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Hi can I set the billing cycle and shipping cycle to be different? For example customer pays for 3 months upfront and then we ship order every month for 3 months then it expires?


SUMO Subscriptions will handle the renewals such as creating renewal order during each renewal of each subscription, charging automatically when the inbuilt PayPal Adaptive automatic payment gateway is used or send emails to make the renewal payment when manual payment gateways are used etc. In WooCommerce you can set up the shipping cost, tax etc.

Please use the live preview button in the description page where you can see the live demo including the backend login.

Not sure if you are referring to something more regarding the shipping. Let us know.


Hi sorry I can’t see in the demo which product is like how I want. Can you tell me how I would do this? I would like to purchase this plugin but if it can’t do what I need I will have to request a refund – is that ok? If you can tell me how you would do it then I can purchase and try it out. Thanks,

Sure, you can request a refund if it doesn’t suit your needs and we will also try to see if we can make it suit your needs from our side.


Pre-Sale Question:

My scenario: The customer are ordering regular non-subscription products and chooses to subscribe to the whole order. The customer chooses the subscription period and duration. This seems to be supported by the Sumo plugin. :grin:

Is it possible for the customer to change her ongoing subription for the next upcomming order? I want the customer to be able to add or delete products from the subscription order. Is this possible with Sumo?

The idea here is to let the custom run an ongoing subscription on a weekly basis. The customer is supposed to check her subscription one a week and add/delete products or change quantities of products to adapt the her needs.


As you said, SUMO Subscriptions supports Order Subscriptions. What you are referring to is something like customizing the order subscription for each renewal which as of now is not available. If you get in touch with our support at with more details we can look into it.


Hi, thanks you for this nice work you have done, I’m french, so please forgive my bad english :D , i have purchase the plugin and, as it’s for the french market, i would like to translate all the front end notification and message send to my customer, can you identify for me the php file where the french translation have to be carrefully replace. Thanks you in advance for your implication in your work. Pierre.

About the frontend translation of the plugin for the message and mail to my final customer, can you give me the php file that i need to carrefully translate to have a professional translation of those message. Thanks you :)

Most of the messages and mail content can be set in the settings page. Some labels have to be translated in the po files. Please avoid touching the php files as once you do that then future versions of the Plugin can’t be used as it is and you will have to make these changes everytime you upgrade. Please contact our support at for specific translation questions.


Perfect ! Thanks

Is it compatible with payment gateway ?

Any WooCommerce compatible payment gateway can be used for manual renewals of subscriptions with SUMO Subscriptions.



I’m considering to buy this product. I am running a jupiter5 theme from artbees also bought on envato market.

1. Is this supported by jupiter 5? 2. How is the support to stripe? To me it is very important that it´s 100% automatic. I have no coding experience so I need the subscription to just pop up in my stripe 3. I am selling a physical product which is sold on a weekly, by-weekly or monthly basis. Is it possible to easily set up the subscription and add the shipping fee per delivery? e.g. if the costumer want´s the 60€ product once a week for 10 weeks and the shipping is 10€, can I then charge them 60€+10€ per week and then bill them as they desire e.g. 240€+40€ for a month? P.S. shipping needs to be an add on option since there is also an option to pick it up fro free 4. related to my question above: I tried a free subscription plugin from YITH, and there I was not able to make the plugin understand that there was more than 1 delivery in the subscription. Firstly this was problematic in itself because i needed to keep track of orders manually, but i also ended up offering the costumers free shipping because I offer free shipping on orders over 200€. Is your plugin smart enough to work around both these problems? 5. I do manual delivery so VAT is different on delivery (20%) and product (10%), will the plug in understand this as well?


1. We haven’t tested with that theme though it should work with any WooCommerce supported theme.
2. Stripe can be used for manual renewals and automatic renewals is something that will be available shortly.
3, 4, 5 – Not available as of now. We will look into the feasibility in future updates.


Hi, What do you mean by “Inbuilt PayPal Reference Transactions Gateway”?

I already own a subscription plugin and a membership plugin and to my huge surprise buying those did NOT ensure I would be able to implement automatic subscription renewals (automatic charging of customers) because I still had to get approval from PayPal for reference transactions, which I could not get.

My pre-sale question is:
If I buy your plugin, do you GUARANTEE 100% successful automatic billing system implementation (ability to automatically charge my members for subscriptions on a renewal period of my choosing) using PayPal, without any other requirements other than having a paypal account and having your plugin?


Absolutely, SUMO Subscriptions supports PayPal Subscriptions using which you can do automatic billing using PayPal with just your PayPal account.

SUMO Subscriptions also supports PayPal Reference Transactions gateway and PayPal Adaptive gateway for which you need to contact PayPal to get APP ID to use them. SUMO Subscriptions also supports Stripe for automatic renewal.

