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Hello, I would like to delete the Journal of activity: on the count of May client and possible island thank you your reponce

Or translate it into frencer


Thanks for opening the support ticket. Our support will check and reply to the support ticket. Please check later in our support.


Pre-Sale Question: 1. Will I be able to offer “one time payment” and “subscription option on a single product? 2. Are simple product add ons/deletions to a subscription available. Ex: customer buy subscription $50 p/mo either at product level or at checkout chooses to add on product for additional $5 p/mo bringing subscription to $55 p/mo. Maybe two months later decides to cancel add on and revert back to just $50 p/mo


1. This is something we will bring in future updates. 2. This is not available.


2. Just to clarify. If you are referring to Product1 subscription and Product2 subscription in the same order then it will work the way you are asking for. But if you are referring to something like 1 Product which has 2 sub products kind of then no it won’t work.


hi, i’m just setting this plugin, but it seems will charge x100 price when you order via stripe.

ex. product price = 10000 yen

email and order status = 10000 yen

stripe status = 1000000 yen

i think because our store is based on  japanese yen currency.    of cource ,  woocommerce setting is ok.  and it works when you pay with normal stripe payment. what should i do?

here is stripe event log;

{ “object”: { “id”: “ch_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, “object”: “charge”, “amount”: 1000000, “amount_refunded”: 0, “application”: null, “application_fee”: null, “balance_transaction”: “txn_xxxxxxxxxxxxx”, “captured”: true, “created”: 1488294942, “currency”: “jpy”, “customer”: “cusxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, “description”: null, “destination”: null, “dispute”: null, “failure_code”: null, “failure_message”: null, “fraud_details”: {}, “invoice”: null, “livemode”: false, “metadata”: {}, “on_behalf_of”: null, “order”: null, “outcome”: { “network_status”: “approved_by_network”, “reason”: null, “risk_level”: “normal”, “seller_message”: “Payment complete.”, “type”: “authorized”

and there is no transaction on “stripe subscriptions page” list. it is normal? it will charge automatically next subscription date?


It is hard to say without checking. Please open a support ticket at and our support will check all the issues and get back to you.


Hi, with your plugin can i do this scenario? We need to sell digital files and limit downloads after subscription is expired

Examples: 1. Variations Free allow only number two downloads 2. Variations Bronze allow to download the file for only 3 months 3. Variations Gold allow to download file (the file is also different) for 6 months 4. Variations Premium allow to download file for 1 years.

All of these points with single payment, example:

User pay Euro 50 for first time, and then for only 3 months he can download the file, then if subscription expire he can not download again. So, near expired date of 3 months, the system send a reminder email for renewal and if the user pay again for the renew he can download files for other 3 months.

Also, is possible set a special price only for the renewals?

Please let us know Thanks


You can set it up as follows using SUMO Subscriptions

-Create one Variable Product with 4 Variations, one variation for each Plan.

- The First Variation is a free Plan with only 2 Downloads so, you will have to set the Price or set as 0 for Free.

- Enable the Downloadable checkbox and select the attachment. Set the download limit to 2.

If the Free plan is a lifetime plan, then you should not enable Subscriptions for that variation alone. So it will be considered as a one Time Purchase.

- For Other Plans like Bronze, you have to enable Subscriptions and set the Duration as 3 Months.

- The user will have access to download for three Months. Once three months is over they will have to renew. If they don’t do that they will not have access to download.

- In SUMO Subscriptions, we can send Subscription Reminder notification emails to user before due date.


Hello, I want to create a wordpress website with the following concept: 1. The users must buy a subscription eg.300€ and convert them 600points. 2. After that the users must buy others subcriptions and charge them per week from the points that already have. Which of your plugins I have to use? Points, Membership and Subcription? Can you help me to connect them?


1. This is possible with SUMO Reward Points and SUMO Subscriptions.

2. There is no option to assign point price for subscriptions products. You can say for which products which when added to cart should show only the Reward Points Payment Gateway for payment in case if that helps.

