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Hello there, quick question is there a way to set a minimum shipping cost?

I’m afraid not. It is on the roadmap for a future version, but I do not have it assigned to a specific version just yet. In some cases you can get around it with an additional rows. For example, if you are charging shipping at 10% of the subtotal with a minimum of $7.99, you could have one row with a flat rate of $7.99, and then afterward a 10% rate with the condition “Subtotal greater than (>=) 80”


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Charging Different Rates for Different Products and continue shopping

I have 5 Shipping classes group together with the relevant products and each group a different shipping cost. For example, A user buys from one group and continue shopping buy products from different shipping groups, group 2 and group 3 and so on. The user get there is no shipping methods available. Could you please check it and let me know how to solve such.


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Hi did not hear anything also created same stuff in your demo version. Seems something I’m doing wrong.

Thank you for the demo. It looks like you have placed everything in a single row. Each row in the table is a potential cost, so the plugin goes through the table one row at a time and evaluated all conditions. The customer’s order would have to qualify for all conditions in order to be qualify. Try adding more rows and separating the conditions into their own rows and it should be easier for the order to qualify.

Hello, I have a question, in my case for example: Is it possible that for a delivery class “X” I add a means of delivery (Point withdrawal for example). I use the plugin “Product Vendor” so each seller can determine the cost of sending their product but I would like some products have this opportunity to be in “Point withdrawal”, thank you have a good day!

I’m not sure I fully understand the question, but if you are trying to use multiple shipping methods in the same order, that would require splitting the packages like in this plugin:

However, if you are simply trying to add a new option if certain items are in the cart, you could do this based on shipping class, certainly!

Please let me know if I misunderstood or if I can help answer any further questions.

its driving me insane

my city website

is there a way to use drop down like in the checkout page ?

If you are talking about the ‘Allowed Cities’ field, then no, there is no select box option. The cities need to be defined somewhere, and it cannot pull such a list from another plugin. In the future the purpose of this list would help setup a select box feature in the checkout page. For now it is just for comparison.

can you finish that within a week ? :p please

I’m afraid not, I do not have availability at this time for custom development to link together another plugin. I would recommend visiting the folks at WP Kraken if you’d like to have custom work done.

If you are just looking to turn the city box in the checkout form to a drop down box, there are other plugins that can help with this:

shipping by town and city . where city is a city field . is there away to do shipping by town aswell using state field

ur amazing .tyvm man tyvvvvm

btw is there estimating delivery date in this plugin? or do u have any plugin as extension for it?

I’m afraid not, but I have heard of users finding other plugins that would work. I tried to search the comments but I had a difficult time finding any mention of a specific one there.

Good morning, a question: how can I configure the following?
I have 15 shipping classes and each one has a cost; for all products there is a transport discount if you buy 2 or 3 pieces, for example:
1 piece ordered & Shipping class 1 = 22 euros.
2 pieces ordered & Shipping class 1 = 17 Euro.
3 pieces ordered & Shipping class 1 = 12 euros.
It’s correct?
In total I should set 45 conditions (15 class * 3 variants), is it possible?
Is there a more practical method?
Thanks in advance.

Thank you very much, I try!

It does not work in the simplest configuration.
Where am I wrong? Please help me…

It looks like you have two different rows defined, but the conditions and costs don’t quite match the example I gave you. First it’s important to note that the different rows cannot combine. The plugin will find one row in the table and use that to cover shipping.

If you’re trying to do it the way I detailed above with the -$5 base fee, then you’ll need to make sure that you are multiplying it by the item quantity. So in the select box with your currency symbol, change that to the “multiplied by” option. Then select “quantity” in the new select box that appears.

If you decide to do it the simple way and specify the cost for each quantity, then you won’t need the -$5 cost. You’ll just specify the cost exactly as it is. Something like this tutorial:


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I think this plugin is for me but i do have presale questions..


I sell 10 books in my store. Each have weight definition. Can i do this with this plugin:

1. Sell with different shipping prices based on weight? So up to 10kg total is one shipping price, above 10 is different shipping price… 2. Sell and offer free shipping on all orders above 200 EUR only for EU countries? 3. Offer different shipping price based on country selection. Example if country is from EU then they have GLS service delivery and that cost (example) 30 eur up to 10kg to ship, or 50 eur above 10kg…but every other country which is outside EU will get USPS and that is different shipping based on country (hopefully question does make sense)

Kind regards

Definitely, this sounds like a good match! This plugin uses the built in WooCommerce shipping zones, so you can use those to define your different regions. Then each zone can have it’s own Table Rate method with its own rules a pricing.

