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Hi, I have a question regarding country shipping.

I have 3 products all with free shipping. 1 UK Only, 1 Europe Only and 1 ROW Only.

How do setup the shipping so UK can only ship to UK, Europe only to Europe and ROW only to ROW.

Perhaps I misunderstood what you are asking then… from my understanding, you have an item that is sold only to UK, and an item that is sold only to Europe (Spain). If you add the UK only product, then only customers with a UK address will be able to see a shipping option. The Table Rate would not return one, and if you didn’t have the Free Shipping option there, it would show an error message. Is this not what you are looking for?


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Yes UK product UK addresses only and Europe (Spain) products to Europe only. If I have a UK product in the cart and change address it still shows the product.

If the problem is that it still shows the product, that is not something this plugin can help with. This plugin only manages shipping, so it can ensure that a customer is not able to checkout with the wrong product by not offering valid shipping. However in order to remove the product, you would need a different plugin or perhaps a code snippet for that.

I can not seem to get the following to work: When my customer is in another country, I want them to be able to choose from 1) Shipment without tracking and 2) shipment with tracking. All my products have shipment classes, but I don’t get it to work that the customer can choose between the two shipment options. How to do this?

So long as the two options have their own title and identifier you should be able to see as many options that you created. It’s difficult to say exactly what the issue is without seeing your settings, however. If you would like to link here to a screenshot, or open a support ticket to upload one there, that would be helpful so I can give you a better answer.

Q. Can I assign a product to ‘many’ Shipping Classes or can I assign a Table Rate to ‘many’ shipping classes?


I have a shipping method ‘Basic Postal System (BPS)’ which all products might be shipped by.

I also have a number of courrier companies which different suppliers use.

Product X = ‘BPS, DHL’ Product Y = ‘BPS, FedEx’ etc..


Table Rate A = ‘Shipping Class X, Shipping Class Y’ Table Rate B = ‘Shipping Class X’ Table Rate C = ‘Shipping Class X, Shipping Class Z’



It can be :) My hope is to make it easier in the future. It won’t be readily available with 4.0, but an add-on you choose to enable or not. My hope is that the new Conditions column will make it no longer necessary for 90% of users.

Great. Look forward to it.

Can you make “Calculate shipping” text user definable? I think “Change Destination” would be more appropriate!

If I understand which text you are referring to, this is generated by WooCommerce. The only text this plugin controls is the shipping option label. I looked and there is no filter on it, so the only way to change the text is to override the template file.

I am trying to offer different shipping methods (Ground, 2nd day, Overnight) based on cart total. The shipping charges change based on cart total; for example, if cart total is under $130, Ground costs $6.00. If cart total is over $130, Ground costs $15.00, etc. etc. Will the plugin help me do that?

Definitely! This plugin can return multiple options, each with its own set of rules and pricing. I also have another shipping method, Cart Based, that could handle this as well if you are looking for something simpler to setup.

The demo site has separate setups for each of these plugins including dashboard access if you would like to take a look at the configuration pages before purchase:

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I’ve purchased your plugin, however I think it’s missing the functionality I need.

I have three zones, each requiring a different base rate and per kg rate. For example:

Zone 1: Base ($10) + 70c Per KG Zone 2: Base ($12) + $1 Per KG Zone 3: Base ($15) + $1 Per KG

Does the plugin support this logic? I can’t see the ability to set multiple ‘Base’ rates.

By ‘Base’ rates are you referring to the Handling Fees/Base rate table? These only accept one value but are only added to shipping options you create in the table below it. If you have no rows in that table, no options will be returned.

The Handling Fees table is good for setting the base rate such as $10 for Zone 1. Then in the table of rates, you would setup another row for Zone 1 specifying your per weight cost. You can do this by entering 0.70 into the text field, and selecting the option ‘w’ in the select box. This will multiply the weight by the value given. If you wish to charge for whole KG and not partial, there is a ‘Round Weight’ option under the Miscellaneous section. I would enable this as well and it should give you what you are looking for.


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The issue is that we have varying ‘base’ rates (minimum charge) for each region when the weight is >500g. Anything <500g is flat rate across the country and has no weight charge.

It seems your plugin does not allow for this.

I suppose it would if you have two zones, one used for orders less than 500g and one used for orders above. Since fees can only apply to rows of the same zone, it would work in theory. Version 4.0 will certainly be easier as you will be allowed multiple costs in a single row, but until then this could work.


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Hi, why don’t you use the default Woocommerce Shipping zones ? Is is the same for adding postal code ? (line return): 10* 30* 45* ... Thanks


pipoulito Purchased

Hi, why don’t you use the default Woocommerce Shipping zones ? Is is the same for adding postal code ? (line return): 10* 30* 45* ... Thanks

Making the transition was not that simple. The plugin needed to be entirely rewritten. Version 4.0 is nearly complete and it will utilize the new zones but until then you will need to use the original zones that this method has used for the last few years.

In regards to entering postal codes, no the postal code entries are comma separated.


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Good day! Its possible to hide other shipping methods when ALL products in cart with shipping classes which used by your plugin? Thanks!

I’m afraid this plugin does not remove any other methods other than itself when free shipping is available. The code snippet it uses for that was found on You could copy it and modify it so that all methods are hidden but this one when it is available.

Hi have two product types. General goods and accessories. I created two shipping classes as general and added a shipping value and for the accessories added a another shipping class and added separate value( cheaper ). But the thing is when a user order a general good and accessory at that same time in the cart it shows the both shipping values. Please let me know how to avoid it. I actually need user to only see the highest shipping value.