Each Inbuilt payment gateway can be enabled/disabled as per your need. In your case you just need to enable PayPal Subscriptions.


Hi! I hope you are fine! I have a pre-purchase question. I want to give access only to content that will be published during a membership period and as each user may have different purchase date, can plugin handle each user separately? For example user A purchase 2 month membership in October. So he will have access to content that I specify for October and November. But then if user B purchases same 2 month membership in December, he will too have access to the same content that i have already granted access for 2 month plan! Is there a way to restrict old content for user B so he can access content that will be published in December and Jan only?

Thank you!


From your scenario, you may need only a Membership Plugin such as SUMO Memberships though as of now SUMO Memberships doesn’t support restricting access to content based on the publishing date.


Will I be able to create a subscription with free trial with less quantity? For example, subscription for qty = 9, but on free trial, qty is a third (qty=3) ? Also, shipment rate different from free trial to actual subscription?

Sorry, these features are not supported. If you can contact our support at with more details we can look into it.


Hi, i have a presales question. I would like to setup a membership with a once off amount of 100, and then next year it must charge a yearly fee of 10, and every year thereafter. Is this possible? I see on your example it adds both amounts together ($30.00 for now and $40.00 for each 1 year = $70). I do not want the yearly fee to be added to the total amount.

You can use the Paid Trial (for 1 year) if you want to present one amount for the first year and then renewal for each year. Thanks.

When a subscriber selects the cancel button on their subscription. Is there a way to show a popup that asks if they are certain they would like the cancel?

Thanks for the suggestion. We are planning to release the next version v3.1 in a day or two and we will include this in that version.


Hi, We are currently building a new site and need to know if this is possible With your plugin. We currently have this set up in Drupal. Please let me know if your plugin can do this.

1: We need a system that allows subscriptions and for the main subscriber to add sub user to their account (free users that have access under the main subscribers account) for example if we sold a subscription to Microsoft CEO, and he wanted to add all of his team to the subscription so they could access the data but only the CEO would pay for the subscription, the other users would be sub users of his account.

We also need to add users from admin, for example the Microsoft CEO wants us to add a new sub user to his account.

Please let me know if this is possible with your plugin.



This is possible using our SUMO Subscriptions and SUMO Memberships. The linking of users by the buyer to their purchases subscriptions is handled by the SUMO Memberships Plugin.


Hi there! I need enable different payment options for the same membership. For example: Membership one: 1 payment yearly, 2 payments every 6 months, or monthly. So the user can choose how they want to pay the subscription.

Is that possible with this plugin?

Thanks in advance.


There is no such feature yet. If you can send some more details about this feature by opening a support ticket at we can check the feasibility.



I f I buy an extended License, can I include the plugin in my theme that i sell on themeforest ?

Thank you

Yes, you can. Thanks.

Hi – I just purchased this plugin and when I went to install it says “No plugins found. plugin install failed”. Did I do something wrong?


Please follow the below steps for installation
1. Download the latest version file ( of SUMO Subscriptions from Codecanyon.
2. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e.
3. Install the latest version of SUMO Subscriptions i.e. using WordPress Dashboard.
4. Activate the Plugin.

Please note that the actual plugin files for installation can be found once you unzip the downloaded zip file.

If you need any help, please open a ticket at so that our support can look into it.


I’ll try to give a clearer example of what I need

Bronze Plan Subscription 10 invoice Usd 20.00

Additional price per invoice beyond usd 1.00

If in January were issued up to 10 invoice he will pay usd 20.00

If in the collection period he issued another 10 invoce he will pay usd 20.00 plus usd 1.00 per extra invoce

If in February were issued up to 15 invoice would be charged USD 20.00 + USD 5.00 totaling USD 25.00

If in March were issued up to 10 invoice he will pay usd 20.00

Please contact our support at by opening a ticket with all the details so that we an look into it. Thanks.

Is there a way to bypass add to cart so when the user clicks “subscribe” they are taken straight to the “final” payment page? Real subscription websites do not add to cart, they just check you out right away.

Please open a ticket at so that our support can check it out. Thanks.

Is it working for backend order creations too? I mean when we manually create order from admin panel, will it work?

Yes, it will work for orders created manually by admin.


Do you have option for losing your sumo points if you don’t renew in x time? Also can you support payment gateway for auto payment? It is important for us.


There is no option to reduce/penalize points for not renewing in time. There is only the option to provide points on renewals with SUMO Subscriptions. So far there is no support for We will look into it in future updates if more users ask for it.


pre-sales question. Does your plugin allow a subscribed user on recurring payment to be able to login and change the product they are getting manually. So for example, customer is on weekly beans delivery, however week 3 they want to swap beans for cheese, so they get cheese for week 3, then back to beans for remaining subscription.