A weight based system is very common with this plugin so you can find a tutorial for this type of setup here:

It’s also definitely possible to override the weight ranges with a free shipping subtotal base rule. There are a priority to the table rows, so if you put this row last, it will have the ability to override all previous shipping rules. You can also find an example of this here:

If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!


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Thank you for a very helpful response and for links.

Item (with 12 month support) purchased!


Awesome, thank you, I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket on the support site.

woocommerce_pickup_frontend.js?ver=4.9.5:109 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined

at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (woocommerce_pickup_frontend.js?ver=4.9.5:109)
at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)
at HTMLDocument.r.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)

thats an error cased by the pickup plugin or urs?

nm not urs


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a fantastic plugin, however we have suddenly started seeing this error on the cart page and when someone adds an item to the code.

Please advise

Many Thanks

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping/deprecated/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping.php on line 388

Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping/deprecated/inc/woocommerce-shipping-zones.php on line 203


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  • Cart not code, the problem is we only just found this issue, we could not figure out why all of our customers have stopped buying, this explains the sudden lack of sales on website,

The messages above indicate that no shipping options are being returned, but I do not know why I’m afraid without more details. They are coming from the legacy method which was deprecated over a year ago. If you are still using the legacy method (a shipping method that is not inside a WooCommerce shipping zone), please reconfigure your settings in the new method settings. You can learn more about WooCommerce Shipping Zones here:

If you using the new settings already, simply delete your old shipping zones under the ‘Shipping Zones’ tab of your WooCommerce settings page. This tells the plugin that you are done with the old settings page and it will stop loading and the messages will disappear. However if you continue to have trouble getting a shipping option to return, please open a support ticket and provide additional details and screenshots of your settings so I can better help you resolve this.

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Thank you so much,

fantastic it worked a dream


I’ve a pre-sale question about – Weight Based Shipping + Postal Code Based Shipping Rates

I want following conditions in my e-commerce store: 1. We’ve formed 2 regions in one country. And we can separate the regions only by using ‘Postal Codes.’ For both the regions, we have different Shipping Rates and Shipping Free Limit. 2. Also, Shipping Rates are not Flat they will be vary by the Weight for both regions.

For ex. - In Region 1 (for limited postal codes), order above $6 we provide Free Shipping but the order below it we charge $1/kg shipping rate. - In Region 2 (for limited postal codes), order above $15 we provide Free Shipping but the order below it we charge $1.2/kg shipping rate.

So, can I set these combinations for particular postal codes using your plugin.


Absolutely! The shipping regions are actually handled by WooCommerce. You can setup your shipping zones under the WooCommerce shipping tab using postal codes. Then in each zone you can add a table rate method. Because they are separate, you will be able to add different rules and pricing for each.

In regards to setting up weight based rules, perhaps the following tutorials would help:

If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!

Hi, I offer a custom made to order products that have a production delay that is ready to ship in 1 day, 2 days 5 days 10 days & 20 Days. The choices are Terms of the Attribute “Ready to Ship. There are 2 choices of shipping, overnight or economy. I do not want the economy shipping to be available for 1 day or 2 day production delays. How could I accomplish this. Could it be done by adding 1&2 day to a Category or class and then exclude or can I exclude by Terms.. Thank you

You can definitely exclude options based on shipping class, but I am not sure how you have these terms set up. Does each custom product have a variation with the day selected, or is it provided by a separate select box from another plugin? If it’s something that’s not native to WooCommerce, then likely you will need to custom code something to bridge the two together. This tutorial here helps you create a new condition in your table of rate settings page:

If it is native to WooCommerce, like you have a variable product with different day options, then you could apply a shipping class to the ones you want to exclude, and then add that condition to your table of rates.

Hi, I have a question of shipping setting.

My product is different from the country of origin of the product (the origin of delivery) and the country of delivery.

How do I set up different shipping rates?

example) Product1 = Product origin (National 1, National 2) Product2 = Product origin (National 2, National 3)

and each other shipping price of weight.

I am not sure if this is the same thing, but other users who have vendor marketplaces or multiple warehouses use shipping classes to tell the plugin where the item is originating from. Then you can setup different shipping rules for each shipping class group separately. Does that sound like what you are asking?

Probably right. But there are only ways ‘inludes’ and ‘excludes’. I would like to designate one shipping class. How can I walk through the conditions for the specified shipping class?

I’m not sure I understand your question. Do you mean how to apply the weight conditions to just the shipping class? It’s based on which row they are in. For each row, all conditions must be met in order to qualify for that row’s price. So you can put as many conditions as necessary, and calculate the shipping ‘Per Class’ so that each class is separated into their own group. Then the plugin will go through row by row finding the one that matches all conditions and uses that row.

