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When I use the “Per Item” method, the shipping is not adjusted with the quantity. For example. Product A, quantity = 1, shipping = $10, this is correct Product A, quantity = 2, shipping = $10, in this case shipping should be $20. $10 for each item (2x Product A)

This works fine with the Legacy settings, but not with the new Woocommerce Shipping Zones for me. Any help is appreciated.

The new settings are a little different. In order to be more flexible, you are not forced to charge for each item in the cart. If you wish to, simply change the Cost type from your currency symbol to the option ‘multiplied by’. This will show you another select box where you can select quantity. Now it will multiply the cost you listed by the quantity of the item.

hi there folks, I am having trouble with my table rates – I’ve setup 3, but checkout is only showing 1, the most expensive one…could you please take a look at the screenshot I’ve sent you at support?

It looks like a conversation has already started in your ticket. Please continue to leave responses there so everything is logged together.

Hello! I active the plugin on my web, is installed but I can’t see the plugin options on shipping table rate.. Is like woocommerce original options… Can you help me? thanks!

All I see are your settings for a flat rate method. You need to add a new Table Rate method just as you did for the Flat Rate methods by clicking the ‘Add Shipping Method’ button.

TANKS!!! :)

I have a requirement for a bundled shipping cost. The client has 3 main product groups and wants to offer discounted shipping based one what is in the cart. Now per category is easy if you buy more than 1 it is easy to set cheaper rates beyond that. What they want to do however is do it across those categories. The sizes on the product varies from large to small. Now if you order a large you could also buy the small and have it ship for free as it fits in the box. Looking st the plugin I can set rates but it doesn’t appear you can set quantities based off of them. So if a large ships for $100 can I filter to say if 1 large is in the cart than 4 smalls ship with it for free? I’m seeing quantity calls but it seems to but is that based on the cart total number of products or can the quantities be set per category? Optimally they like to set it so you buy a large shipping is X, add a medium in then shipping is 50% off what it would be without the bundle. If you add in small items at that point they ship for free. really need to be able to stack rules.

I’m afraid the conditions here are really order based, not box based. You can find box methods out there that might be able to handle this, but there is nothing recursive about this method so it would be very difficult to try and set it up with how many items could fit into each box, and each combination there after.


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I just want to give another vote for distance based shipping. Thanks


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Hi i would like to know if your plugin works with wpml currency swither, I would like to add Weight charge in 2 currencies and i would like to know if the user change currency the plugin will calculate new currency.

Im using wpml with wpml currency switcher. Thanks

Sure, it should work well. WPML actually manages the currency after shipping is calculated. This plugin has built in compatibility so that you can setup price based conditions and have those work in a multi-currency environment. Everything after that should work just fine with WPML alone.

Hi guys, I’m looking for a table shipping plugin for woocommerce and I read the KW.

Anyway, I’d like to ask if is there a chance to combine this rules: - weight (charge for weight ranges) - free shipping after a certain amount of Euro spent - surcharge for cash on delivery (fixed or %)

Example: - the customer purchase a 10 Kg of stuff and the system charges 10€. - the customer adds a product and get the free shipping because he spent over 100€ - the customer choose the cash on delivery and he gest free shipping but a surcharge of 10€ euro or a surcharge % of the amount spent


This plugin can definitely handle weight ranges, including a subtotal override, but the payment gateway is a bit too tricky. To the best of my knowledge, the gateway selection is processed after shipping, so there’s no good way to have a condition based on which one the customer selects because it will always be choosing it too far in advance. Generally in situations like this, I recommend setting up two shipping options and narrowing down the payment gateway selections based on that. An example code snippet can be found here: You can also setup a standalone fee based on the payment gateway, you just have to make sure it is triggered when the payment gateway option changes as this does not currently happen in WooCommerce by default. I have a fees plugin already that could help with that.

If you have any further questions, just let me know!

interested in purchasing this plugin. Is it able to have flat rate shipping fee BUT if a certain product is added to the cart SHIPPING IS FREE?! does that make sense?. please let me know. Thanks!

