Discussion on Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Discussion on Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

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ronaldo15 Purchased

Presale question here.

I am looking for a plugin that allows me to have the following shipping cost conditions:

First item, shipping cost = $20 Aditional items = $5 per item

Each zone will have its own pricing.

Can I do that with your plugin?

Absolutely! Here is a tutorial that should help with this scenario.

Hi, does the plugin support free shipping applied from a certain total cart value? Thanks!

Sure, but how you go about it will depend on your other shipping rules setup within this plugin. We generally recommend using the Free Shipping method that comes with WooCommerce for this. This method has the ability to hide itself when the Free Shipping method is available to the customer.


fmosse Purchased

Hi, I have a Woocommerce where I have added a custom field for Woocommerce Shipping called “CITY” using “Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce” plugin ( ) .

I would like to use this “Table Rate Shipping” but with the conditional of “City” choosed.

Is this possible? Thanks, Francisco

I’m afraid we do not have anything built in for custom fields but it’s possible to add adding for it with our PHP tutorial here:


I have pre-sale question. I have multiple shipping classes and I need to be able to offer shipping method based on shipping class and qty of items of that class. Is it possible to configure it like this with your plugin?

Thank you.

Hello! I love your plugin but why with the last version it’s not working anymore as before? Thanks for your help.

Can you please provide more details as to what is not working? Not many changes were made with this last update, so it would be helpful to know what specifically is not working for you.

I’m sorry, everything it’s solved. It was our fault. Many thanks for your reply!

your “Shipping by City for BETRS” often prompts that there is an update, from 1.2.2 to 1.2.2, so funny

Thank you, I will look into this :)


After the last update (4.3.8) something went wrong with the compatibility of WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin. Before the update the plugin checked the right subtotal of the product cart and calculate the shipping options. After the update, it seems that the price of the bundled product is calculated as 0, regardless of what the actual value is.

Please check it.

Thanks, Mate

Since the WPClever plugin we changed it to Product Bundles by Woocommerce plugin (

I found this in the error log:
2023/08/15 09:09:48 [error] 525181#0: *35999 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Warning:  Undefined array key "woosb_price" in /var/www/vhosts/***.**/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping/compatibility/comp.wc_bundles.php on line 68; PHP message: PHP Warning:  Undefined array key "woosb_price" in /var/www/vhosts/***.**/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping/compatibility/comp.wc_bundles.php on line 68" while reading response header from upstream,
Oh okay, thank you for the update because I was not able to replicate the problem. Could you please send me an email at the link below so I can better help you with this.


according to your request I sent you a message through the form (and the email address), but I didn’t get any answer from you. Please check my message.

Thanks, Mate

hi, does this “Shipping Based on City Name” support PHP8?

Yes, it does.

Pre-sale Q: does this shipping plugin support UPS? if yes then how can i setup ups with thsi plugin?

No, this plugin is intended to set your own shipping rules and rates. It does not connect to any third party providers to calculate shipping.

Hi there, we would like to ask if there is an option for a specific products to show a message like ” ask for shipping price ” . Thanks

I’m afraid this plugin does not manage any of the messages that appear in the cart/checkout pages. We do have a code snippet that can change what appears when no shipping is available.

You may be able to find other plugins that help with messages depending on what you want to do with the product. For example, allowing the customer to checkout and await for shipping to be updated requires more work than just shipping.

Hi there and thanks for response. We just need to show a text message if the shipping zone doesn exist, like ” the admin will contact you for shipping method and costs “

I’m afraid it’s a bit more than a message then. Because an admin won’t have a notification or information about the order unless it’s placed. You would need to add a “free” shipping method with your message so they can continue to checkout.

Hello, Hope you’re in good health.

Just recently, I have a new supplier but their shipping cost is different from our standard shipping cost. I’m able to make different shipping cost for this using Condition > Product but they have 100+ products and counting, so adding these products is tedious. So, is there a way to add “Tags” in the list of conditions? I use tags to group products so maybe to have this option will help.

I can certainly add it to the future roadmap and look into it. I just can’t promise what timeframe it could be available. If you are familiar with PHP we do have some tutorials for how to add your own conditions to the system. This would allow you to setup the condition specific to your site. Adding to the core plugin takes a bit more work as we have to ensure it works properly across a variety of configurations.

Hi, does this plugin still works? I have set shipping fees that are not being applied.