Hello this is a pre-sale question. What I need is to have just 1 shipping method, so no choice on methods, and the cost of shipping based on cart subtotal (prices of products are displayed without VAT on shop, but the shipping ranges must be calculated on total with VAT). With unlimited ranges.


Product 1 40€ Product 2 50€

Subtotal 90€ VAT 30€

TOTAL 120€

Shipping range for this – 100€/120€ – costs 45€


Is this something that can be done?


It sounds like this should be possible! If I understand correctly, the challenge is that you want to include tax in the “subtotal” condition. This is definitely possible with this plugin! By default, a subtotal is considered the price of all items before taxes and coupons. This method comes with optional settings that allow you to include one of these or both if desired. If you enable the ‘Include Tax’ option, then all of your “Subtotal” conditions will be the price of the item inclusive of tax.

Yes I mean that since prices are shown in the shop without taxes, I then need the shipping ranges to be applied to the cart total which includes taxes, and not them without taxes…it’s a bit tricky but I think you got it right. Basically I want the range to apply to the grand total…so if a product stays costs 99€ + VAT = 120€ it should go on the 100-150 range and not on the 50-100 range…

Will that work, can you confirm again please? thanks

Yes, absolutely! Even if your prices were displayed inclusive of tax, the subtotal is still without tax. The numbers are stored separately in WooCommerce, so you will need this “Include Tax” option enabled to include taxes no matter how they are displayed :)

You can also click the ‘Live Preview’ button at the top of the plugin page here to view the demo site if you like. There is full access to WooCommerce settings so you can change the tax settings and test it before you buy if you like.


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Hello! Is it possible to place some custom css to make the shipping label options bold?


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Thank you for the fast reply! I have placed your code on my themes custom css field but it haven’t changed anything…Do i need to place it somewhere else?

So it should work fine there, but results may vary based on the theme you use. Themes have the ability to set high priority CSS or alter the HTML altogether. It’s best to view the source code in these cases. If you use a browser like Google Chrome you should be able to right click on the shipping option and select ‘Inspect’. This will bring you right to the HTML output for the shipping option so you see what may be changed, as well as what CSS is being applied already. It’s a great tool :)


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ok thank you!

Hi, We would like to purchase this plugin given that I can add a shipping option which will allow me to get the shipping rate based on the total cart value (adding for each item the quantity multiplied by weight of the variation) I am trying the same with a purchased version for another site, however, it only multiplies the shipping amount to the weight of the product variation and not to the total cart weight

It’s difficult to say why without knowing more about your settings. The most common cause is the wrong selection for the Base Table Rules field. If you want to base it on the order’s total weight then this field should be set to Per Order. Please also note that products marked virtual will not count towards the total weight as these items are considered not shippable.

If neither of these seem to be the problem, could you please provide more details on what you have configured as well as an example scenario for me? Thank you


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Hi, i’ve updated to the latest version. Still i’m seeing the following in debug log:

PHP Notice: height was called incorrectly. Producteigenschappen mogen niet rechtstreeks aangeroepen worden. Backtrace: .... WC_Cart->calculate_totals, WC_Cart_Totals->__construct, WC_Cart_Totals->calculate, WC_Cart_Totals->calculate_shipping_totals, WC_Cart_Totals->get_shipping_from_cart, WC_Cart->calculate_shipping, WC_Shipping->calculate_shipping, WC_Shipping->calculate_shipping_for_package, WC_Shipping_Method->get_rates_for_package, BE_Table_Rate_Shipping->calculate_shipping, WC_Abstract_Legacy_Product->__get, wc_doing_it_wrong. This message was added in version 3.0.

I’m using version 4.1.3.

Is this version not ready for WC 3+ ?

Note: We are still using the old settings page.

Regards, Bjorn

It looks like you are still using the legacy method. That method was deprecated a little over a year ago, so it is not compatible with the latest WooCommerce versions. Only the new method settings page is compatible. This method is found by adding a Table Rate method to a WooCommerce shipping zone.

The legacy method should still work in theory, but it will produce warnings in areas where the code is not compatible with the latest WooCommerce. It is highly recommended that you reconfigure your settings in the new method before any changes come to WooCommerce that breaks something.

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Ok, we will reconfigure asap, thank you for the fast response.


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is this compatible the woocommerce 3.4.0?

Absolutely, so long as you are using the latest settings page. The legacy method was deprecated a year ago, so only the settings within the WooCommerce shipping zones are compatible with WooCommerce 3.4.