Please talk with our support at if you want to discuss more.


Is it possible for a customer to choose a subscription at checkout? For example, they go through the site and add all the items they want to the cart and then at checkout, they can choose to have their total amount charged every week, every two weeks, every three weeks or every month?

I have an existing Woocommerce store and want to give people the option at checkout to choose their subscription. Is this possible?

Please add non-subscription products to the cart and check. In case you add subscription products to the cart then that option isn’t applicable. Please reach our support at for any info.


I added a Order Subscription product and it doesn’t work. I then cleared the cart and added a Simple Product. Nothing. I cleared the cart and added a variable product. Where is the option to make it recurring in the cart?

Please check with our support at


Hi there, apologies in advance if I’m repeating questions already asked, or ones easily answered in the description. I just want to be 100% sure before buying _.

I’m building a site where the client wants to sell subscriptions to physical items, for 1, 3, 6 etc month price brackets (i.e. the more months to subscribe to in advance the cheaper it is) but where the buyer is able to change the product they receive each month (all products being the same price) if they so desire, otherwise it just defaults to whatever they chose at sign up. Think, a magazine subscription or equivalent wherein you could change what your magazine type was each month. That kind of thing.

I know the “official” woocommerce subscriptions plugin can do this via variable subscription and cross grading. But it is also TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. Whereas yours is a ridiculously amazing value – $39.

Would I be able to achieve what I am attempting to do?

thank you very much for your time, apologies again if you are having to answer already asked things.

The upgrade/downgrade features isn’t available. We have it in our to do list though hard to give any time frame. You will have to cancel and subscribe again.


Thank you again for the speedy reply :).

I will get on to my client then and see what they say. Although, as you say, it is not ‘currently’ a feature, it is something you are planning for the future. and it might be possible for them to work around it until it is done with cancel and rejoin.

Thank you

Sure. This feature is something we do want to bring in future but hard to give any time frame. Thanks.

Asking Again.

I have an existing store and want people to have the option to add their total order to a subscription. Whether it be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You say that I can do that with Order Subscriptions but your demo does NOT show this. I have added every product to the cart individually and it does NOT show an option for this. I can’t use your support because I have not bought this plugin. I can’t buy it unless it does what I’m asking. Envato does not make refunds easy so I don’t want to buy if I can’t even use this plugin or get my money back to buy something that does do what I want.

What do I have to do on your demo to see the Order Subscription function you say your plugin does?


Sorry we missed an important point in our previous comments. Order Subscription is supported only for members as of now. You will have to login and check the functionality. The steps are given below

1. Login using Username & Password: demo at

2. Add any product to cart

3. In the checkout page, Enable the Check box “Enable Order Subscription” which is for subscribing to the order

As of now we are looking into the possibility to support Order Subscription for guests.

Also please note that our support handles presale questions as well and that is why we asked you to reach our support.


Hi – I run a small publishers who print one book in a specific, ongoing series each month. Customers would like to be able to purchase a one year subscription for these books, with a single payment, at any point in the year.

Does this plugin handle this? i.e.

1. Subs can start at any point (that is, starting with the next book published in the series) 2. Customers can update address details if they move house and this will be updated in the subscription? 3. Are customers reminded their subscription is about to lapse?



1. Yes but they can still access the previous parts as well. 2. No, we will look into this in future updates. 3. When they choose manual renewal payments then we send renewal payment emails but for automatic renewal payments we are sending email only after renewal.


Hi there,

Really interested in your product, before bying I have a few questions :

- Does your plugin uses the STRIPE Api for recurring billing or your own system ?

- So basicaly i can sell à 100$ online course and let the customer have the choice to pay 100$ right now or pay it in multiples times : 4 month at 25$, right ?

