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Hello I have pre-purchse question :) I’m using wordpress template ‘OBERON’ (

Can your plugins be integrated with my wordpress theme ?

Hi there! Our plugins should work fine with any theme. There might be a small issue with Smart Product Viewer plugin and WooCommerce product image on some themes. But we can easily fix this with a small code snippet added to the theme. Cheers!


Sairan Purchased

EXCELLENT! GOOD SUPPORT! THANKS! Хотелось бы особо отметить качество плагина и великолепную обратную связь автора! Спасибо что вы есть! подписываюсь на ВАШИ обновления!

We always glad to help. Cheers!

Hello, I have one more question Dose your plug-in work with Visual Composer ?

Hi there! As we answered to your previous comment, there is no special component for Visual Composer, you can only add it with shortcodes via Text block. Cheers!

Hi, if I install Product Viewer is it compatible with Visual Composer enabling us to position the Viewer in the structure we built for the page? Or do we need to custom code the location in the text box?

Text block can be positioned the same way as any other Visual Composer element. The 360 viewer just will be inside of it. We will try to make a short demo video soon.

Hi there. We purchased your plug-in and installed our homepage. However there are some problems.

1. When we scroll the bar, images move with white flickering. 2. We cannot change scrollbar’s design. It doesn’t work just always same.

White flickering may happens only first 360 degrees and in Firefox, Edge browsers. This is something we can’t rely on at the moment. Can you please elaborate on this: “It doesn’t work just always same”? The only thing you can change within plugin is a scrollbar color. All other changes should be done with your custom CSS.

Hello, is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 3.0?

Hi there! We have just released the latest Smart Product Viewer v1.4.6 and are waiting for Enavto team to approve the update. It has a support for WooCommerce 3.0 and should be available for download soon. Cheers!

That is perfect! Thank you very much, I am looking forward to it :)

I can’t get this to autoplay. Such a crucial feature!!!! Please advise!

Hi there! There is an autoplay option added for shortcode, widget and Woo product. Have you find it? What you are trying to use? You can contact us with Contact Author button on this page. Thanks!

Thank you. Figured it out!

Hi – Is it possible to have BOTH a 360 image and a product image gallery?

Hi there! This might be tricky and depends on the theme you are using. Please contact us to and may be we will be able to find a solution for you. Cheers!

so this plugin is no longer being developed and won’t be including lazy loading? I am so sad to hear you won’t be developing it as it seems like this plugin will really be gaining traction as people start to get hooked on 360 views of products.

The plugin is not actively developing, but we add some new features time to time. What do you mean by lazy loading? Thanks!

lazy loading means that you don’t have to wait for every image in the 360 sequence to load before it starts playing it loads a few images so it can begin rotating then proceeds with loading as images are needed ….

This is something we won’t add soon, as we aren’t sure how good it will be for the UX. The main goal is to show a smooth animation. Showing images frame by frame may seems clanky, as it may take different amount of time to load images, the animation may twitch. This is something we should investigate more before implement. Thanks!

This plugin is very awesome but, unfortunately, it didn’t work in my WP setup. The support was kind, fast and really qualified: after suggesting me various tests, they offered me a refund. What to say? I can only recommend it!

Thank you very much for the feedback. We are sorry that our plugin didn’t work for you and glad you have found another solution. Cheers!

Hello I just bought your plugin but not working with my theme


Hi there! We have approved your refund request, as we can’t help you until the end of our vacation. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Hi there! Can the images react o n l y on hovering withe the mouse over the object w i t h o u t having to click ( drag ) ) thx

Hi! Sure, check the right photo with a girl in the very bottom of this page. Cheers!


pitz37 Purchased

Does this plugin only work with products? I’d like a 360 view of our customers boiler, but were not actually selling it and its not a product, we install them and the finance is dealt with separately. But I have 24 sequential images and I’d like to just display it as an element next to some text on the home page.

Hi there! You can add 360 views to any WordPress post or page using the shortcodes. Also if your homepage has a sidebar area you can add 360 view as a widget. Cheers!

amazing plugin,, i have idea for this but i cant build it, how about if is implementation for non wordpress, its be awesome

The plugin is only for WordPress, sorry. You can use the threesixty.js plugin. Cheers!

Pre-purchse question: is there a max amount of images for a product. Is it posible to use 122 images for a product ?

Hi there! You can use any amount of images, but the more images you have the more time it will take to load the view. Usually 36 images are enough for super smooth animation this may be 72, there is no much point in more images. This page has an example with 18, 36 and 72 images you can check. Cheers!


qariens Purchased

Hi, I’m using the plugin in my project and it works great. We’re using PHP7 and my debug log is filling up with:
PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; SmartProductViewerTinyMCE has a deprecated constructor
PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; ThreeSixtySlider has a deprecated constructor
Also on the back-end, I get this error in console
colpick.js?ver=4.8.1:520 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined at colpick.js?ver=4.8.1:520

Can you provide a solution, I like to keep my debug log empty.

Best regards, Bjorn

Hi Bjorn! All these have been covered already and the new version will be released soon. Cheers!


qariens Purchased

Thank you for the fast reply!

The new v1.5 is now ready for download from CodeCanyon. Please install.

Hello, Does it have opencart version? Thanks

No, only WordPress. Sorry.

Plugin has worked great until about a week or two ago and now it is not loading and sits at 0%. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

The website is located at:

Hi there! We see the jquery.migrate script included before the jQuery on your website, when it should be included after it. Have you installed any new plugins in the past week or two?

Thanks for your quick reply. I don’t recall installing any additional plugins recently, and I’m not sure how to switch the order in which the scripts are loaded. I do see that the migrate script is above the jquery script in the inspector, but everything I try in Wordpress does not seem to work. Any thoughts?

Sorry for the late reply. You can give as an admin access to your website and we can try to adjust the plugin’s code, so it work as needed. Please use for further help. Cheers!

Pre-Sale, I searched the history of these comments and found two older similar questions without specific response. Can you tell me if this will work as a product photo in the theme called Flatsome? Thanks

Hi there! Yes, you can use it as a product image in the Flatsome theme. It will replace the whole gallery, you cannot set it as a part of default gallery with thumbnails. Cheers!