Have you added a table rate method to your shipping zones yet? You cannot access the settings until you have. If you need help configuring the zones and adding shipping methods to them, I would recommend this article in the WooCommerce documentation:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand now what I did wrong! LOVE THIS PLUGIN! thank you for your help!

Awesome! I’m glad you’ve got it working better now and are loving it :D

HI I am interested to buy this plugin, but I need it as a shipping cost calculator. For example, a user can enter the weight and destination and this plugin fetches the result from my preset shipping zone/prices. is it possible?

Regards Malik

I’m afraid this plugin does not provide a shipping calculator, it is just a shipping method. But you may be able to find one elsewhere that works with the shipping API and thus all active shipping methods.

Will this plugin all me to create a rule that forces the customer to “request shipping quote” when cart weight goes over a certain preset limit?

I’m afraid it only handles the shipping aspect. You can make sure that a shipping method doesn’t appear after a certain point, but the quote part would have to be handled by another plugin.

Hello! I have a very complicated table to set up. Is there someone I can pay to do it for me? I will supply all the tiers necessary.

Sure, I often provide such services when I have time. If you would like to open a support ticket we can share information more easily and privately. Please leave a detailed description of your shipping model and spreadsheet if one is already available. I would be happy to review it and go from there.

will do – thank you

WooCommerce 3.2.x = ok WooCommerce 3.3.3 = to bugs less than(<=) = can not use :cry:

Last Update ? WooCommerce 3.3.3

I’m afraid I don’t know of a difference between those versions, but earlier it seems WooCommerce changed how weights and dimensions are formatted. Perhaps this is the issue? I have an update coming this week, but if you want to open a support ticket, I can help better there than in the comments section here.

Hi. Is it also possible to show the quantity of the times that the weight rate is added?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, so I would assume no. Do you have a weight multiplier and you want to display how many times it multiplied? It’s not built in, but you can always create a custom description using the filter ‘woocommerce_after_shipping_rate’.


Our client wants us to setup a Free Shipping alternative for coupons, so I added the Free Shipping option with standard WC Free Shipping option, with a valid free shipping coupon as a requirement.

The free shipping is working fine when the Table Rate Shipping option disabled, but when it is enabled the Table Rate Shipping somehow overrides the free shipping.

I have browsed through this support forum, but no luck finding anyone encountering this exact problem. Have you ever come across this issue before?

Your help would be greatly appreciated, as the client is launching a campaign very soon.


I’m afraid I have not seen this before. Each method runs independently from each other, so unless you have a custom coded filter that alters the results, they really shouldn’t have much interaction with each other. The only time this plugin uses that filter is to hide its own options when free shipping is available. Are they running the latest version (4.1.1) and using the new settings page introduced early last year? I cannot promise the legacy method still works correctly as it was deprecated nearly a year ago, but if they are having an issue with the latest settings, they can always initiate a support ticket to have it looked at.

Hi! I am using the legacy version but want to start using the new version of your plugin that uses WC 3.3 and up. However, I use the Bolder Fees plugin with conditional fees based on the “Shipping zones” from the Table Rate plugin. It says the “shipping zones” page will be hidden once migrating to the new Table Rate implementation. How will hiding “shipping zones” affect my ability to use Bolder Fees? Or, does it stay if Bolder Fees is present in the installed plugins?

Thank you for asking about this first! Unfortunately this is still an issue until things change in version 2.0 of the fees plugin. To stop the legacy method from loading, you need to delete the old zones. This would not be a good idea since you need them for the fees.

Now to clarify, you can absolutely use the new settings page without it affecting your fees. The problem is just that people usually want the legacy method to stop loading as it can cause notices and warnings since it is outdated. Instead of deleting the zones, open the file woocommerce-table-rate-shipping.php in the root directory of this plugin. Lines 36 – 38 look like this:

// included deprecated method for prior users
if( get_option( 'be_woocommerce_shipping_zones' ) )
    include_once( plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) . 'deprecated/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping.php' );

When you are finished with the legacy method, simply delete these lines. The legacy method will stop loading, but your shipping zones will remain for the fees.


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Hye! I need custom plugin that offer features like this.

Im from Malaysia so there is 2 shipping zone region

Zone A Zone B

And both different shipping cost

Zone A – RM10 Zone B – RM15

The roadblock is with the current default shipping in Woocommerce, if they add on Product A + Zone A = RM10

But if they order more than 10 items Product A, the shipping cost should increase too yet in the Woocommerce the shipping cost still the same as they buy 1 item.

Does this plugin could make like this?

Product A – each item RM30 weight 0.300kg Zone A – shipping RM10 for <1kg, RM15 for >1kg Zone B – shipping RM15 for <1kg, RM20 for >1kg

So if they order 5 unit, 1.50kg The Zone A shipping cost would be RM15 The Zone A shipping cost would be RM20

Means there is feature like

Product A

1. Setup Zone A

Weight 0.0-1kg = RM10 Weight 1.1-1.50kg = RM15

2. Setup Zone B

Weight 0.0-1kg = RM15 Weight 1.1-1.50kg = RM20

And the plugin detect the shipping zone that they will fill up in the Checkout form = sync with Woocommerce. They can detect per region that we put shipping zone in Woocommerce.

So that when customer fill up state (Zone A), the condition zone A that we have setup in this wp plugin activated.

DOes this wp plugin can make it?

It sounds like this plugin would be a good fit! It works within the WooCommerce Shipping Zones, so that part will still manage the location requirements. Then you can setup a variety of weight ranges, each with a different cost. I have an example tutorial right here if you would like to take a look:

If you have any further questions, please let me know!

Hello guys. If I purchase your plugin, can I create a rule for over 2kg to add 1€ per kg for shipping and also automaticcaly disable free shipping if this rules is applicable?

If all of your rules are setup though a Table Rate method then yes, you certainly could! You could setup a free shipping option with the condition that the order must be below 2kg. You can also setup an option with a flat rate price, and then add a certain per kg charge above that. I actually have a tutorial for this exact scenario here:

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

I have a doubt, if it is sold by units such as wine bottles. For example the shipping cost if you buy between 1 to 3 bottles 5 dollars, from 4 to 10 bottles 9 dollars, and so on, what option should be used? Expenses must be calculated by the total of items purchased. thanks

If all items are individual bottles (no groupings) then you can simply base it on the total number of items being purchased just like in this scenario:

Just be sure the ‘Base Table Rules’ setting is set to ‘Per Order’. This is commonly switched to Per Item, which would calculate a cost for each line item in the cart. If you are basing it on the total number of bottles in the order, then it should be set to Per Order.

thank you a lot. I do it, but I dont understand why system add vat again in shipping, I put price shipping with vat included, and would like system show without VAT please check this file thanks again

I’m afraid WooCommerce doesn’t work that way. Their “Prices inclusive of tax” feature only applies to product prices. They were considering it at one point but I’m not sure what happened. You can always try calling a vote on an existing ticket on their GitHub page, or on their roadmap site

I am building a website for a client where I have two kinds of products: Standard Products and Subscription Products.

Please consider the following:

1) There is a shipping charge for standard products based on the total weight of the standard products in the cart.

2) Shipping is free for Subscription products delivered anywhere in USA

3) There is a shipping charge for Subscription Products as well as Standard Products delivered outside USA – based on the total weight of the cart.

I want to know if your plugin can do the following:

a) If there are only subscription products in the cart, shipping would be free (shipped anywhere in US) and shipping charges would apply if being shipping outside the USA. This, am sure can be handled by setting up shipping zones.

b) If there are Standard Products in the cart + Subscription Products in the cart and the address to deliver the products is in USA, then shipping should be charged for the standard products only – based on the weight of all Standard Products in the cart. It should not consider the weight of the Subscription Products while calculating the shipping charges.

Lastly, on the checkout page order total – shipping charges that are being charged for the Standard Products should not show up under Recurring Total – which means customer shouldn’t be charged for shipping for Recurring/Subscription Products.

Do you think this is possible with your plugin?