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Is there a way to stop the animation on the final image? I want the images to play on scroll down but stop on the final image frame, because it is currently jumping up and down as it moves from frame 10 straight to frame 1 again.

Hi! Unfortunately there is no way to do this, sorry.

Hello how can I import smart products views using any bulk method like a csv file?

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no way to bulk export products. Though we didn’t explore this question and maybe there are some powerful plugins who can handle this kind of export. Cheers!

I have the way to export but I dont know ho to import =(

Have you considered WP All Import plugin or similar?


why when I select a color variation the product image do not replace the 360 view for the image product and the prodcut galery also doesnt load the images.


Hi! Please send us a URL link to the page you described to Thanks!

hello! I have it on locally

the access is (check my private message)

Unfortunately there is no support for color variations with this plugin, sorry.


I have this plug in

and I would like to add 360º view in the image gallery of this quick view but I don´t what files do I need to modify and what code do I have to insert.

Could you guide me please?


We do not provide support of third party plugins, sorry.

Please, integrate it with EDD

Hi! We don’t have plans to integrate it with EDD, sorry.

Hello! Is it possible to set a rotating speed when mouse dragging? Like interval parameter but for moving with a mouse. Thank you.

Hi! You can try to increase default 40ms interval shortcode parameter to something like this [smart-product interval=”80”]. Though we recommend to use at least 36 images for smooth animation. Cheers!

Pre-Purchase question. Do you have a lazy load mode available in the plugin or do all the images load on page load?

Thank you.

Hi! All the images load on page load. Cheers!

Hi Mate When will you add option to start loading 360 image by pressing start ? ( now is loading automatically and there is no way to make it work with lazy load, so page with 360 images has couple megabytes … ). Cheers

Hi there! We are not actively developing our plugins at the moment and can’t give you any estimate, sorry.

please delete this post…i find an answer

Hi, do you plan any update? I read about bugs with Php7 with SmartProductViewerTinyMCE and ThreeSixtySlider.

Hi! We don’t plan any update in the near future. Can we ask where have you read about PHP7 bugs? We don’t recall any comments here about this issue. Thanks!

This would be displayed in front and backend if i enabled debug mode. its in the first lines in both .php files when the two classes would be opened

Is there an iframe or an image link that can generated

Hi! Can you please elaborate?


gal_op Purchased

Hello, We are using the plugin with 16 images per product. When dragging the mouse to rotate the view it seems that the rotation is very fast and sensitive. Is there a way without increasing the number of images to slow down the mouse rotation speed? let’s say 1 image every 30px that we drag the mouse? Same questions apply with the scroll down rotation effect. The user experience with the low amount of images (16) is very poor.

Please advise how we can improve Thanks

Hi there! Plugin requires at least 36 images for a smooth animation. There is interval parameter that may adjust the speed a little. We will check more on this and answer to your e-mail ticket. Cheers!

Could I use images without background in this plugin?

Hi there! Yes, you can use transparent images. Cheers!


BMacko Purchased

Really great plugin! Easy and flexible to use. You guys rock.

Thank you for the feedback. We glad you like it. Cheers!

Hi, can this plugin be used with the Divi Theme, was it tested? Thanks

Hi there! Our plugin should work fine with Divi theme, though we didn’t make any tests. Feel free to contact us if you will have any troubles with Smart Product Viewer and Divi Theme. Cheers!

Hi a small question before purchase, I have bought woocommerce 360, works fine, but when selecting attributes in variable product like color, it doesnot change the image. Its always showing 360deg image only. Does your plugin work in this case ?

Each variable product has its own images and extra gallery images as well, when attribute will be selected, does this plugin override 360 image and replace with its variable image? Please let me know.

Thank you

Hi there! Unfortunately variable products is not supported by our plugin. Cheers!

Hi 1-how can have it in widget area responsive ?

2-do you guys have plan to work on this plugin and add features ?

hotspot / zoom / ...

Hi there! Smart Product Viewer widget is responsive, may be the issue with your sidebar? Unfortunately we have no time to add any features at the moment and can only support and bug fixing. Cheers!

Pre-Sale. There seem to be a lot of ‘issues’ with templates and image hooks, is there a way to get around this from your side? I’m producing images to be used on a clients website and I think they are using the flatsome theme. If it does not work ‘out of the box’ you can be sure they will blame me for it :( Do you have a solution for this? My client wants to buy this plugin and I know he’s not really capable of doing anything that has to do with the least bit of code altering. Do you have a demo/stripped version of the plugin to test with?

Hi there! There is not much we can do about this from the plugin files. We have a small code snippet that fix the issue. The place to put this code is depends on the theme you have (even the versions of the same theme) and your needs (if you want to show both default gallery and 360, or just 360 view, etc).

Usually clients send us their theme files we add the code and send them back, better to use child theme in this case. If you think this won’t be possible to update your clients theme, then you probably should look for another solution. Cheers!

Having issue with plugin, image is frozen and stick at 0% – Have changed “define( ‘SPV_AJAX’, true );” as instructed and disabled cache plugins but still not working, any help would be great.

We are looking for a reason on your website. We will keep you update with your e-mail ticket. Cheers!

Hello mate!

Great plugin, really good utilization of threesixty librarry. 5 stars from me.

Pre-purchse question :

going to use it with Merchandizer theme (themeforest), and I have really strong feeling its not going to work out-of-the-box replacing the main image with 360degree one. Can you please confirm, if there will be any problem you will be able to resolve the compatiability with the theme I use as a product support, or it can be only done after charging additional fee for the compatiablity, or you dont provide such support at all?

This is important for me to know :)