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I have a pre-purchase question.

I would like on my site, propose 2 means of delivery:

- Postal: For products less than 30kg and / or less than 1m50 (LxWxH) - Messaging: For products over 30kg and / or more than 1m50 (LxWxH)

The total dimensions of each product in the cart must be added to define the means of delivery.

Is it possible to do this with this plug-in?

Thank you,

It sounds like it! The plugin can determine dimensions by calculating the volume for each item and then sums the volume for the condition. You can then use that to determine which method the order qualifies for.


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Will you still support event the support expires?

For bug related inquiries yes, but help with reconfiguration I ask for a support extension to help supplement my time.


I have a pre-purchase question.

The shipping rates of my products will be based both on date and weight. For example, 1kg Saturdays, 5kg Mondays, etc. Am I able to do that with this plugin?

Thank you.

It sounds like this would be a good fit! One of the conditions is Day of the Week. You could setup a row for each day and then it’s own pricing. You can also create multiple rows if you need to do weight ranges. There are some tutorials here to show a couple different ways weight conditions can be used.

Hi, I’m interested in this plugin but have some questions:

I have 5 differente shipping providers. Also, I have a lot of different kind of products.

Some of my providers give me cost based cost per weight but on ranges (from 1 to 5kg, the cost of each kg is X, from 5 to 10 the cost of kg is 0,7X, etc.) Others just have a “regular” formula depending on the destiny: base rate + kg * rate.

Is it possible to configure all of this with the plugin? I want to show all the shipping choices because my customers want to choose.


Certainly! With this method you can setup as many options as you need, and each would have its own set of rules and conditions. I actually have two tutorials already for scenarios like this. I would recommend you read those, and if you would like, the demo site has full access so you can try it out. Simply click the ‘Live Preview’ button at the top of the plugin page here.

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

Hi. Been using your plug in and it’s great! But is it compatible with the latest Woo update 3.2.1?

The latest version is (4.0.3). If you are still using the legacy method (the one not tied to the WooCommerce Shipping Zones) a few people have reported that it finally broke. The legacy method has not been updated since WooCommerce 2.6, so sadly it was only a matter of time before some of the conditions stopped working.

If you are running 4.0.3, please be sure that you have the shipping options configured in the new zones and not the old settings page.