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Hello, just purchased. you did a great job. can you add little bit more functionality? if you add register option with envato api token and automaitcally validate purchase code (look at this plugin for register functionality: for customer purchased item so it will be more hassle free and easy to use for customer (although it’s already easy to use). what you think?

I plan to do that, but it would require major changes and rewrites to the plugin and I currently don’t have that much time to do all that.

Also, there are limitations to the way Envato API OAuth works that makes creating plugin for it complicated to the end user, and Envato is yet to create proper OAuth authentication for plugin type apps like other websites like Twitter or Dropbox have.

Is that plugin compatible with the latest changes in the Support policy? I mean if it will detect the support expiration or not.

Yes it is, it has options to control the support expiration.

Hi GDragoN,
Great plugin, Is this plugin compatible with the latest WordPress and bbPress versions?

Yes it is.


I have an issue with your plugin:

Thanks for help.

It is either problems with Envato API or you have set the personal token wrong (wrong permissions).


I have started using it and definitely loving it. Can you please also block replies created by users for non-logged in users?

Non logged users can’t access forums/topics protected by the plugin, and they can’t reply in such topics. I don’t understand what you need to block?

I am actually talking about replies thread, like this one:

I get it. This goes to the features request list.

Hi Milan,

looks like there is a problem with the API authentication. No one can post comments or open new topics on our support forum.

Is this something you know about? Envato API seems to be operational.

Mhm… I just saw those are all old messages.

This type of message shows that API was down (30 seconds timeout) 2 weeks ago.

And ‘Error: Your topic/reply cannot be created at this time.’ has nothing to do with my plugin, my plugin is preventing forms to be displayed, and this error is related to bbPress problem on save of the topic. I am not sure what this is, but it is not related to my plugin.

OK, Thanks. I’ll try to investigate more on my end.

Attention script users: the script doesn’t protect your content. Enter /feed at the end of your forum URL and you will see the full list of topic and even replies from “protected” forums.

Thanks for reporting, I will add option in next version to disable feeds.

Hey Milan,

thanks for the update. What’s the safest way to apply this? Should we just replace the plugin folder with the new one?

Yes, that will be OK, and there is nothing special you need to do after that. I have updated my website via FTP and it is in testing for few days, works OK. Make sure to set new API access (if you have not done that already), because old, legacy API is now completely removed from the plugin.

HI, Its been 2 hours we have renewed our support and we are not getting the access to the support forum. I’ve tried refreshing the page nothing happens.

Contact me though profile contact form with purchase ID, and I will check it out. But, I run manual check for all purchase ID’s for this plugin, and there is no change in any of them for support status. It is possible that Envato API takes longer to note the change on Envato side.

Hi, thanks again for this great plugin. It works smoothly on our support forums. However, we have a forum named Showcase and every registered user can post replies in this forum so we are frequently getting spam messages from users with no purchase code registered. It would be great if we could restrict this forum so that only user with at least one registered code can post replies in this forum.

Have nice day.


That feature is available for awhile now. When you edit the forum, plugin’s metabox has two verification methods: individual items or any item from the account.

Regards, Milan

that’s great :) thanks!


vidal Purchased

I just installed but I get this message.

API key from settings page on Codecanyon Envato API can’t be reached at this time, please wait few minutes before trying again.

With personal token: 403: Forbidden Server Error

I’ve tried ith the personal token and my normal api key from my setting panel

How to fix this?

This might be caused by the recent WP updates. I will investigate, and release update as soon as possible.


vidal Purchased

Ok thanks, please do so :) I’m stuck now. You have an estimate how long this will take?


I will release update today, but it may take up to 2 days for CodeCanyon review.


WPQuark Purchased


I have been using this for over a year and has been working great. The only thing I would request is to have a manual “Re-Check” button for customers (bbPress Members). Sometimes their purchase code expires and after renewing the support they would have to wait before having access again. I have had a few complaints that the status didn’t refresh even after 2-3 days and in those cases I would go in the admin backend and do a manual refresh myself.

So instead of customers could be presented with a button which would refresh their purchase codes, it would be great.

PS: I have made an auto-updaters for codecanyon based WP Plugins, which you can use if you like

Plugin already has this for a while now, but only for administrators. Open plugin admin page, open Customers tab, and for each customer you have button Revalidate under the user name. I will add the feature request for the users to trigger revalidate themselves.


WPQuark Purchased


Thank you for the quick response. I do know about this and in cases where automatic validation doesn’t happen, I use this function only. But what I was asking is the ability for the customers to revalidate their purchase code from their profile page and also within the “support expired” message. I hope I made myself clear. Thank you for your time.

Hi Milan,

is it safe to update to WP 4.9.6 with the latest GDPR compliance changes on user level?

Plugin is not storing personal information, it just uses existing user profiles to link purchase codes. So, there are no GDPR specific issues as far as I know.