To the best of my knowledge. If you would like to leave an example scenario that I can recreate and test I would be happy to do so.


ravi000 Purchased


This function is missing a globals:

function dashboard_description_fix( $formatted_meta, $item ) {
    global $betrs_shipping;

Error was: Warning: Undefined variable $betrs_shipping in /web/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping.php on line 295 Warning: Attempt to read property “allowedtags” on null in /web/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping.php on line 295

Thank you, this has already been adjusted for the next update, coming soon :)

Hi, Team

We are a happy user of this plugin. But please work diligently to update the plugin ASAP. Since Oct 2022, it has been 9 months without any update. Such a good plugin needs a good maintenance to keep going.

However, if you do not want to keep this plugin, please kindly make an official notice. So all the users can leave peacefully and buy other plugin.

We need a good update for the following reasons:


This starts at early August for all the new stores and exsiting stores will wait for the final mandatory notice.

2. Hosting requirements to upgrade to PHP 8.0


These issues have already been addressed in the next version. I will be releasing this shortly to address the concern with HPOS becoming mandatory soon.

Thanks for update. So far so good.

Excellent, glad to hear it!

Hello I see this was removed in the newer code, 4.3.7 we have not updated since 4.3.2 with this break anything we already have setup? Thank you…

// included deprecated method for prior users
    $betrs_legacy_options = get_option( 'woocommerce_table_rate_shipping_settings' );
    if ( $betrs_legacy_options && isset( $betrs_legacy_options['enabled'] ) && 'yes' === $betrs_legacy_options['enabled'] ) {
        include_once( plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) . 'deprecated/woocommerce-table-rate-shipping.php' );

Only if you are still using the legacy method, however the method as a whole was removed in 4.3. We just cleaned up a little bit of the legacy code that was previously missed. (The legacy method is found as a link in the sub menu of the ‘Shipping’ tab, not within the shipping zones.


naomivd Purchased

The output of the code is this


How do I remove the -1 after every shipping method? I’m using another plugin for the delivery and they say that it is now incompatible with your plugin because of the “poor written code”. According to them WooCommerce doesn’t use those numbers when outputting the shipping method.

It is not poorly written, it was a choice in order to maintain backwards compatibility and more features. It is needed because the Table Rate method can return more than one option from a single method if desired. This may not be common but is a feature in this table rate method. Two options cannot have the same ID so we need to make them different so that all options appear.

That being said, if you do not configure more than one table in a single method, it is very easy to remove it via a code snippet in your theme’s functions.php file.

naomivd Purchased

not my words, I have no experience with this.

All of the methods are within their own table. When I add the code, both of them show up. Even when I have selected “Hide Other Options” and “default selections” within the most expensive shipping option.

So all my shipping methods have their own table, nothing is combined. The ID’s are now different (shipping_method_0_betrs_shipping6 and shipping_method_0_betrs_shipping8) but I need to have it only show one… what now?

The settings you are referring to only work if you have multiple tables within the same shipping method. These options have no effect on other Table Rate methods. The code I gave you was to fix the compatibility issue with another plugin. If you have some configuration questions, I can help with that separately.

Are you trying to have only one of these options appear? For the best solution I would need to see some screenshots of your settings so I can get a better idea of what you are trying to and how we can combine these in a way that works for you.

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question, will the plugin be updated with HPOS compatibility?


Yes, no changes need to be implemented for HPOS compatibility but I will add the few of lines of code needed to declare compatibility.


cansion Purchased

Good day, a 6 month support package was purchased and paid for, for the support and we cannot register, what to do?

You are welcome to ask any questions here until I can check into the issue. If you need to share sensitive information such as images or credentials there is a contact form in my profile. It will initiate an email.

Hi there,

I am looking for a ‘Free Shipping Label’ plugin compatible with your plugin.

Something like this Could you recommend me one? Thanks.

I found a bug, and is a big bug.
When I edit differents table rates in parallel, I save changes 1 method with various conditions (tab 1), then I go to the other tab (tab 2), I configure another conditions, then I save and in the other method (the first that I configured in tab 1) was cleaned the fields of conditions. I don’t know if you develop works with some session, cookie or something, but this is not normal and happened with 3 websites. I’ve had to fill all conditions again in a lot of methods, because all was cleaned. Some methods took values from anothers methods. This forces me to fill all again. a lot of time. I can make a stage site if you want to try

hello? there is someone out there?

thank you for your response. Awesome

I’m sorry but I do not understand your description, nor can I replicate any issue with the saving. I’m not sure what “tab” you are referring to. If you would like to take a screen video of the problem in action and email me the hyperlink I’d be happy to look, but it may be an issue with something else on your website. There are no sessions. If you’re editing multiple shipping methods at the same time in different browser tend, there’s no problem. Nothing links the two together so I have no idea how prices would transfer from one page to another.

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