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iman707 Purchased

Hi man i wonder about responsiveness of this plugin if i set image size to 400 or more, then in the mobile devices it will be larger than display width.

is it possible to make it responsive ?

thanks Iman

Hi there! The plugin is responsive and shouldn’t be more then 100% of its container width. Your container is larger then the screen, probably due to flex layout. Try add this custom CSS to solve the issue:

.fusion-column-content {
    max-width: 100%;

iman707 Purchased

thanks man. its fixed.

i want to have it on another website and i got problem while testing before buying new license.

i have send you emial within form on envato can you please check it ?


Hi! Can’t seem to activate the plugin. Wordpress up to date, when I click activate the page refreshes then nothing happens

Answered to your e-mail ticket. Cheers!

Hi! Love what your plugin offers! I like to use the product animation with the scrollbar and was wondering if the images could be linked.

Hi there! Sorry, but images cannot be linked. Cheers!

Hi I try to make it work in any way but can’t make it happen. This is the link I deactivate some other plugins in my page but nothing happens, ¿ it´s necessary to buy it first? I can’t see any activation link, can you help me, I have tried for various days.

Hi there! You have 2 jQuery scripts loaded on your website, this often cause similar issues. First jQuery script is added by our plugin using wp_enqueue_script(“jquery”) and this is correct way of adding scripts in WordPress. Second jQuery script is added by your theme

<!--  WARNING  -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

this script added in wrong way and is outdated.

You need to remove the code that adds jQuery from your theme, or you may remove it from our plugin, but you will need to add our plugins script manually after your theme jQuery. However, you may have similar issues with other plugins if you keep calling jQuery in a wrong way. If you are not familiar with coding, please contact your theme author.

You can write us to for more info.


Thank you for your quick answer, I remove the first line of pretty photo plugin and your plugin works, but I lost the function of the theme slider on top. I.m going to contact you through your support line,

Thank you for your quick answer, I remove the first line of pretty photo plugin and your plugin works, but I lost the function of the theme slider on top. I.m going to contact you through your support line,

Pre buy question : Can this plugin use for multiple attributes like

Unfortunately not, sorry.

Can you tell me why your plugin seems to load the 360 views very slow. I’ve tested it from serval diffrent locations and it’s the same. Ex. the car loads very slow is it because of the number of pictures loaded ??? I would like to use your plugin but right now it’s too slow

Yes, we use 72 images to make animation smooth. Please see this page to check load time and animation quality for different number of images.

I want to have the 360° view be activated just on click on a 360° button. Standard view are just images and after clicking the button the woocommerce-product-360°-images will replace the images. Is this possible with this plugin?

Hi there! Unfortunately this is not possible with our plugin, sorry.

Hi, do you know how I can take these photos in a way that she stays uniform? Because if I take manual I can change the camera of possession without wanting.


Is it possible to Center Output of this Shortcode? I would like that images appear on the center of the screen. I am using Wp Bakery builder …

Hi there! You can use a Custom CSS like this:
.threesixty-image { margin: 2% auto; }

Hi topdevs, prior to purchase, I’d like to ask if I can use an 360° view additionally to my static image for my product in WooCommerce? Is that possible?

I understand the 360° view can replace the static product image, but I would love to show both (like 360° when the customer is looking at the product detail page and has gone through all static images in the gallery for that product first, so is highly involved in the product’s details).

Thanks in advance, Sam

Hi Sam! You can add the 360 view to the product description using [smart-product] shortocode. Unfortunately there is no way to integrate the viewer inside the gallery anyhow. Cheers!


“Option to show default gallery or thumbnails together with 360 view (works with ONLY some themes, no guarantees)”

Which themes? :)


was the project plugin abandoned?

Hi there! No, we still maintain to make sure it works with latest WP version and no bugs occur. However we do not actively develop it, no major improvements or new features to expect in foreseeable future.

Hi, Presale question,

Can the navigation icons be changed easily to my own customised ones?

And will it work on even though it has Its own built in 360°


Hi there! You can change icons to your own with a bit of CSS. You may contact us to get help with this. It should work with any theme if you add it via shortcode. Though the WooCommerce Product gallery might be tricky sometimes. Anyway just contact us if you have any troubles. Cheers!