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I’ve been using this plugin successfully for several years (thank you) but I am now struggling to re-create the existing setup with wc 3.0 and your updated plugin.

I would like to achieve the following option:

Standard Postage & Packing (Class based)

Shipping Class A = £1.00 P&P per item Shipping Class B = £1.50 P&P per item

A mixed order of A,B would provide a single price calculated from the above.


I have set…

general settings: class based Additional options : single class is disabled Table of rates:

option 1 name = standard P&P conditions include shipping class A costs £1 for every 1 item

option 2 name = standard P&P conditions include shipping class B costs £1.50 for every 1 item

Unfortunately I am getting the “There don‘t seem to be available shipping methods.” message. Could you point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,

CC Imaging

Sure, I believe the problem here is that you have the two classes separated into different shipping options. Each shipping option can produce it’s own option for the customer to choose from. If you only have one option to give to customers, there should only be one option/table. The one table will have two rows, one for each of your classes. Once they are together, it should start showing up again.


Can I use this to control the payment gateways for shipping?

I mean: Conditional Shipping and Payments. Example t-shirt have 1KG can be shipping with DHL and can only pay with paypal but 2xt-shirt who havae 2KG can be only shipping with FEDEX and can only pay with direct transfer. Can this plugin do this?

best regards

No, the features in this plugin are only for shipping purposes and nothing else.


Please help if this plugin can provide what I need for examples:

Categories: Lures Reel

Lures – Less than 3 – Free shipping. Lures – Greater than 3 – “Additional Cost” of $3.95. Lures – Greater than 6 – Additional Cost” of $8.50.

Reels – Flat Rate Shipping – $10. Reels – Greater Than 2 – “Additional Cost” of $4.95 (I want to change the price freely). Reels – Greater Than 4 – “Additional Cost” of $7.95.

Also, Is it possible to have this:

If a customer bought

Lures x 2 – Free shipping Reels (or any categories other than Lures) x 1

I want to know if “Free shipping” for the Lures AND “Flat Rate Shipping” cost will show on Cart page. I don’t want customer to have the option of choosing “Free shipping” OR “Flat Rate Shipping”. I just want the calculation to show without customer choosing these options as a radio button.

Please let me know if it’s possible.

What I meant for the last part is that I want to show free shipping on one product and a different product that has a shipping cost. Please take a look at this:

I’m not sure what you mean by “Additional Cost”. You can certainly change the shipping cost based on how many items the customer purchases, but each needs to be the full flat cost. The table will only use one row for each category/class, so it cannot combine the costs from the last three rows for example.

When splitting up products into groups it is preferred to use shipping classes rather than categories as described in your example. This is definitely doable. However if you are looking to display multiple lines in the cart as per the example, you will need to use their code tutorial. Thks is a separate feature within WooCommerce and not built in to this plugin.


I’m considering this plugin for a client’s delivery service website. Can it be configured for weight and size of package, plus the distance between pickup and delivery locations? I don’t see any mention of distance options in the description.

Thank you.

I’m afraid this plugin does not have the ability to gauge distances at this time.