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Is this the same plugin found on the WooThemes website?

No, this plugin is independent and created as an alternative option.

I’ve added about 100 rows in the table but I can’t save anymore. Why are they disappearing?

PHP, by default, only allows 1000 fields per form. You can increase this limit to suit your needs in a couple different ways. The way that works will depend on the hosting company you have.

Option 1
Open your htaccess file and add the following line of code:
php_value max_input_vars 5000
(Change the 5000 to whatever value works best for you. Generally 1000 will get you about 100 rows)

Option 2
Create a file named php.ini (filename may change between hosting companies. Check with your provider for the exact name) Open and add the following code:
max_input_vars = 5000
You can upload the new file to the root directory of your WordPress install, but some hosting companies will require you to save it to the exact folder the form is executed from. This would be the ‘wp-admin’ folder.

Why are my rows not saving in the Table of Rates?

There are a few reasons this can happen:

1) Your version is not compatible. If you are using WC 2.0 or a previous version, please use version 3.3.4 of this plugin. If you are using WC 2.1, please ensure that you are running version 3.3.7 of this plugin. Both of these are included in the full download under their respective folders.

2) You have not created any zones. Zones are required so that a location is given to each rate. Even if you only ship to one country, or your rates are the same anywhere, you must create at least one zone to specify this area.

3) You did not include a title. A title is required to properly identify the given rate at checkout. If you do not want one to appear you may use the ASCII value for a space to make it ‘invisible’. However, if you do this, make sure you specify a name under the ‘identifier’ field. This field cannot be blank and your rate will not show up if it is.

The correct shipping option(s) is returned when one item is in the cart, but no rates are returned if there is more than one item in the cart.

If you are running under the Per Item or Per Class methods, this will happen when none of your identifiers match. Only rates with the same identifiers can be added together. If they are different, the plugin assumes this is a different rate option. Only rates that account for all cart items can be added as a valid shipping option.

If you are only returning one rate from this plugin, ensure that all rows have the same identifier. If you have multiple options, give each shipping type its own identifier, but it must match the others of the same type. In other words:

All Standard Shipping rates have identifier ‘standard-shipping’
All Express Shipping rates have identifier ‘express-shipping’
All Premium Shipping rates have identifier ‘premium-shipping’

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