia is my employer)

Hi Floutsch! Yes, if you give the same custom meta id, then the values from your implementation will be kept. I have a working version that I can send you if you want to test. This version also includes a simple filter to strip white spaces from the telephone field (that can be improved). Write me via the option ‘contact author’ in the support tab and I’ll send you this new version. It’s good that you used the ‘_ts’ prefix, that way you will also be able to do this if you want a more simple approach: (I have a basic user interface ready also). I’ll give more details via email.

It’s always good to spend time coding something we need, we always learn a thing or two :)

Cheers, Carlos

Hello, How many levels down can the group filter go? – How many people can I add before it starts getting slow or is there a practical limit? – How hard would it be to add a feature like “Add to favorites”? Thank you.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. The group filter only has 2 levels (parent and child). There isn’t a limit of entries, it all depends on how much your server can handle. If you mean a link to add to the current page to your browser favourites, since you can do that with some custom Javascript, it shouldn’t be hard. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

Hi. I’m having trouble getting the search to work in the table layout. It resorts the results but not in any discernibly organized way.

Hi! Write me via the contact form on the support tab sharing the URL to your page and the purchase code for the plugin. This way I can check what could be wrong. Greetings, Carlos

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that there is a php error from utils.php line 341, where custom_js is undefined.

Hi! Thank you for reporting this. I believe this error has been fixed some time ago. What version of the plugin are yoh using. Check if in the latest version available t he problem persists. Greetings, Carlos

Hi Carlos, can you confirm if the feature to orderby=’ID’ is actually working please? Thank you

Hi! Yes, as far as I can tell, the orderby=’ID’ is working. If you have issues you can write me via the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab also. Greetings, Carlos