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Can this plugin add a handling fee based on the Cart’s total square footage of all items in Cart?

Maybe, it will get easier with version 4.0, but at the moment the plugin can only do volume. Now, if you only have two of the dimensions fields filled in, then that could be area because the third element is missing for volume. But I”m afraid if all three are filled in, it wouldn’t be able to separate the area from the volume.

Please also note that this is a shipping method. The ‘handling fee’ generally implies something in addition to shipping, so if this is what you mean, then the plugin wouldn’t be able to help.

Thank you.

Hi :)

I need to offer free shipping on two specific products in my shop. If one of these products are in the cart together with a products which I do not offer with free shipping, the free shipping should disabled.

Is that possible with your plugin?

Yes, I believe that could work. You can setup this plugin to the Per Class condition (with a shipping class assigned to your two special products). The plugin must account for all items in the cart, so if there are any items in the cart that do not belong to this shipping class (under the Per Class method only) it would not return a rate because it could not find a valid entry for the other items. It sounds like this is what you are looking for, yes?

Hi, the plugin it´s working right on 2.6.12? thanks!!

Definitely, it simply works as it always has, using the same zones as before. Version 4.0 will introduce usage in the new WooCommerce shipping zones. Until then they just operate side by side.

Thanks!! :)


Is it possible to set different shipping prices depend on the amount of money which a visitor ordered? For example:

The visitor had ordered for 30 euros, than the shipping price is 5 euros The visitor has ordere for 50 euros, than the shipping price is 3,50 euros Etc.

So can de plugin look at the final price and than show the right send price?

Thank you!

Definitely! You would setup all of your subtotal ranges and shipping prices in the table. These would be your conditions. Then the plugin will look at the customer’s information and find the correct rate from the table based on the conditions you setup.

Feel free to give the demo a try if you would like to see it work in real time before purchase: