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Hi is there a way to do a per class and have each shipping class charge for shipping? It seems I have two different items in the cart with two different shipping classes assigned it doesn’t charge any shipping. If I just put one in the cart of a shipping class it charges, and of course if I do the same item multiple quantities that works. Hope I make sense.

Sure this is a common issue. If you are running an older version of the plugin it is because the two rows in your table have different Identifier values. If you are running the new 4.0 settings, it is because you have setup too many tables. Each option should have one table with separate rows for each shipping class condition.

The way I have it set up is under Shipping zones > I have defined two separate shipping methods using table rate as the option, this is of course before we even edit a table rate. For example

Shipping Methods: Table Rate Shipping-intl-250 Table Rate Shipping-intl-350

If I go into each of them I have the settings as follows: Base table rules: per class Single class disabled

Conditions: Shipping class includes international 250 (name of my shipping class)

Costs: 2.50 multiplied by item quantity

The 3.50 is the same way

Okay, so it sounds like maybe you have a separate method for each class? This won’t work either. Everything needs to be in the same table because all items need to qualify for a particular option. If only some of the items qualify, then the rate is invalid and will be dropped.

Hi i just want to ask before i buy.. i saw how it works, but i have an escenario that i would like to know if this is possible:

i have 3 types of products: 1- cakes: this shipping cost $10 2- decor kits (a box of several items) this cost $13,65 3- decor individual items i want the condition that if a user add to the cart: 1-4 items shipping cost $10 5-8 items shipping cost $13,65 8-10 items shipping cost $18,95

the question is if a user add cake and 2 individual item i would like to charge the shipping cake shipping ($10) + 2 items ($10) = $20 shipping. etc

i try with a friend website to try the plugin and don't know how to do it

This is definitely possible with this plugin if you use shipping classes. This feature in WooCommerce tells it how to group items for shipping purposes. Then if you calculate your table rates based on class, you can setup different rules and prices for each shipping class group. So long as you put them all into the same table they will combine costs when multiple items are inn the cart.

Hi I have a few questions before i buy, i want to know if this is posible, i need to do a same-day delivery with a garantie of three hours, so i need that when people do a checkout they can select the time of the delivery but depending of the time that they are buying the product, for example if it is 11 am the delivery could be around 11 and 2 pm and the other thing i need is to have different time of delivery depending of the place… it is possible?

i hope you could understand what im saying thanks

Unfortunately this plugin does not have any time settings yet, only dates and day of week. I hope to add it in the future, but it is not available at this time.

Hello! As mentioned before, the Woocommerce payment option Cash on Delivery (COD) offers the possibility to limit the payment option to certain shipping options. The table rate shipping is shown only as a whole, not as single table rates that we define! Is there a way to select the individual shipping options that we create?

Not at this time. For most plugins with restrictions it’s not possible due to how it is coded. It would be best to create a second Table Rate method in your zone with all the COD options separate from the others. This way you can exclude the entire method without affecting your other options.