- So how do a user can cancel his subscription ? I don’t want him to have like paypal, a cancel subscriptions button anywhere. I need to be paid fully even if it’s a 4 times payment.

- Can i test the plugin for 4 hours max, and ask for a refund if it’s not fitting my needs ?

Thx a lot


It uses Stripe charge later API and we have plans to add Stripe Subscriptions API in future updates.

This feature of full pay or multiple pay is not yet available.

Yes, we will help you to get the refund If this Plugin doesn’t suit your needs but the final decision is with Envato.


Hi! If i use a standard paypal or stripe account i can have the recurrent payments?


Yes. You can use the inbuilt PayPal Subscriptions Payment Gateway with Standard PayPal and inbuilt Stripe Charge Later Payment Gateway with standard Stripe and use any of these 2 will allow automatic renewals.



Sorry, there is a correction in the previous reply. For using inbuilt PayPal Subscriptions for automatic renewals, you need to have either Premier or Business PayPal. Please check


What is the difference between free and paid trial?

Free trial is where the user gets access for free during the trial period and Paid trial is where they have to pay a fee during the trial period. Let us know in case we misunderstood your question.


Hello! I have some pre-purchase questions. First of all I need to describe what I plan to implement with help of your extension. I want to sell the software (virtual downloadable products) + paid updates + installation fee. One important thing – buyer must not be able to download the files after paid subscription updates period with help of his WooCommerce account. So:

1. Is it possible to set the first payment amount for primary buy + 1 year of updates? For example, 30 euros. Also if would be perfect if buyer can select additional 1 uear of updates for an additional fee (for example +1 year for 20 euros), total 60 euros for item + 2 years of update. Something like this –

2. Then buyer must get automatic emails at the end of his prepaid 1 year updates. He must be able to extend his paid updates by 1 more year. Of example, 20 euros per year.

3. Also buyer must be able to select paid services like installation and set-up. It is one time payment, 50 euros for example. I have the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin for these purposes. Does your extension suitable with it?

Is it possible? Thank you!


Most of the things are possible with SUMO Subscriptions. We haven’t tested with the other Product Options Plugin. Please email to our support at with all these queries and the other Plugin files with details on what to check so that our support can check and reply.


Does this plugin work with Woocommerce Memberships plugin? I would like to have customers buy a subscription, which then assigns them a membership to give them access to specific pages within their My Account area…

We haven’t tested with the Other Plugin and hence hard to say. What you are looking for can be achieved using SUMO Subscriptions and SUMO Memberships. If you want us to check with the other Plugin then kindly email to with the other Plugin files and exactly what to test so that our support can check and reply.



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Are you guys aware of issues with the latest version of WooCommerce? When the subscriptions plugin is active, emails are not sent and none of the subscription orders have data. Please let me know if this is known or if I need to open a ticket.

We have already submitted the SUMO Subscriptions v3.8 which is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 and it is pending approval from Envato. Please feel free to contact our support by opening a ticket at if you want us to email you the v3.8.


Is this plugin compatible with woocommerce 3?


We have already submitted the SUMO Subscriptions v3.8 which is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 and it is pending approval from Envato. It usually takes a day or two for Envato to approve.



1. can limit product limit which can published for each subscription package ? 2. if not above option available is there any plugin you can suggest me to work with your all plugin ? or can you customize it ?

Thank you

This Plugin supports access restriction and there is no option for restricting the publishing. Please reach our support by opening a ticket at with more details about the feature so that our support can check and let you know.



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I want to have users subscribe to 1 year of products in advance and then we will ship a product to them every month. Is it possible to configure so that the customer subscribes for 1 year (and cannot cancel) but the payments are 1 payment / month for the whole year?

It may not be possible now. Please feel free to contact our support by opening a ticket at so that our support can check it out and let you know.


When SumoSubscriptions is enabled woocommerce registration is required is it possible to disable registration?

It requires the users to register in order to manage the subscriptions. Thanks.